Dallas Billionaires Bundle

Kirsten Osbourne - 2013
    Ten years later, they’re all billionaires, but they’re still alone. Follow the three men through their journeys to find true love as they each find their perfect bride.Steven: When the younger sister of a woman he used to date shows up at his house with a child she claims is his, he convinces her they’d be better off living with him than simply taking child support from him. He finds himself wildly attracted to the new “nanny” and sets out to win her heart.Justin: When a relatively new employee comes to his office to talk about some trouble in the Human Resources department, Justin feels such a strong physical attraction to her, he’s ready to throw all his beliefs about dating a subordinate out the window. Sarah takes one look at Justin, and knows she wants nothing more than to be his. Will they be able to get past the fact they work closely together and make the relationship work?Cody: After being rear-ended by a beautiful woman on his way home from the Super Bowl, Cody realizes he’s found the only woman in the world who is just right for him. How could he possibly have fallen for the only woman in the world so independent that his billions are a liability?

The Hendersons: Three sisters and the journeys of their hearts

Clare Connelly - 2016
     THE GREEK'S MARRIAGE REVENGE Alessandros Petrides has spent a lifetime looking out for his younger sister. He might have amassed a fortune and built a reputation for himself as a heartless tycoon, but when it comes to family, he'll always make time for Helena. So when she informs him that her husband Eric is having an affair with their nanny, Alessandros doesn't hesitate to put himself right in the middle of the love triangle. He'll do anything it takes to save his sister's marriage, even if it means seducing the nanny into his own bed. Nothing in Sophie Henderson's life could have prepared her for how she would feel to meet a man like Alex. Not only is he charismatic and sexy, he exudes an air of danger that Sophie can't resist. Lust at first sight turns quickly into love and when he proposes marriage, she doesn't need to think twice. Why would she? Spending the rest of her life with Alex is a dream come true... until she discovers that their marriage is based on lies and revenge and a dark attraction that will consume her if she lets it. THE SHEIKH'S CONVENIENT MISTRESS The business which brings Sheikh Zamir Fayez to the deserts of Las Vegas is far from pleasant, and it's vital that it be kept secret. After all, the last thing he needs is news of his brother's drug addiction hitting the tabloids. Enter Olivia Henderson, a celebrity concierge who specialises in meeting the requirements of her clients no matter how difficult they might be. Only nothing in Olivia's experience has prepared her for a man like Zamir. He's domineering, arrogant and sexy, and he makes no effort to hide the fact that he wants Olivia in more ways than the professional. Nothing in their relationship is certain, but for one thing: that it must end. For Zamir will be King, and the hopes of a nation rest upon his shoulders. Olivia is a perfect distraction in his moment of need but she's hardly wife material. So why does he find it so hard to leave her, even when his duty calls him? And will he ever forgive her for how quickly she moves on? THE BRAZILIAN'S FORGOTTEN LOVER A secret child. A romance in tatters. And a thousand reasons Cristiano and Ava can never be together. After the death of her mother and the heartbreak of leaving Cristiano, Ava Henderson finally has her life on track. She's running the family vineyards and raising her beautiful daughter single-handedly. But a chance reunion with the love of her life makes her doubt everything she's worked to build. Cristiano had been right to leave when Ava asked him to. What choice did he have? She had always wanted a completely different life to what he could offer. And that life was more important to her than anything else. But three years later, he's back in the sleepy wine-growing district of Western Australia, and the same electrifying connection sparks between them as though no time has passed. Just as he's starting to wonder if maybe lightning does strike twice, he discovers something about Ava that will change his feelings forever. How can he forgive a woman who lied to him? Who kept his own child away from him? And how can he move forward, sharing a child with a woman he's now starting to despise ...

