A Clean Billionaire Boxset

Anne-Marie Meyer - 2019
     Get swept away today with these swoon-worthy heroes! Forgiving the Billionaire Love deserves a second chance. Hannah has finally come home after having been away for seven years. Despite her fears about facing her past, she’s desperate to get away from her boyfriend’s proposal. She didn’t expect to see Logan again. Logan is trying to adjust to his father’s death, being a single dad, and his new status as a billionaire. He thought he had a handle of that until his childhood crush, Hannah, comes back into his life. And she’s everything he remembered her to be. If only they could move on from their broken hearts. If only they could see how perfect they are together. Then maybe the mountains in front of them wouldn’t feel so unsurmountable. Finding Love with the Billionaire Opposites attract in the Alaskan wilderness. Madeline is desperate to finally be taken seriously, but that doesn’t seem to be the case when her boss asks her to write a puff piece of billionaire party boy, Liam Davenport. Liam just wanted a quiet life roaming the world. When his father dies, leaving him to face the media storm surrounding Davenport Outdoors, he’s forced to trade in his hiking boots for tailored suits. They’re determined they already know all there is to know about the other person. Until their plane crashes into an Alaskan mountain side. Suddenly, they’re faced with a choice. Put down their pride to survive, or keep their prejudices and struggle alone. Falling for the Billionaire Two lost souls make a whole. Paige has moved to New York after her father lost his business and passed away. Living with her quirky aunt as she attempts to start over wasn’t what she had envisioned for her life, but she’d determined to be successful. James has a golden finger. As a billionaire, his life is perfect—except that’s not the life he wants. Trouble is, he’s not sure what he’s meant to do. When James meets Paige, he’s intrigued by her. She seems to have everything figured out. The plan was simple. Figure out what James enjoys. If only their hearts hadn’t gotten involved. If only their pasts didn’t come back to haunt them. When everything feels as if it’s crashing down around them, the one thing they feared might be the one thing they needed all along. Fixing the Billionaire Love can mend a broken past. Millie has given up on love. After all, men never seem to show up when they’re supposed to. Joseph is trying to atone for his mistakes that he made before his daughter passed away. He’s left behind his privileged life to travel from town to town, paying off stranger’s medical bills. They were perfectly happy living their single lives until Millie rear ends Joseph in the parking lot of the hospital where she works. Fate intervenes and they find themselves thrown together. But love isn’t that simple.

Asian Billionaire's Four Miracle Babies

Ciara Cole - 2020
    She was the chance encounter that changed my life. I was living a life of luxuryMy clubMy penthouseMy carsI was from a world where everyone knew my name.I had no plans to fall in loveNo plans to settle downI could have any girl in TokyoAnd that was just the way I liked it.But then I saw her on the dance floorDarkSensualStunningDana.I had to have her, if only for the night.But life had other plans.Pregnant, she said, her eyes locked with mine.Now this is about far more than one hot night.Now I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before.But coming from a powerful family isn’t easy.How can I learn to be a good dadWhen my own father is intent on destroying my life? Note: Asian Billionaire's Four Miracle Babies is a steamy romance between and Asian Billionaire and the strong, beautiful woman who becomes pregnant with his quadruplets.

Small Town Alpha Heat

Amber Adams - 2020
    Pour yourself a glass of wine and settle in to be romanced by these 10 hot alpha men. As they work to win the hearts of their strong and curvy women be prepared for:Ups and downSurprisesChallengeSexy heatMisunderstandingsAdventureChemistryConnectionMistakesTrust gainedTrust lostLove wonUnforgettable nights of passion and...10 HAPPILY-EVER-AFTERS!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Heroes of Hope CountyOnce you take that first step across the county line into Hope, you'll find things are about to heat up!At first glance, Hope County appears a simple, sleepy place, but once you venture inside, you'll be welcomed into a place of thriving, hot excitement and luscious, heart-stopping drama with the perfect places for love and happily ever afters. A mansion with suspense and seduction; a dance club with all the right moves and curves; a record shop that will send you spinning. Drive around and see for yourself if fiery passion is enough to turn into instant love.Take a trip with our steamy, alpha-male cast in this five part, stand-alone romance series as Myles, Graham, Miguel, Josh and Andre fall hard in love for their curvy counterparts. They'll stop at nothing to win their hearts and make their own happy endings.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Swanford Coast SeriesGet your romantic fantasies revving with Jake, Robert, Lincoln, Ben and Kai!They’re heating it up on the shores of the small town of Swanford Coast!But, just because they turn all the female heads in town, doesn’t mean that love comes easy for these yummy alpha men.Grab your beach chair and pull up some sand & discover...♥ Will Jake be able to live down his false reputation and win Amanda's heart?♥ Robert finally broke through to Victoria but has he dropped the ball and lost her now for good?♥ Lincoln is able to be private about his colored past but Jenny's not so lucky. Can he and Jenny ride the tumultuous waves of her's and not have the town shame her into running away?♥ Ben, the ex-military alpha... turned baker. Will the secret he's hiding cause Wendy to lose respect for him and leave him broken-hearted?♥ Kai doesn't like the beach so why the hell is he in Swanford Coast? He even wonders himself, until he meets Alanna. What she does is about to changes everything.These 5 hot, steamy, insta-love stories will leave you, not only dreaming of your own seaside romance, but also believing in true love and happily ever afters.Love really CAN change everything.(And it certainly doesn't hurt when your hero is a drop dead alpha stud of sizzling hotness.OMG!)

