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Skylar by Heidi Lowe


Falling For Them Volume 4: Love Without Bounds Collection

Lili Zander - 2018
    Broke freelance writer, smuggler, and unregistered dream walker. I was doing fine, keeping my head down and minding my own business. Until the day I tried to steal from the dragon. Lovely Dearest by Nikki Bolvair When Hailey finds herself stranded with strangers in a severe snow storm, can she resist their undeniable connection or will these three strong soldiers steal her heart? Heart of Five by LA Kirk When Meg’s body begins to change in unexplainable ways, she sets off to find anyone who can give her answers. Can she trust the five men who claim to want to help her? Or will they betray her in the end? Unraveling by Lyn Forester With an address in hand, Kady sets out to find her destined love, but nothing goes as planned. Leap at Love by Sofia Ann Hoffman A chance rescue of a dolphin lands Natalie a dream position at MAR - a marine rehabilitation center. But she soon discovers the dolphin she rescued is more than he seems, as are her new coworkers. Four Parts Super by Kendra Moreno When Dove Lopez's story puts the Head of the Mafia behind bars, only four Supers can keep her alive. Dove is used to being in danger, but this time, she’s in danger of losing her heart.

Darren Shan's Demonata Series 9 Books Collection

Darren Shan
    Cotntains Blood Beast, Demon Apocalypse, Wolf Island, Death's Shadow, Dark Calling, Lord Loss, Demon Thief, Slawter, Bec

The Devil's Nanny

Jacey Ward - 2018
    Either let her get out and start living, or she’s going to escape his pantheon and set out on her own.Her father thinks he’s won when he secures her a job as the nanny for the Devil’s two sets of twin toddlers. He knows the Devil is never home, and that his castle is likely the most secure place in all Hell. What Alexis doesn’t know is that she has basically traded one prison for another… But when Alexis meets Damien for the first time, sparks fly, and Damien knows he has to have his virgin nanny for himself.

Dragonlord: The Sun

Viola Grace - 2006
    Antoine has been murdered but his daughter is still alive and well. Lia has taken over her deceased husband-s job as the village smith and is unprepared to meet another dragon, which is why she doesn-t recognize him as one when she meets him. He offers her a chance to start a new life and she decides to take him up on it. Little does she realize that this is her second chance at life, love, children and finding a man to stand up to her. With all the subtlety of his species, he sets out to claim her as his own as swiftly as he can. He does one heck of a job. Join Lia with her Dragonlord for shape shifting fun, fights, and winged frolics.

Serpent Con!

T.S. Paul - 2017
     Chuck and Mongo find themselves face to face with visitors of the third kind in a place that no one would ever suspect them. Serpent Con in Atlanta. The boys are there for a little fun and relaxation among the science fiction and fantasy world. Only trouble could come of this when these two are turned loose together. Enjoy this short tale ripped from the headlines of Comic cons everywhere.

From the Ashes: The Phoenix Empire - Book 2

Josh Hilp - 2018
    Fighting off slavers, assassins, and groups of raiders, Wes and the still growing military of Selaffe have to figure out what they are willing to do to defend the newly formed Empire. Relentless assaults by the King and neighboring cities of Strata aren’t the only thing threatening the Empire, as the demon sightings are increasing in frequency, getting more violent, and getting closer and closer to the highly populated Capital of Selaffe. What does the Empire do when those loyal to the King vow to destroy them at all costs? What do they do when demons press closer to home? What does Wes do when he begins to learn more and more about himself and his strange powers?

Quite Curious

Lyla Payne - 2015
    The proposition makes Beau nervous for more than one reason, a couple of which would be news to Gracie.Amelia’s therapy appears to be going well, so that’s working in Gracie’s favor, but with trouble brewing in Will and Mel’s marriage, the moonshiners getting more involved in Heron Creek affairs instead of less, and Leo’s sister Lindsay returning from her stint in the state pen, settled isn’t the best word to describe life in the small town.Gracie is starting to think that maybe seeing ghosts is the least complicated thing about her…and she’s probably right.Includes POVs from Beau, Will, Leo, Amelia, and Clete.

Dear Neighbor

Olivia Lucas - 2020
    That is, until savvy lawyer and recently single, straight girl Sophie crashes into her world and moves into her apartment complex. The neighbors get off to a rocky start and can’t seem to avoid each other, no matter how hard they try.Bella does not want to fall for the straight girl and Sophie does not want a relationship. Period. But as their friendship blossoms, they battle to keep their emotions in check and it seems the more time they spend together, the harder they find it to stay apart.Both have been hurt in the past and neither of them are remotely interested in falling in love, or are they? As life throws in unexpected twists and turns, they are forced to look deep within and decide whether what they have is worth fighting for.

