Take Two

John Van Stry - 2020
    Playing bass since he was ten, he learned to sing and write music under the tutelage of some of the industry's best. His band was one of the loudest and heaviest out there and they had moved from one hit record to the next with ease. Married to a supermodel and being at the top of the rock star pyramid, life for Breck was everything he'd ever wanted it to be. Then one day while playing a fill-in gig with another band to help out an old friend, something weird happened and it wasn't just a flash back from all those acid trips he did on the road. Attacked by people he'd only seen the likes of in movies, he's forced to dive into a shadow to make good his escape. Waking up he finds himself in a place that seems like it was ripped out of the sixties and things are almost like home, but not quite. It's not just the people looking to take advantage of him, after nearly two decades in the biz, Breck's more than used to that. It's not the strange cars, people, or buildings; a life on the road touring the world inured him to that years ago as well. It's not even some of the strange beings and creatures people are telling him that share the world he now finds himself in. No, it's far more worse than that: He's broke... Nobody knows who he is... And his bass seems to be developing an attitude.

Some Lycan Hot / Naked Disclosure: Broken Heart Books 10 and 11

Michele Bardsley - 2014
    Now that he knows the truth, nothing can stop him from finding Alaya ... and he tracks her down to Broken Arrow, Oregon. What Darrius doesn't know is that Alaya made a bargain with Nemesis to save his life. The price? His love. If he ever sees her face again, he will die. NAKED DISCLOSURE When Aphrodite gets the "love tingle" for Adam Redmont and Victoria Hunton, she's determined to get these two lovebirds together. Adam and Torie are in fierce competition for the same business opportunities in Broken Arrow, so Aphrodite does a little goddess magic to send the two stubborn lovers to her newest brilliant venture: a sex club she opened in the barn of an old apple farm. An infatuated Adam agrees to meet his New Year's Eve mystery girl at the Cupid Club to explore the passionate possibilities, not knowing that she's really Torie, his supposed business nemesis. Yet, can a night spent in decadent pleasure make them see past their differences--and into the heart of love?

Wolf Moon

Eve Paludan - 2015
    Set in the world of Samantha Moon! Werewolf for hire. Vampires on a train. One hell of a contract. Kingsley Fulcrum is a werewolf and a lawyer. As the on-again, off-again boyfriend of vampire detective Samantha Moon, he often takes on cases that tick her off. When his legal cases cross paths with her private investigations, the sparks can fly! In WOLF MOON, Jolie Hart is a new vampire with a unique singing voice-—and a case of amnesia. She hires Kingsley to protect her from her contract with a vampire who claims he’s the Devil. Kingsley hires Samantha to go undercover to help prevent his client’s diabolical destiny. Fang—a powerful vampire with a strong connection to Sam—falls for the rising rock star. Two days before the full moon, when the four of them head to Las Vegas on a train for Jolie’s debut concert, an ancient supernatural creature meets them at their destination. And he’s none too pleased at being summoned by Kingsley. When the four immortals join forces to take a bite out of supernatural crime, things can get downright lethal. Or downright funny. Depending on who’s bitten and who’s smitten… A werewolf, vampires and shifters! Will Kingsley, Sam, Fang and their unexpected fearless leader be able to save the beautiful Jolie from a fate worse than undeath? Published by Rain Press, WOLF MOON is the first novel of Kingsley Fulcrum, Werewolf for Hire, an authorized series within J.R. Rain’s Vampire for Hire World. Bestselling author Eve Paludan lives in Arizona, where she enjoys swimming and researching the paranormal world, as well as reading and writing urban fantasy, mystery and romance.

Second Sight

H.K. Savage - 2012
    Her ex-Marine father can’t understand why she won’t try harder for a commission but for Becca, hiding among the greater mass of enlisted men and women is safer. One night on a run she encounters a terrifying man and his beastly dogs; in her attempts to defend herself she hits her head and passes out. When she wakes up in the hospital she’s being collected by a handsome but rude officer.Humans are fragile. That has been Captain Michael Rossi’s mantra since his first days as a vampire in 1944. Now Admiral Black has given a post within his elite unit to a human woman solely because she has “the sight”. Michael’s fears that she will bring harm to his men are soon eclipsed by his realization that it is her who might suffer should the admiral decide she is a poor fit. Dive into this new world with HK Savage’s new cast of characters in a series Paranormal Book Club is already calling “Perfect!”

