Forever Yours

Francis Ray - 1994
    In desperation, Victoria seeks help from wealthy Kane Taggart. There's just one catch: she has to become the wife of the seductive, silver-tongued rancher… for one year.What could possibly happen in twelve short months?Plenty… especially when Kane counter-offers with an irresistibly indecent proposal of his own…

Princess of Zamibia

Delaney Diamond - 2018
    She gave him everything. Her body. Her heart. Then it all came to an abrupt end. She didn’t anticipate he wouldn’t trust her. She didn’t anticipate she couldn’t trust him. He wants his son. Three years later, Prince Kofi returns and he’s not the same man. He’s bitter and angry and knows he has a son. He’ll do whatever it takes to bring his heir back to Zamibia, even if it means marrying the woman he believes betrayed him. Dahlia must now raise her son in a culture she doesn’t fully understand, but when a nightmare strikes the royal family, will it bring her and Kofi closer together, or tear them apart for good?

Work Song

Danielle Allen - 2015
    –Tati Green“You have a pretty face” is such a back-handed compliment. It’s like telling me that my face is beautiful, but the rest of me is not.Despite what society says, my curves are hot.My love life, on the other hand, is not.My mom says I’ll never find love because of my weight.My sister says I’ll never find love because of my personality.My almost-fiancé says I’ll never find love because I’m incapable of loving anyone.My mom and sister are full of it, but my ex kind of has a point.At twenty-seven years old, I’ve never been in love. I date a lot, yet sparks never fly. But when I experienced the heart-pounding, skin tingling feeling for the first time, I didn’t think it would be caused by a guy I’ve never met. And I damn sure didn't think he would end up holding my future in his hands in more ways than one.

Inevitable Conclusions

Christina C. Jones - 2015
    Every time clarity seems to be within reach, something shifts, and in a single moment, focus is lost. Once again, they’re in limbo. Between them, there is only one secret, with the power to permanently alter their relationship. For good or bad, neither of them knows – nor are they willing to take that risk. Through the pain of past tragedies and the pressure of current dramas, they always find solace in each other’s arms. Inescapably connected by the interminable bond of friendship, Tariq and Kora navigate family, life, and love, searching for separate answers to a problem that has only has one, unavoidable solution.

Comfort of a Man

Adrianne Byrd - 2003
    Comfort of a Man by Adrianne Byrd released on Jun 24, 2003 is available now for purchase.

This Fire Down in My Soul

J.D. Mason - 2007
    Choir girl Elise thinks she's found a good man in Jay, a truck driver who came blowing into her life one sultry night. Irresistible and sensual, he's caught up in romancing Elise. However, when she's ready for happily ever after, he realizes that he can't just walk away from his wife and two children. And Elise just can't seem to let him go. Everyone knows that singles ministry leader Renee is full of herself. When she starts her latest interior decorating project, she thinks her client's husband is hot, and together, they're on fire. Meanwhile his wife wants to be friends, and it's not long before a twisted game starts to unravel. For twenty-five years Tess's life revolved around her unfaithful husband (who sits on the deacon's board) and their two wonderful sons. But now the kids have left the nest and Tess wants to spread her wings. While busy seeking her first job and creating a new social life outside the church, Tess meets a new man--a most forbidden man--who rides into the picture to rock her world off its steady axis. All the while, First Lady of the church and counselor, Faye is keeping a secret of her own that is much deeper than any one of them could ever imagine.

Noble Love

Té Russ - 2016
    When he walks in to Tessa Everett's bakery, he finds more than her desserts irresistible. Wanting to help her family's bakery continue to grow and thrive has been Tessa's main focus. But when Isaiah enters her life, his charm instantly sweeps her off her feet. The passion they share builds quickly, but will they be able to fight for love when difficulties in their lives arise?

Always in My Heart

Kayla Perrin - 2012
    The oldest of three adopted daughters, Callie Hart has always lo ved being the protector of the fa mily. But now she is all grown up—with a young son of her own to protect. Callie can’t wait to show him off when s he reunites with her two sisters in Ohio. But that also means coming face to face with the lover she left behind. Nigel Williams is even more irresistibly attractive than ever. But what will he do when he learns about the secret she kept hidden from him for ten years? Nigel has never forgiven Callie for fleeing Ohio—and the passion they shared. And when she shows up on his doorstep asking for forgiveness, the Cleveland cop is furious at her deception. But how can he deny the feelings Callie reawakens in him? Blindsided once again by the heat of desire, Nigel vows to fight for his future with the woman he has always loved. Three Harts. Three Loves. The Reunion of a Lifetime.

