Children of the Knight

Michael J. Bowler - 2013
    A mysterious stranger. A city in crisis.When 14-year-old Lance is saved from death, his life is forever changed. For starters, his savior claims to be King Arthur, the once and future ruler of ancient Britain. Lance has met lots of weirdos on the streets of L.A., and they claim to be many things. But this “king” not only reeks of sincerity, he wears armor, rides a gorgeous white horse, and lives in the storm drains underneath the city! Arthur has a throne, old-school clothes, and weapons up the wazoo. Swords, daggers, bows and arrows—the kind Lance has only seen in movies.Turns out this Arthur guy wants to start some kind of revolution. He plans to collect other cast-off kids like Lance—even teen gang members—and create a New Camelot of Knights to gain more rights for youth and shake up the out-of-touch politicians who run Los Angeles.Lance is all for helping kids like him. He’s spent his entire life in and out of the system, and it sucks. And he wants to believe in Arthur, but doubts even a king can accomplish such lofty goals. Despite these uncertainties, Lance readily accepts the position of First Knight—youth leader of Arthur’s new army—thereby setting in motion a crusade of tsunami proportions. When the children rise, will the city fall?The Lance Chronicles begin…

The Ongoing Reformation of Micah Johnson

Sean Kennedy - 2016
    Well, not so much straight, but you know what he means.Unfortunately the path to redemption is not an easy one. With fights at school and on the football field and an all-round snarky attitude as his number one defense mechanism, will Micah survive the school year and the training camps to achieve his dream of making the national draft and becoming a professional AFL player?His mentor, Declan Tyler, believes in him, but Micah wishes he had the same confidence in himself. Only time will tell if the ongoing reformation of Micah Johnson will be successful.

Swimmer Boy

Jay Argent - 2015
    On his first day in his new high school, he falls for Alex, a handsome jock on the swim team. Alex does not seem to be gay, but that does not end Liam’s obsession with him. Fate pushes the boys together, and they become friends—until Liam’s secret is revealed. Swimmer Boy is a story about friendship and the kind of love that is found in the most unlikely places.


Jim Provenzano - 1999
     Set in Little Falls, New Jersey in 1993, PINS weaves the classic story of a Catholic saint into a compelling modern life -and near-death- account of Joey Nicci, a fifteen-year-old Italian-American wrestler. After befriending Donald "Dink" Kohrs, Joey and his new posse get involved in pranks and partying that eventually get out of control, resulting in the death of a maligned fellow teammate. The ensuing legal battle and media frenzy alter Joey's life and his self- perception as a gay teenager while shattering his fragile love for fellow teammate Dink. Like his patron saint, his battle against his own teammates forces him to suffer for his beliefs. His survival becomes a literary miracle. A compelling story of a loving yet confused family, coaches and teachers struggling with multiple issues of violence and homophobia amid the clan-like world of teenage athletes, PINS brings together elements now frighteningly common in the media; bullying jocks, assaults on weaker students, faculty and families unwittingly allowing such behavior

Dying to Live

C.M. Wright - 2012
    You think about it, fantasize about it, live through it in your head. But what would you do if zombies became a reality? If you actually were to see the dead walk, attack and kill people you know - who then rise right in front of your eyes? What would you do when the undead don't follow the script you've played out - over and over - in your own mind?Find out what happens to a woman in central Illinois when her life is turned upside down. Zombies become real and so does the danger. Her family means the most to her, but can she keep them alive? Can she keep herself alive?In this short story that begins the full-length series, you are a big part of it. The main character "speaks" to you often and you're invited into her thoughts - which can be quite humorous at times. She's not perfect and she knows it.She strong and she's a fighter...but she doesn't know it.

Shining in the Sun

Alex Beecroft - 2010
    Once a year, he motors down to an exclusive yacht club on the Cornish coast and takes the summer off from the trap that is his life. When his car breaks down, leaving him stranded on the beach, he's transfixed by the sight of a surfer dancing on the waves. The man is summer made flesh. Freedom wrapped up in one lithe package, dripping wet from the sea. Once a year, Darren Stokes takes a break from his life of grinding overwork and appalling relatives, financing his holiday by picking up the first rich man to show an interest. This year, though, he's cautious-last summer's meal ticket turned out to be more pain than pleasure. Even though Alec is so deep in the closet he doesn't even admit he's gay, Darren finds himself falling hard-until their idyllic night together is shattered by the blinding light of reality- Warning: One explicit m/m sex scene and a great deal of swearing.

Bending the Landscape: Original Gay and Lesbian Horror Writing

Nicola GriffithJames Van Pelt - 2001
    Hopkins, A. J. Potter, and Alexis Glynn Latner. Reprin

The Battle for Jericho

Gene Gant - 2012
    Gay activist Dylan Cussler stirs up the establishment when he moves in with his boyfriend and sues the state over its gay adoption ban. Sixteen-year-old Jericho Jiles and his best friend, Mac Travis, decide to do their bit to convince Dylan and his boyfriend to leave town. But when Dylan turns up before they can finish trashing his house, Jericho panics, leaving Dylan unconscious and wounded.Drowning in guilt, Jericho returns to Dylan’s home to make amends. He is surprised when Dylan forgives him and opens his eyes to the world around him. Soon Jericho comes to a life-changing realization: he is attracted to boys as well as girls. That’s a problem, considering Jericho has a girlfriend and very strict, very religious parents. Accepting his sexuality means he must question not only his identity and his place in the world but his relationship with his girlfriend, his parents, and with God.And so begins the battle for Jericho’s soul.

