This Boy Is A Bottom (Yaoi Manga)

Sachi Murakami - 2018
    Anri dislikes gays since his male boss had continuously harassed him. Meanwhile, Anri is a proud gay bottom! One night, Toru was in heat, and he felt calm being touched by Anri. Since then, the relationship between them changed dramatically! It seems like Toru always has something in his mind that he is afraid to tell... If you are a fan of reversible BL, "The Boy is A Bottom" should be included to your bookshelf! This volume includes two extra chapter from "Rule No.1" series. Etsu and Rio started living together. Will their new life affect their relationship?

好きって言わせて? [Sukitte Iwasete?]

Kotetsuko Yamamoto - 2010
    They were my old neighbors, the super popular twins. I, Ueto Shun, am in love with the younger twin, Eiji. We study at the same university and share an apartment, although I do not pay the rent... I live under the same roof, but... I am in trouble! I'm happy, but I find it problematic... The excitement of living with the person I love. I have to add that his older brother, Hidekazu, falls for a tsundere at first sight.Related series :Honto Yajuu x Sukitte Iwasete? Crossover

Love Control 1

Ai Hasukawa - 2006
    Will Okumura's sweet talk or Yamazhiro's pride win out in the end?

Christmas Ever After

Elyse Douglas - 2012
    Willowbury is a quiet New England town, especially festive and picturesque during the Christmas season. Jennifer Taylor owns and operates a shop called Cards N’ Stuff. The death of her fiancé, on Christmas Eve the year before, has left her bitter and angry. A few days before Christmas, a mysterious woman named Mrs. Wintergreen stops by Jennifer’s shop and offers Jennifer the gift of an adventure. At first, Jennifer refuses. After a violent snow storm destroys her shop, Jennifer finds Mrs. Wintergreen and, out of desperation, agrees to the adventure. In New York City on Christmas Eve, Jennifer confronts her past, present and future. She falls in love and her life changes forever.

Honky Tonk Angel

Abby Gray - 1998
    Ten years ago Clancy Morgan broke her heart and even though she’s made a successful life for herself, she’s never gotten over that pain. He made a big mistake… But maybe he can mend it, if only she’ll let him. Her friends cook up a crazy scheme to help her get over him once and for all, but his hopes are that he can use their plan to convince her that he still loves her. Then the hurricane hits… and all bets are off for everyone. If you liked any of the Honky Tonk series by Carolyn Brown such as: I Love This Bar, Hell Yeah, My Give a Damn’s Busted or Honky Tonk Christmas, you’ll enjoy this story of love and forgiveness.

Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista

Amy Silver - 2009
    What Cassie doesn’t reckon on is being sacked from her job due to the recession. Not only that but her boyfriend dumps her for an older woman. Cassie also seems to be spiralling into debt and is forced to listen to flatmate Jude’s advice on money. Can Cassie claw her way out of the recession and stop spending money?

Level C Volume 1

Aoi Futaba-葵 二葉 - 2005
    Loneliness and uncertainty no longer scares them. This is their first, true love, and they will make it last forever.

The Art of Loving

Eiki Eiki - 2001
    Frustrated by this facade he must put up with and stifled by a future already laid out for him, the only way Yutaka can deal with the boredom and unhappiness of his empty life is through sexual release. Then one day, Tohno - a delinquent-looking student with blonde-dyed hair - suddenly transfers into Yutaka's class. As he finds himself more and more obsessed with a deep abiding lust for this young man, his daily descents into sexual fantasy begin to interfere with his life, until a ferocious impulse to possess Tohno for his own leads him to a diabolical scheme.

Amber Scott Is Starting Over

Ruth Saberton - 2012
    Even if Ed doesn't take her job seriously (as a solicitor, he doesn't have much time for women's magazines), it is Amber's dream job. So Ed's news that he has taken a job in the West Country turns Amber's world upside down. The new life in Cornwall does not get off to the best start. The huge house Ed was so into is, well, huge—what is Amber going to do with four acres?And when a handsome, if surly, man leads the local hunt over her land, it's more than Amber can stand. So how is it that, before long Amber is friends with the local eccentric Lady of the Manor, making love potions at her mother's recommendation, and answering the door naked to strangers?


Teiko Sasaki - 2004
    Friends say they act like a couple. Their birthdays are only three days apart so they always celebrate together. But an "innocent" kiss confuses things. When Kazushi reveals his feelings, the fallout threatens to drive them apart. Haru can only see him as a friend - nothing more. Why would the popular Kazushi be interested in guys in the first place? Why is Kazushi such a workaholic? These are questions that Haru must answer before life changes everything!

Hanging by a Thread

Karen Templeton - 2004
    what?--assistant?--Ellie Levine was taking a halfhearted stab at it, commuting to Manhattan by day, trying desperately to keep secret her outerborough accent, hair... daughter! Until the day fate landed her back in her Richmond Hill neighborhood, the very place she'd sworn to escape. Only now she had a business to run there-not the business she had in mind, perhaps, designing wedding dresses for Fran Drescher wanna-bees, but a business nonetheless. And the boy next door, who for years had been the married-man-next-door, was suddenly available. And interested? So maybe there really was no place like home. So maybe the life she wanted and the life she had were starting to merge. And if she wasn't a success by anyone else's definition? Maybe it was time to throw away the dictionary...

The Weekend Wives

Christina Hopkinson - 2016
    1 a wife whose husband works away and only comes home at the weekends. 2 a wife who misses her husband when he's gone, but wants him gone when he's at home.Emily's vision of country life was building dens with the children, walking a glossy hound and cosy nights in by the fire. But her kids are more interested in their smartphones, the family dog has 'issues' and she's permanently freezing. And when husband Matt is home, he still seems worryingly distant.Sasha and her husband Ned used to have a great connection, but nowadays the only connection between them is via Skype. And when a woman from Ned's past comes with news that threatens the perfect life she's built for her children, Sasha feels further from her husband than ever before.Tamsin's husband might be away during the week, but he's never truly gone. He seems to know her every move, which is fine, sort of - until her first love reappears in the most mysterious of ways...

Valley Fever

Tessa Bowen - 2015
     Shy and modest Lina Montez has been infatuated with Tobias Langthorne, heir to a Napa Valley land fortune, for as long as she can remember. Growing up alongside the intoxicatingly handsome bully on his family’s fabled vineyard and estate was an experience she will never forget. The young “lord of the manor” spent countless hours tormenting the housekeeper’s daughter as well as inspiring her budding sexual desire. Ten years later Lina finds Tobias as provocative and dangerous as ever, but embittered by divorce and haunted by his own demons of the past. Now Lina must battle her old playmate to save the land she loves, but this time she won’t be intimidated by her sexually magnetic business partner. The biggest struggle of all, however, is the one within herself. Can she fight off an attraction that is as ripe and full bodied as the lush cabernet grapes they farm? And will she breathe new life into the forsaken ranch as well as polish the rust from her tarnished hero?

A Minor Indiscretion

Carole Matthews - 2001
    A Minor Indiscretion by Carole Matthews released on Jul 25, 2003 is available now for purchase.

偽x恋ボーイフレンド [Nise x Koi Boyfriend]

Ataru Yamamoto - 2014
    Although content with his lot in life, Soutarou also wouldn't mind having a fateful encounter with a cute girl someday. Lucky for him, he comes home from school one day to find a girl sitting at his doorstep who he's never seen before, but who happens to have the same red earrings as Meguru Satoi, a cool and good-looking guy at his school.