Love at First Spite

Alexandra Warren - 2016
     At least not for Nori Davis as she basks in the single life which includes frequent happy hour visits, lots of alone time in bed with her “favorite things”, and of course being sought after by guys she’s not interested in. But when she’s caught off-guard by a man who’s a little different than usual - on a mission a little different than usual - she can’t help but to get lost in his seemingly impossible potential no matter how hard she tries to fight it. Maxwell Watson doesn’t have time for a serious relationship. Between opening a lounge, being the owner of a lounge and… the lounge, there’s just no room for anything beyond it. Still, when he notices one particular patron who is palpably dissatisfied with his business, going after her for more information isn’t even a question. And when more turns into a whirlwind of energy neither can deny - turns into an encounter that can’t be forgotten - Nori and Maxwell find themselves attempting to navigate what can only be identified as love at first… spite.

A Lover's Shame

AlTonya Washington - 2011
    Sabella’s shame over a horrific discovery wreaked havoc on her mind and body. The darkness in Isak’s life had manifested in a more sinister fashion. He was no longer the even tempered peacemaker of his volatile family. While Sabella blamed herself for his brutal transformation, she believed he was better off away from her maybe…hating her. Isak however, harbored no such feelings. In his mind, Sabella was still his wife and he had every intention of getting her back. Explanations would be required and Belle knew she could never share what she’d learned about herself and the ugly truth of her existence.

A Promise Made

Anissa Garcia - 2016
    And if she’s not careful, she can easily lose herself in his gentle touch and soft voice. A feisty redhead with a mouth that won’t quit, Marla Sullivan knows how to push all of Josh’s buttons, making him want her in the worst way. His biggest hurdle is breaking through her stubborn walls and proving he’s here to stay. When Marla’s faced with an unknown danger, Josh is forced to reveal his buried past. Promises made and surfaced truths may be the catalyst that brings them together...or pushes them further apart.

Driving Heat

Zuri Day - 2015
    --RT Book ReviewsThe Blue-Collar Lover SeriesMeet the Carter brothers, five hard-working men with a lot to offer. They may not be wealthy but they're rich in integrity and loyalty--not to mention sex appeal. They just need the right women to share their world. . .At thirty, eldest brother Byron hasn't dated seriously in a while--not since he became a single dad to his beloved baby girl. Besides, he's found that most women can't see past his job as a bus driver, and he's not interested in that type of superficial foolishness. When he meets Cynthia Hall, her disinterest is obvious. Still, there's something about her. . .Cynthia has been successful in her career and unlucky in love. But those two worlds collide when Byron ends up in her office on business. It's a coincidence that casts him in a very different light than she's previously seen. Too bad he's not the upscale professional Cynthia had in mind. Yet given the chance, she might discover that while money can't buy happiness--a loving and passionate man can. . .

Adore You

Nicole Falls - 2016

Fake Fiance with Benefits

Aubrey Wright - 2019
    I've got two weeks to claim what's mine. Wasn't expecting Mr. 6'-2" and cocky to be my savior. Jon Rayburn. My first everything. I left this small town for a reason. And Jon was one of them. Now he's walking around shirtless. Swinging his big hammer. Fixing up the house next door. Well, he better keep that hammer to himself. I still hate him. He was the believable choice for a fake engagement. But aint nothing fake about his kisses. And his caresses are a little too caring. So when I find out I'm pregnant with his baby...Well, let's just say all hells about to break loose in this little town.

Tempt Him (ManTrap #1)

Olivia Jaymes - 2018
    and I'm doing it by the book. Care to join me? My name is Mia and I've been in love with Joshua Henry for as long as I can remember. Since the day he picked me up off the sidewalk after I fell off of my bike, I haven't been able to see anyone but him.Unfortunately, Josh sees me as the sweet girl from next door, not a romantic partner. I'm stuck in the friend zone and there isn't an exit in sight.But now everything has changed. After a near death experience, I'm a different woman. The kind of female that doesn't sit back and wait. I'm going after what I want, and what I want is Josh Henry.My sister Shelby - the psychological genius - has written a how-to manual to help me. It's the perfect blueprint to make the perfect man fall in love with me.