Twelve Days of Trauma

Jasper Joshua West - 2019
    They are on their way to visit his parents for Christmas, but they never arrive.Tim has an unshakable feeling that something will go horribly wrong even before they set off. What happens is far worse than he could have imagined.The tragedy that occurs sees grief-stricken Tim back in his investigator role, seeking justice.

Suspicion on Sugar Creek

Susannah B. Lewis - 2016
    She hoped to work on her novel, play Rook with the old lady next door and spend some lazy time with her husband and daughters. But when a new neighbor winds up dead, Tessa and her Rook partner find themselves jumping to suspicious conclusions. Add a young hippie named Rusty to the mix, and these three seem like an unlikely trio to solve an alleged crime. When you’re not laughing at the humorous rhetoric in Suspicion on Sugar Creek, you’ll be on the edge of your seat wondering how it will all play out.

Mystery Party

Stacey Alabaster - 2017
    Margot runs a French bakery and stumbles into corruption and crime. Felicity launches her party planning business with a bang . . . and a dead body. Follow along as all three women must solve murder mysteries to protect themselves, their businesses, and those they love. This collection of cozy mysteries includes the first book in each of three popular series. If you like cozy mysteries with interesting characters and unexpected twists, the Mystery Party Cozy Mystery Boxed Set is for you. Buy the Mystery Party Cozy Mystery Boxed Set and start solving your next mystery (or three) today! Steps from Death by Stacey Alabaster - When you’re the new girl in a small town, you have to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people. But sometimes that can leave you only Steps from Death. This is book one in the Craft Circle Cozy Mystery series. Croissants and Corruption by Danielle Collins – To all appearances, North Bank is a charming retirement town and tourist attraction - until a murder reveals a darker side of crime and corruption. This is book one in the Margot Durand Cozy Mystery series. Dying for a Drive by Susan Harper – Senoia is a quiet little town . . . until a man drives into town with a classic car to sell but never drives out. This is book one in the Senoia Cozy Mystery series. Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Cozy Mysteries Collection: Fall & Family Edition

Hope Callaghan - 2018
     Enjoy hours upon hours of good, clean reading entertainment that’ll keep you guessing until the end! BONUS: RECIPES INSIDE! Hope Callaghan Cozy Mysteries Collection (6 Book Fall & Family Edition) CONTENTS: 1-Family, Friends, and Foes (Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Series) 2-Fall Girl (Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series) 3-The Family Affair (Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery Series) 4-Waves of Deception (Samantha Rite Mystery Series) 5-Grandkids Gone Wild (Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series) 6-Deadly Delivery (Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Series) *****Plus Bonus Short Story “Teepees & Trailer Parks”***** Book 1- Family, Friends, and Foes Mere hours before she’s set to marry the man of her dreams, Millie Sanders receives a hand delivered note from a family member that could threaten her wedding plans as well as her future as Assistant Cruise Director onboard “Siren of the Seas.” To make matters worse, Captain Armati tells her that their upcoming dream honeymoon on the island of Saint-Martin is in jeopardy because of two mysterious deaths at the all-inclusive resort, owned by his close friend, Regan Leclerc. Millie quickly realizes something more sinister is afoot and a serial killer may be on the loose. When Regan’s wife, Nadia, begs Millie for her help in solving the string of deaths that are plaguing the resort, the duo decides they must move quickly to track down the killer or face the possibility of becoming the killer’s next victims. Book 2-Fall Girl With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the townsfolk of Belhaven are busy preparing for the upcoming feast with friends and family. When a body is discovered in the vacant farmhouse across the street from Gloria Rutherford's place, Gloria is horrified to think that someone...a killer, is on the loose. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that the body found in the house is none other than her best friend, Lucy Carlson's ex-boyfriend. The police uncover evidence that points to Lucy as the murderer and possibly Gloria as an accomplice. Police are hot on Lucy's trail and the lead investigator is gunning for her arrest. Can Gloria track down the real killer before it's too late? Or will Lucy take the fall and spend Thanksgiving in the slammer? PLUS 4 MORE COZY MYSTERIES AND A BONUS SHORT STORY FOR YOU TO ENJOY!

The Domesday Book II (Still Not That One) (A Tale of 1066-ish 2)

Howard of Warwick - 2018
    As if one book of this sort of thing wasn't enough... It's history, but not as we know it. England, 1067-ish and the King’s grip is tight. His Earls of Northumbria will keep dying though. Every time he appoints one, someone sticks something in them, or sets light to them. Something is going on and he has a strong suspicion who's behind it. If he's right, it could mean real trouble. In Viking Vinland, the man who would be king awaits rescue - and waits. If no one else is going to do it, he will just have to rescue himself. There's only a bit of sea to cross, he will sail home and take his throne by force. Although he might need a bit of help. And then there are the Danes and the Scots who have their own ideas. If Volume I is anything to go by, this situation is a recipe for disaster. And if you’ve got the recipe, you might as well make a disaster. The text books would have you believe that everything in the past was carefully planned and organised. That the leaders of the time were clear in their aims and decisive in their actions. That the people knew what great events they were living through. No one made mistakes, no one incompetent ever got to be in charge and above all, no one ever had a laugh. All that changed with Howard of Warwick. The 16th book to do things to history that it never asked for, returns to the aftermath of the most famous date ever. 1066. Well, the year after actually, no one ever talks about that - and with good reason, it was chaos. Caution: contains facts. What they said of The Domesday Book (No, Not That One) ‘Had me chuckling the whole way through,’ Discovering Diamonds. 5* ‘Brilliantly humorous,’ 5* ‘A laugh riot,’

