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Daughter of Time by Sarah Woodbury



N.J. Layouni - 2014
    Until then, Martha must attempt to fit into medieval society, avoid the Evil Earl and his minions, and learn how to trust her heart again.

Blue Bells of Scotland

Laura Vosika - 2009
    Everything changes: Amy has enough and leaves him stranded in a Scottish castle tower overnight. He wakes up in medieval Scotland. Mistaken for the castle's future laird, he is forced to make a dangerous cross-country trek with a beautiful woman wielding a knife, pursued by English soldiers and a Scottish traitor, to raise men for the critical battle at Bannockburn.Niall Campbell, Shawn's opposite in everything except looks, is no more happy to find himself caught in Shawn's life, pursued by women, the target of an angry girlfriend, expected to play a sell-out concert, and hearing the account of his own death and Scotland's annihilation at Bannockburn. He vows to figure out what went wrong at the battle, and find a way back to change it.Blue Bells of Scotland is both an action-packed adventure and a tale of redemption that will be remembered long after the last page has been turned.

First Lessons

Lina J. Potter - 2014
    Her life seems perfect…until she finds herself in a fatal car accident. Instead of dying, however, she wakes up in a completely different body in the middle of a half-ruined castle during alternate medieval times. Confused and dismayed, Aliya realizes she was given a second chance in life — so she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work on restoring the castle and her new life. Aliya’s situation is confusing and challenging. Reborn as Countess Lilian Earton, she has to adjust to an unfamiliar world while trying to introduce everyday conveniences from the world she knows. Her first goal is taking care of the collapsing estate of Earton and its inhabitants — and learning to navigate a society unused to a woman in charge. Constant attacks of robbers and slave traders never seem to stop plaguing Aliya, and killers and spies sent by the narcissistic aristocracy are just waiting for her to show a bit of weakness so that they can strike, even if as she finds an alternative solution to her troubles, developing alliances with the Highlanders and Vikings called the Virmans. In the meantime, she is terrified with the prospect of finally meeting her perpetually absent husband whom, incidentally, Aliya has never seen ever since her rebirth as Lilian. Her plan is to make the best of her unusual circumstances — and to change this alternate world for the better. She is not a girl in trouble waiting for a knight in shining armor; all that Aliya has to do, she’ll do with her own hands. ***First Lessons is the opening book of the bestselling historical romance and time travel fantasy series A Medieval Tale by Lina J. Potter. The heroine finds herself in the alternate world at the very beginning of a thorny path to progress and happiness. On top of everything, she has to go up against the unprogressive and sexist society of the Middle Ages, armed only with her knowledge, experience, and willpower. Still, Aliya/Lilian has to act carefully in order not to draw too much attention to her innovations — she knows she could either get praised for her genius…or be accused of witchcraft. The bestselling time travel and historical romance A Medieval Tale series has been carefully translated into English and already gained a strong English-speaking fan base.

A Slip in Time

Kathleen Kirkwood - 1998
    As he grapples with clan rivalries and divisiveness within his own family, he is confronted with a startling discovery — a beautiful woman from a distant future, delivered through the portals of Time and into his bed . . .A VICTORIAN LADYSwept up in the summer social rounds, Julia Hargrove accompanies her aunt and cousins on an excursion to Scotland, to an ancient castle which has hosted no visitors for two decades — until now. Rumors abound of unusual occurrences at Dunraven Castle — occurrences that are centered in the bedchamber Julia now occupies, where a rugged Highland warrior materializes from the past . . .DRAWN IRRESTIBLY THROUGH THE PORTALS OF TIMEWhat mysteries does Dunraven hold? What secret opens the temporal door, allowing Julia and Rae to reach across the centuries to claim a few stolen moments and nurture a blossoming love? But how long can the rules of Time be broken before the door shuts forevermore?

Beautiful Wreck

Larissa Brown - 2014
    She designs environments for people who play at being Vikings. But when her project goes awry, she’s stranded in the actual 10th century, on a storybook farm in Viking Iceland.Heirik is the young leader of his family, honored by the men and women who live on his land. But he is feared and isolated because of a terrible curse. Ginn and Heirik are two people who never thought they would find a home in someone else’s heart.When forces rise against them to keep them apart, Ginn is called on to decide—will she give up the brutal and beautiful reality of the past? Or will she have the courage to traverse time and become more of a Viking than she ever imagined?

