The Signs of Our Times: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be the Generation of the Rapture

Michael Sawdy - 2018
     Christians are the most persecuted Faith group globally. Worldwide Terrorism has reached an ALL-TIME high. The Nation of Israel has been reborn. The nations of the world are coming against God’s Holy City, Jerusalem. Israel’s latter-day enemies are rising up, and allying together, just as the Holy Bible prophesied they would. We have witnessed rare and historic Blood Moons, and Solar Eclipses – and have even heard Trumpet Sounds emanating from the heavens. We have experienced some of the most powerful earthquakes in recorded history. Hurricanes are breaking records for size, intensity, and duration. Over 60,000,000 babies have been murdered through abortion. LGBT “Pride” is fueling a sexual revolution, and a global rebellion against God. Christian leaders, and Churches, are turning their backs on the Word of God. “Generation Z” is the LEAST Christian generation in history. This book delves deep into each of these Signs, which are exclusive to our Generation, and so much more. Believers, and non-believers alike, will lift up their eyes to the sky after reading the extremely captivating information, life-changing messages, and amazing revelations contained in this book. Prepare to have your Faith in Christ's return strengthened more than ever before!

Lovely Things in Ugly Places

Mattie Montgomery - 2016
    In Lovely Things in Ugly Places, he invites us to come with him as he revisits the moments in his ministry (some incredible, some hilarious, and some tragic), that shaped him most substantially. Known for his bold and fearless proclamation of the Gospel, Montgomery writes with vulnerability and transparency, beckoning the Body of Christ into a radical lifestyle of love. He challenges his readers to lay down the labels we use to identify people, and to see them (and ourselves) as God does, reminding us that if we are willing to look, we too will find Lovely Things in Ugly Places.

Sharper Than a Two-Edged Sword

Andrew Wommack - 2011
    Teachings include sections from some of his most popular titles: Better Way To Pray, God Wants You Well, The War is Over, Believer's Authority, Spirit Soul & Body, You've Already Got It, The True Nature of God, The Holy Spirit, True Christianity, Hardness of Heart, The Effects of Praise, Grace: The Power of the Gospel, Harnessing Your Emotions, Staying Full of God, and more. The power to live a holy life does not come from your works, but only through His grace. Discover rest in knowing that Jesus wants you to live in peace, not condemnation. Andrew Wommack, seen nationwide on his television broadcast, The Gospel Truth, brings a remarkable revelation of God's grace for readers today!

Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly - Reviewed

Anthony Granger - 2014
    along with a glossary of the important characters and terms used in the original book. Just in case that’s not enough for you, I’ve also included a list of possible study questions (book club discussion topics) and quotes from the book that I found interesting.Wrapping it all up is a discussion of the critical reviews for Killing Jesus as well as my overall opinion of the book. Plus much more!Whether you’re reading this for a book club, school report, or just want to get a quick preview before diving into the full length book, you can use this book review and study guide to get the most out of your experience reading Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly.I hope you enjoy this review summary book...~ Anthony Granger ~

Soul Set Free: Why Grace is More Liberating Than You Believe

John Lindell - 2019
    This book will help you experience the freedom found in knowing just how fully God is committed to loving YOU.FOREWORD BY LOUIE GIGLIO Rediscover the missing piece in what today’s Christians believe about the Christian life. As lead Pastor of one of America’s biggest churches, John Lindell went on a personal quest for answers and discovered the true meaning behind God’s grace, and when he came to see the full revelation of God’s commitment to us, it changed his life forever.   In Soul Set Free, Lindell invites you on a life-changing journey through the Book of Romans. Learn to no longer view the gospel as anything less than a truth that sets your soul free.   The good news of the gospel can be summed up in three parts: Christ died for our sins, we are forgiven through faith in Christ, and heaven is our reward upon death. However, none of these parts cover what transpired when we were saved.   The gospel is even better than what we believe. It brings joy but it’s even better. It’s forgiveness of sins but it’s even better. It’s God sending His only Son but it’s even better.

The Devil's Deceptions: Is There Life After Death?

Ginger Baum - 2019
    In a world that is overflowing with man's traditions, that often put a dark cloud over God's truth, you will be astonished by the answers that now await you concerning the mysteries of death.

When You Need Healing

Adam Houge - 2014
    He cares about everything you go through and wants to hold you through it all. He sees your heart aches and cherishes every prayer. And God will answer your prayers. He has a plan in your suffering, and will use this season to strengthen you, and your relationship with Him. While there may be nothing good about the pain you may be in, He has the power to make your life good again. His love for you will compel Him to bless you and heal you.In these pages you’ll find the comfort you need. You’ll learn why God allows bad things to happen and how he intends them for good. You will understand His plan so that you can find peace again.

