Wicked Lies

M.V. Kasi
    Her new client is the darkly handsome stranger she had met before in a club under scandalous circumstances.Sparks fly and awareness buzzes, but she resists the strong attraction towards the brooding billionaire. And when she finally decides to give in, she shockingly discovers that the man she is falling for has spun a passionate web of wicked lies she is unable to escape...Bhargav Varma is known for his icy control and meticulous planning, especially when it comes to destroying his enemies. But a chance encounter with a beautiful woman changes it all.Although his plans to avenge a past family betrayal weren't supposed to include the beautiful architect he deliberately hired, he is determined to claim the woman who vows to hate him and fight him with a burning passion...Wicked Lies is a standalone contemporary romance.

A Billionaire's Love

Christina Tetreault - 2020
    However, with his and Taylor's wedding just weeks away, he wants to adopt Reese so she'll be his daughter not only in his heart but also in the eyes of the world. Unfortunately, a single letter from Reese's biological mother in prison sends Jordan King, a man who believes he might be Reese’s father, to Taylor's door and puts his plan in jeopardy.A Billionaire's Love is the fifteenth book in USA Today best selling author Christina Tetreault’s The Sherbrookes of Newport Series. While it can easily be read as a standalone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the other books, too.

One Hot Fake: An Accidental Fake Marriage Romance

Sarah J. Brooks - 2021
    Especially in Vegas.At least not when you think about them the next morning.Accessing a trust fund and having a baby are probably not the best reasons to get married.But last night, after more cocktails than I can remember, it sounded like a great plan:You marry me, so I can fulfill the requirements on inheriting billions.I’ll get you pregnant, so your dream of having a baby becomes reality.When drop dead gorgeous and off the charts arrogant Declan Carter suggests this deal, I’m all in.Under the condition that we’ll only stay married until I’m pregnant.Because the last thing on earth I want is to have this playboy be involved in my baby’s life.At least that’s what I thought, before we start living together.But the more I get to know Declan, the less our marriage feels like a fake.The way he smiles at me, touches me, kisses me.When I feel morning sickness creeping in, I can imagine us being a real family.For a brief moment, I hope that our story could go down Fairytale Lane…Until our secret deal is exposed. And everything is on the line.One Hot Fake features a sinful billionaire hiding secrets, an accidental Vegas ONS which results in a fake marriage - and a baby deal that makes things even more hilarious! Love, laughter, feels, and a HEA that will leave you swooning!One Hot Fake can be read as a stand-alone.

Snowflake Wishes

Kasey Stockton - 2019
    When a handsome stranger shows up just before Christmas should she trust his marketing advice or keep doing things her own way?Jake Tyler has two motivations for traveling to the tiny town of Holly Springs: he needs to learn why his parents have kept him from his grandmother his whole life, and he’s got orders to evict a diner owner from his family’s building. But when he meets Madison, the charming woman running the diner, he realizes that he has a real shot of helping her keep her business. If only he can keep his motives a secret.But as feelings begin to develop, will Madison and Jake find a way to come together in order to save the diner, and themselves?


Brynn Hale - 2020
    He doesn't know about the baby, dog, and two cats. He actually doesn’t know much about me, anymore.But it’s not him I’m really here to see.I’m going to tell Kash something and change his life forever. He’s tall, tatted to the hilt, slightly brooding, and he says and does all the right things.I want to trust him, but my past tells me men can change. Will he always be like this and will he turn out to be the one?KashI could tell she was special and from the moment I met her eleven months ago, and I wanted to make her mine. But she asked me to go without any contact.When the curious kitten with a body so hot it could melt metal takes a little time away from the baby, she asks me to lay down a design on her pristine skin.But the session gets away from both of us and I can't take back what I do or say.Her brother finds us and it’s never good when Cray’s involved.She can trust me. But maybe I can’t trust myself around her.

Stealing Kisses With a King (Kings of Carolina #3)

Sylvie Stewart - 2020
    In other words, it’s just another day working for Prince Malcolm.ALICE:Give me a problem and I’ll fix it. That’s what I do. The trick is remaining calm and preparing oneself for any eventuality. But even I failed to anticipate my former boss, Malcolm, crossing an ocean to bribe me for my help. He insists I’m the only one who can fix his problem, but I had an excellent reason for leaving that job in the first place and putting an ocean between us. It’s hard to keep the big picture in mind when you’re secretly in love with your boss. And even harder when he’s about to be crowned a king.MALCOLM:Being a prince certainly has its perks: money, cars, women, and a license to do just about anything I please. But since my assistant, Alice, resigned out of the blue, I’ve been unable to find my footing and have admittedly been a bit cranky. When a problem arises calling for the utmost discretion, it’s clear Alice is the only woman for the job. But she’s less than thrilled at being coerced into returning, and she’s doing her best to make me pay for it. With the clock ticking down to my coronation, I’m putting all my trust in her to see me through. But the stakes are getting higher because Alice is beginning to look more like my future than even the throne I was born to take.

St. Clair's Silent Night

Celeste Granger - 2020
    Noel Livingston wouldn’t learn that about Nicholas St. Clair until much later. Who she met was the owner of the Villa St. Clair. What happened is that two souls, stranded in a snowstorm, fell into each other’s arms when the power went out. It was a silent night, but not for Noel and Nicholas.This is a standalone that ends with a HFN. The continuation of Noel and Nicholas' story will appear in The Men of Mafia St. Clair series.