The Fear of Ravens (Esme Quentin Mystery Book 4)

Wendy Percival - 2020
    Can a 19th century curse still wield its formidable power? What connects Anna with the 24 year-old mystery concerning the whereabouts of the charismatic Ellen Tucker?​Esme must uncover the truth to save Anna from becoming a 21st century victim, in a cruel repetition of her ancestor’s merciless fate.

Killing Kind

Gregg Dunnett - 2018
     A detective has the chance to solve cases that have baffled her colleagues for decades. But only if she can work out who he is, before he gets to her. Because - in a story where not everything is what it seems - not even murder is black and white. Killing Kind is a tense novella with a twist that will stay with you. From UK and US bestselling author Gregg Dunnett.

The Inspector Lynley Collection (Inspector Lynley, #1-4)

Elizabeth George - 2003
    WELL SCHOOLED IN MURDER is set in an old and distinguished public school. The body of a brilliant young pupil is discovered in a country churchyard. Hampered by the code of honour and loyalty that prevail, Inspector Thomas Lynley and Barbara Havers discover within the confines of that privileged community a culture of cruelty that stretches back across the generations.In A SUITABLE VENGEANCE, Inspector Lynley investigation into the brutal murder of a local journalist tears apart powerful ties of love and friendship, shattering the tranquillity of the picturesque Cornish community and exposing a long-buried family secret. Its consequences irrevocably alter the course of Thomas Lynley's life.

What Happened to Rachel? (The Anglesey Murders Book 6)

Conrad Jones - 2020

A Fine Kettle of Fish

Lou Bradshaw - 2013
    He is bright, easy going, an apt student, a hard worker, and a thief. Actually, he is more of an opportunist than a thief Things just land in his lap, and he keeps them. Working after school and on weekends at his father’s garage and towing service, he has more than ample opportunity for things to drop into his lap. As a high school senior in a small Missouri town and with a father who remembers what it was like to be young, Lee has been given the kind of freedom unheard of in the early 1960s; the kind of freedom that most of his peers can only dream of. The worst that could ever happen, he thought, would be getting caught in the back seat with a six-pack and the daughter of the man holding the flashlight. He quickly learns that the world outside of Doubling, Missouri can be a cruel and deadly place when four pounds of heroin are dropped into his lap at the scene of a fatal accident. Realizing that he is over his head, he turns the merchandise over to the local law. The size and circumstance of the find attracts the attention of state and federal agencies, which set up a foolproof sting operation using Lee as bait. When he starts classes at a nearby state college, Lee realizes that he can no longer slam through life with abandon because a commitment to his father has to be honored. The class work is harder and more complex than high school, and so are the girls, but both are much more interesting and exciting. As Lee fumbles and stumbles his way into maturity, he also goes from frying pans into fires at an ever-increasing rate.

A Question of Duty

Martin McDowell - 2012
    England rules the waves and Wellington is taking on the French in the Spanish Peninsula, but the French Navy yet remains a potent threat, especially their fast, well-armed frigates. Also, another threat is creeping Northward; slaver/pirates in fast galleys from the North African coast, are raiding North, taking advantage of the warring Navies preoccupation with each other, to capture for slavery the highly valuable women and children of Northern Europe. Into this, Captain Reuben Argent sails his first command, HMS Ariadne, a fast, 32 gun, Spanish built frigate. He has moulded both his ship and crew into a tight fighting unit, which he immediately uses to capture La Mouette, a French 42 gun frigate. A brilliant start, but all is not well at home. The Enclosures movement could force his family from their farm, and his Admiral is their immediate neighbour, who hates the Argent family and will use any means available to force them from their home and gain their land. On top is Argent’s rivalry with “Flogger Cheveley” the Captain of the Herodotus, who has a very different concept of how to run a ship of the Royal Navy. Also, as Captain, Argent has to contend with the machinations within the community that is his own crew. The day comes when Argent has to make a career threatening choice, either, as ordered, to take a vital despatch to Wellington at the fastest possible speed or to search for the slaver that has just captured Cornish women and children, including members of his own family. In the background is the smuggling of linen from Ireland to France and his relations with the feisty Sinead Malley and the society beauty Charlotte Willoughby

Immortal Fear (Dr. Powers Mystery)

