Jerk Boss

Deana Farrady - 2018
    Pandering to his whims is the last thing she needs right now. Ever since he took over the apartment building, he's been making her life a living hell, running her ragged for peanuts a day. But winter storms are made for starting anew. Even if it means making jerks into lovers... A short enemies-to-lovers romance with clean snow and dirty language. Dear Readers, For the winter holiday season I wanted to bring you a heartwarming, low-angst, happy-shivery little novella. Sometimes falling in love means taking a chance...or two. Meet Lia and her sexy neighbor/landlord, March, two residents of New Highland who are made to be together...with a little help from a blizzard. Enjoy! -Deana

The Billionaire's Christmas Miracle

Lorana Hoopes - 2018
    The only problem is, she runs off before he finds out who she is. However, she leaves behind a bracelet and a first name. Will it be enough for him to find her? Gwen Rodgers isn't wealthy and she doesn't like strangers, but when her friend Carrie asks her to attend a masquerade ball in her place, she reluctantly agrees. There she meets a handsome man who piques her interest, but when she finds out that man is billionaire Drew Devonshire, she knows a relationship would never work. However, when Drew Devonshire comes looking for her, she is forced to decide whether she should tell him the truth and risk losing him or continue the charade. Will the two find love and their Christmas miracle? Click above to find out. Best selling author Lorana Hoopes delivers again with a Clean Christmas Romance full of sweet moments, relying on God, and a little mystery. Don't miss it.

Melodies of Christmas Love: A Boxed Set Collection of Contemporary Christian Christmas Romance Novellas

Lynnette Bonner - 2020
    What is the star of her favorite TV show doing in their tiny Pacific Coast town? Since Wynn is the only medical help for miles around, she has to stitch up his face—and also maybe his heart—all while protecting her own heart from the worldly charmer.Love on a Mission in Millcreek - JoAnn DurginAngelia Ford wonders if she’ll ever live down her unfortunate outburst at the end of the Millcreek Elementary Christmas program. Sixteen years later, she’s home to care for her grandfather and prays the town’s citizens have finally forgiven her youthful indiscretion.Millcreek’s newest resident, Nicholas Sanders, recognizes the beautiful blonde server at the local diner, but it’s clear Angel doesn’t remember him. What better time than the festive holiday season for Nick to reintroduce himself to the girl he’s never forgotten?The Bells of New Cheltenham - Chautona HavigWhen Justine Driscoll decides to enter a short story contest using a Christmas carol as the inspiration, she discovers love in the carols she investigates, in the story an ex-Army guy tells, and in the little tourist town of New Cheltenham.A Christmas Duet - Annette M. IrbyA breakup steals a cellist’s inspiration. How will she create new compositions for her ensemble’s next album? Perhaps the church’s handsome music director could help. Join Kate Fleming and Zach Tillmon as Christmas music brings them together on Whidbey Island, Washington.A Night Divine - Dawn KinzerOne chilly December night, a tragedy connects successful model Camryn Tate and outreach minister Trace Gardner. As they share a common mission serving the homeless on the streets of Seattle, they provide more than food—they offer hope. But as Christmas Eve approaches, secrets have the potential to break Camryn’s heart.To Hear the Angels Sing - Lesley Ann McDanielBeing guardian of her niece isn’t as easy as Devlin Welsh might hope. When her niece is invited to be in a church show, the free childcare is hard to pass up. But when Devlin admits to knowing how to sew, she’s enlisted as costume designer. How will she find the time?One of Jonah Ryan’s favorite parts of his job as worship leader is working on the kids’ Christmas musical. There’s something about the woman who’s volunteering to design costumes this year that gets him thinking. Could there be more to life than music?Prairie Rose - Sylvia StewartFor many years, Rose Morris has lived alone with her dog, Rusty. Mitch Foster, a handsome, un-married neighbor, brings her a bright red geranium, and insists on helping with chores. But who should drive into Rose’s farmyard? The scoundrel husband who had deserted her and her teenaged son years before. Later, a pre-teen runaway, found in her barn, adds his troubles to her own, so Rose decides to re-capture the peace and serenity of Christmas.

Daddy by Default

Shawn Bailey - 2016
    The doctors manage to save the infant, but Ashlynn succumbs to her injures. Derek becomes guardian to his nephew and discovers it leaves him little or no time to socialize.Chance Richards is at the top of his game. He has a job he loves and a loving family. The only thing he lacks is a serious relationship. He meets Derek, a young man with a gorgeous soul and a six-month old baby. The two of them may be happy together, or Chance's fears and vulnerabilities about the future can put an end to them before their relationship starts.

On the Naughty List: A Falling for a Rose Christmas Special

Stephanie Nicole Norris - 2018
    So when a Christmas party brings Eden Alexandria Rose and Derek James Clark face to face again, sparks turn into a detonation of desire that lands them both, on the naughty list. *Authors Note - This is a short story and only meant to give you a look inside Derek and Eden’s Christmas together. This is not their full story which will come early 2019.

Full Circle: An Israel and Reggie Novella

Avril Ashton - 2020
    Partners in life and in business, these two lean on each other even more as they navigate a family crisis, betrayal in business, and a mother intent on weaponizing their relationship to fit her own ends. NOT A STANDALONE. Israel and Reggie’s story begins in (Watch Me) Body You. It is strongly advised that you read that first, before starting Full Circle.