Mortis Vampire Series Omnibus 3: Books 7 - 9

J.C. Diem - 2014
    Death Returns: With most of the Viltarans now dead, Natalie Pierce and her small band of friends must find a way to return home. It will be up to them to stop their remaining enemies from turning Earth into a ruined wasteland. Once more, Nat must come to the rescue of the very species that she has begun to loathe. Even worse, she will come face to face with the man who betrayed her and all but destroyed her kind. She might not have control of her own destiny but Nat would be the one to decide the fate of her betrayer. Death Conquers: Grieving for Luc, Natalie Pierce is forced by fate to once more come to the rescue of the human race. Her new aquatic adversaries are far more dangerous than anything she has ever encountered before and she needs all the assistance she can find to take them down. Nat must take steps she never thought were possible to combat the rising menace. Her conscience is torn between her personal morals and her role as Mortis. Her job is to safeguard the humans, but at what cost to herself? Death Reigns: Natalie and her friends have saved Earth and its inhabitants from vampire, clone and alien invasions, yet their task still isn't finished. She and her small army of vampires must eradicate yet another undead horde. Her dreams have given her hints and clues about their new enemies, but they are still largely a mystery. Nat has been advised by Fate itself that the new undead creatures are only part of the final task that she must face. The greatest threat to humanity still awaits. This time, she must conquer it alone. The ordeals that Natalie has suffered in the past have given her the power to overcome this new and final menace, if only she can figure out how to utilize her talents to their fullest.

Wayward Son

Kimbra Swain - 2019
    His wife, Regina, is pregnant, and the pack prepares a great celebration for the coming Alpha and heir to the pack. Tragedy strikes and Regina miscarries the child. After many years of trying, she is unable to conceive again. She pleads with her husband to take a second wife to produce an heir. The pack's survival depends upon it. When rival packs begin to test Frank's authority of the pack, he gives in to his wife's request. Instead of taking another wife, he makes a deal with a fairy woman who assures him a male heir and protection for his pack. He makes the deal on behalf of the pack. She bares him a son, Dominick. The pack is unhappy about the deal that Frank made with the fairy woman, however, with pressure from the other packs, they reluctantly accept Dominick as the next Alpha.This is the story of Dominick Meyer who ended up as a knight of the Queen of the Winter in Shady Grove, Alabama. His journey begins as a Wayward Son. Wayward Son is the prequel to the Dog River Wolfpack Series, which is a spin-off of the Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen Series.

Bane's Choice

Alyssa Day - 2020
    Nothing is more important than protecting his Vampire Motorcycle Club from the death magic invading his territory. The most ancient of vampires, he seeks cold, unfeeling, bloody vengeance...until a frustratingly sexy human doctor is thrust into his path. She tempts Bane to distraction. And distraction is deadly in his world.Buttoned-up and meticulous Dr. Ryan St. Cloud never thought she’d find herself in the mix of a motorcycle club, let alone one full of terrifyingly badass vampires. Or how intrigued she is by their dark and enigmatic leader, who seems balanced on the knife’s edge of killing her...or claiming her. But Bane’s choice is harder than it seems, because when that danger hits too close to home, he’s forced to choose between her life and everyone else’s…

Rogue Academy: Part 1

Savannah Rose - 2019
    Scoundrel. Thief. MURDERER. Those are all names I’ve been called. Names that were fitting at one time or another. But you don’t throw a vampire into a foster home and expect her to come out a model citizen, do you? And you sure as hell don’t feed her Mac and Cheese with a side of lashings and expect her to roll over and play dead. Even more, you don’t offer her up to men twice her age and permit them to hang their soggy bits at the base of her chin without expecting her to bite it the heck off. Despite the murderous bone in my body, I didn’t wreak havoc on my foster home – at least not the kind that leads to death. Instead, I did what any girl as hard-headed and short-sighted as I am would do. I LEFT. Rogue Academy is a Paranormal Academy Romance, fit for readers who like, vampires, shifters, fierce, strong, female leads and the need to not have to choose between one hottie or the other. Sometimes, both quality and quantity matter.

Hair in All the Wrong Places

Andrew Buckley - 2016
    Blackouts, hallucinations, and lapses in memory are the perils of growing up werewolf. Worse than that, Colin worries he might have had something to do with the recent attacks on the townspeople. He may have eaten a person. It doesn’t matter that it’s someone he doesn’t particularly like. What kind of boy goes around eating people? Foolishly, all Colin can think about is how Becca Emerson finally kissed him for the first time. Yep, hormones are afoot. Yikes! But girls will have to wait. Collin better get himself under control before someone else ends up hurt or worse... dead.

