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Fury Girl by Jill M. Beene


The List

Velvet Vaughn - 2011
    Fourteen men are dead, all from apparent accidents. The only thing tying them together is their names on a list compiled by three teenage girls ten years ago. Only one man remains alive, but time is running out…Jacqueline Sera forgot all about the lists she created with her friends, until the names keep popping up in the obituaries. Suddenly their silly teenaged game morphed into a chilling nightmare. When the authorities refuse to believe her outrageous claims of a serial killer, she turns to the one man the killer hasn't eliminated - yet, the sexy man she's always loved.Matt Dianetti is skeptical of Jacqueline's claims but can't deny the disturbing coincidences. When incidents mount, and with the killer closing in, they must race to stop an unknown enemy who wants to permanently cross Matt's name off The List.

Ryder’s Edge

Christopher Harlan - 2019
    Ryder had no choice but to approach her. Their eyes locked. Words were exchanged. Feeling arose that he didn’t know he was capable of. They left together in what was expected to be a night of passion, but the secret she was keeping would change his life forever.Since he was a kid, Ryder’s only known the world of motorcycle clubs. After losing his father to a tragic accident, he vowed to fulfill his father’s dreams of having his own MC—the baddest that Texas has ever known. But fate might have other plans.When Ryder’s mystery woman vanishes without a trace, he’ll encounter some of the most dangerous men he’s ever crossed paths with to get her back. But he has some dangerous men of his own to meet the challenge. No matter what, Ryder knows one thing for sure—he’s never seen a woman as beautiful as the woman with the green eyes, and no matter the cost to himself, he’ll move heave and earth to be with her again.

Big Dick

Selena Kitt - 2019
    He’s bad. And he only wants one thing. Revenge. Ric Ryker spent years being called “Big Dick.” Ridiculed for his weight, shunned by all the pretty girls, snubbed by all the cool guys. But after a secret journey of transformation, he’s back—ready to take over leadership from his father at Ryker Arms—with an impressive new physique and a plan to prove them all wrong. Especially her. The one woman who hurt him the most. Annalesa—sweet, smart, stunning. And his stepsister. The girl he could never have. The girl who wouldn’t look twice at him anyway—especially in front of her stuck-up friends. Now he’s going to make her want him. Show her just what she was missing. And hurt her, just like she hurt him. He’s got the weapon and he’s taken aim—but he didn’t count on his own heart getting caught in the crossfire.

Barracuda Security: Complete 5-Part Series

Camilla Blake - 2019
    A former cop, he’s recently taken a job with the brand new security firm, Barracuda Security. He’s handed a new case, one that seems simple enough. Keep a lady attorney safe from a potential stalker. But what starts as simple becomes complicated when Maclean meets Rylee. Rylee Gruffydd is a demanding, high spirited woman who is fiercely protective of what’s hers. When she catches some guy following her around town, she confronts him, demands to know what his deal is. The revelation that her estranged brother believes her to be in danger seems more like a game than anything to be afraid of. Book Two There is something about the new accountant that Ayden Vaughn can’t ignore, a certain control disguised by a winning smile. A confirmed bachelor, he’d never known anyone like her. And the fact that she keeps him at arm’s length even after some of the hottest kisses he’s ever experienced just make it that much harder to turn away. Paxton Morris has made mistakes in her life, some that haunt her every time she looks in the mirror. Everyone thinks they understand her, that they can see right through her, but none of them know her real self. And that’s the way she plans to keep it. Book Three General Wayne Crawford has a problem. He suspects someone in his command is stealing information and using it to help homegrown terrorists. He knows he needs to go to his superiors with his suspicions, but he wants strong evidence to back up his claims. For help, he looks up a former student, Kai Gabriel. But the moment he tells his story to Kai, his ordered world suddenly implodes, drawing him into a game he didn’t even know he was playing. Lili McMahon is Kai’s neighbor, owner of Lili’s Bakery and all the delicious treats that are threatening to turn his six pack into a twelve pack. Lili is also a woman with secrets that hide just beneath the surface. When Wayne Crawford shows up in Walnut Estates, Lili is immediately drawn to him, to the uniform he wears, and the power it represents. Book Four Rock Steel was a sniper under Kai Gabriel’s command when he had to make a split second decision to take a child’s life or allow that child to take his commander’s life. Rock made the choice, but paid a stiff price. Rock has spent the years since blaming Kai for his ruined career. Therefore, when a client contacts him and asks that he plant a bomb in Kai’s office, he jumps at the chance to get a little revenge back on his old pal. Cady Miller is the receptionist at Barracuda Security. She loves her job, but she wants to know what it's like to be an operative, to share in the excitement of the job. Unfortunately, her first assignment proves to be a weak man just looking for attention. She’s quickly bored, and that allows her to become fascinated with a man she’s seen three days in a row go into a nearby bank. She decides to follow him and is shocked when he gets the better of her, pinning her to a wall after she allowed herself to become convinced that he was gone. Book Five Kai Gabriel was obsessed with Briar Pierce from the moment he read her beautiful letters. Those letters weren’t addressed to him, but they saved him from a dark depression that had him in its grips just the same. To say he wanted her abusive husband out of the way was an understatement. But did he really resort to murder to make it happen? Briar Cox Pierce was born into a bad situation that she barely escaped as a teenager. Determined to make it on her own, she fought for everything she achieved in life.


