Christmas Romance Collection: 3 Contemporary Romances

Jennifer Youngblood - 2018
     Love on the Rebound Add a little Aloha to your Christmas this year! When Everly Watson takes her young son Jordan to Hawaii, she’s not just celebrating Christmas but also searching for answers surrounding a tragedy from her past. She doesn’t expect to be faced with a tsunami threat her second day on the island. Nor does she count on meeting the famous Christian Ross, superstar of a hit action-movie series. Sparks fly as Everly and Christian have an instant attraction. But things spiral out of control when Everly realizes someone is following her and watching her every move. Christian soon finds himself drawn into Everly’s complicated world of betrayal and deceit and feels the need to protect her from a perilous threat. Can Christian and Everly’s newfound love withstand the growing obstacles? Or are they doomed to keep reliving the heartaches of the past? Loving the Movie Star Actor Blade Sloan gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he lands a leading role in the new Jase Scott action movie, co-starring with Hollywood megastar Christian Ross. Too bad Blade’s having stress issues brought on by a longtime stalker who’s getting more aggressive. If Blade can’t find a way to loosen up on set and perform to the best of his ability, he’ll lose everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. Dani Fairchild is trying hard to turn over a new leaf and transcend into adulthood. Yes, she may have been irresponsible in the past when she jilted billionaire Liam Barclay and ran off with a surfer, but that’s all behind her. Dani has a food blog she wants to take to the next level, and she’s holding down a full-time job. Granted, being a receptionist isn’t her dream job by any means, but hey, it’s a start. Too bad she can’t keep her big mouth shut and gets fired when the boss acts like a jerk. An unlikely encounter on the public bus brings Blade and Dani together where sparks fly and attraction sizzles. But Dani isn’t having it. No matter how charismatic Blade is or how good he looks with his chiseled abs and piercing blue eyes she’s vowed to never again get involved with someone who doesn’t live on the island permanently. Long distance relationships are a kick in the pants, and she’s tired of being hurt. Home alone for Christmas while Samantha and her family go to the mainland, Dani settles in for a quiet, predictable holiday. But fate has other plans when Dani and Blade are unwittingly thrown into a cycle of events that lead to a heart-pounding climax. Can Dani and Blade find a strong enough love to sustain them in the face of danger? Or will the stalker win in the end? False Identity Believe in miracles … believe in hope … believe in love. It's Christmastime, and Chancy Hamilton can’t bear the thought of spending the holidays without her late husband Max who died in a plane crash. When Chancy and her teenage son, Travis, have an argument, Travis storms out of the house and ends up in the wrong part of town where he is attacked by a group of thugs. When a homeless man comes to his rescue, he invites the man home to have a meal with his mom and little sister. Gabe Jones is not like any other homeless man Chancy has ever seen—he’s confident, intelligent, and devastatingly handsome. Jake, Chancy’s boyfriend, takes an instant dislike to Gabe and warns Chancy to stay away from him.

Hungry for Kellen

Barbra Campbell - 2020
    I needed her.MarthaThanksgiving was my jam... and my pie, and my rolls. My obsession.When my Christmas obsessed sister asked to host MY holiday, I was more than a little grumpy. But something in my gut told me to let her have it. Turns out, there had never been a better time to trust my instincts.She'd invited a French guy she worked with, and once I got sight of Kellen, I wasn't hungry for Thanksgiving dinner anymore. After one taste of his dough, I was certain we were the perfect combination. But his work visa said otherwise.Was I a fling to keep him entertained until he left the country?KellenGorging myself on Thanksgiving dinner wasn't my ideal way to spend my extra day off, but Betsy had insisted I not 'celebrate' alone. I didn't bother to explain that the French didn't celebrate American Thanksgiving. In Betsy's world, everything was celebrated.When I met her gorgeous sister, Martha, and found an opportunity for a hands-on baking lesson, I was trying to figure out how to extend my work visa. Because once I'd tasted her goods there was no turning back.Is there anything better than falling in love? Finding another HEA? I'll always give you a dirty-sweet story to keep your heart full and your windows steamed!

Love's Little Surprises (AntiLove Bookclub Prequel)

Brandy Slaven - 2020
    When a planned trip for the three of them goes awry, never in a million years did she think that it would end with her in the arms of five sexy strangers. Men who are more than willing to prove that she’s more than her own opinion of herself. A week alone in a remote cabin in the mountains puts more at risk than they all realize. Will they be able to keep their hands, and more importantly, hearts to themselves? Especially as the New Year brings them a surprise none of them are expecting.