Forever His

Shelly Thacker - 1993
    Instead, by a king’s command, he’s forced to marry the defiant beauty who appeared so mysteriously in his bed. His thoroughly modern American wife soon turns his castle, his life, and his heart upside down. Will her desperate secret tear them apart after only a few bittersweet weeks of stolen passion…or will they conquer mistrust, treachery, and time itself to discover a love that spans the centuries?Winner of the National Readers Choice Award: Best Historical Romance of the Year"Irresistible. One of the best romances of the year." -The Detroit Free Press"A Desert Isle Keeper. Touching, ingenious...I love this book. I've read it time after time, and even if I haven't waited quite long enough between readings to forget all the details, I always get drawn back into the story so intensely that I can't put it down. Grade: A (highest rating)." -AllAboutRomance.comOriginally published by Avon Books. This Author's Preferred Edition ebook has been revised by the author.The Stolen Brides SeriesThese regal brides are about to discover that falling in love with a warrior is the most dangerous adventure of all. Each book is a stand-alone, steamy historical romance:Book 1: HIS STOLEN BRIDE (Darach and Laurien)Book 2: FOREVER HIS (Gaston and Celine)Book 3: HIS FORBIDDEN TOUCH (Royce and Princess Ciara)Book 4: HIS CAPTIVE BRIDE (Hauk and Avril)Book 5: HIS SCOTTISH BRIDE (Henri and Aileen)

The Rake and The Recluse: A Tale of Two Brothers

Jenn LeBlanc - 2011
    but there's something not quite right and though he wishes to be done with the entire situation, he just can't keep her from his thoughts...Francine Larrabee was on a path bound for certain glory, until she lands in Victorian England and is nearly killed by a team of terrifying black horses led by a Duke, Gideon, who matches them in spirit and demeanor and always seems to be cross. Though she is drawn to her rescuer, he wants nothing to do with her.Brother to The Duke of Roxleigh, the Lord Peregrine Trumbull, is Viscount of Roxleigh in name, but a rake of the worst order by action.... until he meets his match in a girl who requires his complete submission, something he has never been familiar with.Lilly Steele was a simple country miss until she was kidnapped, brutally attacked and left for dead in the far reaches of Great Britain, now she has escaped the aftermath and has asked Perry to do the untenable.She managed to recover her physical injuries... but the emotional scars run deep and will require absolute trust and healing from an altogether unlikely source.What is love? Where does it come from? What makes two people crash, and two other people burn. In this six part serial novel we learn what it means to love, what it means to care, and what it feels like to give up everything you know, to save the one person you can't live without.VOTED BEST HISTORICAL ROMANCE BY READERS for the 2012 Bookie Award!THIS IS THE COMPLETE NOVEL.All six parts of the serial are included in this edition:FREEDOMFOUNDTAKENRUINATIONSUBMISSIONRETRIBUTIONTHIS EDITION IS NOT ILLUSTRATED

Falling for the Highlander: A Time Travel Romance

Emma Prince - 2018
    Can love make her stay? Caroline Sutton doesn’t belong here. Not in the Highlands, and certainly not in the fourteenth century. Headstrong Caroline hopes an adventure will ease the pain of her parents’ deaths. One minute, she’s standing at the edge of a waterfall, daring her two sisters to jump with her. The next, she wakes up on the shores of a Scottish loch—600 years in the past. She’s determined to return to her sisters and her own time, but Callum, the rugged Highland Laird who discovers her, has other ideas. When heat flares between them, all Caroline’s plans are thrown into jeopardy, but if she gives in to her blazing desire, she may never want to leave the past behind. Laird Callum MacMoran is in a bind. He has inherited a clan feud with no end in sight. When he comes across a strange yet strikingly beautiful woman on enemy lands, he thinks to use her as a bargaining chip to end the bloodshed. Little does he know this odd lass is more than she seems, and falling for her will threaten the peace he has worked so long to build. Torn between responsibility to his clan and his growing feelings for Caroline, can he love her enough to let her go? Or will fate decide their futures for them? The Enchanted Falls Trilogy follows three sisters as they find love after falling through time. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but the stories are linked. Book 1--Falling for the Highlander by Emma Prince Book 2--Falling for the Knight by Cecelia Mecca Book 3--Falling for the Chieftain by Keira Montclair

