Left with the Dead

Stephen Knight - 2011
    The greatest city on Earth, once home to millions of Americans, is now firmly in the grasp of the dead.First Sergeant David Gartrell is cut off and alone in the city, miles away from the nearest military units which might be able to assist. With his ammunition almost depleted, the only thing that stands between him and the stenches are his Special Forces skills, his experience, and his uncompromising desire to avoid being eaten alive!Together with a frightened woman and her young son, Gartrell sets out to accomplish his final objective: find a way to leave the city of the gathering dead, or perish at the hands--and teeth!--of the ravenous horde.LEFT WITH THE DEAD is a 33,000 word novella, about 85 pages of high-octane military thriller.


Robert Paine - 2013
    It turned out to be the complete opposite...A camping trip in the mountains of Vermont is interrupted when a group of friends discover there has been a zombie outbreak. Having been disconnected from the world for the past week, and one of their group already bitten, the friends have to make their way down the mountain and find safety. Can the group cover miles of dark woods on foot while trying to avoid getting overtaken by the undead? What caused the outbreak? Are there any other survivors?Read on to find out...Warning: Volume 1 is a 11,000 word story that contains gritty action, bad language, violence, and the Undead. Read at your own risk.

Zomblog Saga Box Set

T.W. Brown - 2014
    The entire Zomblog saga by Amazon Top 100 Horror Author, TW Brown is now yours. A tale that spans twenty years of the zombie apocalypse and takes you not just into the story, but gives it to you through the eyes of the survivors. Set in the Pacific Northwest, this tale give you more than just the undead...you also get slices of the best and worst that humanity has to offer. Just pray this is the closest you will ever get to experiencing the zombie apocalypse. Grab it now and enjoy the entire series for less than the price of a candy bar.

Get Off My Lawn

Perry Kivolowitz - 2013
    Together they fight to survive the apocalypse with a unique technologist's perspective. Zombies are massing in hordes numbering in the millions. The Government has an agenda. Ruth Ann has stone cold hunter's skills and Doug has a data center. Containing a number of twists and observations possibly not seen in the genre before, Get Off My L@wn takes you through more than 40 days post breakout and tells a complete story.We all know that one zombie's bellowing will attract others. What happens when this process continues indefinitely? How can a military mount an effective defense of humanity without nuclear weapons? Would you have to sign a waiver of liability in order to receive help from the Government?Where's the best place to form a refugee camp to house hundreds of thousands? How do you keep those people happy? What will happen to the nature of Congress as a result of the Zombie Apocalypse?All these questions and much much more are answered in this thoughtful book.Thank you to the many hundreds who downloaded my book during its first free promotion. Please consider writing a review of this, my first effort.

Crash Dive

Ted Bell - 2012
    It will take every skill at his command—but there are few as shrewd and savvy as Alex Hawke. When his plane is discovered by enemy radar, he is forced to improvise—or die trying.Alex Hawke. Saving the world one bullet at a time.Includes a 98-page sneak preview from Phantom, the exhilarating, new novel in the Alex Hawke series.

L.A. Dark

G.F. Gustav - 2013
    on a pleasant Sunday in the middle of May in the not-too-distant future, all things electronic die and the lights wink off. Everything stops.Jeremy Jamison, his Marina del Rey apartment mates Matt and Kade, along with friends Sarah and Karina, find themselves in the midst of a rapidly deteriorating world in west L.A. Power may not be restored for months or years, and they are surrounded by a mass of humanity that will soon be thirsty, hungry, desperate, and dying. Young, fit, but ill-prepared, their choice is stark: run or die. L.A. Dark is the first in a series that chronicles the desperate struggle of five young people to navigate the sixty-mile, post-apocalyptic urban jungle of the L.A. basin followed by over three hundred miles of bleak and searing Mojave desert to reach what Jeremy and friends hope will be the safety of southern Utah. This story is a realistic action-thriller based on a plausible future scenario in the wake of an electromagnetic pulse or EMP event.