Hungry For Owen (Hungry Hearts Book 7)

Cameron Hart - 2020
    I’m one business loan application away from being the sole owner of the bakery. Buying Sweet Perfection is the most important thing in my life, so when the too-handsome, too-charming, too-good-to-be-true Owen starts coming in and asking me out every morning, I have no choice but to turn him down. When I run into an unexpected problem with the bank, I’m forced to go confront my mother. I planned on spending Thanksgiving alone, but it looks like I’ll be staying with family after all. The worst part is, I think I miss seeing Owen’s lopsided grin. Crap.Owen: My very pregnant sister demanded macaroons from her favorite bakery, Sweet Perfection. I was a little annoyed at first, but one look at the gorgeous baker and I know I’ll be thanking my sister for the rest of my days. She inadvertently introduced me to my future wife, and that’s definitely something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. I’m hoping for a Christmas wedding, but my angel is a little skittish. That’s alright. I’m no stranger to hard work, and Emery is certainly worth all my effort.What to expect from a Cameron Hart book: Lots of heat, plenty of sweet, and just enough drama to keep things interesting. No cheating, safe, guaranteed HEA!

Hungry for Jensen: Older Man and Younger Woman Romance

Brynn Hale - 2020

All For Erica at Christmas (All For Love Book 1)

Elisa Leigh - 2017
    She has nothing and no one left in Caraway, Colorado. Her family is gone, and there’s no reason to stay. She never saw what was right in front of her. Never knew what love was or how to keep it. Until him. Captain Colt Montgomery has loved Erica for three long, lonely years. His position kept him away. When she unwittingly gives him the in that he needs to finally claim his woman, he will do everything to prove it's All For Erica. Elisa Leigh and MK Moore have teamed up to bring you a safe and sexy holiday read. They do warn you that the chemistry is off the charts. This love story will melt your Kindle. Good thing Christmas is in just a few days.

A Suds and Sam Christmas

Stella Marie Alden - 2019
    Sal-mon suds. Fish? Detergent? Not good.""Samantha and Suds? Sam and Sebastian?""Not the same ring. Admit it, Suds and Sam is perfect.""Yeah, I suppose we are."Sam's crazy Italian family is back and Suds takes them on with his usual southern charm as he navigates through the holiday season.Will they find the nativiy infant in time for Christmas?Warning: Heated scenes and loads of laughs as this detective duo makes the season bright.

Dazzled by Her Curves

C.L. Cruz - 2020
    It is the first in the Holly Street Holiday series but can be read as a standalone with a HEA and no cliffhangers!StellaIn event planning, the work needs to seem effortless.Unfortunately, with the auspicious Locklear Holiday Bash, things aren’t going as smoothly as I’d hoped.That is, until help arrives in the form of Jamie Locklear.He’s domineering, stubborn, and a reluctant—but sexy—Santa’s helper.Could this job turn into love this Christmas season?JamieI’m used to being in charge, except when it comes to my grandmother.This year, she guilts me into attending her annual holiday bash.To rub salt in the wound, she appoints me to be the event planner’s personal errand boy.Stella Houston is bossy, curvy, and makes me want to deck her halls.Now, I get to show her who’s really in charge.

Ex Scrooge Me (Love for the Holidays #1)

Brynn Paulin - 2019
    Worse, Eli McSpadden gets under my skin by just…breathing! Have I mentioned he’s my ex who broke up with me on Valentine’s eve last year. Yeah, Mr.-Gorgeous-and-I-Know-It is the one who broke my heart. But I’m over him. And I hate him. Eli I’m a stupid jerk. There! I said it. When my company relocated me with no noticed last winter, I did the one thing I thought was best. I broke up with the girl I love. I told her we both needed to set down roots in our separate cities. The thought of her “rooting” with anyone else eats at me, but what could I do? Her life is at her university; mine is wherever I get sent. It took three seconds for me to realize I made a huge mistake, and now that I’m back in town and we’re both heading home for the holidays, I’m going to make it right and hopefully not end up in a ditch—physically and emotionally—while I’m trying.

