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Islands of Tomorrow by F.M. Busby



J.A. Konrath - 2014
    With crime at an all-time low, Talon has little to do except give lectures to schoolkids--and obsess on his wife's profession as a licensed sex partner. Then one of her clients asks Talon to investigate a possible murder. When Talon uses the TEV to view the crime, the identity of the killer is unmistakable--it's him, Talon Avalon. Someone is taking timecasting to a whole new level and using it to frame Talon. And the only way he can prove his innocence is to go off the grid--which in 2064 is a very dangerous thing to do. Time is not on his side.

Seven Rules of Time Travel

Roy Huff - 2020
    . . over and over again. The same car blocking his driveway, the same horrific accident he witnesses, the same cop that keeps preventing him from saving his boss from dying in it, and the same memory of a girl from his past that gets sharper each time.Then he realizes he has the power to travel through time and change the future. With infinite opportunities to alter the past, the possibilities are endless. Could he prevent terrorist attacks? Natural disasters? The deaths of friends? Or even go back in time and say the right thing to the girl who haunts his dreams?Unfortunately, the rules of time travel are more complicated than he imagined, and before long, Quinn is thrust into the greatest race in human history. His actions can either save the world or destroy it. And now the man who could turn back the clock is running out of time.

No Great Magic

Fritz Leiber - 1963
    The story involves two warring factions that battle by using time travel to change the outcome of events throughout history. No Great Magic was originally published in Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine's December 1963 issue. To bring the dead to lifeIs no great magic.Few are wholly dead: Blow on a dead man's embersAnd a live flame will start. -GravesFritz Reuter Leiber, Jr was an American fantasy, horror and science fiction writer. He was an expert chess player and a champion fencer. He received the Gandalf award at the World Science Fiction Convention in 1975 and the Grand Master Award at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 1981.

A Shape on the Air

Julia Ibbotson - 2017
    She lives with her partner Pete Adamson in a flat she loves, and is very happy with her life. Then Pete comes home and tells her he’s leaving her for Viv’s good friend Gwyn and that he has leveraged the flat for his business, so she no longer has a home. Viv’s world collapses. After drinking far too much wine Viv goes out for a walk and slips into the local pond known as Cooney’s Mere. It acts as a time portal, and Viv finds herself in the year 499 in the body of Lady Vivianne, orphaned and betrothed to Sir Pelleas, a man whom she despises and who only wants Lady Vivianne for her inheritance. But Lady Vivianne is a feisty lady and Sir Pelleas is not going to simply take what he wants without a fight. When Viv awakes, she thinks she was dreaming, until she finds a small gold key in her bed, a key she has never seen in her life, but remembers from her dream. Could she be having a breakdown? But how would that explain the key? Viv is being helped through her heartache by her good friend Ellie and her crazy upstairs neighbour Tilly. She also becomes friends with the local vicar, a man named Rory Netherbridge, who looks uncannily like Sir Roland, a man who serves Sir Pelleas but looks out for Lady Vivianne. Rory tells Vivianne that he, too, has been to the year 499. He tells her about time slipping, and how her fragile emotional state might have opened the portal to another life she had once lived. As Viv sees the similarities between her current life and her life in 499, she discovers correspondence from her dead parents, about a locked chest and a key, and knows what she has to do to find the answers. But will Sir Roland win, or Sir Pelleas? And what role will Rory play in Viv’s life when the mystery of the portal is solved? Filled with historical detail, A Shape on the Air is for anyone who believes in love that lasts for lifetimes and beyond. Praise for Julia Ibbotson "Enchantingly told" - Daily Mail Award-winning author Julia Ibbotson is obsessed with the medieval world and concepts of time travel. She read English at Keele University (after a turbulent but exciting gap year in Ghana) specialising in medieval studies, and has a PhD in linguistics. She wrote her first novel at 10 years of age, but became a teacher, lecturer and researcher. Julia has published four books, including a children’s book S.C.A.R.S (a fantasy medieval time slip), a memoir, and the first two novels of her Drumbeats trilogy (which begins in Ghana). Apart from insatiable reading, she loves travelling the world, singing in choirs, swimming, yoga, and walking in the English countryside.

The Man That Time Forgot

Paul Mitchell - 2013
    Just open any book or talk to any history professor and they’ll tell you that history is filled with nothing but glorious battles, great leaders, plagues, large fires, earthquakes, famous inventors, Egyptians and Louis Pasteur. This couldn’t be further from the truth. History, in fact, is filled with a whole lot of nothing. Andrew Adams knows that only too well. He’s an ordinary man living his life in the all too abundant and mundane spaces between those great moments. Just like all ordinary men he spends much of his life wondering what the point of it all is, struggling to form meaningful relationships or find his place in society. Andrew’s life follows a daily routine much like that of many others: he wakes up, does the minimum required to get himself through the day - careful not to learn too much or create a lasting impression on anyone - and then goes back to bed. There’s only one, ever-so-minor inconvenience that continually stands in the way of Andrew’s ignorantly blissful life Time-travel. Since before he can remember every time Andrew sleeps he’s randomly flung through time and space, never knowing where or when he’ll wake up. The only thing he can be certain of is that the location he arrives at won’t be anywhere exciting. He’s a cursed man who had no idea why this happens to him, clueless to how it all started or how it can be stopped. Rarely does he find a place to fit in and, on those rare occasions that he does, he can only stay there until he loses his fight against sleep. Andrew Adams has all but given up hope and given up on life.That is until he meets someone else like him who sets in motion a chain of events that will lead him on a journey of discovery and answers to questions that perhaps even he didn't want to know. With the help of a mysterious and tenacious woman, an old drunken priest and a seven-foot, psychopathic assassin Andrews life is about to be given a purpose. Finally he might start to view his abilities as a gift instead of a curse and perhaps learn that there’s always something to be thankful for. Whether he wants to or not