The Lazarus Impact

Vincent Todarello - 2013
    The US power grid fails due to the impact of a large meteorite. The dust plume causes severe illness and death as it blows east across America. As a result the government quarantines the entire northeast. Military personnel wearing gas masks patrol the edges of the affected area, preventing anyone from crossing. But when the dead start coming back to life and eating the living, the US braces itself for a full-on zombie outbreak that no military barricade can keep contained.The Lazarus Impact is a fast paced, high intensity, peri-apocalyptic zombie action thriller that traces the stories of eight unique and diverse characters as they travel through the madness, trying to head west past the quarantine to safety... or so they think. Wolf, an extreme survivalist television personality, is the first one on the scene when the meteors hit, filming the damage. Dr. Vogel, a former infectious disease lab rat turned physician, is on a mission to get to the CDC to give them samples of what he thinks might be the basis for a cure. Willy, an old, hardened, Vietnam War veteran suffering from PTSD, witnesses the outbreak as it ramps up in intensity at the hospital where he works as a janitor. Sheryl, a suburban housewife, learns of the dust when she gets a call from a neighbor that her boys are sick on the football field. Marcus, a reformed prison inmate with a violent past, escapes with a band of unscrupulous marauders during a riot. Michael and Amy, a bickering couple from NYC, struggle to get out of Manhattan despite the bridges and tunnels being barricaded and locked down. And Brandon, an awkward teenager with an obsession for horror comics and video games, hides out in his parents Cold War era bunker until he runs out of fuel.When their paths intersect they must help and rely on each other for survival. The plan is to move west, past the quarantine, and make their way to a secure compound where people have been preparing for doomsday for decades. But the nightmares they face on the way west are only a shadow of the dangers they may encounter on the other side of the quarantine, where the American people have taken up arms to defend their new but porous borders. Will any survive the journey? Is it even worth it?


Ian Duncan - 2012
    But now south Florida residents watch, horror-stricken, as many of their own friends and neighbors begin climbing light poles, billboards, and radio towers with blank, zombie-like gazes. Cordyceps spores have taken root inside them. It makes them climb higher…to sprout.Flash forward forty-eight hours. The infected show increasing signs of aggression, coughing up spores and chasing survivors on foot. South Florida is quarantined. Federalized National Guard troops struggle to enforce a border across the peninsula. Cordyceps must not escape.Cole McGinnis never shot anyone before, but he’ll have to before the day is over. To survive, he’ll have to abandon his truck and break into houses for supplies, all the while avoiding homeowner militias and armed looters. He’ll have to steal cars, boats, and guns, and find the strength to lead his friends through an apocalyptic landscape infested with Cord zombies.

Viking Tomorrow

Jeremy Robinson - 2017
    A century after a series of apocalyptic events, humanity is struggling to survive. In the frigid north of Scandinavia, people have returned to farming, fishing, and fighting amongst themselves, living as their ancient Viking ancestors once did. But their days in the world are numbered.The last tattered remnants of humankind have become barren. No new live births have occurred in over a decade. When the remaining population dies, the human race will end.When a call goes out to the greatest fighters in the North, men capable of surviving a long journey and crushing any obstacle in their path, a young female berserker named Val takes up the challenge. With her eyes hidden behind red-lens goggles, she violently proves her worth, seizes control of a small band of fellow berserkers, and heads south to claim her prize: the first glimmer of hope for a tomorrow.Traveling deep into the wastes of Europe, surrounded by dangerous landscapes and the mutated creatures that populate them, they find themselves pursued by enemies determined to stop them at all costs. Attacked from without and betrayed from within, Val fights for the future, and if she fails, humanity fails along with her.

Resurrection America

Jeff Gunhus - 2017
    But while the town follows martial law out of fear of a virus released into the air, Rick isn't buying the official version of events. As he investigates, the cover story unravels and he discovers the military's presence and the salvation they offer isn't what it seems.