C.E. Johnson - 2018
    Beauty. Brains. And the guy. Until the perfect boyfriend went from heaven to hell. Fearful for her life, and the sting of his hand still lingering on her cheek, she runs. But she knows he won't let her go so easily. Determined to leave his crime-ridden life behind, Rain retreated deep into the Oregon woods. He has everything he needs. A beautiful home and a life of solitude. But when an injured woman staggers onto his property, he can't help but think she's part of an elaborate setup. His gut says believe her. His paranoia says trust no one. His heart, however, is completely screwed. Will enemies from both of their pasts ruin their chance at a future, or will love find a way?

Last Whisper

Carlene Thompson - 2006
    Standing above Anne's shattered body, a gun aimed right at the terrified little girl, was Brooke's stepfather, Zachary Tavell. Luck saved Brooke that night, and in the years since, she's managed to build a good life in Charleston, West Virginia, secure in the knowledge that Zach is behind bars. Until the night another woman is murdered--a woman who looks just like Brooke. Zach Tavell has escaped from prison, and this time, Brooke will need much more than luck to survive.As the police search for Tavell, Brooke is shaken by a string of gruesome deaths and disturbing messages linked to her mother's murder. Everyone she has ever cared about is in danger. And soon it's clear that the nightmare that began fifteen years ago won't be over until Brooke comes face to face with a monstrous evil that's closer, and more cunning, than she ever imagined..."Thompson creates smart, interesting characters the reader cares about within a gripping suspense story."--Judith Kelman, author of After the Fall "Intriguing…brims with madness and creepy thrills."--RT BOOKclub Magazine on Share No Secrets

Down To The Needle

Mary Deal - 2010
     But despite multiple searches, twenty-three years have passed without a trace of Becky Ann. When Abigail learns that death row inmate Megan Winnaker is the same age as her daughter, she begins to wonder if the kidnapper had Becky’s Ann’s face surgically altered to prevent identification. Megan Winnaker maintains her innocence, but faces capital punishment if she loses her final appeal. As Abigail launches her own investigation to find out if Megan is truly her daughter, someone wants to stop her in her tracks. Even when facing mortal danger, Abigail refuses to give up her investigation. But can Megan Winnaker really be her long-lost daughter?

The Blades: SAS Special Operations Force

Josef Black - 2014
     1998, Danny ‘Feathers’ Archer has just passed the notoriously gruelling British SAS Selection. Having undergone 9 months of Tier One Special Forces' training he is assigned to an elite SAS Sabre Squadron - Bravo Seven Troop. The Blades: SAS Special Operations Force follows Archer & Seven Troop through 4 years of operations across multiple global theatres from Sarajevo to Colombia, Sierra Leone to London, Paris to Las Vegas. Archer’s journey takes him on SAS operations against Serbian War Criminals, the IRA & Colombian FARC, Sierra Leone's Rebels, The West Side Boys, and Al Qaeda. Written in a terse and gritty contemporary style with a blend of technically authentic SAS action based on historical real-world operations, British forces humour and camaraderie, THE BLADES: SAS Special Operations Force is a thrilling and realistic blend of espionage & Special Forces action as The Blades live up to the Regiment’s motto: WHO DARES WINS.

Broslin Creek Boxed Set

Dana Marton - 2017
    It leaves you with chills while keeping you grounded with heart warming family warmth and sweet hot romance." Cyn's Reviews BROSLIN BRIDE ----------------------- "...what a delight!!... An extremely fun read with moments of great hilarity, some surprisingly steamy interludes and good suspense with unexpected twists and turns... A plucky, touching, slow-burning and vivid puzzle." Ripe For Reader Reviews DEATHWISH ------------------ "An absolutely awesome, utterly mind-blowing romantic suspense! I loved everything about it. Dana outdid herself with this one. I've inhaled every one of Dana's Broslin Creek books - but this is definitely my favorite so far!" Reading Between The Wines Book Club "Marton knows what makes a hero...her characters are sure to become reader favorites." RT Book Review Magazine

