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Breathe Again by Fatebegins


Claiming the Alpha's Daughter

T.S. Baed - 2014
    The man of her fantasies and the stuff dreams were made of. So what was a curvy girl to do when the hard-muscled wolf enforcer of her dreams thought being ordered to keep her safe was nothing more than a demeaning babysitting job? Why, call on her granny, who may or may not be a witch, to show her the way. Trey enjoyed his job as pack enforcer and the freedom and benefits that went along with it. Yep, he’d had a lot of women, both shifter and human, and he’d rather use the term relationship than one-night-stand. He sure didn’t need the beautiful but headstrong Aria heating up his dreams and haunting his days. Being forced to keep an eye on her while the alpha was away on pack business put him right where he didn’t want to be—close to the only woman who’d ever tempted him to even think about giving up his freedom. Besides, with rogue wolves abducting women and stealing from the pack’s lumber business, he had other issues to deal with. But when Aria’s father returned with a potential groom for his only child, Trey would have to fight to claim the alpha’s daughter.

Corruption of the Rose

S.J. Sanders - 2020
    For Rose Almander they are nothing but stories for scaring children and the ignorant. An educated woman and a cast-out alchemist of the Order, she has more to worry about than fictional monsters lurking in the wooded mountains. Like, staying under the cover of semi-obscurity from other mages by working as a perfumer. Although it is not what she would have dreamed of and trained for, the coin is enough to soothe her bruised ego. Yet, when she’s commissioned by the queen to create a fragrance to bewitch, Rose must obtain the Forial Rose that grows only in the depths of the mountain forests. With a fortune promised and no one available to procure it for her, and her own life on the line should she fail, Rose must face the wilderness and a monster of legend not seen in generations. The lupi were created to be guardians, the wolves of the mountain that was said to separate the worlds. There, the dark alchemist once reined, his chaotic art keeping the balance between worlds. When the time came for the mage to leave the abode he built, he trained the first among the lupi, Siras, in the arts so that his successor would be found and prepared to rule the mountain. As centuries pass with no heir in place, the presence of a mage in the forest is greeted with high expectations from Siras. But it is a dangerous path for the female. She must prove her dominance with her magic for the lupi to submit. Only then will she be able to bind herself to the mountain as its queen. Saris must push her, punish her, and consume her so that she can rise and take her place upon the alchemist’s throne. Only then will he serve her, his dark mistress and beloved.Rose was captured by a beast, but he discovered the monster within her.Please be aware that this book contains dub-con, as well as dark and horror themes. It may not be suited for everyone.

Claimed by the Alpha (Sanctuary #1)

J. Raven Wilde - 2019
    She wanted nothing more than to be a free woman and not be forced to marry another controlling male. When she ran off to the other side of the country, she didn’t think that she would be running into another dominant alpha male, Aiden. He shows nothing but distaste toward her. She would leave, but she’s financially strapped and has nowhere else to go. It would also seem that wherever she goes, he’s there. Aiden had tasked his brother John to hire an assistant for their company, giving him strict rules not to hire a woman. So, it came as a surprise when John went against Aiden’s requests and hired Gemma. One sniff of her and Aiden is having a hard time controlling not only his temper, but the urge to shift. There is something about her that stirs his wolf. But he doesn’t figure out what it is until another alpha wolf comes into his territory and takes Gemma. Will Aiden come after her, or will he let her go? Will Gemma finally concede to live life among the wolves, or will she run again? Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Alpha is a stand-alone book in the Sanctuary Series. They can be read in any order. They are also HEA guaranteed, no cheating. This book contains a hot, demanding alpha wolf with a penchant for protecting and dominating his female. If such material offends you, do not buy this book. An Alpha Werewolf Romance.

Alpha Awakened

Payne Hawthorne - 2013
    Jacob is a billionaire philanthropist from Scotland and Allison is a horse trainer from northern California. One transatlantic flight later and their shared destines are now entangled in unimaginable ways. A new ferocious passion has been ignited in both and denied through time and distance. Transformations dim the fires of desire in one and ignite a conflagration in the other. One can heal the damaged soul and one can awaken the other. Will they decipher the riddle of their united genetics before it is too late for either of them?