Her Snow Valley Fake New Year's Eve Boyfriend

Taylor Hart - 2019
    A woman who needs a fake boyfriend. Will they find true love over a dance? Jax Casey, hot shot Navy SEAL, only cared about his team and his job—saving lives. After growing up being a military brat himself, it hasn’t been hard to keep all relationships on a commitment free basis. With two weeks off, he plans to go to a beach with his buddies, until he discovers his grandpa has had a heart attack and needs his help.Tia Snow has always wanted to be a famous singer, until bad mojo from her ex boyfriend ruins everything. Now she’s focused on being a writer and helping her aunt and uncle out in the flower shop while they are away on vacation. When said ex boyfriend shows up at the store and insists he wants to get back together, she does the only thing she can think of—tell her ex that the gorgeous hunk who came in to the store to buy flowers is actually her date for the dance and her boyfriend. Good thing the gorgeous hunk agrees, too bad he demands dinner and a kiss every night in exchange.When complications arise they have to make a choice—trust in fate or walk away from the only real thing they’ve ever had.

Dear Future Husband

Angel Devlin - 2019
     She’s so in, she starts her letter ‘Dear Future Husband’. But there’s an error that leads to Ella getting letters from TWO potential suitors. One’s letters are the romance she’s dreamed of, the other’s letters are, well, just so darn… DIRTY. Ella’s roommate, Finn, tells her she’s bound to end up on a date with a 6-stone, pasty-faced, serial killer. But are Finn’s concerns just for Ella’s safety, and are the suitors who she thinks… Another fabulous story from ANGEL DEVLIN; romance as hot as your coffee. Valentine’s Day comes once a year … but the Amazon best-selling authors who brought you #ResolutionPact are back at it! This time they have a matchmaker series that is more perfect than a dozen roses! Skip the box of chocolates — it’s time to devour FIFTEEN steamy, stand-alone stories set in a shared world.

Marry Grinchmas

ChaShiree M. - 2017
    The holidays bring out the worst in him. Grinch is his nickname and I'm sure you can guess why. One stranded beauty barely dressed in a snowstorm changes the course of his whole life. For Avalynn Kimber running away to Minnesota from Florida seemed like a good idea at the time. A minor car accident definitely doesn’t start her journey on the right foot. There is no reason for her to think that Moosehead will be any different than the drama she left in Tampa. Until he saves her. When everything else seems hopeless can they learn what love really is together despite the obstacles hell bent on breaking them apart? Can these two find love in time for the holidays? In Moosehead Minnesota the winters are cold and the nights are long. Don't worry though, this book promises to melt the grinchy-iest of hearts.

All I Want For Christmas

Nicole Falls - 2018
     ***T H I S I S A S H O R T S T O R Y*** If shorts aren't your jam, you may want to bypass this one in lieu of forthcoming longer Nicole Falls projects. Also, it helps if you've read sugar butter flour love before venturing into this one.

Secret Dirty Santa

Yumoyori Wilson - 2018
     What do you get your arrogant jerk of a boss when you get him for secret Santa? The spending limit is $35, Elle, so the latest gizmo isn’t going to work. I wouldn’t be able to afford it if there wasn't a cap, and let's be real, billionaire Matthias Felton probably has it already. Why did he even ask to join Secret Santa in the first place? He has everything he could ask for! Multiple mansions, parking lots full of the luxurious cars, and did I mention his looks are to die for? Literally, to DIE for. Oh, and his two other billionaire business friends? They make every woman in the building regret wearing panties. Why wear them if they'll be wet with arousal by the time the triple threat of sexiness exits the building. What’s Matthias' endgame? Who fucking knows. Yet, silly me. I ask him at our Christmas party because my tipsy, pretty much drunk alter ego had balls that night and wasn't going to leave until I got the answer my ears yearned for. He finally tells me, and I realize I'm not wanted by one, but three. Matthias, Logan, Titus wants me, and now I wonder if I can get out of this Secret Santa fiasco before it gets a little dirty. (A Reverse Harem Christmas Tale)

Mistletoe & Cocoa Kisses

Stacy Eaton - 2016
    Too bad she didn’t check the weather forecast before she left. Stranded on the side of the road when her old car breaks down, Robin fears her impulsive action will be the death of her as her body temperature steadily lowers to dangerous levels. Matt Landry is slowly making his way home in the storm when he finds an unconscious woman on the side of the road and rushes her home to his father Chris to save her. When Robin wakes up, she finds herself in the kind of home that she has always dreamed of having, except for the handsome man with the surly attitude. As much as Robin wants to stay, she knows she’ll never win him over and needs to find the right future for herself. Will Robin’s future bring her back to Chris and his kids, or will Chris lose the chance to have the love of a woman who will never leave him and the family he has always wanted? The Heart of the Family Series: Mistletoe & Cocoa Kisses: Robin & Chris Roses & Champagne Kisses: Finley & Roan (June 2018) Orchids & Hurricane Kisses: Amy & Rye (Aug 2018)