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Holiday Hookup by Jamie K. Schmidt


Up to Snow Good

Kelly Collins - 2020
    Lauren must ask for help. Unfortunately, the only person who might be able to save her is a childhood sweetheart. How can she trust the man on the wrong side of the blood feud to secure her family’s legacy, when she couldn't trust him with her heart?Torn between Lauren and his father, Max walked away from an impossible choice. Misunderstandings and duplicity have kept him away. The safest thing for Lauren was to leave her alone. But with his father out to crush the last remaining Matthews and a centuries-old feud about to boil over, Max will move heaven and earth to help her, even if it means choosing love over family. With all the harm Max’s family has caused, can Lauren box up and bury the past to have a dream Christmas with Max? Or, will she need a Christmas miracle? Up to Snow Good is not your typical small-town, holiday romance. Angst and treachery hide in every corner. It’s a holiday Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending.

The Duke of New York

Lisa Lace - 2018
    Privilege. Parties. As a British royal, that sums up my life. All it takes is one little scandal to change everything. My father threatens to cut me off. He makes me one final offer. Go to America and get my MBA. At Harvard, no less. So, I’m off to change my bad boy ways. The last thing I need is a distraction like Melissa Thorne. A sassy, independent, whip-smart girl who couldn’t care less about my title. Melissa is a temptation in faded jeans and boots. An angel with legs for miles. Curves I need to own. But underneath, she’s so much more. Fragile. Strong. Brilliant and vulnerable. She’s a girl I want to keep in my bed. A girl I want to protect. Especially when I discover that she’s in danger…

Mountain Mancave

Dee Ellis - 2020
    A life spent running from his past landed him in Driftwood, Georgia and he never wants to leave. He doesn't need bright lights or the big city to keep him happy. He likes the wide open spaces of being out in the middle of nowhere. A rare trip to town brings him face to face with the first thing to make him question his lonely life.Mollie Winters came to Driftwood to take a chance on herself. A big city girl who was born and bred in a backwoods town, she thinks she found the best of both worlds here. Mack is all brute and beard but she can't help how badly she wants him. They wind up stuck in his cabin during a storm and she wonders if she'll ever want to leave his mountain mancave.

Sheriff's Pregnant Ex

Leslie North - 2021
    So when the owner of the diner hires a troubled waitress to help out, Brian agrees to provide summer lodging for her new employee.But to Brian's surprise, the waitress turns out to be his old college girlfriend, Caitlin Baker. The same Caitlin Baker he shared a night of passion with, not long ago. Still, that's all in the past. He’s got a town to protect and no time to frolic. So why does he feel so disappointed when Caitlin agrees to keep things strictly platonic?Caitlin spent most of her adult life trying to get away from a town filled with bad memories. She thought she was finally going to make it in the city, until her plans for opening a tattoo parlor went bust after her ex stole her life’s savings. Now, she’s back, and wondering if her feelings for Brian are strong enough to overcome the past…It was just supposed to be one summer. But how can she leave behind the only man she’s ever loved?

Christmas Virgin

Claire Adams - 2017
    As a millionaire real-estate developer, I’ve achieved spectacular success and now am about to open my third resort in Hawaii. Women, money, influence, fame. I have it all. There’s no reason I should feel dissatisfied. Except for one little reason: Molly. She’s the younger sister of my best friend. I’ve wanted her for a long time, but I set her in the “off-limits” pile, even after I let my feelings get the better of me and I kissed her. A man can’t just break the Bro Code, you know? But Molly’s in a tough spot. She just got laid off, and she’s not feeling great. I know I hurt her in the past, but a free trip to a Hawaii resort over Christmas should be just the pick-me-up she needs. Yeah, I still want her badly, but I can control myself. This is about paying her back, not going after a woman I know I can’t have. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Temptation at the Lake (Clear Lake, #1)

Erin Swann - 2021

A Grumpy Boss For Christmas (Christmas With The Billionaire)

Holly Rayner - 2021

Spring Seduction (Wyoming Fever Book 1)

Elizabeth Lennox - 2021

Valentine Veto

Claire Wilder - 2022
    But I didn’t just leave my past behind—I left Callie McIntyre, the good girl I was never good enough for.Now Callie’s mayor of our town, and I’m back too, a European-trained chocolatier with a proposal for a new facility I need her approval on. One that will redeem my family name, and hopefully me, in her eyes.But Callie still hasn’t forgiven me for breaking her heart. And if she vetoes this project, she’ll never know it was all for her.Valentine Veto is a standalone steamy second chance novella, part of the Man of the Month Club multi-author series.