Small Town Alpha Heat

Amber Adams - 2020
    Pour yourself a glass of wine and settle in to be romanced by these 10 hot alpha men. As they work to win the hearts of their strong and curvy women be prepared for:Ups and downSurprisesChallengeSexy heatMisunderstandingsAdventureChemistryConnectionMistakesTrust gainedTrust lostLove wonUnforgettable nights of passion and...10 HAPPILY-EVER-AFTERS!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Heroes of Hope CountyOnce you take that first step across the county line into Hope, you'll find things are about to heat up!At first glance, Hope County appears a simple, sleepy place, but once you venture inside, you'll be welcomed into a place of thriving, hot excitement and luscious, heart-stopping drama with the perfect places for love and happily ever afters. A mansion with suspense and seduction; a dance club with all the right moves and curves; a record shop that will send you spinning. Drive around and see for yourself if fiery passion is enough to turn into instant love.Take a trip with our steamy, alpha-male cast in this five part, stand-alone romance series as Myles, Graham, Miguel, Josh and Andre fall hard in love for their curvy counterparts. They'll stop at nothing to win their hearts and make their own happy endings.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Swanford Coast SeriesGet your romantic fantasies revving with Jake, Robert, Lincoln, Ben and Kai!They’re heating it up on the shores of the small town of Swanford Coast!But, just because they turn all the female heads in town, doesn’t mean that love comes easy for these yummy alpha men.Grab your beach chair and pull up some sand & discover...♥ Will Jake be able to live down his false reputation and win Amanda's heart?♥ Robert finally broke through to Victoria but has he dropped the ball and lost her now for good?♥ Lincoln is able to be private about his colored past but Jenny's not so lucky. Can he and Jenny ride the tumultuous waves of her's and not have the town shame her into running away?♥ Ben, the ex-military alpha... turned baker. Will the secret he's hiding cause Wendy to lose respect for him and leave him broken-hearted?♥ Kai doesn't like the beach so why the hell is he in Swanford Coast? He even wonders himself, until he meets Alanna. What she does is about to changes everything.These 5 hot, steamy, insta-love stories will leave you, not only dreaming of your own seaside romance, but also believing in true love and happily ever afters.Love really CAN change everything.(And it certainly doesn't hurt when your hero is a drop dead alpha stud of sizzling hotness.OMG!)

Venture Capitalists: Forbidden Love, Promise, Desire

Ainsley St. Claire - 2018
     Forbidden Love He’s an eligible billionaire. She’s his alluring employee. Will they cross the line from boardroom to bedroom? “This book grabbed me from the start and keeps you interested till the end.” –Amazon Reviewer Forbidden Love is the first standalone book in the Venture Capitalist series of steamy romances. If you like heartthrob bosses, sexy-and-smart heroines, twist-filled plots, then you’ll love Ainsley St Claire’s too-hot-to-handle tale. Promise She’s reclaiming her past. He's dodging the spotlight. Can a romance of high achievers succeed in a world hungry for public scandal? “This is a delightful sensual sexy hot romance with two very likable people and good supporting cast.”—Amazon Reviewer Promise is the second standalone novel in the steamy Venture Capital romantic suspense series. If you like strong women, magnetic attractions, and page-turning plots, then you'll love Ainsley St Claire's red-hot novel. Desire She used to be in the 1%. He’s a self-made billionaire. Will one hot night fuel love’s startup? “I was spellbound until the last page. Deliciously erotic and sensual while so loving.”—Amazon Reviewer Desire is the third standalone novel in the steamy Venture Capitalist romantic suspense series. If you like powerful men, passionate women, and wild nights, then you'll love Ainsley St Claire’s wickedly-hot page turner. Buy Venture Capitalist Books 1-3 to star your next adventure today! Interview with the author: Q: Why should readers read this series? A: Venture Capitalist focuses on a group of thirty-somethings who work in a venture capital firm in San Francisco who are not only work together, but they are friends dealing with the ups and downs of crazy jobs and love lives. Q: What kind of series is this? A: It’s definitely romantic suspense. There is an overall story arc about espionage but every book can stand alone and has a guaranteed HEA. Q: Are there any steamy scenes in this series? A: Without a doubt. Due to adult language and sexual situations, these books are intended for mature audiences.