Trust Us (Rivers Edge)

Lacey Black - 2016
    Though the road, for either of them, wasn’t easily traveled, they wound up at this very place in life: together. Life can be spontaneous, chaotic, and downright messy at times, and with three young children, two full-time jobs, and an extended family that still gathers for Sunday dinners, Maddox and Avery are in desperate need of a break. A mini-Christmas getaway is just what the doctor ordered. Whisked away to the tropical island of Antigua, Maddox and Avery set out to soak up the sun and enjoy as much alone time as they can possibly squeeze into their short four-day stay. But what happens when their private mini-getaway turns into anything but private? Will Maddox and Avery remember the trust they found in each other when their perfect trip takes a turn for the worse? *Can be read as a standalone, but would be better to read with the series. **If you've read the series, this novella would fit right after Boss Me, book 5. *Disclaimer: This book contains graphic language and detailed sex and is recommended for those 18 and over.

Casacelli Brides

Clare Connelly - 2014
    But now, Bianca needs a favour, and the only man she can turn to is her ex-husband. He's already broken her heart once. Can she trust him again? ALL SHE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS The widowed Lady Elizabeth Sanderson is no longer interested in men. Her life is ordered, calm and boring: just the way she likes it. So why can't she stop thinking about billionaire bad boy Antonio Casacelli, and the way his body seems to call to hers? THE TYCOON'S CHRISTMAS CAPTIVE The last thing Marcos Casacelli needs is a ward to babysit, especially not one as spoiled and indulged as the Hollywood starlet Kat Van Buren.Kat's not just running from any scandal or heartbreak, though. Her life is at stake, and the one man who can protect her seems to hate her with a passion. THE SHEIKH'S CHRISTMAS MISTRESS Charlotte Faber falls head over heels with The Sheikh Malik Desara the moment she sees him. She thinks he loves her, too, until he propositions her... to be his mistress! How can she accept? How can she refuse?

The Billionaire's Lighthouse Series

Michelle Love - 2016
    Passion. Obsession. Elizabeth Cook is a conservationist trying to save a lighthouse on the northern side of Chesapeake City, Rhode Island. Zane White is the billionaire who just bought the real estate it sets on and plans on tearing it down to build condos that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. When Elizabeth goes to New York, where Zane’s business is headquartered, the two meet and instant chemistry connects them. With a date made, Zane nor Elizabeth ever thought in a million years it would end with them being fake married. Meagan Saunders is a high powered judge who has had her eye on Zane for quite a while. She has made plans to make sure he ends up with her. Blackmail is a thing the judge is not above when it comes to getting her man to help her in her aspirations for the governor of New York and then the presidency. Will Meagan get her way and make Zane hers or will Elizabeth find strength in herself to keep Zane right where he is? Or will Zane show them both just how powerful he is and take care of the situation on his own? Find out if true love wins in the end or if the powerful politician does.

Touching the Billionaire

Holly Jaymes - 2020
    Yes, our onscreen chemistry is off the charts when he touches me with those strong hands.I succumb to the combustive heat when I touch those rippled abs.It isn’t long before what was once a rehearsal now feels real. Maybe I was right to break all of the rules.Perhaps this is the beginning of a beautiful story for us. Or is everything about Theo Wolf, including the way he feels about me, an award-winning act?TOUCHING THE BILLIONAIRE IS A 60K STANDALONE BAD BOY, BOSS, NEIGHBOR, ROMANCE WITH NO CHEATING, NO CLIFF-HANGERS, AND A HAPPILY EVER AFTER THAT WILL KEEP YOU FLIPPING THE PAGES WAY PAST YOUR BEDTIME!