Expecting the SEAL’s Baby

Katie Knight - 2021
    So when her brother goes missing, Jeremy’s the first person Gina turns to for answers and comfort. But what begins as a little emotional support soon leads to a scorching night of passion. A night neither of them can forget…Weeks later, Gina shows up at Jeremy’s door with clues about her brother’s disappearance… and disturbing proof that she’s being followed. As his squad mate's sister, Jeremy knows Gina should be off limits. But now that she's a target, there’s no way he’s letting her out of his sight.Gina swore she'd never date another military man. Still, Jeremy’s the only guy she trusts to help find her brother. She's determined to resist his smoking good looks and masculine charm. But as their search leads deep into a dangerous South American jungle, life throws another surprise at Gina — she’s pregnant. And Jeremy's the father.Surrounded by danger and intrigue, it doesn’t take long for Gina to succumb to temptation. But the biggest danger of all may be losing her heart to a Navy SEAL…

Cowboy's Christmas Rodeo

Mary Sue Jackson - 2020
    The rodeo is a tough life and this cowboy is ready to settle back home, buy the old family ranch, and live quietly without the wildness of his past. All he has to do is win the Pride River Christmas Rodeo, but to do that he’s got to stay out of trouble. Trouble he very nearly finds by getting into yet another bar fight, stopped just in time by Belle Manning, his childhood friend. She always kept him out of hot water when he was a kid, with her calm support and friendly smile, and though it’s been years since he’s seen her, Axel’s never forgotten the first girl he kissed. And never forgotten how her daddy warned him to stay away from her. Troublemakers like him just aren’t good enough for someone like her…
Belle never forgot the sexy cowboy who stole her heart when they were kids. So when he approaches her with a proposition, she’s ready to listen. Axel wants her by his side so she can keep him out of trouble until the Christmas rodeo. In exchange, he’ll give her a plot of land so she can build her occupational therapy clinic. It’s a stunning proposal and one Belle can’t refuse. Her dream of using horses to help people heal is finally coming true. And, bonus, running around town with Axel will keep her matchmaking mother off her back. She’ll think about a relationship after her practice is up and running. Once Axel wins the rodeo, they can go on their merry ways. But it doesn’t take long before their fake relationship takes an unexpected turn toward real, throwing Belle off kilter. Is it possible Axel could turn into the Christmas present she didn’t know she wanted all along?Mary Sue Jackson and USA Today Bestseller Leslie North invite you to indulge in a heart-warming small-town western romance with a smoking hot cowboy and the woman who tames him...

Mistletoe Kisses

Macie St. James - 2020
    But that's exactly what she finds when she returns from being out of town. Worse, the bear has been deliberately trapped by the shop's owner, Will Parker.Will is starting a new life in the town of Reindeer Ridge. His shop, The Big Bear, sells novelty items while also providing guests the chance to see a live bear kept humanely upstairs. Unfortunately, the shop owner across the way seems to be determined to have his shop closed down.But Annaliese soon begins to realize that Will isn’t the bad guy she wants to make him out to be. As their feelings for each other start to grow, they both begin to realize the importance of compromise.This book was previously included in the December 2020 anthology, Small-Town Christmas. The rest of the series was not part of that anthology.The Reindeer Ridge series is a sweet, clean contemporary Christmas series filled with swoon-worthy heroes and a small-town setting.

KENT: a mountain man, curvy woman short and sweet instalove romance (Mountain Man Animal Rescue Book 10)

Kate Tilney - 2021

The Bride Takes A Cowboy

Maren Smith - 2019
    He was my last chance. I need a husband. Today. Now, if possible. I thought any man would do, but when my first choice is run out of town the day before we’re to be married, I’m forced to consider it when cowboy Gage Pennell proposes. I don’t know him. I’ve never met him before today. Up until a few hours ago, he was working for my nearest and dearest enemy, the same man who wants to steal everything from me. I’d rather die than let that happen. If my neighbor gets his way, I actually might. But Gage is more than just good looks and heart-stopping swagger… and I’m desperate. But, am I this desperate? I guess we’ll find out, because when my neighbor puts his most ruthless plan yet into action, I’m forced to fight back the only way I can. And in the Wild, Wild West, sometimes it’s the bride who takes the cowboy. A Historical Western Romance

Sophie's Christmas Dad

Ophelia Sexton - 2020
    As the Swanson clan matriarch, she's always taken care of everyone. Now, she's struggling to accept her mate Justin's and her family's offers to help resolve the crisis. Can she unbend enough to allow Justin and the rest of her family to take care of her when she needs it most?Meanwhile, Sophie Markidis, an ordinary human girl living on the Swanson family ranch, is looking forward to the best Christmas ever. She's found the perfect dress for her high school's Winter Wonderland dance, and she thinks she might have found the perfect date, too—her best friend and secret crush, Matt Swanson. Things only get better when her long-lost biological father gets in contact with her, just in time for the holidays.But will her dreams be dashed when her wonderful Christmas dad lets her down right when she needs him most?