The Gift

Mona Ingram - 2011
    As a single mother, she owns and runs a houseboat rental company in Sicamous, British Columbia.Quentin Callahan, a friend of Julie's brother, lives in Vancouver and has become a successful business consultant. Many years ago, on her graduation night, he rescued Julie when her date had too much to drink and now he's back. The attraction between Julie and Quentin is immediate, but his visit to his hometown is prompted by more than a longing to get away from the stress of business. His largest client has unsuccessfully tried to buy Julie's property. The ruthless company indicates to Quentin that if he does not talk her into selling, they ll drive her out of business. The ultimatum is an overwhelming burden on Quentin.Can the growing affection between Julie and Quentin survive the pressures of a harsh outside world?

Ruthless Millionaire, Indecent Proposal: An Offer She Can't Refuse / One Night in His Bed / When Only Diamonds Will Do

Emma Darcy - 2015
    He offers Sienna a ruthless deal: he will help her, but she must play by his rules – by giving herself to him totally for one night of passion…When Only Diamonds Will DoThe Theron dynasty once looked down at Reith Richardson – but now they need his help. In exchange, Reith demands Kimberley Theron as his wife. Yet Kim is no pampered princess…and the role of obedient wife isn’t one she’s prepared to play!

Royal and Ruthless: Innocent Mistress, Royal Wife / Prince of Scandal / Weight of the Crown

Robyn Donald - 2009
    so using her to avenge his sister’s death will be sheer pleasure! Until he discovers that Lexie is a virgin. Now, out of duty and honour, he must propose... PRINCE OF SCANDALPrince Raul of Maritz resents the duty by which he must wed Princess Luisa Hardwicke. But the princess unexpectedly heats Raul’s blood... and he anticipates their wedding night with an excitement he never imagined he’d feel... WEIGHT OF THE CROWNNotorious playboy Prince Lysander Kahani is putting his bad ways behind him now he’s caring for his orphaned nephew. But one glance at buttoned-up nanny Alyssa Dene and he’s determined to make Alyssa a royal offer she won’t refuse...

A Clean Billionaire Boxset

Anne-Marie Meyer - 2019
     Get swept away today with these swoon-worthy heroes! Forgiving the Billionaire Love deserves a second chance. Hannah has finally come home after having been away for seven years. Despite her fears about facing her past, she’s desperate to get away from her boyfriend’s proposal. She didn’t expect to see Logan again. Logan is trying to adjust to his father’s death, being a single dad, and his new status as a billionaire. He thought he had a handle of that until his childhood crush, Hannah, comes back into his life. And she’s everything he remembered her to be. If only they could move on from their broken hearts. If only they could see how perfect they are together. Then maybe the mountains in front of them wouldn’t feel so unsurmountable. Finding Love with the Billionaire Opposites attract in the Alaskan wilderness. Madeline is desperate to finally be taken seriously, but that doesn’t seem to be the case when her boss asks her to write a puff piece of billionaire party boy, Liam Davenport. Liam just wanted a quiet life roaming the world. When his father dies, leaving him to face the media storm surrounding Davenport Outdoors, he’s forced to trade in his hiking boots for tailored suits. They’re determined they already know all there is to know about the other person. Until their plane crashes into an Alaskan mountain side. Suddenly, they’re faced with a choice. Put down their pride to survive, or keep their prejudices and struggle alone. Falling for the Billionaire Two lost souls make a whole. Paige has moved to New York after her father lost his business and passed away. Living with her quirky aunt as she attempts to start over wasn’t what she had envisioned for her life, but she’d determined to be successful. James has a golden finger. As a billionaire, his life is perfect—except that’s not the life he wants. Trouble is, he’s not sure what he’s meant to do. When James meets Paige, he’s intrigued by her. She seems to have everything figured out. The plan was simple. Figure out what James enjoys. If only their hearts hadn’t gotten involved. If only their pasts didn’t come back to haunt them. When everything feels as if it’s crashing down around them, the one thing they feared might be the one thing they needed all along. Fixing the Billionaire Love can mend a broken past. Millie has given up on love. After all, men never seem to show up when they’re supposed to. Joseph is trying to atone for his mistakes that he made before his daughter passed away. He’s left behind his privileged life to travel from town to town, paying off stranger’s medical bills. They were perfectly happy living their single lives until Millie rear ends Joseph in the parking lot of the hospital where she works. Fate intervenes and they find themselves thrown together. But love isn’t that simple.

