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Fractured Core by Laura Greenwood


Mountain Man Doctor

Autumn Summers - 2020
    He’s confident, full of stories, and she swears there’s a spark between them. 
Having been so wrapped up in work, she’d forgotten what it was like to be looked at the way he looks at her, and how it felt to be cared for by someone other than herself.
Blake’s sworn to protect and care for Ella until she heals, but is starting to crave more of her company, and more of her. He’s completely lost in her beauty and intelligence, but there’s something else behind her smile that he wants to uncover.
For a limited time, grab this $2.99 book for just 99¢ today! Free on Kindle Unlimited.This is a mountain man doctor, mountain man virgin, insta-love romance, and part of the Olympus Moutain Man Series. This is Blake’s story. Each book can be read as a standalone. Climb upon the beautiful and enchanting Mt. Olympus in Washington as we follow the sexy mountain men who find insta-love and a happily ever after on the mountains.

Protecting Her: A Police Officer Mountain Man Second Chance Short Romance (Magnolia Mountain PD Book 1)

Mazzy King - 2021

Guarded Hart (Cross Creek, #3)

Kelly Collins
    Or does it?I’ve been keeping a secret. One that could change a lot of lives, including my own. I came to Cross Creek to find my father. He’s the difference between life and death for me. During my search, I found love, only sexy builder Ethan Lockhart isn’t having any of it. I’ve done my best to make him mine, but he’s more slippery than a fish in a brook. I built my life here on a lie, but my feelings for this man are true. Will the secrets I keep destroy what Ethan and I creating?I’m not the guy anyone picks first, so when Angie Sutton started flirting with my brother, I wasn’t surprised—that is until I found out she was doing it to get my attention. But this time, I’m determined not to give my heart away—not until I know who she really is. Letting someone get too close too fast is a blueprint for disaster. No matter how deeply I’m drawn to her, I know she’s hiding something, and until she can be honest with me, we don’t have a future.Find out if the truth can really set you free in Guarded Hart, book three in the Cross Creek Series.


Elizabeth Knox - 2021
    I'm the man who will take your home, your fancy car and everything else in between. Who am I you might ask? I'm Lucian Bane. I'm the one person in this world who will levy what you love the most, for who you love the most. There isn't a price you won't pay. I was the bad guy to some, and the good guy to others. But now I'm not either. You see, now I'm the victim. What do they want? It's easy. Money. They want me to pay their ransom. In exchange I'll save her life. The only woman who ever had my heart, and the one woman who shattered it to pieces.

Witnessed by the Wolf: Paranormal Romantic Suspense (A Rue the Day book)

Chloé Vincent - 2020

Burning Up: Firefighter Contemporary Romance Series Box Set

K.C. Crowne - 2020
    One hard to resist collection!Surprise babies. Second chances. Single daddies.Brother’s best friends. Reverse harem flings.And heroes that'll do anything for their special ladies.Hold on tight -it’s going to be a VERY bumpy ride!K.C. Crowne is an International Bestselling Author.Book 1: Big Bad Fireman's BabyBook 2: Big Bad FirefighterBook 3: Big Bad Fire DaddyBook 4: Reverse Harem Firefighter Romance, Christmas with Four FiremenNo cheating or cliff-hangers but there are loads of HEA’s!

Dragon's Secret

Lola Gabriel - 2020
    Intended for 18+ audiences.

Bodyguards of Samhain Shifter Box Set

Lisa Daniels - 2019
    And it looks like I might need it. Working as a necromancer in the police force isn’t easy. People don’t like our type of magic so much. People prefer us dead. Unfortunate for them, what we do is useful. So I’ve been assigned protection. They’ve given me a panther shifter bodyguard. He’s very good at his job, it seems. And I like the way he calls me “Miss Grieves.” I like the way he pays attention to me. I have a boyfriend, though. For now. This Box Set Includes: Talia's Bodyguard Rosen's Bodyguard Morgana's Bodyguard Ellie's Bodyguard Author's Note: All stories are stand alones with a HEA and are intended for 18+

The Sheikh's Tempting Nanny

Leslie North - 2021
    He’s a bit ashamed of how he’s wasted his life so far, with too much time spent partying, and is rather desperate to improve his image—especially to his brothers. American Sarah Jenner might just be the answer he’s looking for. She’s smart, good with the children, compassionate…and just happens to stir Imran’s blood like no one else. Even though he knows he should keep their relationship professional, the two are acutely aware of a growing attraction, one that Imran is having difficulty ignoring…He’s her boss. He’s a sheikh. Sheikhs don’t end up with nannies except in the movies. No matter how many times Sarah reminds herself to be sensible, she just can’t help being attracted to Imran. He’s so sexy and nice and understanding. Falling for her boss would be monumentally stupid and Sarah is definitely not stupid. It’s her heart that seems to be the one that’s not listening, and after fighting it she finally gives in to her desire. Then she does the dreaded Google search and sees, in vivid color, just how much of a playboy Imran is. Is she just another notch in his belt? A meaningless dalliance with the nanny? Doubts flood her. And when the two face their biggest challenge, they’ll have to learn to trust one another—or end up alone.