Italian Billionaire's Black Quadruplet Baby Miracle

Brittney Brooke - 2018
    Chocolate-brown eyes. Pear-shaped curves… Nothing had changed. At first, it was about ego –Me gloating over how I’d “dated an actress”.Gabriella Allen.But the second I approached that VIP table,My game plan went out the window.I felt my greatest asset stir in my pants.So many memories.So many times I’d had her.Where had the years gone?Back then, timing was everything.We had separate roads to pave.But now… I wanted back in. Before we knew it, we’d reversed the clock,F@#king our way into oblivion…Until Gabriella collapsed on stage.And a bombshell followed.She was pregnant.With four babies.My babies.I didn’t sign up for the latter.But I won’t lose Gabriella again.I need to make it work.There’s just one problem – the pregnancy is meant to be a secret…But the tabloids just blew it sky-high... Note: Italian Billionaire's Black Quadruplet Baby Miracle is 30k of steamy second-chance romance between an Italian billionaire and his beautiful American love.

The Handmaid's Billionaire

Gigi Marlowe - 2019
    She ran away.Sickness stole Corbin’s wife and love of his life.Mattie ended her marriage the day it should have begun.Corbin and Mattie are strangers living in Malibu, unaware of each other...Until Valentina Del Torre steps in.The matchmaker brings the lonely billionaire entertainment entrepreneur and the creative Broadway musical writer wannabe together, but it’s up to them to build a relationship.Corbin wants to love Mattie, but something is blocking him.Mattie must face her past and make a choice.But will Corbin wait for her to make it?Is new love just as good or better than first love?

The Callaways Boxed Set - Books 1-3

Barbara Freethy - 2015
    This special boxed set offers the first three full-length novels in the series. Each book is filled with Barbara Freethy's unique blend of page-turning romance, family and mystery—unforgettable stories that will touch your heart. ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS: The second oldest of the Callaway clan, Aiden Callaway veered from the family tradition of urban firefighting and became a smokejumper, never questioning his choice until the job took the life of his friend, Kyle, and left Aiden with injuries and fractured memories. Everyone blames Aiden for what happened, but he doesn't remember, nor is he sure he wants to remember. The truth may clear Aiden of blame but destroy Kyle's reputation and hurt the people he left behind. 
 Aiden seeks help from an unlikely ally. Sara had always been untouchable, sweet, innocent, his sister's best friend, and the girl next door. But one reckless night in their youth took their relationship to a new level. Sara has never forgiven or forgotten the way Aiden brought it crashing down, but she's no longer that girl with the crazy crush. She's a woman in search of her own truth. The sparks between Aiden and Sara have been smoldering for a very long time. Sara is afraid to take another chance on a man who broke her heart, and Aiden knows better than anyone how dangerous an intense fire can be. As teenagers they weren't ready for each other. Are they ready now? SO THIS IS LOVE: Emma Callaway, a hot fire investigator clashes with Max Harrison, a cool homicide detective in SO THIS IS LOVE, the second book in the Callaway Series. For Max Harrison, love seduces and then destroys. His brother went to prison for love. His father left his family for love. And Max is determined not to follow in their footsteps, until he meets Emma… Emma runs into burning buildings without an ounce of fear and embraces life as if every day is a new adventure. But while she's fearless on the job, Emma is a coward when it comes to love. Betrayed by an ex-boyfriend, Emma has no intention of putting her heart on the line again, until she meets Max… As the fires around the city rage, the heat between them ignites in a blaze of passion that's far more dangerous. Will it destroy them or will they finally get everything they ever wanted… FALLING FOR A STRANGER Ria is as sexy and sultry as a warm tropical night and as beautifully dangerous as the island drinks she serves at the beachside bar on Isla de los Suenos -- The Island of Dreams. But Ria is not as carefree as she appears, and the pretense is wearing her down. One night she risks everything to escape from reality. Drew Callaway is a former Navy pilot looking for his own escape from a life that has seen too much tragedy. Meeting Ria is like embracing the sun, and their single night together is life-changing. But the dream quickly fades when Ria is killed in a tragic accident at sea. Months later, thousands of miles away from where they first met, Drew sees a woman who looks just like Ria. She claims her name is Tory, and that they've never met before, but he can see that she's in trouble, and he can't walk away. He's going to save her whether she wants it or not. Drew isn't afraid of a little danger, but can he risk losing his heart to a beautiful stranger? Also Available in the Callaway Series: Between Now and Forever (#4) Nobody But You (A Callaway Wedding Novella) All A Heart Needs (#5) That Summer Night (#6) W


