Samantha Evans - 2019
    King Breen, Liam's father, and Cullen, Liam's brother, believe that true honor is achieved once they slay a dragon. Liam believes that dragons are majestic and do not deserve to die. King Breen, Liam’s father, brings Liam along on an expedition to slay a dragon. On one of the nights of the expedition, Liam rescued a dragon’s egg. Liam decides to care for it, and it hatches on Liam’s birthday. Tragedy strikes, which leads to Liam having to leave Derzeli, and Liam goes on the run with the help of Ella the dragon. Ella helps him escape, and runs to a barren wasteland where he saw himself to becoming a hermit for the rest of his life. But due to an event happening with the help of a new friend, and a childhood friend he has no choice but to return home. Having to make the decision to run away from his destiny, or embrace it, the destiny of a king.

Rescued By The White Unicorn

Hollie Hutchins - 2019
    18+ Only!

The Never List: Free First Chapter

Koethi Zan - 2013
    And then, very suddenly and without warning, there were three. Even though the fourth person hadn't made any noise at all in several months, the room got very quiet when she was gone. For a long time after that, we sat in silence, in the dark, each of us wondering what this meant for her and for us, and which of us would be the next in the box.NEVER GET IN THE CARFor years, best friends Sarah and Jennifer kept what they called the 'Never List': a list of actions to be avoided, for safety's sake, at all costs. But one night, they failed to follow their own rules.NEVER GO OUT ALONE AFTER DARKSarah has spent ten years trying to forget her ordeal. But now the FBI has news that forces her to confront her worst fears.NEVER TAKE RISKSIf she is to uncover the truth about what really happened to Jennifer, Sarah needs to work with the other women who shared her nightmare. But they won't be happy to hear from her. Because down there in the dark, Sarah wasn't just a victim.NEVER TRUST ANYONE

Savage Seed (Warriors of the Oasis, #3)

Ivy Sparks - 2021
    With his rippling muscles, long raven hair, and intricate tattoos, he should terrify me. Instead, he enthralls me.From the possessive look in his eyes, it seems the feelings are mutual. But the danger’s only just begun. Other native barbarians want a piece of me. And what Kade has to do to protect me from them…Well, let’s just say it involves taking off our clothes, among other things.Kade knows how to get me back to my people. But will his quest to avenge a terrible loss get in the way?And if returning home means leaving him behind, do I really want to go?Savage Seed is an alien sci-fi romance, from the Warriors of the Oasis series of standalone books. This novel features a spitfire heroine and the sexy alien warrior who seeks to possess her. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a very happily ever after is guaranteed.

Lehengey & Lafdey

Varun T. - 2019
    But then, matrimony came along and politics suddenly felt like the non-essential elaichi in this Mughlai Biryani called life. When my ‘loved ones’ subjected me to scenarios unimaginable, when as the groom I had to wait for an hour for my baaraat to arrive, when certain ‘rituals’ scarred me with shame for the rest of my life, I so wanted to give it back to the society! And hence, ‘Lehengey and Lafdey’ was born. LnL will raise your ire, tickle your funny bone, and show you everything except what a wedding is supposed to be: a sacred union. In a world filled with romantic novels, where love always wins in the end; patience, perseverance and the insane ability to bear a butt load of crap is required to emerge victorious in the holy war of matrimony. Enough talk! Jump right in and witness a whirlpool of emotions, with a cup of masala chai and some fryums on the side. Put your seat belts on, for it is going to get crazy. Welcome to the world of Lehengey and Lafdey!

Atlas Rising

Blake Severson - 2021
    Picking a druid, he charges forward into an unknown land as he tries to master an odd combat system. Luckily for him, the crafting system is ripe to make money and the game’s currency is tied to the real-world market.But a strange dungeon forces him to reevaluate everything he thought he knew. Is the company behind this game truly what it seems to be, or is there a nefarious purpose hidden below the surface?

The Hot Cowboys Box Set

Christiian Bass - 2018
    5 Cowboy Books free on KU for a limited time Cowboy Doctor Cowboy Roommate Single Dad Cowboy Cowboy Christmas

Teriel: The Warrior's Stone

Per Inge Sælid - 2016
    In the midst of the darkness, a glimmer of hope is about to appear in the most unlikely of places: deep in the caves under Mount Horgathe. Destiny has chosen a 15-year-old slave, born and raised in a mine, to fight for his people's freedom. The young man's name is Teriel.

Longinus The Vampire: Babylon

Alan Kinross - 2015
    The Babylonian gods are in a cataclysmic struggle with the Jewish god; King Nebuchadnezzar has become a savage beast; murderous traitors surround Queen Amytis and her children; and evil creatures prowl the streets at night.The high priestess of Marduk prays for a saviour to deliver the city from evil. Ereshkigal, the Queen of the Underworld, hears her entreaties and searches through time for a dark champion. Touched that Longinus sacrificed himself to save Lilith, she rescues him from Hell and brings him back to ancient Babylon. She reveals to him that the terrifying demoness, Lamashtu, is intent on breaking open the gates of the underworld and letting the dead spew forth across the land. Smitten by her beauty, Longinus pledges to be her champion. But time is running out for the lovers. The King of Demons in Hell is using all of his diabolical power to recapture Longinus and destroy the goddess.His quest is long and perilous. In a dangerous paradox, he confronts Lilith before she created him and prior to him infecting her with the weak human emotions of love, empathy, and pity. Armies of the dead, evil mortals and hideous vampire priests seek to kill him, but he must crush his enemies and ride forth until he reaches the Valley of Death. And in that vile pit of obscenities and corruption, he will fight in a final, apocalyptic battle and face his malevolent nemesis - She Who Destroys. This is a time for heroes - at the Gate of the Gods - in the Golden City of Babylon.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Longinus the Vampire: Babylon is an epic roller coaster ride of thrills, chills and wickedly erotic pleasures. Some Amazon UK Reviews."Bloody hell! That was some story!""Another brilliant book by Alan Kinross, who has become one of my favourite authors.""Brilliant - a book I couldn't put down!""Incredible read, would recommend.""I almost cannot find the words, but I will try. This is one of the few Vampire novels that has gripped me from start to finish. It is exciting and I love the way historical figures are interwoven in the story. Look! It's an amazing read. Get the book!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the third book in the Longinus The Vampire series.; however, it can be read quite easily as an exciting stand-alone novel.


