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Juddie by Florence Wightman Rowland


My Name Is Sally Little Song

Brenda Woods - 2006
    But when Master decides to sell Sally and her brother, the family escapes to seek shelter with a tribe of Seminoles who are rumored to adopt runaway slaves. After a perilous journey, Sally’s family finds and joins the tribe. But while her father and brother easily adjust to Indian ways, Sally can’t seem to find her place. Combining the poetry of Sally’s songs with the heartracing tension of the family’s escape, author Brenda Woods delivers a breathtaking story of a girl caught between worlds.

Shadow the Sheepdog

Enid Blyton - 1942


Kate Seredy - 1955
    With Babushka's warm advice in her heart, Philomena sets out with confidence but the first thing she must do requires more than that- she must find her Aunt Liska whose married name Philomena does not know. How her fortunes fail at first as Philomena works as a servant girl, and how they become bright at last makes a sympathetic story. The author's drawings, pinpointing important scenes, are in her characteristic meticulously detailed outlines. (Kirkus)

Lucy's Wish

Joan Lowery Nixon - 1998
    Then Lucy hears about the Children's Aid Society, a group that sends orphans out West to new homes. Lucy knows she'll never replace her mum, but maybe now she'll find a family--and even a little sister--to love.But the family that takes her in is far from ideal. Mr. Snapes seems kind, but Mrs. Snapes is a bitter, angry woman. And Emma isn't the sister Lucy has dreamed of. Emma is a girl who people call "simple." Can Lucy learn to love this less-than-perfect family?From the Hardcover edition.

Cabin on Trouble Creek

Jean Van Leeuwen - 2004
    It's 1803, and the boys and their father have recently arrived in Ohio, following the promise of rich farmland. After clearing enough forest to build a log cabin, Pa sets off for Pennsylvania to fetch the rest of the family, while eleven-year-old Daniel and nine-year-old Will stay behind to watch the land. Pa had planned to return within five or six weeks . . . but something must have gone terribly wrong. Now the boys must survive the winter with only an axe, two knives, a sack of cornmeal, and&150most important of all&150their ability to invent and improvise. But are they truly alone in the woods? Daniel thinks that someone is watching them . . . Jean Van Leeuwen's engrossing novel of pioneer survival is based on a true incident. Readers, especially boys, will be fascinated by the struggles and triumphs of these brave young characters.

Herodotus and the Road to History

Jeanne Bendick - 2009
    His persistence, amidst disbelief and ridicule, in the self-appointed task of recording his discoveries as "histories" (the Greek word meaning "inquiry"), means that today we can still follow his expeditions into the wonder and mystery of Syria, Persia, Egypt and the "barbaric" north. Jeanne Bendick's lucid text, humorous illustrations and helpful maps entertain and instruct as they open the way for readers young and old to once again join Herodotus . . . on the road to history. Illustrated.


Dawn L. Watkins - 1985
    Watkins presents a willful prince who must learn the hard way that being a leader means being first a servant. Prince Trave encounters many dangers—such as an earthquake, monstrous skreels, and treachery from those he thought were his friends—before he faces the biggest challenge of all. Once he learns the real duties of a king, he must prove he is indeed worthy to rule his country.


Kate Klimo - 2016
    But horses spook easily and run away from fire—so they needed fire dogs.   Cinders is a dappled gray horse with a bad reputation. When he first arrives at the firehouse, he refuses to even enter his stall. But a kind man, his daughter, and a smart dalmatian named Sparky convince him he’s made to be a firehouse horse. Will he learn to brave the flames in time to stand up to the biggest, fiercest, most frightening fire the city has ever faced?  Get the dog’s side of the story! Read Dog Diaries Special Edition: Sparky.

The Trolley Car Family

Eleanor Clymer - 1947
    And that's exactly what the Parkers--all six of them--do after Pa loses his job as a trolley car driver. It's the end of the line, but the start of an infectiously funny adventure for the Trolley Car Family.

Tikta'liktak: An Inuit-Eskimo Legend

James A. Houston - 1965
    . . . The Eskimo survives freezing weather, an attack by a polar bear, and the long journey that brings him safely home. . . . The author’s distinctive drawings help make this a memorable book.”--The New York Times Book Review

The Dragon's Secret

Augusta Huiell Seaman - 2008
    She graduated from Normal College in New York City in 1900 and went on to teach elementary school. Following her marriage in 1906, she devoted her time to writing children's books. While living in Island Beach, Augusta held various offices in the local government, including Borough clerk, Tax Collector, and Borough Registrar. Her works include: Jacqueline of the Carrier Pigeons (1910), The Boarded up House (1915), The Slipper Point Mystery (1919), The Dragon's Secret (1921), The Mystery at Number Six (1922), The Edge of Raven Pool (1924), The Charlemonte Crest (1930) and The Vanishing Octant Mystery (1949).

A Triumph For Flavius

Caroline Dale Snedeker - 1955
    Ariphron was given to Flavius by his father, General Lucius Mummius, at the time of the father’s public triumph for his victories in Greece and Corinth. You will learn a great deal about Roman culture observing Flavius’ relationships with his family among the sights and sounds of Rome. Drama, personal development, tragedy, hope, compassion, triumph—this story has it all in a form easily understood by the young reader. (

Pirate's Promise

Clyde Robert Bulla - 1958
    Although Tom has been sold into slavery, no one can buy or sell his unwavering spirit. Tom longs to be free on the shores of America, but when a pirate's ship captures his boat, the young boy's life changes forever. Pirate Captain Land and his motley crew of men reveal to Tom all of the secrets—and dangers—of the pirate's life. Peter Burchard's black and white drawings throughout illustrate Tom's journey.

The House on Walenska Street

Charlotte Herman - 1990
    Ever since Papa died, Mama counts on Leah to help out, and Leah's favorite job is to read and answer the letters that come from the cousins in America.

Royal Ransom

Eric Walters - 2003
    His surprise turns to astonishment when he discovers the group includes the young Princess Victoria and Prince Andrew, who are next in line for the British throne!When kidnappers strike, taking the grownups in the group hostage, Jamie and the rest of the children are forced to battle their way back to civilization alone. Encounters with bears, rapids and the menacing kidnappers threaten to stop them at every turn, but thanks to Jamie's level headedness and Victoria's quick thinking, the children outwit their pursuers ... but they're not out of danger yet!