Where Time Winds Blow

Robert Holdstock - 1981
    A planet where eerie time displacements, like winds, can dump alien artefacts from the past and future into now, or sweep things away from now into anywhen.''A planet that attracts both scientists and fortune hunters, rummaging among the strangenesses, risking oblivion, carrying with them their own hang-ups, desperations, odd urges and searches.'You won't easily forget this haunting, fully-realised world.' TRIBUNE.

The Kings of Eternity

Eric Brown - 2011
    All that changes, however, when he meets artist Caroline Platt and finds himself falling in love. But what is his secret, and what are the horrors that haunt him? 1935. Writer Jonathon Langham and Edward Vaughan are summoned from London by their editor friend Jasper Carnegie to help investigate strange goings on in Hopton Wood. What they discover there – no less than a strange creature from another world – will change their lives for ever. What they become, and their link to the novelist of the future, is the subject of Eric Brown’s most ambitious novel to date. Almost ten years in the writing, The Kings of Eternity is a novel of vast scope and depth, full of the staple tropes of the genre and yet imbued with humanity and characters you’ll come to love.

Some Assembly Required

V.R. Tapscott - 2020
     But then her life got sidetracked by digging up the AI Pilot of a 140 million year old spacecraft. Now, she's running all over the world looking for spaceship parts, falling in and out of love and trying to keep her friends from thinking she's crazy. Not only that, but the ship she's helping to recover starts sounding more like the Death Star than the Millennium Falcon. When did life get so complicated?

The Time Bubble Box Set #1-5

Jason Ayres - 2021
    For the four spin-off novels, search for the Second Chances box set.1 The Time BubbleThe story begins as Charlie and Josh discover a time portal in a railway underpass which transports those who enter forward in time.2 Global CoolingTen years after the events of The Time Bubble, the world is gripped by a catastrophic climate event. Can time travel provide an escape?3 Man out of TimeA victim of The Time Bubble finds himself thrust twenty-two years into a future where he's been declared legally dead.4 Splinters in TimeJosh has perfected the art of time travel - until an accident sends him backwards in time on a nightmarish journey through a series of alternate universes.5 Class of '92A man from the 21st Century finds himself stranded in the pre-internet culture of 1992. Meanwhile, historical figures from the past are starting to turn up in Oxford.For more information on each individual book, plus reviews, please check out the individual product pages on Amazon.

The Aphorisms of Kherishdar

M.C.A. Hogarth - 2008
    The Aphorisms of Kherishdar collects 25 short tales about what it is to have an Ai-Naidari soul: to find comfort in tradition, law and structure; to revere interdependence over individualism; to know one's place... to always have one. Illustrated.

Threads in Time

Hannah De Giorgis - 2019
    Something went wrong with the programme for which she volunteered - a programme that employs Einstein’s laws of relativity to send travellers forward in time. The ruins overrun by green woodland in which she wakes are a far cry from the urbanised world she left behind in the 2200's. Lyndall embarks upon a journey that will leave her questioning her very identity. She must choose between the new life that beckons and the old life from which, even thousands of years later, she cannot escape. She will discover that the mission was never about sending people into the future. Much more is at stake."Thoughtful, clever, poignant and thought-provoking in equal measure"- The Scotsman"A thinking person’s sci-fi novel with plot twists a-plenty"- Boston Standard"Given its cinematic potential, it is possible – perhaps likely – that Threads in Time, the first in a planned trilogy, will follow its literary forefathers to the Big Screen."- The Yorkshire Post

Cherry Picking

Tim Heath - 2012
    He took his name from his early business successes, but in reality none of it was based on risk - only certain success.Every decision Nigel has ever made in business, people, sport or life had been based on some prior knowledge.When a stranger appears it shakes his rich world to the core.But Nigel has been waiting for him - and preparing.Now it's a fight to the death - there can be only one winner.

Field Two

Simon Winstanley - 2016
    The 64 years were over: Mankind's extinction was set.The devastation was inevitable: Billions had died.Archive's solution had failed: But it wasn't too late...There was still Time.An emergent symbol now echoes through key moments,influencing the course of human affairs.In a myriad of possible futures,a single mind holds the key.Book Two in the Field series.

Survey Ship

Marion Zimmer Bradley - 1980
    The trainees are chosen for their intelligence at a very young age, then spend their entire childhood learning a skill such as medicine, engineering, physics, etc. When they reach adulthood, the best six of them are sent off to other star systems to spend the rest of their lives searching for a place that may be hospitable to humans.

A Way Home

Theodore Sturgeon - 1955
    This collection of short stories contain the following stories: Unite and Conquer (1948), Special Aptitude (1951), Mewhu's Jet (1946), Hurricane Trio (1955), The Hurkle Is a Happy Beast (1949), Thunder and Roses (1947), Bulkhead (1955), Tiny and the Monster (1947), A Way Home (1953).