Kimberly Rae Jordan - 2017
     Kimberly Rae Jordan Elizabeth Maddrey Autumn Macarthur Lesley Ann McDaniel Lynnette Bonner Heather Gray Jan Thompson The Tenderness of His Love by USA Today Bestselling Author Kimberly Rae Jordan When Tennyson Page gives a struggling single mom and her daughters a helping hand, he never imagines the impact they’ll have on his life. But having been hurt twice before by women he’d helped, Tennyson isn’t sure he’s able to interpret Olivia Duncan’s motives correctly. Is it just gratitude on Olivia’s part? Or is it something more? A Heart Reclaimed by Bestselling Author Elizabeth Maddrey Two landscape architects and former college rivals work together to restore the grounds at Peacock Hill. Will the garden they plant blossom into love? His Father’s Son by USA Today Bestselling Author Autumn Macarthur Can a small-town single mother regain her lost faith and forgive the past, when her disabled child’s father returns, determined to help the son he unwillingly left behind – and the woman he’s never stopped loving? Sink or Swim by USA Today Bestselling Author Lesley Ann McDaniel Still reeling from the dangerous relationship she fled a year ago, Jen Bloom is finally getting her head above water. Her job as a housekeeper at the Inn at Crescent Cove has been a lifesaver, and the inn’s chef—Luke Strong—has become her best friend. But what she really wants now is to manage the inn. Then another woman arrives in town to interview for the management job. Realizing that the woman has her eye on more than just the job, Jen questions her own motives for staying in Crescent Cove. Is it the town…or the promise of love? Angel Kisses and Riversong by Bestselling Author Lynnette Bonner After a career ending injury, Jett Hudson escapes to a B&B in the mountains of Washington. But when he arrives and has to wake owner Salem Finn, who is sound asleep at her desk, he starts having second thoughts about his choice of lodging—even if her messy bun reminds him of a halo, and her soft gaze has a way of making him forget to breathe. Sometimes the river of life takes unexpected turns. And sometimes those turns lead to angel kisses…and Riversong. Skye by Bestselling Author Heather Gray When Skye reaches her limit, she packs a bag and runs away from it all…without realizing what she’s running toward. Sam is the only wrinkle in her plan. What happens when a woman chased by guilt and fear runs headlong into a battle-hardened Marine who isn’t used to backing down? Ask You Later by USA Today Bestselling Author Jan Thompson He lives and breathes expressive art.

Darlington Brothers Boxset

Avery North - 2021
    They have the dashing looks, the magnetic charm, and a successful family business to boot. With their futures cut out for them, there’s only one thing they’re each missing – relationships. And as these alphas will soon find out, even when you’re as rich and successful as they are, finding the right girl is no easy task…With a riveting collection of sweet and spicy romance tales, the Darlington Brothers series will take you on an exhilarating roller coaster of emotions. Packed with passion, drama, and romance which will make or break these brothers’ futures, this series will keep you guessing as you discover one heart-pounding story after the next.With old conflicts bubbling up, plenty of heartache and arguments, and magnetic chemistry which takes things to the next level, this box set is perfect for romance fans who love to be kept guessing. Can the Darlington brothers find the love they’ve always wanted? And what will fate throw at them in their quest to have it all?

