Not Too Young To Kill (The Assassin's Gift #1)

Ian C.P. Irvine - 2021

No Way Out

Rylie Dark - 2022
    The murder of her sister, still unsolved, plunged her life into grief and awakened a new power within her. Sometimes messages come from direct contact, other times in dreams. All of it feels like a curse—until Carly realizes she can harness her new skills to solve cases. But her abilities are unreliable, and Carly must use her brilliant mind to complete the puzzle—all while struggling to keep her secret from her colleagues.In a macabre and bizarre pattern, women who were in grief, recently mourning a loved-one, are turning up murdered themselves. One thing is clear: a serial killer is targeting them, and with local authorities stumped, FBI Special Agent Carly See will have to descend into a world of death to enter the killer’s mind—and save the next victim before it’s too late.But this killer is diabolical and always one step ahead, and Carly herself, leading the investigation, may not be as safe as she seems. In a game of cat and mouse, it will be a race to the finish as Carly struggles to figure out what these victims have in common—and who is next on his list.A page-turning thriller packed with twists and turns, secrets, and harrowing surprises you won’t see the CARLY SEE series is a mystery series that will have you on the edge of your seat, endearing you to a brilliant and unique new character and having you turning pages, bleary-eyed, late into the night.

Murder is Medical: A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mysteries Book 10)

Diane Weiner - 2019
    Louis to find out where Evan will be doing his residency, the Match Day celebration takes a deadly turn. The dean of the medical school dies at the reception. Was it a heart attack or was it murder? Kept in St. Louis due to a personal crisis, Susan teams up with the mother of the detective assigned to the case. It's double trouble as the duo uncovers secrets worthy of murder. Meanwhile, Susan confronts her biggest fear--losing someone close to her heart. Set in the biggest small town in the country, Murder is Medical takes you through a whirlwind of suspects and emotions as the mystery is unraveled.

Throw the Bouquet

M. Scott Swanson - 2019
    She picked him.A devoted friend would end his devious plan by stopping the doomed wedding and save her friend from becoming a possible murder victim. I want to be the daring friend who rescues Susan from her lunatic lover. It's just I have no evidence, only an illusive dream.Plus, I'm not keen on becoming a social outcast.I'm not being dramatic. It will cripple Susan emotionally if I tell her the truth. Not to mention her rich father has dropped a fortune on this event.Why can't Susan see her depraved fianc�'s true nature? I don't need my psychic 'Gifts, ' to understand he's a ruthless bully cloaked in genteel charisma.And what's with his volatile "Cousin." Her steamy gazes in his direction are, well awkward. It's as if she's working a behind the scenes plan.The only thing more trying than being in so many weddings is my paranormal abilities reappearing with unbridled strength--awful timing.My decision has life-altering consequences. The first option will haunt me forever if my visions are true. The second choice turns me into a pariah amongst my friends.Being psychic is such a drag.Throw the Bouquet is the 1st installment in the April May Snow Psychic Adventure Shorts and it is a SHORT STORY intro to an extensive series. The stories are stand-alone, but the current, complete list is below.Do you enjoy Janet Evanovich, Colleen Helme, Erin Huss, JB Lynn, Jana DeLeon, Angie Fox, Elizabeth Hunter, or Amanda M. Lee? Throw the Bouquet will keep you turning pages to the end! Do you want more April May Snow?Try the complete prequel series listed below. #1 Throw the Bouquet (Short intro story) #2 Throw the Cap (Novella) #3 Throw the Dice (Novella) #4 Throw the Elbow (Short Novel) #5 Throw the Fastball (Short Novel) #6 Throw the Gauntlet (Short Novel) #7 Throw the Hissy (Short Novel)April May Snow continues in the "Foolish" series of full length Psychic Mystery novels #1 Foolish Aspirations

Peril Through The Panama: Book Two: The Cozy Cruise Mysteries

Lizzie Josephson - 2020

Irish Holiday: A Raven Hill Farm Mystery (Raven Hill Farm Mysteries Book 1)

Jane E. Drew - 2017
    Forty-six, divorced, and having recently walked away from her practice as a psychologist, she fears her best years are behind her. Fiona, Quinn's best friend since childhood, has a plan to get her out of her rut — a trip to Ireland! Quinn loves everything about Ireland: the people, the culture, the scenery and especially a little town called Ballyfrannen. On a whim, she decides to move there and Fiona is eager to do the same. At first things seem to be working out perfectly. They find a charming little stone cottage to buy and set about renovating it. Unfortunately, Quinn has a massive crush on the building contractor they hire to do the work. She feels like a tongue tied schoolgirl whenever he's around. But then, love has never gone smoothly for Quinn. A visit from Quinn's former husband only complicates her life further. Missing her work as a psychologist and desperately needing a distraction, Quinn volunteer a few hours a week at the local mental health clinic. Soon things take a dark turn. It sure seems like someone is trying to kill her. Quinn is not about to let anyone spoil her hard won new life though. Surrounded by her new friends, Fiona and a menagerie of animals, Quinn sets out to find some answers. She's in way over her head, though, as she uncovers, one by one, the dark secrets of this bucolic little town.