Winter's Wolf

Lou Grimes - 2020
    Pain flared across her cheek as it split. The effects of her adrenaline paused as her mother’s words of warning replayed in her mind: Make this school last until graduation. She knew this would break her mother’s heart.A shout that did not come from her mother took her back to present reality. She hadn’t started this fight, but she knew she wasn’t going to let her butt get stomped, either. She jumped up. Her fist balled as a blonde pixie of a girl came at her. Louvette dodged her this time and swung her fist straight into the girl’s nose. A solid crunch sounded as her attack landed. Her momentary satisfaction was thrown off along with her balance as the girls fell to the ground. A large arm separated them apart as the coach finally arrived to do his job. They continued to kick at each other, looking like barrel monkeys hanging off a barrel. “Break it up! Lynskey and Mallory, report to the principal’s office immediately,” snapped Coach No Clue. No clue what his name was because she hadn’t been in his class or let alone the whole school of Farwell long enough to learn it. She was more dragged down the hallway toward the principal’s office than reported to it. The Queen B, otherwise known as Tiffany Mallory, began to beg immediately, spawning an eye roll from Louvette. She was a whiny beggar. Just one of many B words that could describe her to a T, but it was the nicest one that Louvette could think of. Her pleading stopped as they arrived at the door of the principal’s office. They locked eyes for a second, hatred flaring toward each other. “I’m first. I’m on my third offense and I’m not waiting all day for you to get a slap on the wrist,” Louvette said to Tiffany as she darted past her into the office. The only thing that stopped her from slamming the door in the B’s face was the creature on the other side of the door.

The Alpha's Curvy Match

Alex Anders - 2014
    His associates were rich, and his women were thin and easy. He was the gorgeously built heir of royalty. He didn’t see why he shouldn’t get what he wanted. Jenny, on the other hand, lived in the real world. She was curvy, quick-witted and struggling to pay for college. She thought it would be a fun escape to go with her roommate to a Sheikh’s party... but she had never met the Sheikh. When they met, the sparks flew immediately. The Sheikh had mistaken Jenny for one of his airheads and Jenny had to give him a quick introduction to what a real woman is like. He didn’t like that so much. Their time together would have been brief if it wasn’t for one thing; the Sheikh was a wolf shifter, and as a wolf, he had scratched Jenny. That presented a problem for the Sheikh. In order to keep his secret, his royal family made his victims “disappear”. The Sheikh didn’t like Jenny, but he didn’t want that. So coming up with a compromise, he decides to watch Jenny to see if his scratch would turn her into a wolf. And offering her a high paying job that she can’t refuse, he keeps her close enough to figure out if the virginal Jenny would have to die. Will Jenny turn into a wolf on the next full moon? Will the Sheikh let her die if she does? And will the two stop fighting with each other long enough to realize that they might be each other’s perfect match? The clock is ticking for them to find out. ‘THE ALPHA’S CURVY MATCH’ is the latest release from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is for those who love steamy new adult romances where full-figured young women bicker with their hot alpha male werewolf before potentially falling in love. 25,000 words * This romantic, new adult adventure contains graphic descriptions of sex written to create extreme arousal in the reader.

The Mating Intent

Bonnie Vanak - 2014
    Twenty-five years ago, Gabriel Sanders took Sienna Bennett’s virginity in a night filled with fiery passion. For breaking her vow of celibacy, Sienna was severely punished by the Fae king. If she surrenders to Gabriel’s sensual allure this time, Sienna faces banishment from her people forever. Gabriel burns for Sienna and has never forgotten the taste of her mouth, nor the exquisite pleasure they shared in his bed. Only Sienna can satisfy his intense need to mate. He desperately needs her dark Elven magick to fight a deadly curse that is killing shifters and destroying his territory. Gabriel must convince the pretty Elf to sexually bond with him to defeat the dark enchantment before it destroys the Everglades for good. (Warning: This book contains strong sexual content and is not intended for readers under 18.)

