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A Dom of His Own by Cooper McKenzie


The Favor

Sean Michael - 2013
    To that end, he enlists the help of his best friend and mentor, Lion. Things get intense when Lion insists the only man he trusts for the job is himself. How will this affect their friendship?

Until Daddy

Measha Stone - 2018
    No matter how panty melting the chemistry, relationships don’t last. And it won’t be any different with Jamison Croft- even if just looking at him sends tingles to all the right places.But he’s not an easy man to shake. Jamison doesn’t give up easily when it comes to getting what he wants. And he WANTS Carissa. Not only is she intelligent, gorgeous, and generous- she feeds every desire the Daddy Dom in him craves. She may have given them an expiration date, but he’s not backing down.And when the outside world threatens to crash down around them, he’ll show her he won’t abandon her. She believed she’d never have anyone in her corner.But that was Until Daddy.

The Billion Dollar Contract: The Executive Collection

Cynthia Dane - 2015
    On the day of an important job interview she's spotted by none other than Ethan Cole, the smart and handsome billionaire bachelor who tears through personal assistants as if they're cheap tissues.He wants her. To be his assistant. To be his submissive. For six months all Jasmine has to do is be at his beck and call. In the office, in the boardroom... and in the bedroom. In return, she'll become a millionaire.They say that every person has a price. Ethan is willing to pay Jasmine's. Now she will enter his world of money, bad jokes, broken hearts, dangerous business partners, and sweet white collar power.The moment she signs that billion dollar contract, she belongs to Ethan Cole. Her body... and her heart!


E. Davies - 2015
    Billionaire CEO Geoff discovers and fulfills Ryan's desires, but it's obvious they crave more than physical connection. He lets Geoff “punish” him as they try to scratch the itch for each other without admitting to their feelings. After Ryan becomes Geoff's new personal assistant, he decides to give Geoff an ultimatum... but first, he gets an opportunity he can't turn down. Self-made billionaire Geoff Parker never dreamed that he'd find that special someone in one of his employees. He has wounds to hide and a reputation to maintain, but he's desperate to know if Ryan feels the same pull towards him. He's happy to have Ryan over his knee, but even his staff see that he's happier even when Ryan's nearby. It's worth the risk; he gives Ryan the chance after a hot encounter to take their relationship from professional and physical to deeply personal. Their first steamy explorations give way to their growing passion, but a man Ryan suspects is Geoff's ex and the eyes of the office stand in their way. Can they forge through the rocky terrain between hookup and happily dating, or will scandal and fear hold them back from their potential? Tied is the first book in the Secret Love duo. The second book, Bound, will be released on July 17th, 2015.


M.A. Innes - 2021
    As a cop with secrets, he knows he can’t share who he is or what he wants with just anyone. But when Austin drags him to a private BDSM club for the first time, he finally has a decision to make…continue to hide or take a chance on falling in love.Knowing his fated mate is out there somewhere isn’t much consolation for an alpha Daddy who’s never been what most omegas are looking for. However, when a shy submissive is thrust into Jarrett’s arms during an altercation at the club, he knows things have finally turned around…but only if he can convince the small, bashful alpha that he’s worthy of his trust.Sometimes secrets can drive people apart, but sometimes sharing those secrets is what can bring them together.Story Contains: M/m romantic content, BDSM elements, age play with ABDL, and non-shifter alpha/alpha dynamics in an alpha/omega world.Love & Secrets is a spin-off series from my Romance & Revolutions (alphas and omegas) series under the Shaw Montgomery side of my writing. The best way to enjoy the new series is to read them after reading the Romance & Revolutions books. My omegas are feisty and funny, and if you haven’t read about those guys, you’re missing out.

A Dom and His Writer

Xenia Melzer - 2017
    Richard is a wealthy and successful businessman who also owns a BDSM club, and Dean is a best-selling author and sub to Richard. They’re young, happy, and in love. The future is bright….Until tragedy strikes and an accident claims Dean’s beloved sister. Dean finds himself the guardian of a three-month-old infant, and soon he’s trading in his leather fetish gear for diapers and drool bibs. But little Emily is all that remains of his family, so how can he abandon her?It’s not what Richard signed up for. As much as he tries to be supportive, he never wanted kids and misses having his partner to himself. Suddenly the life he imagined for them is gone, and he’s not sure their relationship can survive the upheaval. But fate isn’t through with Dean, and when misfortune strikes again, will he be able to turn to the man he loves? A final crisis will determine if they can pull together as a family or must face facts and part ways.