The Old Coaching Inn: A Cornish Mystery

Daphne Neville - 2020


Claire Sheehy - 2020
     Hunting a murderer in the seething mass of people shopping in the North West's biggest shopping centre, Lizzie finds herself trapped in a glass lift with four other people when it suddenly stops between floors.A young girl looking ready to give birth at any moment begins to panic, an old man tries to take charge whilst the other captives in the lift, an engaged couple whose relationship worries Lizzie, are desperate to get out.The lights go out, the shopping centre is evacuated. Lizzie has to rely on her wits to keep everyone calm and get the lift down to safety without alerting the murderer that she's onto them.

Killer Kids Volume 8: 22 Shocking True Crime Cases of Kids Who Kill

Robert Keller - 2021

Gifted Magick: The Children of Dark Root: Book Two

April Aasheim - 2019
    This famed rose is sought by all who know of it, saturated with Other-Worldly magick. An offering from one side of the Veil to the other, a symbol of beauty and love. --From the Grimoire of Juliana Benbridge *** It's Winter Solstice Days in Dark Root, and strange happenings abound. The Hellhounds that arrived with Samhain may still be lurking in the woods, people are forgetting things--as if under a spell, and June Bug has taken adolescent rebellion to an all new level. The only common thread appears to be Erin, the pretty, new waitress at Dip Stix. Determined to solve the riddle, Maggie once again turns to the Deciphering Stone and Juliana's scrolls. What she uncovers is a story with ancient roots, and modern relevance. In fact, what Maggie discovers might just be the most important discovery of her life. Magick. Mystery. Mysticism. Maggie.

Gored of the Rings

Elise Sax - 2020
    The three years have been quiet, filled with marital bliss and absolutely no murder. Without a mystery to solve, Gladie has grown bored, even as she has exceled as a matchmaker with more than a little psychic ability. Now, her Grandma Zelda has decided to expand the family business to wedding planning, and Gladie is going to be in charge of it. * Her first customer wants a wedding with all the trimmings, including an axe-throwing room, a tractor parade, and a longhorn bull instead of a limo to the ceremony. When one of the wedding party winds up dead, a freak accident is blamed. But Gladie’s murder antennae are up, and she’s determined to prove that it’s murder and bring the killer to justice. * Gored of the Rings is the first book in the Matchmaker Marriage Mysteries, the continuing adventures of Gladie Burger with all of the regular characters from the Matchmaker Mysteries. It’s perfect for fans of Miss Fortune, Stephanie Plum, and small-town, funny mysteries. * Matchmaker Marriage Mysteries…sometimes love comes with a few dead ends. * “Sax will make you laugh. Her larger-than-life characters jump off the page and make crazy seem like a fun place to hang out.”—New York Times bestselling author Christie Craig * “With quirky characters reminiscent of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series and a small-town heroine redolent of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse” --RT Book Reviews

A Marley the Witch Cozy Mystery Collection: Books 1-3

Amorette Anderson - 2020
    Marley Greene is an amateur witch who just wants everyone to get along.With her new retreat center up and running, she hopes to spread magic and healing to all who enter.What she doesn’t bargain for is how much trouble can go along with deep healing!Between mixing up mudbaths and arranging crystal grids, Marley finds herself trying to solve a mystery or two.After all, dead bodies are hardly good for business.Can Marley and her witch sisters keep everything under control?This paranormal cozy mystery boxset includes the first three Marley the Witch Mysteries.Book #1: The Strongman’s SpellBook #2: The Artist’s AlchemyBook #3: King Midas’ Magic

Patricia Fisher: Ship's Detective

Steve Higgs - 2021


J.L. Hyde - 2021
    The only catch? It requires them to move to Oklahoma City. After relocating, Lindy spends more and more of her newfound free time with her online group of true-crime enthusiasts and even makes a real-life friend from the group, who happens to live in Oklahoma. The women quickly become close as they meet weekly to drink coffee and discuss their lives and the latest headlines. The peace is short-lived when they find themselves in the middle of their own true crime nightmare after a terrifying encounter connects them to the case of a local missing woman. Just how far will they go to find answers?

Peace on Earth: An Irma Saves Christmas Novella

Maia Ross - 2019
    Surrounded by seasonal joy - and way too many stuffed Yuletide beavers - at the island house her family has owned for generations, she's all set for the perfect holiday.But when a young friend asks for help with figuring out a financial snafu, her perfect day is in jeopardy. Can Irma - a woman with a yen for strong tea, cardio, and a well-oiled gun - find a thief before the festive season kicks off, or will Christmas be ruined?Peace on Earth is a 30,000 word holiday novella, and is the first book in the forthcoming Beaver Island Mystery series.