Primed for Sin: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

Sarah J. Brooks - 2019
    Brooks! All five standalone full-length novels feature protective alpha males that fight for the women of their dreams. No matter if accidental fake marriages, surprise baby gifts or second chances - this collection has everything you need for long and steamy nights in your bedroom! Book 1 – Never Over You Alright, before you hear his side, let me tell you mine. I was just cleaning his room. I swear that’s it! I mean, he’s my boss for Pete’s sake. But Anthony came out of the shower dripping wet and naked from head to toe. I tried to look away, but IT was right there. And boy was it happy to see me. That’s so not my fault, right? Cute butt, killer abs, bubblegum lips that were begging for a kiss. How could I say no? Turns out he’s had a crush on me since high school. His dad’s freaking out, but Anthony’s got his own billions. So big, bad Daddy Whore-bucks can kiss my tight little… you get the idea. But I think Anthony’s having second thoughts. Will he be my sweetheart or leave me heartbroken? Book 2 – Hate To Want You Oh My Gorgeous eyes! Is that Xander–freaking– Selby? Bad boy muscle-man with a gargantuan-sized… bank account. Wow what a dirty little mind you’ve got there. Be patient. I’m still getting to his best parts. There’s a heart of gold hidden under muscles the size of New York City. He's got the face of an angel and moves like the devil. The first time I saw him my legs went to Jell-O, and I got all tongue-tied. Now tell me something, and be honest. Is it in bad taste to tie up your boss with a garter belt? Or run your tongue up and over his mountain and valley abs? Book 3 – Let’s Play Pretend “Of course I’ll pretend to be your wife.” I can’t believe these words came out of my mouth when my sister’s lawyer asked me to be his fake-wife. I don't like his plan to fake it at all, but desperate situations need desperate measures. Although I have enough to deal with on my own, I’d do anything for my family. Well, maybe I can take this lemon and make lemonade. After all, acting like I’m in love with Jonathan is easy. Too easy. The way he looks at me, touches me, protects me. It just feels so unbelievably good. All of a sudden, I'm not sure if this is fake anymore... Book 4 – Protecting Her The billions in my bank account are worthless if I can’t save her. There are times in your life when one decision can change everything. Mine was to risk my life for the woman of my dreams. Millie. Once I saw her, I knew it’d be her and no one else. Her gaze calls out to the hero in me. Her touches awaken the man. The problem? I’m not the only one who wants her. And her enemies will do everything to get her. Even the unthinkable. If they try to hurt her, I will give them nothing but pain. It’s time for this to end. There can only be one winner. Book 5 – Unexpected Love It was supposed to be a one-night stand. Now I’m carrying his baby. Oh-oh. I guess fate has a way of writing its own stories.

Daughters of the Bride: A Sneak Peek!

Susan Mallery - 2016
     With Joy, Love and a Little Trepidation, Courtney, Sienna and Rachel Invite You to the Most Emotional Wedding of the Year… Their Mother's Courtney ~ The Misfit ~ As the awkward one, Courtney Watson may not be as together as her sisters, but she excels at one thing—keeping secrets, including her white-hot affair with a sexy music producer. Planning Mom's wedding exposes her startling hidden life, changing her family's view of her—and how she views herself—forever. Sienna ~ The Free Spirit ~ When Sienna's boyfriend proposes—in front of her mom and sisters, for crying out loud—he takes her by surprise. She already has two broken engagements under her belt. Should she say “I do” even if she's not sure she does? Rachel ~ The Cynic ~ Rachel thought love would last forever…right up until her divorce. As Mom's wedding day draws near and her ex begs for a second chance, she's forced to acknowledge some uncomfortable truths about why her marriage failed, and decide if she'll let pride stand in the way of her own happily-ever-after. A must-read for anyone who has survived the wedding of a sister, a mother, a daughter—as told by the master storyteller of the genre.

The Lumberjack's Match: A Sweet Fake Relationship Romance (Pretendr Dating App Series)

Blake Andrews - 2018
    Rhett’s already been planning to build himself a beautiful new home on it, but the seller has several stipulations about how said land can be purchased. Chiefest among them: the buyer must build a family home on the acreage, establishing genuine roots in their small town of Leavenworth. Rhett hasn’t devoted much thought to dating, let alone marriage, but he’ll do anything to acquire this land—even if it means pretending to have a bride. Lacey Macuzzi’s family is constantly pressuring her to settle down, wanting nothing more than to throw her a huge, expensive wedding. You’d never know by her massive social media presence, but Lacey’s actually shy and socially-awkward. She’s given up on the chance of ever meeting anyone, but wants to please her parents. Frustrated, she longs to find a man willing to pose as her groom for the big day, just to get them off her back. But how? Enter Pretendr, the app that pairs people looking for fake relationships. Being matched through the app seems like the perfect solution, but once Rhett and Lacey have solved their problems, another one emerges… They both seem to have fallen for each other. The Lumberjack's Match is a 30,000 word standalone novella, perfect to curl up with if you're looking for a sweet, fun, quick read on the go.