H.S. Clark - 2015
    Paul Powers is back in Immortal Fear: A Medical Thriller, haunted by a killer that won’t stay dead. As the bodies pile up in Seattle, Dr. Powers must warn a disbelieving world, and hunt down a degenerate evil, before high-tech medicine creates an apocalypse. But the killer is coming for Paul and the woman he loves, and time is running out. Also in the Dr. Powers Mystery series, Secret Thoughts: A Medical Thriller. Something is rotten in Seattle, where seven innocent people are dead from tainted cold medicine and some of the country's wealthiest CEOs are suffering from corporate espionage on an unprecedented scale. Dr. Paul Powers search for the truth turns him into the prime suspect and an international fugitive desperate to clear his name. But how do you catch a killer who knows exactly what you're thinking? H.S. Clark takes the reader on a wild ride along the cutting edge of medical technology and into the dark side of digital medicine. Rave reviews for Secret Thoughts: A Medical Thriller, H.S. Clark’s original mystery in the Dr. Paul Powers series: “The secret is out. Fast action, smart dialogue, and an anesthesiologist hero put Secret Thoughts by H.S. Clark at the top of my medical thriller list. -Laurie Stevens, author of the award winning Gabriel McRay series. “In Secret Thoughts, Dr. Paul Powers is slapped by one quandary after another in OMG! succession. H.S. Clark swept me away on Dr. Powers’ odyssey and didn’t let go. Vivid and horrifying settings, medical and otherwise. Would make a thrilling movie.” -June Gillam, author of the Hillary Broome suspense series. Secret Thoughts: A Medical Thriller is available now from Amazon in Kindle eBook, audiobook, paperback, and Spanish eBook. ASIN: B00BRRGM3Y You can visit the author at:

Dead Cold Mysteries Box Set: Books 11-13

Blake Banner - 2018
    So a small island off the north coast of Scotland in a 16th century castle seems to be just the job.After all, two out of three isn’t bad. At first the place seems idyllic: The wild landscapes are breathtaking, the northern lights otherworldly and the fire-side talk, fuelled by good whisky and good Angus steak, is fascinating. Maybe a bit too fascinating when it leads to a forty year old mystery about a man murdered, shot with a .38 in a locked room in circumstances which are, quite simply, impossible. And when the island is cut off by a storm, and an identical murder is committed, well, what are two cold case cops on honeymoon to do…?Book 12: The Butcher of WhitechapelIt was the first time John Stone had been back to London for fifteen years. Last time had been on an exchange program between the NYPD and Scotland Yard: an exchange of skills and experience that was supposed to last six months, but went one for a year and a half. This time he was on honeymoon with his partner and wife, Carmen Dehan. And it seemed, as they prepared to return home, that history was repeating itself.Because, as they were leaving the hotel for the airport, the call came; the call that said they had to stay, the call that said the killer was back, the one he’d been searching for fifteen years ago, the one who haunted all his secret nightmares - the one that got away.So now he has to share his dark secrets, and his nightmares, with his new bride. Book 13: Little Dead Riding Hood An eighteen-year-old girl sets out one November night to walk five blocks down Gleason Avenue to her boyfriend’s house. He calls her and she tells him she’s on her way. It’s a walk that should take ten minutes, but she never arrives.When she does turn up, it’s five days later, washed up on the banks of the River Bronx, in Soundview Park, strangled to death.The detective who investigates the murder, a friend of the family, finds no forensic evidence, nothing of interest in her phone records, no witnesses to the abduction or the murder. Nothing. The case goes cold.Until her brother, Samuel, comes forward with new evidence he has found. And then the cases is handed to Detectives Stone and Dehan of the 43rd Precinct. They start asking the difficult questions, like how did she get into the river in the first place, and then the case starts heating up again…


Brian Withecombe - 2012
    The Navy maintains a blockade of French ports but one day events change the life of Lieutenant Giles Courtenay, First-Lieutenant of the SEAGULL, a sloop of 22 guns. As a result he is promoted to command her and takes her to Antigua, there to assist with the enternal fight against the French, pirates, privateers and LE CORSAIR a particularly vicious pirate terrorising the Islands. Much close action, hand to hand combat and broadsides a-plenty as Courtenay tracks down his quarry for one last bloody embrace.

A Lesson in Murder: A DC Oliver Cole Mystery (Book 4)

Alan Fisher - 2018
    Under pressure from Superintendent Fox, Oliver agrees to stage a week-long puzzle solving course for final year Hendon College graduates, showing them how he looks at the types of clues he’s had to deal with and setting some puzzle solving problems for the class. But minutes before the first session is held, the body of a young woman is fished out of the River Tyne. Torn between the responsibility of running the training course and helping with the case, Oliver struggles to focus on either. As a second body is found, fears of another serial killer on the loose force DCI Jack Collier to enlist Oliver’s help. But when a 3rd body is found in a familiar graveyard, Oliver begins to wonder if the killer is toying with him