Keeping Secrets, A Legal Thriller

Deborah Hawkins - 2018
    He has kept his client, Professor Edward Wynne Carter, III, alive on Virginia's Death Row. Brendan knows Ed did not kill his pregnant wife in the fall of 1983. But now Ed's execution date has been set. Thirty years ago, when she was just out of law school, McKenzie Fitzgerald, interviewed Ed’s alibi witness. But she forgot to turn on the tape recorder. The next day, the witness vanished. McKenzie convinced herself that Ed was guilty and lied to cover up her mistake. Now a nationally renowned civil litigator and former Harvard law professor, McKenzie is a nominee to be a justice on the United States Supreme Court. But when she learns that Ed’s execution date has been set, McKenzie must choose between saving Ed’s life and saving her career. Will Brendan uncover McKenzie’s secret in time to stop Ed’s execution? .

Under The Cowboy's Protection (The Lawmen of McCall Canyon #4)

Delores Fossen - 2019
    Now Sheriff Raleigh Lawton must enlist the help of the only witness: his ex-lover, Deputy Thea Morris. As the investigation—and their undeniable attraction—heats up, the killer dangerously raises the stakes. With Thea in the crosshairs, Raleigh will risk everything to save her. Because this cowboy’s heart can’t survive losing her again.

The Silence of the Stones

Rebecca Bryn - 2014
    Twists and turns will keep you guessing to the end. Alana is a struggling artist and sculptor, scarred by her parents' relationship and a lost love but determined to grab life by the throat, whatever the cost. Opportunity beckons when she is left a cottage in a West Wales’ village by an aunt she didn’t know existed, but strange runes painted on her door and carved onto ancient stones in a stone circle, hint at a dark undercurrent of tragedy and intrigue and she is caught up in the village’s conspiracy of silence over a thirty-year-old crime. An eccentric old woman, a young female investigative journalist, a two-year-old girl, a good-looking male busker and an ex-lover make unlikely bedfellows but combine to send Alana on a voyage of self-discovery that changes her world forever.

The Girl He Loves

Roya Carmen - 2019
    Pragmatic. Perfectionist. Neurotic. Diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at the age of eleven, she can’t remember being any other way. Thankfully, with the assistance of medication and therapy, her life is well under control. Some might even say it’s perfect: a beautiful husband, her sons Trevor and Tristan, a fabulous condo, work she enjoys and great friends. Yet she’s still extremely fragile. It’s the reason she always guards her emotions very carefully. And unfortunately, nothing can help her when, by chance, she discovers her husband’s secret — Ava, a beautiful young woman. She was so sure she knew her husband, but now she desperately needs to uncover the truth. It’s no surprise when she becomes obsessed with Ava, with every trivial detail of her life; her friends, her beautiful mother, and most of all, her gentle and sweet father. Driven not only by curiosity and obsession, but also by jealousy and lust, she heads down a turbulent path as she sets out to uncover everything about her husband’s secret life and all the mysterious people in it. Author's note: Contains some sexual content and coarse language - for adult audiences 18+. The Girl He Loves is Book One of the Orchard Heights Series but can be read as a standalone. Genre: Psychological Romance Suspense

The Burning

S.O. Esposito - 2018
    She’s happily married, has two beautiful children, a close knit group of friends, and a cause she cares deeply about. But beneath the surface, her world of safety and comfort is unraveling. The periods of lost time she’s kept secret—even from her husband—are happening more frequently. She certainly doesn’t remember leaving her Sarasota home at three-thirty in the morning to burn someone alive. Now she sits in a Florida state mental institution, awaiting judgement on whether she’s fit to stand trial on charges of murder and arson. While a psychologist works to help Alice face her past, her future depends on the answer to one question: How far did she go for justice?*This book is recommended for mature audiences. While there are no explicit scenes of graphic or explicit violence, it does touch on themes of trafficking and sexual assault.

Exposure: The Cutting Edge / White Lies

Linda Howard - 1985
    As the top troubleshooter at Carter Engineering, he's used to getting his way. When he's tasked with cracking an internal embezzlement case, he meets firm accountant Tessa Conway. She's beautiful and interested, but falling for her will not only test Brett's control, it may also jeopardize the case—especially since she's the prime suspect. White Lies (©1988)Jay Granger is shocked when the FBI shows up on her doorstep, saying her ex-husband has been in a terrible accident. She keeps a bedside vigil, but when Steve Crossfield awakes from his coma, he is nothing like the man Jay married. Ironically, she finds herself more drawn to him than ever. She can't help but wonder who this man really is, and whether the revelation of his true identity will shatter their newly discovered passion.