Beautiful Beings

Kailin Gow - 2011
    Lux, a rebel girl, who has been seeing demons and angels since she was two... Asher, the bad boy on a motorcycle who sketches angels... Brax Kingsley who instantly captures Lux's eyes when she moves into the neighborhood... And the Hatchett twins whose parents were murdered, leaving them a ridiculous fortune... All brought together...all part of the puzzle behind the Beautiful Beings.

Lost Dreams

Ashlee Winston - 2018
     She had already been away from the business for a year, but Kara thought a change of scenery might help her relax and recharge, so she signed a six month lease on an apartment in Asbury Park and packed her bags. Wanting to leave the memories of her ex and her stalker behind, Kara was ready for a fresh start, but when she meets Abbey, the woman who lives across the hall, Kara forms a friendship with her. Kara couldn't remember the last time she was treated like a normal person instead of a celebrity. But when the lines of friendship and attraction start to blur, Kara has to decide if she's willing to get involved with Abbey when she's leaving again in six months. Lesbian Romance 18+

Beyond Time

J.A. Armstrong - 2019
     Cable anchor and TV journalist, Mercy Owens is in search of a reprieve from city life. An escape to a family cottage in Island Falls, Maine seems the perfect solution. Upon her arrival, Mercy notes a light emanating from an island in the middle of Pleasant Lake. Eager to reclaim her childhood adventures, she sets out in a kayak to explore. An unexpected storm and a foreboding fog conspire to strand Mercy on the island. She's grateful to be offered sanctuary by the only resident on the small strip of land, Brenna Stewart. As Mercy gets to know the island’s mysterious resident, everything she thought she understood about love, life, and herself is upended. Mercy is left wondering if she exists in reality or if she is walking in a dream. Mercy’s time with Brenna is short-lived. She wonders if her life is somehow cursed. Determined to banish the memory of Brenna, Mercy fills her life back in the city with long days and tedious projected. She’s been largely successful. Until Abby Cashman stumbles into Mercy’s studio by accident. Time stops. Abby's presence in Mercy's life conjures memories of a haunted past, and Mercy is forced to confront her ghosts. Life and death—are they real or only illusions? Mercy is about to learn that the most powerful force on earth endures Beyond Time. Beyond Time is a romantic short-story with a paranormal flair by best-selling author, JA Armstrong.


K.J . - 2017
    Hanna, an English teacher at the local high school, falls for Jo. Literally. She falls over right in front of Jo one morning in the school's foyer.17,200 words; novelette

The Himalayan Demon

R.H. Rose - 2020
    She is lost, being bullied in school, and seen as an outcast by the town people. Life for her is difficult but things complicate further when she finds someone tied to her neighbor's backyard. Everything changes when she goes to rescue this grey eyed man and finds out he is a demon instead. What will happen when this demon develops a thing for her and she has nowhere to go?

To Be Unbroken

Stein Willard - 2015
    But wealth and esteem came second only to the passionate, albeit illicit, love she felt for Princess Anima. Their secret liaison came to an abrupt end when Anima’s duty to her father and the Kingdom tore them apart; triggering an ancient curse. Heartbroken and cast in stone, Maxima was left yearning for her paramour. Finding Anima’s soul was the only way to break the curse and reclaim her lover. Rich and beautiful, Sara Laramie grew up as one of the most sought after socialites in Boston’s elite circles. A failed relationship caused her to retreat from the social scene and instead focus all her attention on starting a private gallery. Finally, with a purpose in life, she thought she had enough to keep her busy. That was until she received an unexpected request to showcase the statue of a formidable ancient Greek female warrior in her gallery. The arrival of the statue coincided with the appearance of a gorgeous flint-eye stranger who with a single kiss spun Sara’s life out of control.


Felicia Beasley - 2017
     The last thing Lex Trenton wants to do with her night is track down an escaped slave at the behest of an incubus. A dangerous, powerful, seductive incubus. But if she doesn’t drag her butt down to Sheol and find the slave, someone else will. And that someone will drag the abused woman back to her sadistic master. Lex won’t let that happen. Her brother taught her right. With no help from her overprotective partner, and her body betraying her every time her new client is near, can Lex maneuver through the dense, complicated politics of Sheol without pissing off every demon in power and losing her own head?