Barefoot Bay Silver Fox Collection

Roxanne St. Claire - 2019
     Meet the silver foxes on the shores of Barefoot Bay, and each book in the collection celebrates that timeless love that happens later in life. Don’t miss these three full-length contemporary novels tell timeless stories of second chances and redemption. BAREFOOT AT SUNSET *Voted one of "The Most Romantic Books of All Time" by thousands of BookBub readers! Forty-eight year old widower Mark Solomon believes every person has only one soul mate…and he’s met, married, and buried his. Jaded, jilted, and jobless, advertising copywriter Emma DeWitt thinks that eves that love is a marketing concept created to sell fairy tales and expensive weddings. But when the sexy silver fox surprises Emma with an irresistible offer to pose as his fake fiancée, they discover that it’s possible they are both wrong…and completely right for each other. BAREFOOT AT MOONRISE As a firefighter, Captain Ken Cavanaugh wants to use his 25th high school reunion to finally put things right with Beth Endicott, the girl he loved and let go two and a half decades ago. But when an old incendiary passion changes their lives in the course of one single night, Ken and Beth learn they both have to walk through fire for a second chance at love. BAREFOOT AT MIDNIGHT *Nominated for a RITA Award for Best Contemporary Romance* Lawson Monroe’s life is about to change when his friend and mentor makes a deathbed promise to leave Law a beloved bar in Barefoot Bay. But Law’s big plans hit a gorgeous brick wall when yoga instructor Libby Chesterfield proves her claims to the place are stronger. Battling an attraction that sizzles hotter than one of Law's cast-iron skillets and uncovering long-buried secrets with more twists than one of Libby's yoga poses, they'll have find a way to both get what they want...especially if what they really want is each other. Praise for Barefoot Bay books: “Lively, light, pure entertainment! This Cinderella story is “Pretty Woman” on the beach!” - Carly Phillips, New York Times bestselling author “Fun and engaging...a celebration of family and forgiveness!” -Publishers Weekly “Plenty of heat, humor, and heart!” - USA Today Happy Ever After “A love story with genuinely flawed yet sympathetic characters filled with raw, real emotion, this will warm your heart as you turn the pages.” - RT Book Reviews “Fun, light-hearted, super sexy...fans of Jill Shalvis, Carly Phillips, and Susan Mallery will definitely want to check out this series.” - TheBookPushers.com ABOUT THE AUTHOR Published since 2003, Roxanne St. Claire is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty romance and suspense novels. She has written several popular series, including The Dogfather, Barefoot Bay, the Guardian Angelinos, and the Bullet Catchers. In addition to being an ten-time nominee and one-time winner of the prestigious RITA™ Award for the best in romance writing, Roxanne has won the National Reader’s Choice Award for best romantic suspense four times, as well as the Maggie, the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, Booksellers Best, Book Buyers Best, the Award of Excellence, and many others. A mother of two but recent empty-nester, Roxanne lives in Florida with her husband.

Baby Surprises 7 Book Box Set

Layla Valentine - 2019
    Filled with steamy, enthralling tales of billionaires, blinding hot love, and above all else, adorable, occasionally accidental, but eternally loved babies! The Sweetest Mistake: They made the sweetest mistake. Now, she has to keep their love a secret, Or risk losing everything… A Baby For Christmas: No sooner has the New Year begun, however, the gorgeous billionaire Colton Cooper shows his true colors—only for Shayla to discover that their antics under the mistletoe had some very real consequences: she’s pregnant, with his baby! A Baby, Quick!: He never thought he’d be a father But now he needs a baby, quick! Rock ‘n’ Stroller: He’s a Rock God. A mega star. I was kidding myself to think I’d be the one He hasn’t got time for a woman in his life. Has he got time for a baby? Dr. O’s Baby: They had an arrangement for one night only, But now, this committed bachelor has a surprise in store. His own gorgeously perfect, perfectly accidental baby… Surprise Packages: It was meant to be a one-night deal, But soon, two royal babies will be born. This time, good things will come in surprise packages… The Baby Blindside: He’s a bad-boy quarterback in need of an image overhaul. Having a baby with his PR advisor wasn’t part of the plan!

