Seedtime and Harvest

Mary E. Pearce - 1984
    But a terrible accident and a surprise inheritance put pressure on the happy couple's relationship. "Sheer country magic." James Herriott The advent of the Second World War brings changes to the farm, with one depature and a new arrival. Charlie's good intentions to help a young boy, and the Truscotts' struggling neighbour, drive him and his wife further apart. And Linn's worries about her beloved son, Robert, are difficult to bear. A moving and often heart-rending account of life on a country farm in 1940s war-torn England. The fifth and final book in the Apple Tree Saga.

The Forgotten Song: A feel-good summer escape to Greece

Richard Clark - 2021

The Foxy Virgin and the Duke: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel

Scarlett Osborne - 2021

The Egyptian Codex

David Ian Flynn - 2019
     Michael is an academic of sorts, a cataloguer of ancient texts, everything from Greek to Egyptian. To some, it’s not exactly the most glamorous of professions, but for him it is a worthy endeavor. One day, a seemingly innocuous manuscript lands on his desk. Perhaps it’s a fake, perhaps not. Little does he know that this aged papyrus would launch him on a brazen adventure across multiple countries and linking many eras — involving not only himself, but also a plucky scientist, Anna, and the promise of a discovery that might shake our knowledge of what happened 2000 years ago to its very core.

The Kissing Gate

Susan Sallis - 2012
    Gussie, Ned and Jannie are not quite siblings, but they share a fiercely close and affectionate family bond. In their bohemian Cornish home, with a famous and distinguished artist as their father figure, they glory in their unusual upbringing and their unconventional, loving family life. Until one day a terrible tragedy destroys the foundations of that family, and they have to learn to cope on their own. Moving from Cornwall to New York and back again to the West Country, Susan Sallis's warm and powerful novel shows us love and sorrow, and family life in all its guises.

Sea Skimmer

Larry Jeram-Croft - 2011
    There has never been a satisfactory explanation. This book, although a novel, is based on the personal experiences of the author, a Lynx helicopter pilot and many other true stories that have never been fully told before. So, how do you counter your own weapon system when it’s turned against you? The Falklands War posed just this problem. January 1982 and the Exocet sea skimming missile is a killer. The British should know, they co-developed it with the French. However, the Argentinians have them as well. Marcel Bertrand a French missile expert, who has been made redundant, is recruited to help them. 2 April 1982, Argentina invades the Falklands. Soon after, Lieutenant Jon Hunt flies his Lynx helicopter from HMS Prometheus with a Special Forces team to covertly infiltrate the Argentinian Air base at Rio Grande. His mission is to persuade Marcel who has been kept in the dark about the invasion, to agree to work for them. Once Jon explains the truth about the invasion Marcel and his girlfriend Maria agree to help and manage to modify the missiles warheads with a software update so that they won’t explode. As the war hots up, Argentina desperately tries to make their missiles more effective and the British try just as desperately to develop countermeasures. While down south, Jon Hunt discovers what it’s really like to fly in combat. Eventually Marcel and Maria find themselves in the Islands just as the British are closing in. A rescue attempt to get them out is led by Jon which culminates in a desperate encounter in the mountains surrounding Port Stanley just as the final fight for the Islands takes place around them. This is the first in a series of modern naval adventures, following the career of Lieutenant Jonathon Hunt through the turbulent modern military times of the last three decades

The Ragged Urchin (Rags to Riches Book 1)

Lynette Rees - 2018
    Uncle Walter seems emotionless, exhibiting little feeling towards the young lad. If it wasn't for some of the staff at Huntington Hall, Archie's life would be a complete misery. There's a dark secret that Cook hints at as to why Archie's mother left her lavish lifestyle behind and ended up settling in the East End of London, scraping a living selling cakes and confectionery from the back of a barrow in the marketplace. Archie's never known his father and wonders who he is. Just as he's settling in at the house, someone comes along and seizes the opportunity to kidnap Archie, forcing him to work as a chimney sweep, navigating searing hot chimney breasts in an inferno of hell. As if life couldn't get much harder for boy, he cries himself to sleep at night praying for the angels to take him so he can finally see his mother once again in heaven... Will Archie finally find the love he's looking for? A heartwarming saga, perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Maggie Hope.

A Duke’s Winter Promise: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel

Harriet Caves - 2021

Daring the Duke for a Kiss: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel

Scarlett Scarlett - 2021

The Kindle Fire HDX User Guide (Beginner to Expert in 1 Hour)

Charles Tulley - 2013

Hearts on the Run: An Inspirational Historical Romance Book

Grace Clemens - 2021

The Passenger

Jacqueline Druga - 2021

A Western Christmas Miracle: A Historical Western Romance Book

Aurora Hanson - 2021
    Between taking care of the family farm and working at the diner to make ends meet, she has a lot on her plate. She has neither the time nor the interest to pursue a relationship. When a stranger shows up in town and happens to be around just at the moment she needs help the most, will she break her own rules and let him into her life?If only tragedy didn’t find a way to sneak into her life at every chance…After studying for six years in Chicago, Roger Lockett has returned to Texas to be a doctor. He and his father have never seen eye to eye about his future and what he should dedicate himself to. When his father makes him an offer that could put their differences to rest and bring him to a tiny town in need of a doctor, Roger jumps at the chance. What he never expected was to cross paths with the most beautiful and strong-willed woman he has ever met...Will he manage to break down the walls surrounding her wary heart though?As Roger and Eve grow closer together, disasters and difficulties seem to pile up for Eve and her family. With Christmas preparations in full swing, she struggles to hold everything together. Then an accident hits close to home and suddenly Eve isn’t sure there will be any Christmas this year… Will Roger and Eve brave these challenges together? Will they open their hearts to love and a Christmas miracle?"A Western Christmas Miracle" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Legacy of Secrets (An Irish Family Saga, #4)

Jean Reinhardt - 2015
    To make life even more stressful for her, the young woman finds herself torn between two of the people she loves most in the world. As her husband, Patrick, does his best to provide for his young family Catherine fears he is keeping secrets from her, possibly even more hurtful than the one she has concealed in her heart. While Patrick yearns for social change and a better future for his children, his wife is more concerned about the past and what damage it might cause.

Coastal Breeze

Ed Robinson - 2019
    A three million dollar yacht is his for the taking, but there are strings attached. He’s sent to Panama to repossess the vessel from its current captain, who becomes an unlikely ally during a mission to Colombia. He desperately wants to get home to Florida, but the return trip is fraught with problems and complicated by the uneasy relationship with his passenger. Any attempt to come to terms with the loss of his lover must wait for the completion of the journey. A new life awaits if he can stay alive long enough to realize it.