Doms of Decadence 3-Book Collection

Laylah Roberts - 2017
     Just For You, Sir Since losing his wife, Derrick hasn’t been interested in another relationship. But lately, he's been growing bored playing with a different sub each weekend. He needs something more. On the run from an abusive husband, the last thing Jacey needs a man. Yet, there is something about Derrick that calls to her, that makes her imagine impossible things… Like having him touch her, taste her, take her, dominate her. Forever Yours, Sir Blaming herself for her best friend’s death, Cady shuts herself off from the rest of the world, determined not to let anyone close again, determined not to care. But then circumstances throw her into the path of Hunter Black, a man who wasn’t used to hearing no. A Dom who sets her heart racing, has her craving his dominance, his touch, his love. From the moment he meets Cady, Hunter can’t get her out of his mind. He offers her a job to get her off the streets and under his protection. He wants to dominate her, protect her, love her. Now they just need to overcome their pasts and figure out that happily ever after really does exist. For The Love Of Sir Despite being rejected once by Alex, Tara couldn’t help but lust after the sexy, sophisticated Dom. Rundown and exhausted, sometimes it felt like her fantasies were all that kept her going. So what if part of her fantasy could become a reality? Alex wasn’t looking for a relationship. He wasn’t about to trust another woman after his ex-wife cheated on him. But he couldn’t deny the attraction he felt towards Tara. But would the sweet sub be willing to accept his proposal? He’d take care of her, protect her, dominate her and give her multiple, delicious orgasms. In return all she had to do was promise not to fall in love with him. No emotions=no pain. Simple right? Contains elements of BDSM, sexy romance and a touch of suspense.

Playing a Little

Breanna Hayse - 2013
    When Camille refuses to mind him, he is more than happy to show her what happens to bad girls, and she soon learns that a spanking is far from the most embarrassing punishment she will face when she is really naughty.As time passes, though, both Camille and Erik realize that their growing feelings for one another are no act. Their bond grows deeper every day, but will it turn into something real and lasting or will it be just another Hollywood romance?Publisher’s Note: Playing a Little is an erotic novel which includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, age play, elements of medical play and BDSM, and much more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Teagan Kade - 2017
    I’m a billionaire virtuoso. My hands are magical on and off the stage. That’s to say nothing of the finely tuned instrument between my legs. Life’s easy when you’ve got more money than God. A new girl every day of the week. Endless, panty-dropping charm. Until Little Miss Innocent walked through my office door. She’s my new personal assistant, untouched and unconquered. I want to be her first, her everything. To make her sing. There’s just one problem... She’s not who she says she is And the truth’s going to break more than her heart. Mixing equal parts heat, action and all-out emotion, Adagio is a full-length, standalone bad boy romance with a happily ever after and no cheating. It includes bonus content for a limited time.


Golden Angel - 2020
    One challenge. The Dad Bod Doms are ready to put the spark back in their relationships and prove their mettle. Gone are the days when Logan Hunt was a sleekly muscled, highly coveted Dom. Now he's got a dad bod, a busy life, and a cold bed. It's been months since he and his wife have had time for each other, never mind time to play at a club. When he and his best friends issue each other a challenge to put the D back in the Dom - and more importantly in his long-neglected wife - Logan decides to do whatever it takes to prove that a Dad Bod Dom can still rock his sub's world.The Dad Bod Doms Collection1. Logan by Golden Angel2. Henry by Raisa Greywood3. Ray by Maren Smith4. Faris by Shane Starrett

Dominated and Claimed

Bellann Summer - 2014
    He’s been watching Haley Kenyon for months and even though he is seventeen years older, he has decided to claim the little beauty as his own.Haley grew up in an abusive drug den, but worked hard to graduate college early and lands a job teaching four-year-olds. He may be small, but he has kicked many men to the curb when they couldn’t give him what he needs in the bedroom and a relationship.Now that he has gained the sheriff’s attention, can the big guy handle an over the top snarky mouth and attitude? Can Haley handle the spankings when he pushes too far? Oh, then there are the whole issues of dirty cops, an old shed everyone is interested in, and the fact that Haley refuses to sleep in a bed.