Mary A.J. - 2021
    After a century of ruling Hell, its princess, Cecilia's human side emerges and she escapes, seeking a normal life.She finds anything but when she joins Cornelia High School, only to discover a hunt for an ancient artifact, a charming demon, and a developing love triangle that threatens to unsettle the gentle balance between Heaven and Hell.

Almost Damned

Christopher Leibig - 2021
    In Almost Damned, little does Sam know that his most challenging cases are all leading up to one monumental trial, in which he will lay before the Court the visceral complexities of good vs. evil.As Sam navigates his cases in Bennet County, it becomes increasingly apparent that his clients-old and new-are surprisingly interconnected, especially when old clients rise from the dead. Literally. He and his office are besieged by death threats and mysterious invitations, each one a clue that compels him to dig deeper into his own past. With each new discovery, Sam leads himself and his team deeper into a nether world in an attempt to bring redemption to his toughest clients of all-the descendants of the biblical Fallen Angels who have been walking the earth as humans for centuries, unable to find peace.

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer: A feel-good 'never too late to find love' comedy

Mark Daydy - 2019
    reviewer In a novel full of hope, laughter and romance, overworked Laura Cass is too busy to look for love. And anyway, at fifty-two, she has recently become a grandmother, so it’s probably best that she focuses on being a sensible senior.As part of four generations, from baby to great-grandparents, setting out for ten days of relaxation by the sea, Laura is looking forward to the kind of summer break her family has enjoyed seemingly forever.However, this year, just when her wisdom and guidance is needed most, her desire to find out what happened to her ‘first love’ – a local boy – gets out of control, leading to a potential holiday romance with a man on vacation a thousand miles away.Is love in the air? Or will this proud, new gran, despite her years of experience, make a complete and utter fool of herself in front of her family – assuming they discover what she’s up to?

One Last Time: A Billionaire Romance (The Ironwood Billionaire Series Book 4)

Ellie Danes - 2018
    The place I had dreamed of building a life, until it all fell apart. Too many bad dates to count. A broken engagement. A job I don’t love.And how do I celebrate? Being stood up by a blind date. And then he showed up. The hot stranger that rescued my night. I’d take his pity, and so much more. Declan Erikson is all that’s on my mind, but everything I don’t need. Tall, dark, handsome and rich with a heart of gold. I thought I had made up my mind, But I’m finding it growing harder to make the right decision. Especially, when he’s promised to give it all to me. One Last Time is a standalone billionaire romance and is Book 4 of The Ironwood Billionaire Series.

The Cave Girl: Lost in Time: Book 1

Marilyn Foxworthy - 2019
    The girl was new. She hadn’t been there for the past three days the way that everything else had. I was sitting under a tree looking out at the ocean. It was probably the Pacific Ocean. I didn’t know for sure. When she got closer, she called out, but not loudly. It sounded something like, “Aquilala soma towatsina.” Or something like that. I didn’t understand a word of it. It was a nice language though. I liked the sound of it. She looked like some kind of cave girl, fur bikini and everything. If she didn’t try to kill me, maybe I’d at least have some company. This was weird. I was calmly accepting, and maybe actually embracing the idea that I was stranded on the edge of a jungle with no way home. Maybe there was a village with a telephone on the other side of the trees. In a way, I hoped not. I felt happy to see her, but not exactly excited. It wasn’t like I thought, “Oh my gosh, I’m rescued!” It was more like, “Hey, she’s kind of cute. Nice bikini. Nice tan too.” When she was about 50 feet away I stood up and stepped onto the sand.

We Hunt Monsters 1

Aaron Oster - 2022
    After making a deal with a mysterious immortal, he was sent to a new world in hopes of gaining the offered reward - a chance at a better life with his family. However, Keith failed to realize that this deal did not come with an expiration date, no matter how many times he died. After dying for the dozenth time, Keith renegotiates with the immortal. This new deal will see him sent to the world of Raiah - a world filled with monsters, cowardly monkeys, and a system of magic very similar to the fantasy roleplaying games his brother used to enjoy. Completing a quest to hunt the most dangerous monsters on the planet, is the price Keith will need to pay to regain his old life. It’s a good thing that all of his experiences in his previous lives translate to Skills in this new one because if Keith fails this time, the price he will need to pay will be far steeper. We Hunt Monsters is a crunchy LitRPG in an epic fantasy setting. Fans of Dakota Krout, Will Wight, and the Monster Hunter games will enjoy this new series by the bestselling author of the Rise to Omniscience and Buryoku series.