Wishing For a Highlander

Jessi Gage - 2014
    The last thing she expects is for her wish to be granted. Magically transported to the middle of a clan skirmish in the sixteenth-century Highlands, she comes face to face with her kilted fantasy man.Tall, handsome, and heir to his uncle’s lairdship, Darcy Keith should be the most eligible bachelor in Ackergill. Instead, thanks to a prank played on him in his teenage years, he is known for being too large under his kilt to ever make a proper husband. “Big Darcy” runs his deceased father’s windmills and lives alone at his family manor, believing he will never marry.But a strangely dressed woman he rescues from a clan skirmish makes him long for more. When the woman’s claims of coming to Ackergill by magic reach the laird’s ears, she is accused of witchcraft. Darcy determines to protect her any way he can, even if it means binding her to him forever.ISBN: 978-1-941239-00-1 (alternate cover edition)

Somewhere in Time

Barbara Bretton - 1992
    . . .

A Dance Through Time

Lynn Kurland - 1996
    James MacLeod was the most respected---and feared---laird in all of Scotland. He loved his men like brothers and his land with a passion. And he allowed no women to cross the threshold of his keep...New York City, 1996. With an indifferent fiancé and a stalled writing career, Elizabeth Smith found passion and adventure only in the unpublished romance novels that she wrote. Until a Scottish hero began calling to her...Elizabeth longed for the man of her dreams. But she knew she was overworked when she began hearing his voice---when she was awake. To clear her mind, she took a walk in Gramercy Park. She dozed off on a bench---and woke up in a lush forest in fourteenth-century Scotland. A forest surrounding the castle of James MacLeod, an arrogant and handsome lord with a very familiar voice. Elizabeth would turn his ordered world upside-down and go where no woman had ever gone before: straight into his heart...

Gawen's Claim

Stella Knight - 2019
    and right into the arms of a dashing Highlander...Lila Fletcher is determined to prove the strength of her magical time traveling ability to herself, her family, and her coven. But when she travels back in time to fourteenth century Scotland to contend with a malevolent foe, she must also battle an all-consuming desire for a dashing Highland laird...After losing his family to illness, Gawen MacRaild has turned his back on love. Yet his obligation to duty conflicts with his growing desire to claim the bonnie time traveling lass for his own...As Lila and Gawen work together to destroy a dark enemy intent on altering time, they struggle against their pull of mutual love and desire, while their powerful foe—and time itself—threatens their future...If you're a fan of Scottish time travel, handsome highlanders, strong heroines, romance, and magical adventure, you'll love Gawen's Claim, the first book of the Highlander Fate, Lairds of the Isles series.

A Viking For The Viscountess

Michelle Willingham - 2014
    With a small son to care for, she desperately needs a strong hero to rescue them from poverty and suffering. A Viking wasn't quite what she had in mind.... Arik Thorgrim is caught between worlds. After dying from a battle wound, he expects to find the glory of Valhalla where he can dwell among the gods. Instead, he's brought forward a thousand years in time, to a beautiful woman who tempts him beyond reason.Juliana doesn't know what to do with this sinfully handsome Viking warrior who brings weapons into a ballroom and refuses to be tamed. Yet beneath his barbaric ways is a man of honor, a man who vows to face down her enemies and fight for her son's future. But as Arik wages a battle against her heart, Juliana is afraid of loving a man whose time has already run out...

Out of Time

Deborah Truscott - 2011
    Then her uncle dies, leaving her the family’s Revolutionary-era home and, she believes, an escape from her chaotic marriage. But one afternoon, while searching for a rake, she discovers a man in her garden shed — and a free fall through the centuries. As her life spins wildly out of control, Kathleen finds her heart and in the process, her own place in time.

Another Dawn

Deb Stover - 1998
    The night of his execution brings Sofie, a beautiful young doctor who will pronounce him dead, and a benevolent priest to his side. When a freak explosion throws him back to another century along with Sofie, who has lost her memory, he sees a chance for a future in the past--Another Dawn he was never meant to see. As long as Sofie never remembers who he is, of course--or does it really matter a century in the past? Even as his feelings for her grow even stronger than his need to protect her in this strange world...? A man with no future and a woman with no past!