ParaNorman: A Novel Extended Free Preview

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel - 2012
    No one believes him, of course-everyone just thinks he's weird (including his parents). But when a folktale of a witch who cursed her accusers turns out to be true, it's up to Norman to save the town from pilgrim zombies! In addition to the zombies, he'll have to take on a very angry witch, an annoying sidekick, his boy-crazy teenage sister, and dozens of moronic grown-ups who get in his way. This young ghoul whisperer finds his paranormal talents pushed to their otherworldly limits in this hilarious and spooky adventure!Featuring gorgeous black-and-white interior illustrations and a story beyond what you'll see in the film, this novel is sure to delight!

The Boys of Bellamy: The Complete Series

Ruthie Luhnow - 2017
    This collection includes all four of the Boys of Bellamy novels. 
Still Water
: Max and Finn are best friends and teammates, but when a drunken hookup takes them both by surprise, everything changes. Max is straight, right? So why can’t he stop thinking about Finn’s lips on his? While Finn struggles with the pressures of competitive rowing, Max fears losing the person who means the most to him. As the rowing season heats up and graduation looms, the future has never been so uncertain. Will their relationship drown under the pressure or can they find a way to stay afloat? 
: Hopeless romantic Jamie is thrilled when he meets Bennett, who’s hot, enigmatic, and, most improbably, into Jamie. It’s just his luck, then, when Jamie discovers Bennett is the professor he’s supposed to be working with all semester. Jamie can’t resist trying to unravel the mysteries of Bennett, who’s brilliant and damaged and sending Jamie very mixed signals. Bennett claims he’s not interested—but then what was that kiss in his office all about? 
: It took Rory the entire school year to work up the courage to kiss Milo and only a minute to completely embarrass himself. But nearly ten years later, when Rory runs into Milo sitting alone at a bar—handsome and mysterious and devastatingly sexy—Rory is determined to not run away this time. Milo cares more deeply for Rory than for anyone he’s ever known. But Milo’s also damaged and skittish. How can he trust that Rory won’t hurt him like everyone else has? 
Riptide: When Drew and his supposedly straight teammate, Andy, start hooking up in secret, Drew quickly falls for the more vulnerable side of Andy he sees. Their relationship in college fails, but Andy and Drew are given a second chance when they reconnect at a wedding several years later. Though they’re both ready to be open and honest about their feelings, there’s just one problem—they now live hundreds of miles apart and lead completely separate lives. Will they be brave enough to ask for what they want before it’s too late?


J.A. Konrath - 2013
    GRANDMA? Part 1 by J.A. Konrath and Talon KonrathShe won't bake you cookies...

New Boy

William Sutcliffe - 1996
    "Sutcliffe has managed to pull off a worthy British companion to Portnoy's Complaint" Jay Rayner,Observer "Well-written,clever and very funny" Literary Review "Smart,entertaining stuff...somewhere between Adrian Mole and Holden Caulfield" Philip Hensher,Mail on Sunday

Kevin Keller

Dan Parent - 2012
    Read all about Kevin's introduction to the world of Riverdale! Journey into the mind and heart of Riverdale's newest resident.You'll see how Kevin first met Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica; how he came to love journalism, and what drives him to want to follow in the footsteps of his father, a retired Army Colonel, and serve in the military!Experience what it was like for Kevin growing up and how he learned to deal with all kinds of issues ranging from schoolyard bullying to discovering who he is and who he wants to be.Writer and artist Dan Parent brings to life a brand new character for a bright new world!


Sarah Diemer - 2013
    As you struggle to rise, as your breath exhales like a ghost, you know only two things: You can’t remember who you are. And you’re being hunted.No one sleeps in Abeo City. The lost souls gather indoors at night as Snatchers tear through the sky on black-feathered wings, stalking them. But inside the rotting walls of the Safe Houses comes a quieter, creeping danger. The people of Abeo City have forgotten their pasts, and they can trade locks of their hair to sinister women known only as the Sixers for an addictive drug. Nox will give you back a single memory--for a price.Like the other lost souls, Lottie wakens in this harsh landscape and runs in terror from the Snatchers. But she soon comes to realize that she is not at all like the people of Abeo City. When she takes Nox, her memories remain a mystery, and the monsters who fill the sky at night refuse to snatch her. Trying to understand who she is, and how she ended up in such a hopeless place, Lottie bands together with other outcasts, including a brave and lovely girl named Charlie. In the darkness, and despite the threat of a monstrous end, love begins to grow. But as Lottie and Charlie plot their escape from Abeo City, Lottie’s dark secrets begin to surface, along with the disturbing truth about Twixt: a truth that could cost her everything.

Snowbirds of Prey

Ward Parker - 2019
     Centuries-old vampires who play pickleball. Aging werewolves who surf naked beneath the full moon. You’ll find all sorts of supernatural creatures in Florida (except elves, they prefer to retire in Arizona). Since they can’t just show up at the doctor’s office, the monsters in Jellyfish Beach get their medical care from home-health nurse and not-so-competent witch Missy Mindle. Their survival depends on keeping their supernatural identities secret, but a serial killer has been depositing bodies drained of blood near Squid Tower where the vampires live. If the police discover the beachfront condos are filled with vampires, the residents will be staked on sight. Can Missy, along with a cute local reporter and the geeky gate guard on the graveyard shift, prove that the killer doesn’t live at Squid Tower without getting themselves killed in the process? Snowbirds of Prey kicks off Freaky Florida, a humorous contemporary fantasy series filled with magic, monsters, and mystery; sarcasm and satire; and, of course, Florida Man. If you love cozy witch mysteries, the thrills of urban fantasy, and a splash of comedy, this series is for you. Think of it as an unholy blend of Amanda M. Lee, Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, Shayne Silvers, Christopher Moore, and Carl Hiaasen. Grab this book and enjoy a vacation in Jellyfish Beach today.