Lab Rat's Love

Ana J. Phoenix - 2014
    But his generosity comes at a price: Nex has to become his lab rat. Kane’s company has developed a sex chip, and Nex is the only eligible test candidate.Nex doesn’t mind having kinky sex with a drop-dead gorgeous CEO for testing purposes. Even less so when Kane turns out to be all Nex ever wanted in a Dom and in a boyfriend. There’s only one problem. Kane used to live with Nex’s deceased twin, someone who Kane may still be hung up on, even if he denies it.Still, Nex wants Kane, and he knows there’s only one way to get him: kick the drugs and stay clean — before his addiction ruins the experiment and their budding relationship.

Forever Girl

M.M. Crow - 2016
    She’s never been shown love or affection by the one person that should love her more than anything or anyone, her mother. Everything changes for Lyric when Twins Dean and Delia (Nic) move in next door. Lyric comes out of her shell and falls in love with Dean. Dean and Nic leave in the middle of the day while Lyric’s at work. They disappear without a trace. Not long after the twins leave Lyric finds out she’s pregnant with twins of her own. She makes a vow to be a better mother to her children than her mother was to her. She leaves home at seventeen and a senior in high school to make it in the world on her own. Six years later Nic is taking over a Pediatric Practice. While meeting her patients and their parents Nic walks into an exam room to find Lyric and the twins waiting to be seen. Lyric and the twins’ lives change in the matter of seconds. Titan (Dean) left the girl that became his world six years ago. He fled to Harlan, Kentucky to do what he loved. He has made a name for himself in the Coal Mining Industry as well as being a member of the Bloody Harlan Saints Motorcycle Club. He has spent his time finishing school, building his company and partying hard. His life is about to change with one phone call. Titan and Lyric see each other again after all these years. The intense connection they share is still there. Lyric has to do what is best for her and her children. Dean has to prove that he is the man she needs him to be. Follow them on their journey. There are unexpected events that happen as well as truths and lies come to light. Wrongs made right and some twist and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the page to find out what happens next.

Let Me Touch - Complete Series

Lucia Jordan - 2016
    She assumes that her guy is the one who’s dressed more casually, in jeans and sport coat, but she soon realizes her man is the complete opposite, dressed in a fine-tailored suit, waiting with the air of confidence of the man who owns the place. His name is Stephan Hale, and though he doesn’t own the hotel, Chardonnay quickly learns that he’s just as suave as he is in complete control of everything. Stephan begins to explore the object he’s admiring all night long, and he decides to take her to a botanical garden where he’s sure they’ll have privacy. But will Chardonnay put a stop to the evening before things even really get going? Will she allow herself to submit to Stephan and his dominant touch in the way her body is telling her to? And what will happen when Chardonnay and Stephan realize that the details behind their blind date aren’t exactly what they seemed to be?

Taking Ryan

G.A. Hauser - 2012
    His high school drama teacher had told Ryan he had what it took. That was all Ryan needed to hear. Ambitious and not afraid to work hard for his goals, Ryan thumbed a ride from an older gentleman who turned into a benefactor and best friend. It was at that moment that Ryan's luck began to change for the better.Finding a job as a busboy at a Mexican Restaurant on Santa Monica Boulevard, and a room to rent nearby, Ryan never gave up hope that if he tried hard enough he would succeed. And as far as his chance for a career in show business, he was on the right track.But when it came to love, Ryan hit a wall.Smitten with the rough tattooed biker god, Sam Lockwood, who worked at Down and Dirty Harry's Tats, Ryan grew enamored with the big brawny stud at first glance. But it wasn't meant to be.Even though things were looking bright for his potential career, Ryan felt lost and alone after being rejected, yearning for a man to call his own.Miserable over being hurt by Sam, Ryan was struggling emotionally from the roller coaster ride of his emotions. Until he met the love of his life.There was only one man who was Taking Ryan...Taking him hard and sweeping him off his feet.