The Village Guard Diaries (Book 1): The Search for John (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen)

Mark Mulle - 2016
    The village master has given her his blessing, but on the condition that she return—no matter what— by her 15th birthday. Join Cassie on her adventure, as she battles spiders, creepers and other enemies to find a Prismarine Shard, the one thing that can help her find John. Other books in this exciting Minecraft series Book 1: The Search for John, Book 3: Going Home, Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

Lord Deliver Me From Negative Self Talk 2: Unleash Your Power (Inspiration For Women)

Lynn R. Davis - 2014
    We have tremendous influence in the home; corporate world; the church; and society as a whole. But some how we have begun to lose sight of power and influence that we posses. God gave us the ability not only to birth life, but to speak life to every circumstance and situation that we face. It's time for us as women of God to embrace our purpose and power. Its time to stop bashing others and talking bad about ourselves. We have to take our words and communication more seriously. Just as Eve was a gift to Adam, we are a gift to the body of Christ. Its time for us to unleash the power of God's word in our lives.

Trump and the Future of America

Jeremiah Johnson - 2020
    The future belongs to the Baby Boomers and the need for a praying Church has never been greater.

Jesus is Greater than Religion, Leader Guide (Student Edition)

Jefferson Bethke - 2014

Apocrypha [illustrated] [translated]

Matthew A. Misbach - 2009
    We did our best to take advantage of all the features of the kindle to maximize your reading experience with this book.This book contains the following apocryphal books:The First Book of EsdrasThe Second Book of EsdrasThe Book of TobitThe Book of JudithThe rest of the chapters of the Book of EstherThe Book of the Wisdom of SolomonThe Wisdom of Jesus the son of Sirach, or EcclesiasticusThe Book of BaruchEpistle of JeremyThe Song of the Three ChildrenThe History of SusannaBel and the DragonThe Prayer of ManassesThe First Book of the MaccabeesThe Second Book of the MaccabeesThe word Apocrypha comes from a Greek word meaning "those having been hidden away".Apocrypha generally means those sacred books of the Jewish people which were not included in the Hebrew canonized Bible.These books are valuable as forming a link connecting the Old and New Testaments, and are regarded as useful reading, although not all the books are of equal value.The apocryphal books in this Kindle book are considered of "special value" and are mostly correct, but with many interpolations by man.The Roman Church regards as part of the canon the books of Tobit, Judith, Wisd., Ecclus., Baruch, 1 and 2 Macc., and the additions to Daniel and Esther. Besides these books, there are other Jewish apocryphal writings. The chief are the Psalms of Solomon, the Book of Enoch, the apocalypse of Baruch, the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, the Assumption of Moses, the Book of Jubilees, and the Sibylline Oracles

You Have a Soul: It Weighs Nothing but Means Everything

Anonymous - 2014
    The soul is the key to our lives, binding our heart, our mind, and our spirit together. Shouldn't you get pretty clear on exactly what the soul is? And how to care for it? Taken from John Ortberg's book Soul Keeping, this booklet reveals what the soul's greatest need is, now and for eternity.Have you ever thought about why your soul is hurting and if that could be standing in the way of your spiritual growth? Ortberg writes that once your soul has been properly cared for, you will find your way back to God from hopelessness, depression, relationship struggles, and lack of fulfillment. Jesus said we could find rest for our souls. Ortberg points us in that direction.

Eye of the Storm: Experiencing God When You Can't See Him

Ryan Stevenson - 2020
    Here, Stevenson shares about the turmoil of his early life, the rejection and pain faced in his initial attempts to launch his music career, the grief experienced during his mother’s long battle with cancer, the stress and burnout of his days working as a paramedic, and how an unexpected lightning storm gave him a front-row seat to a miracle that would turn his life around. When the dark clouds roll in, Stevenson has learned to listen to that still, small voice he hears—the voice of a trustworthy God who holds on to him even during the fiercest storms.

How to Write Effective Emails at Work: 6 Keys that will take your Email Writing Skills to the Next Level

Ramakrishna Reddy - 2017
    By drawing from a decade of experience as a techie, he has created a concise and practical book 'How to Write Effective Emails at Work' You’ll learn: - three important aspects of an email - four situations when we should not write - five tools to get attention - how to smartly respond to emails - the most important benefit of an email - how to get more work done using emails Learn the Six Keys and take your email writing skills to the next level. Pick up a copy of this book and enjoy this quick read.