The Dashing Groom

Jo Grafford - 2019
    There’s only one catch. His billionaire father wants a celebrity endorsement for his new black diamond and trick slopes by Christmas, and that’s only a month away. Jovie Cyrus, a championship skier, is looking for a much needed break from the competitive circuit and the paparazzi. When an invitation arrives to spend a working vacation on a new set of slopes in Alaska — with zero media coverage until after the holidays when her endorsement goes live — she can’t resist. But when she arrives at the luxury resort, she discovers the world’s most elusive extreme skier is already out there testing the new lanes. Determined to finally face off with the man who’s been challenging her world records from afar, she finds herself heating up the slopes with a truly extraordinary athlete — one who will test not only her strength but her heart in their race to the top!

A Very Messy Motel Brothers Wedding

Kate Hawthorne - 2020
    Back in Cherry Creek with his boyfriend, Luke, Cameron wrangles everyone who means anything to the family into town, ready to celebrate. Joined by their loved ones, Cameron sets to righting his relationship with Eddie and planning the wedding of Eddie and Charlie's dreams. But as it often happens, emotions run high, and words from the past resurface, leaving Cameron doubting his future with Luke. Thankfully, his brothers and their boyfriends rally to his side, and when all is said and done, maybe two couples will end the day with rings on their fingers. --- A Very Messy Motel Brothers Wedding is a short story that takes us back to Cherry Creek for one last hurrah before saying goodbye. A Very Messy Motel Wedding is best enjoyed after reading the entire Room for Love series, and it gets back into the heads of your favorite Motel men and their partners for the wedding to end all weddings.

Santa's Naughty Helper

Ari McKay - 2012
    Erik seems to enjoy the game of twelve days of naughty gifts, but can Kevin overcome his fear of rejection enough to go through with his plan and offer himself to Erik on Christmas Eve?

Winter Kiss

L.P. Dover - 2015
    Their lives will be forever changed as soon as their twins are born, but Ryley is determined to get what he wants this holiday season. He just hopes Ashleigh will give him this gift before it’s too late.Perhaps Christmas bells aren’t the only sounds you hear this season. Maybe there’ll be some wedding bells and the pitter patter of little feet. It’s a holiday wish you don’t want to miss.

Winter Blues

Jessica Caryn - 2018
    He was her boss's son and was said to be a maverick. Vance was a celebrity lawyer. He invested in a fleet of start-up companies and lived a bachelor lifestyle. Their exchanges were always intimate, stolen moments until a New Year's gala when Vance took her breath away in a passionate Winter's kiss. He received a phone call and left before Cassandra had a chance to reveal her feelings for him. SOMETHING NEWCassandra found out months later that Vance was involved in a situation that could lead to his financial ruin. She didn't see Vance until he walked into the company's holiday toy drive almost a year later. He wore a designer suit with a diaper bag slung over his shoulder as he steered a high-tech baby stroller. Vance said he was a single Dad and then introduced her to Braeden Jacob Stephens, his adorable two-month old son. Vance Stephens wanted Cassandra from the moment he saw her. She was off limits for years and bad timing had kept them apart. A stressful moment and his random proposal will prompt Cassandra to accept an arrangement. Can she handle the situations and responsibilities or will her own past and insecurities destroy her chance at happiness? Adult Romance, contains sexual content.

Opposites Attract

C. Morgan - 2019
    And he’s alpha to the end but attentive to my every word. Shockingly enough, when we get to my parents' for the holiday, she assumes he’s my boyfriend. And he plays along. My family is rich, snotty, and less than thrilled. But he doesn’t give a shit. He wants one thing.  Me.

Engaged by Christmas

Sarah Gay - 2018
    When Cat agrees to attend a party with her roommate, she doesn’t expect to ring in the New Year by kissing her roommate’s ex-boyfriend. Nikola isn’t looking for love, especially not when his ex-girlfriend shows up uninvited at his New Year’s Eve work party. When a Polynesian beauty entertains the group with a dance, it’s love at first sight. They share a beautiful kiss only to be interrupted by his ex-girlfriend. Will he ever locate the Polynesian Cinderella who leaves him in the center of the dance floor at the stroke of midnight without the slightest hint of who she is?

Marry Grinchmas

ChaShiree M. - 2017
    The holidays bring out the worst in him. Grinch is his nickname and I'm sure you can guess why. One stranded beauty barely dressed in a snowstorm changes the course of his whole life. For Avalynn Kimber running away to Minnesota from Florida seemed like a good idea at the time. A minor car accident definitely doesn’t start her journey on the right foot. There is no reason for her to think that Moosehead will be any different than the drama she left in Tampa. Until he saves her. When everything else seems hopeless can they learn what love really is together despite the obstacles hell bent on breaking them apart? Can these two find love in time for the holidays? In Moosehead Minnesota the winters are cold and the nights are long. Don't worry though, this book promises to melt the grinchy-iest of hearts.

Kiss Me (Fairlane #2.5)

Harlow Layne - 2019
    He rescues a beauty from the side of the road and never expected one night would change his life forever.Gabi needed an escape from her world in LA. When her rescuer found her and her wrecked vehicle, she thought he was an angel. She quickly discovers she can rescue him back in a different way.A holiday power outage still manages to shine light upon what matters most to Gabi and Jax—the people and the moments that define us.One accident.A one-night stand.Two hearts.And...some mistletoe. What happens when the ball drops on New Year’s?Kiss Me is a stand-alone in the Fairlane series. The series has crossover characters from each novel. It is not required to read the books in order but it is recommended to enhance the reading experience.Fairlane Series:1. Hollywood Redemption (Luke and Alex)2. Hollywood Fairytale (Luke and Alex)3. Unsteady in Love (Holden and Prue)4. Kiss Me (Jax and Gabi) *Previously in the Spiced Holiday Kisses Anthology.