Unbound (The Lenna Blakely Series Book 1)

Emily Dawn - 2019
    Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? Unfortunately for me, it's not. These guys are looking for a missing magical amulet and think I can help them find it. As a librarian by day and magical version of Indiana Jones by night, it's not unheard of for me to take private contract jobs. The thing is I like to work alone, it's easier to protect my secrets that way. They're insisting I need to be part of their team for this job and make me an offer I can't refuse. It also doesn't hurt that they're each dangerously sexy. But when everything in my life starts to go sideways, I have serious second thoughts about this whole thing. Can I survive secrets, betrayal, and uncovered prophecies that change everything I thought I ever knew? Will this team still have my back when life as I knew it shatters around me and the truth is finally revealed? I'm about to find out. Recommended for readers 18+

Vampire Gold

J.R. Rain - 2013
    Rain's exclusive ebook short story, Samantha Moon takes on a dead man's riddle...and soon finds herself on the hunt for real buried treasure.Also included:"Grampire" - Somebody has to be the world's oldest vampire..."More Sugar" - Benjamin the Baker has all the answers, but the key to his success is surprisingly simple...Plus, bonus material...

Never Submit / Never Surrender / Forever Defend / Might Makes Right / Ahead Full / Capture Death / Life Goes On

Michael Anderle - 2019
    Not one bit. He has a secret he has been hiding, and those sneaky Aliens in space find out what it is, and turn it against him. Never Surrender Bethany Anne and those in the Etheric Empire have conquered the Aliens who would conquer Earth.However, there are a few that do not appreciate the new rules.  Dealing with insurrectionists down on the planet, or with a large military rebellion coming from another system, Bethany Anne and team are ready and willing to give everyone a piece of their mind. Forever Defend Some forget why she was called the Queen Bitch. Not Anymore. Bethany Anne is going stir crazy after more than a decade of having to be 'The Empress.' Now, her advisors have to deal with an Empress who is determined to be on the front line.The Ixtali's come to the Etheric Empire, hat in hand.The Skaine are able to finally get Ranger Tabitha's group right were their missiles can attack. The problem is, who is sucking whom into a trap? Might Makes Right The Leath are fighting for their Gods, but Bethany Anne is fighting for freedom. Then, the Leath make a very fatal mistake. On another planet, the Leath dishonor the Etheric Empire's warriors and Bethany Anne unleashes her new avatar and there will be hell to pay. For those that believe Might Makes Right, Bethany Anne is about to explain how that can be so, so wrong. Ahead Full The Kurtherian's which rule the Leath have made a fatal mistake.Their prime intelligence officer finds what they have done in his past.Other people have made moves against the Queen Bitch's people, and she sends Baba Yaga after them.Bethany Anne goes Ahead Full on taking out enemies of the Empire, while Ranger Tabitha helps uncover a Skaine effort and brings the Bitch's themselves to help clean up the mess. Capture Death Baba Yaga has taken over and no one knows if Bethany Anne will ever come back.Beaten on the crucible, Bethany Anne decided she will bring justice to the Kurtherian's that tortured the Leath and her people, personally.The problem? She releases Baba Yaga who has now taken control.Even ADAM and TOM aren't sure they can help their friend. Life Goes On It is finished... Sweat dripping off her brow as the threads started long ago start to fuse together.

Fugue: Book Seven of the Nightlord series

Garon Whited - 2020


D.C. Gambel - 2014
    Will it be enough?Gabriella Carmichael may be the world’s only day-walking vampire. With one foot in the world of man and the other in the supernatural realm, she never quite knows where she belongs. Her only desire is a life outside the vampire nest she calls home and away from the master whose sight is set on her. Then she meets Grayson, who awakens her humanity—and her heart—and nothing else matters to her. She’s willing to nurture their newfound love at all costs, including enraging Anton, the nest master.Business comes easily to Grayson Alexander. His acumen makes him one of the richest and most influential men in New York. Love is a different matter. The elusive emotion always stops just beyond his grasp. When he runs head-on into Gaby, everything about her lures him in. He knows she’s harboring a secret, one he’s desperate to understand. He worries if she’s hiding things from him, their blossoming romance may not survive.The further things go, the more torn Gaby becomes. Involvement between vampires and humans is strictly forbidden. Should their clandestine relationship be uncovered, it could cost Grayson his life.

Ghost Electricity

Sean Cunningham - 2018
    A warlock believed dead four years ago. A werewolf outcast from the London packs.Rob wants a good job, friends to head to the pub with and a solid cage to lock himself in three nights a month. Julian dropped off the face of the Earth four years ago. He’s back and trying to figure out what living looks like. Together they  will face the deadliest of threats hidden in one of the oldest cities in the world.Fiona has a monster in her shadow but she doesn’t know how it got there. A creature in the shape of a man is on her trail  and he knows things about Fiona she doesn’t know herself. Her ten year old sister Jessica can build machines that defy the  known laws of physics. Accompanied by a brass tortoise and a glass-feathered raven, Jessica will help Fiona unravel the web  of lies that surrounds them both.And beneath their feet the plague dead of centuries stir in their graves, waiting for the spell that holds them to break...