A Night She'll Remember

Jacquie BiggarTaylor Lee - 2019
    A Physical Therapist. A Destination Wedding. And one deadly lie Stacy Eaton - Tempt Me Too -- That first love never Fades... Patrice Wilton -- Wedding Blues -- What should be her happiest day might turn into her greatest heartache. Taylor Lee -- Ruby -- Chloe Harper, Code Name Ruby, didn't know how to explain her association with Noah Walker, the stunning black undercover agent. Particularly to Stuart, her unwitting fiancé. Stephanie Queen -- Already Gone -- If Dr. Vicky didn't save the cartel leader's lousy life, he'd make sure her family suffered.

Purity Kills

Andy Maslen - 2022
    After a bungled ransom demand, she was taken sceretly to the mainland. Now known as Wei Mei, she has known no other life but the rural village where ‘Mummy Rita’ raised her. When men with guns arrive in the village looking for her, she runs away to the Chinese megacity of Shenzhen, and a life on the streets.Witnessed by a talent scout defending herself from an assault by three rich kids, Mei is recruited for a Communist Party school for assassins. The training is brutal, but Mei makes a couple of friends along the way: ‘Rats’ and ‘Sis’. Then, after an arduous training exercise, something happens that tears the tight-knit trio apart.Mei’s dreams hint at a life she can’t remember. Determined to escape and return to make sure Mummy Rita is safe, she ends up in even worse danger than before, as foreign agents close in. Then she discovers the secret that will destroy any chance she has of returning to a normal life.She hatches a daring plan to free herself from the Party’s clutches before it’s too late. But with just 24 hours before she is taken to a Beijing facility where her fate will be sealed, time is running out, fast.

Her Biker Protectors: MMF Menage Romance

Julie Piper - 2021

The Hutton Family Series Part 1

Abby Brooks - 2021
    Heat, heart, and hilarity wait for you in this poignant series filled with relatable characters and your favorite tropes, including:enemies-to-loverschildhood friendsroommatesrockstarsmilitary heroesand moreSee why readers adore the Hutton Family as you fall in love with the first three brothers in Beyond Words, Beyond Love, and Beyond Now.

Alpha Men: Books 4-6 (Alpha Men, #4-6)

Hope Ford - 2019
    He was my everything. We knew he would be joining the service when we graduated. Just like his dad and grandfather did before him. So, no matter how much I wanted him to stay, he had to go. He had to leave me. My mom was once in the same situation and she waited her whole life for my dad to come back to us. I saw what she went through and how it destroyed her. I couldn’t do that to myself. So, I ended it with Tank. Tank Emily thinks I will never come back to her. But what she doesn’t realize is, I don’t have a choice. No matter what happens, no matter how far away I go, I’m coming back to her. Where I Belong (Alpha Men, 5) An Alpha Man and BBW, Steamy Sweet Romance Kim I fell for Rich in a picture. He is in my brother’s army unit and twelve years older than me. Although I dreamed about him all the time, I never imagined that we would ever meet… and he would live up to my fantasy. Rich My army brother asked me to check in on his sister. I told him I would and then he gave me her picture. I fell for her just by looking at her, and I knew the minute I saw her, I was where I belong. Do Over (Alpha Men, 6) An Alpha Man, and BBW, Steamy Sweet Romance Madison Jase and I were in love and going to be together FOREVER! And then he had to leave me. I spent the last five years dealing with a broken heart. I tried to move on, I met someone else and we had a baby together. But now, Jase is back and says he’s here to get what is his. Jase I had to leave her. At the time I didn’t think I had a choice. But I worked all this time to get back to her. She thinks since her body has changed and she has a little girl now that I don’t want her. She couldn’t be more wrong and I’m going to prove it to her. I’m going to get my second chance… my do-over. Note: This is a steamy, sweet, SHORT romance. It has a HEA with alpha male and a plus-size woman that makes him hers! If you love short romances with insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.