Murder Team

Chris Ryan - 2015
    Danny Black is a lone wolf on an unofficial mission.He is in the deserts of East Africa looking for his old comrade in arms Spud, wounded in their last mission and now missing.A wounded British solder is a commodity in these parts...Danny recruits a grizzled ex-Blade to help him, encounters an ex-Mossad mercenary, who is part of the supply chain, and heads for a showdown with a small Somali army, led by most-wanted Islamist militant Abu Bakr.In the heat of battle Danny discovers, he is not the lone wolf he thought he was.He begins to wonder, as so many soldiers have before him, is he just a pawn in a greater game?

Pockets of the Dead

Karen Carr - 2014
    She kills zombies. Well, technically her virus kills zombies, the one that she contracted after being bitten by her undead neighbor. The virus is invaluable, killing everything undead that comes within a thousand feet of where she stands. But it is also destructive, unless Hella can escape the truth, she might be doomed to a terrible fate.All Hella wanted to do was graduate from college, but she is thrust into a world she never imagined, one filled with moments of sheer terror and the idea that humanity can be saved by a few. She brings together a tribe of survivors, keeping her virus a secret; instead claiming the village they live in is protected by a mysterious zombie-killing aura. Hella has to sacrifice so much for the people she grows to love, for she can’t leave the village without risking their death.When Hella meets Huck, he captures her heart, but it is his friend Zeke that can help her save humankind. Two heroic men, one she hates and one she loves. Can Hella rise above the chaos of her heart and chose the one to benefit the world? The right choice might mean the difference between surviving and survival of the species.

Phoenix Rising

William W. Johnstone - 2011
    America's liberals are thrilled with the election of the first foreign-born candidate. But when President Ohmshidi begins to implement his radical agenda-banning oil production, slashing military budgets, and establishing a "New World Order"-our once-great nation becomes easy pickings for a deadly new wave of Muslim extremists, who rename America. . .the Islamic Republic of Enlightenment. It's Time To Take Back AmericaEnter Jake Lantz, a battle-seasoned army major and ace helicopter pilot who refuses to stand by and watch his country go down in flames. Assembling a ragtag team of action-ready soldiers and patriots, Jake establishes Firebase Freedom-America's last defense against the violent, lawless thugs and "Army of Allah" that has taken over. Jake's mission: Take back America. Give the people liberty-and give the enemy death. . .First Time In Print!


Luke Romyn - 2011
    It will always be there, returning to haunt you in the darkest times of your life. Mike Swanson knows this – his past torments him daily, and he sets himself upon a path of death and misery. He justifies his dark deeds by enacting them upon those he perceives as evil, not knowing that the real evil lies within himself. Killing the scum of society, Mike becomes one of them and draws the attention of a group who require people with his skills. Unwillingly enlisted into the notorious ‘Blacklisted Brotherhood’, Mike must first survive horrendous training in order to hunt down a madman whose deeds will see the world plunged into anarchy if he succeeds.

The Longest Road

A.S. Thompson - 2012
    A group of cousins surviving through the aftermath of a pandemic infection of unknown origin. Once contracted, the disease is irreversibly fatal, but its victims don't stay dead for long. Eventually the dead return to life, but all elements of humanity are replaced by ravenous cannibalistic tendencies. After fleeing their homes in up-state New York, the cousins take to the safety of the road, where they travel west-bound to the rumored "safe-zone" of California. Every day is a fight to stay alive; whether scavenging for essentials or engaging in nerve-racking battles with the relentless undead. Every stop they make is filled with surprises, twists and turns as their lives are now a roller-coaster being driven by hope and shadowed by despair. Feel their heartache. Experience their triumphs. Follow them as they journey across the wasteland that was once the United States. Ride alongside this family as they search for safety on The Longest Road