Unexpected Valentine

Kay Marie - 2021
    Luckily, her friends talk her into taking her already paid for romantic weekend getaway in Georgia. If anything, she can have a weekend of pampering and relaxation to help mend her broken heart.Her weekend was supposed to be time for her to be by herself, to unwind and decompress after her catastrophic breakup.Although, that isn't what happened -- meeting him wasn't in the plan.Weston Callahan is in Georgia for business and business alone. The only place in town where he's able to get a room is a bed and breakfast full of happy couples celebrating Valentine's Day. Being surrounded by those evidently in love, constantly gushing over one another only brings him pain and anger. All it does is remind him of last years fiasco, something he'd rather forget. He considered it torture until he met her -- afterwards, it became pure serendipity.One weekend is all they have.Or at least, that's what they originally thought. Fate intervenes, bringing these two star-crossed lovers back together to only reveal how their families have a long lived feud. Everything they thought they knew changes in an instant. Now they have to decide if fate will keep them together, or if their families will tear them apart.

The Dragon's Healer

Anastasia Chase - 2018
    But faced with a terminal illness, she was left with very few options. Little did she know, her hunky new apprentice holds the cure for her ailment - and her heart.Despite his father's ideals, Valen always felt a connection to humans. He sought to understand them, and having previously trained under the King's head potion master, mixing tinctures in an apothecary was a natural choice. But how could he have known his new teacher would be so intoxicating?Valen knew that giving Dragon blood to humans was punishable by death, but how could he let the woman who brought him peace die? Will their love sway an entire kingdom, or will Valen's Royal bloodline be the source of their doom?

Summer Obsession

Flora Ferrari - 2020
    A sea of pretenders is more accurate.I enjoy the weekdays best, when I have the beach to myself, but for all the warmth and sun of the season, my life feels cold and empty.I’ve got the so-called perfect life but there’s a void in my life, a void I know will be filled once she comes along.Everything has its price, and there’s always more than one set of hands waiting to take away what we’ve just been given, even if it’s the hand of fate.But not this time.I’ve found my queen and I’m not about to let her go a second time once fate shows its hand.Not on my watch.JAYDEEI’m glad I have my camera with me. I can photograph the proof that such a man exists, that he’s not just out there.That he’s running right towards me, into my life.Trouble is, I’m about to run out of mine altogether if I’m not careful.Can an older guy fall hard for a younger, curvy girl like me?Time will tell, but I know one thing, I’ve fallen for him.Literally.*Summer Obsession is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Sleeping with the Enemy

Lindsey Hart - 2021
    even if their wickedly alluring dark eyes and absurdly cocky attitude will have you wetting your panties faster than you can say Oops.Book 1 - Hating my Brother's Best FriendThat prick! He just took over my business without so much as my consent.Now, he has the nerves to act like he's the boss around here!I always knew I would end up doing some serious bodily damage to him one day.I just did not know it was going to end up being of the heart variety.Book 2 - Hating My New RoommateWhat was my grandpa doing dumping a rich prick onto my lap?Really, I don't mind having a roommate.But does it have to be this infuriatingly gorgeous guy who just can't stop meddling with my life!?Book 3 - Hating The Billionaire PrickI have to live with that high and mighty jerk for six months?He's already harassing me about how messy everything is in MY house.Already making suggestions about what to change...And I have no choice but to bear with that grump for six months?!Book 4 - Hating the Best ManThe feud between our parents has nothing on our hatred for each other.The world will freeze over before I have anything to do with that A-Hole...But did I say our best friends are getting married to each other?And I'm stuck with that same A-Hole for a WHOLE week planning the wedding!But wait, it gets worse...Like ending up handcuffed to your worst enemy after a wild night out kind of worse.And with no key in sight. Eeeeeeeeeerp!

Country Love

Kate Swain - 2019
    Success, women, money. The name Walker Holcomb meant something. I was on top of the world. It was a damn long way to fall. My third album tanked, and I looked for answers in a whiskey bottle. I went from the top of every sexiest man list to the butt of every joke on late night. Only thing in worse shape than me is the family farm. Old place is as ramshackle and beat up as I am—another damned lost cause. Until I open my screen door one day and find her on my front porch. Luscious and fiery. Stubborn as hell. Irresistible. Nothing’s had me this fired up in a long time. She makes me crazy. I want to shout and cuss at her. I want to get my hands on that body. Part of me wants to throw her off my porch, tell her to keep walking till she crosses the property line. The rest of me wants to back her up against the rail and hike up her skirt. Even bloodshot eyes can see she’s just what I’ve been waiting for.

No Man Left Behind: A Veteran Inspired Charity Anthology

Elizabeth KnoxJaime Russell - 2021
    So, cozy up on your couch, pull out your kindle, and take a dive into these steamy veteran inspired stories.While some are just a peek of what's to come by these amazing authors, others are short stories or novellas.