Grumpy Best Friend

B.B. Hamel - 2021
    I had to escape my drunk, abusive father, but leaving her behind was the biggest mistake of my life.Now I have another shot at making things right. Jude’s new boss wants to build a factory outside of Philadelphia, and she brings me in to help.I’m thrust back into Jude’s world, and not much has changed. She’s still beautiful, still hilarious, and still hates my guts.Little by little, she’ll remember why we fell in love back in high school. I’ll make her pout, then make her laugh— then make her strip down and kiss me.And soon I’ll have her back, all grown up and perfect.Or else I'll lose the empire I built with my own calloused hands.Another hot grumpy man! Watch Lady Fluke’s assistant Jude find her happily-ever-after with Bret while they both face their broken pasts and grow together. It’s steamy and fun and I think you’ll fall in love with protective, growly Bret just like I did. As always, Grumpy Best Friend is a full length standalone novel with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed. Enjoy! XO BB

Jock Blocked

Shae Sullivan - 2020
    Finish my senior year, then my PhD, and then it’s on to teaching just like my grandmother.There isn’t a single roadblock in my way… until he shows up at my tutoring center.Carter Jenkins.Football star. Arrogant Jock. All around brutal bastard.He may be everyone else’s favorite quarterback—but to me, he’s just the dick that ruined a naïve girl’s first days in college.And now here is he, with his smug face and penetrating eyes, demanding my help.Yeah right.I’ve heard the stories. He’s going all the way to the NFL, so long as he’s not put on academic probation for failing classes. Which is where I’m supposed to come in. And if it wasn’t for my boss/secret crush pleading with me to take Carter on, I’d drop him like a bad habit.So reluctantly, I agree.I’ll do this favor and help the guy I really can’t stand, for the guy I really want to be with.It should be no sweat…because I hate football players.And no matter how much time Carter and I spend together, or how different he may seem, there’s no way in hell I’d ever fall for one…From Bestselling author Shae Sullivan comes a new, deliciously tension filled enemies to lovers sports romance about the quarterback who has it all and the girl who refuses to fall for him. Standalone romance. HEA.

Playing with the Enemy

Madison Wright - 2019
    Tall, Dark and Douchey is causing me all kinds of problems... Working 3 jobs while at college and struggling to maintain my GPA, I crashed pretty hard. The result. I’m being punished and I have to share a room with the biggest name and hearth-throb on campus. The trouble: • He’s the burning hot, bad-boy superstar of the football team • Biggest sports star on campus and even bigger jerk • Sexy as hell My only problem, I’m a SUCKER for a bad boy and damn if his dominant attitude isn’t skin tingling. And now he sleeps on a bed only a few feet from mine! One game day with him and my life changes forever. Will I be able to make it through this semester with my GPA and dignity intact?…

Landing the Billionaire

Macie St. James - 2021
    Her task is to clean it out and prepare it to sell, since she has no interest in living in the oversized space. But the billionaire living next door keeps distracting her from getting her work done.Grayston Young isn’t just Fiona’s neighbor. He owns the very building where her father lived. But he’s also the man who plans to take away the thing that matters most to her: her small bookstore. One of his top projects involves buying up the entire strip mall and turning it into a medical center.In their battle, they both start to realize there’s more to life than work. But one of them has to give in if they can ever be together, which means choosing love over business.The Music City Billionaire series is a sweet, clean contemporary billionaire series filled with swoon-worthy heroes and plenty of romantic moments.

Billionaire and Nanny Secret (Daddies and Babies Book 1)

Lauren Wood - 2021

Risk (With Me, # 1)

Sue Wilder - 2020
    With a deputy sheriff with him, who is convinced you're an intruder.Even worse?He had every right to do it. Even though the house is yours--oh, and he's your neighbor and catches you in every other embarrassing moment until you're convinced the Universe is against you and this new life you have to start.And did I mention that he's drop-dead gorgeous?And exactly what you do. Not. Need.But the heart makes its own rules and a girl has a choice.If he's worth the risk.CALEBTalk about a cluster.She invades a house she claims is hers, while I'm responsible, so, of course, I have to rush in.And she's standing.Naked.With that towel.Doesn't stop there. Just when I'm pulled in other directions, trying to keep my uncle from driving the company into another version of cluster, this girl disrupts. Everything.It's not enough that she's beautiful.That she belongs here more than any woman I've ever known.She has to disrupt the privacy in my cove.The routine of my life.When I need to focus and stop thinking about what she looks like.Naked...

Fake for Him

Caleb Borne - 2019
    Yet, I’m willing to submit. He’s claiming me. I know it and want it. In fact, I demand it. Richard’s my best friend’s brother, and totally off limits. He’s under the control of his family’s ambitiously demanding patriarch but longs for independence. His own father thwarts his every move. He needs a woman to help him overtake his father’s inheritance. That’s where I come in… as his fake wife. He asks me to pretend to be married to him, make it appear like we’re a loving couple. Not a difficult ask when I catch a glimpse of his chiseled body or feel the caress of his hand on my back. The way he looks at me is blurring the lines between real and pretend. How far will we go to keep up appearances? And will my heart stay intact through all of this? This is a stand alone. Hot and spicy. Twist and turns. Happy ending.

One Night With the Billionaire: The Complete Series

Cassie Cross - 2016
    On her way to a presentation that could make or break her, she runs into Jason Turner, a handsome, mysterious billionaire. Jason is immediately drawn to Kaia, and wastes no time in letting her know how much he wants her. But for reasons that Jason doesn’t explain, reasons that he doesn’t even like to think about, he can’t let himself get involved with anyone. It’s not safe. So, he asks Kaia to meet up with him that evening, but there’s a catch: they can only have one night together. Despite her own better judgement, Kaia agrees. But one pleasure-filled night isn’t enough for either one of them, and Jason finds his resistance crumbling. If Jason lets Kaia get closer, she could get hurt. If he lets her go, he’ll always want her. If he can keep her safe, is it worth a chance? When Kaia finds out that past Jason’s holding onto is built on a lie, maybe Jason will finally let himself have a future with her…