Bonded by Fate

Noah Harris - 2018
    But when Kyle and Aidan are bound together, they wonder if destiny has gotten it right this time around. Kyle has always been a survivor. After losing his own pack at a young age, the orphan has managed to build a decent life for himself inside the Sept of the Green Isle. As apprentice to a quirky shaman, the reclusive omega has come to accept that he will probably always be a lone wolf. When Aidan, a decorated war hero, returns seeking new members for his pack, the sept erupts with werewolves trying to get the handsome alpha’s attention. Everyone, that is, except Kyle. But fate steps in with an unexpected surprise, and the stubborn omega and arrogant alpha will have to try and make peace with one another before it's too late! Bonded By Fate is the first book in the Hearts Desire series. With graphic details, passionate encounters, and sexy men, this gay shifter romance will have your own inner wolf howling at the moon! 18+ readers only please. Can be read as a standalone. Find out if enemies can become lovers by getting your copy today!

Bitter Kisses

LifeGoesOn31 - 2012
    The only one who cared for her was her old Alpha, Xavier's father, but after he was gone, she was thrown out to face the world alone.Three years later, Cadrian is back. Not alone, no, she's back with her new family, one of the strongest packs in the world. She's no longer the girl who was too weak to take care of herself. Now she's a strong willed fighter with a stone heart, ready to take anyone and anything head-on. So what happens when she comes face to face with the people who had put her through the pain that has left her scarred forever?

Falling for the Alphas: Part One

Cassie Wright - 2014
    For neither of the alphas can defeat the darkness that is sweeping over Fort Brixton alone - and it is the way of the wolf that one must die so the other can unite the packs. Determined to prevent bloodshed, she sets out to forge an impossible peace between these dangerously dominant alphas - by persuading them to come together over their irresistible desire to take her as their mate.word count: 17,000

Shift (The Other Pack Book 3)

Erica Stanciu - 2014
    Like any shifter, she transformed into her beautiful and unique wolf but what they didn't know was the secret that plagued her for two years. Without having the courage to tell anyone she does the only thing she can think of, run. She leaves the comforts of her city to enter the brand new world of college. Will she finally be able to tell her loved ones what happens when she shifts or will the harsh reality of what she is cause her to self destruct?

My Dark Knight

Sheriff Squinty - 2013
    So what happens when she learns that the tyrant Gabriel is her soul mate?Soon, Skylar will discover that there is much more to Gabriel than meets the eye, and there are dark forces surrounding them that will put both of their packs in great danger.

Desired By the Wolf: Part 1

Mac Flynn - 2014
    A full moon. A strange lust.Lenore Anderson's plain world changes the night she meets the newcomer, Nick Connor. The new owner of a deserted old house, he exudes charm and questions. Why did he move to their small town? How is he so rich? And why does he look at Lenore with such hungry eyes? Those questions lead her into his strange, dark world and into his strong arms, and he'll never let her go.Desired By the Wolf: Part One the first entry in the four-part Desired By the Wolf serial, and is not intended to be read as a standalone story.Check out the whole series here!Desired By the Wolf #1: By the Wolf #2: By the Wolf #3: By the Wolf #4:

Moonbeams & Wolf Dreams (Children of Selene #1)

Sarah Louise - 2018
    “ Aylin Lucene always believed she was destined to shift for the first time into an animal of prey. So low on the hierarchy that even her Alpha knew she would only be good enough for breeding his pups. In her pack, and packs across the world there is a distinct hierarchy between the shifters. Even though she has never felt the need to bow down and show her neck, her adoptive father has taught her all the skills she needs to survive, and thank Goddess he did. The nights before Aylin’s first shift the Goddess Selene begins speaking to her in her dreams and now she doesn’t know where destiny will lead her and her new mates. This is Reverse-Harem Paranormal Romance where the main character does not have to choose one, but chooses all of the men she wants. Trigger warnings for this book include the following: sexual assault, death, and lots of sex. 18+ readers only.


Apryl Baker - 2020
    With nothing left to lose, she decides to honor her father the only way she knows how.The sleepy college town of Jacob's Fork, West Virginia is far from California. But is it far enough away to escape the terrifying darkness that plagues her dreams and memories?Then she meets Cole Walker.The quarterback of the football team and all-around campus alpha, he represents everything that terrifies her. But despite her fear and reluctance, she finds she's drawn to Cole in ways she can’t explain.As if all that weren’t enough, she discovers the people in this small town have a secret, and they seem to know more about her history than she does. What she finds is a past her father hid from her—a past she's not sure she wants to embrace.But before she can even begin to think about any of that, her nightmare comes rushing back to torment her, threatening the new life she’s trying to build. Can she trust Cole to protect her, or is her only hope to keep running?