A Legendary Dope Boy's Love Story 2

Antoinette Sherell - 2019
     Hades wants Loyalty all to himself. So much so, that he does the unthinkable, and it may cost him more than he’s willing to pay. With blood on his hands and a guilty conscience, he has to make a decision that could potentially save someone else. Tinka’s involvement in the streets has finally caught up to her by the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Greg. When her brother, Hiro, is shot because of it, her father begins to reconsider giving her the reigns to his operation. Loyalty is harboring a secret that could possibly destroy the close bond of the Royal and Smith Family. Afraid of the consequences, she continues to dig a deeper hole for herself while unintentionally tearing her family apart in the process. Legend is forced to become a man, father, and provider much sooner than he ever imagined. When the pressure becomes too much, he allows it to lead him into a situation that may cost him everything including his relationship. Outside of their personal issues, an unexpected secret is brought to light that rocks the whole family. With life constantly throwing them curveballs, will this gang make it through their obstacles together, or will they realize that they’re better off apart?

Blood on the Mountain: A Western Frontier Adventure (The Moses Calhoun Mountain Westerns Book 1)

Robert Peecher - 2019
    Make sure you've got plenty of powder and shot, because there will be Blood on the Mountain.Click the buy button to join Moses Calhoun. And don't forget to bring your coat.

Peace on Earth (isn't what what we're good at)

Audrey Faye - 2018
    We're just two women who know what it is to need one." Jane has problems, and this December, keeping her assassin best friend from actually killing somebody isn't the biggest one. Her songwriting muse keeps trying to rise from the dead, they have a new sidekick they can't seem to dislodge from the back seat, and it's that time of year when the ghosts of Christmas shake their chains and make an unbearable season even worse. Peace on Earth isn't what they're good at - but it's coming for them anyhow. Which isn't anything a couple of assassins want for Christmas. (Previously published as Lesbian Assassins, which was a nod to how the story got started, and a terrible description of its contents. Heavily revised to become the tale of holiday redemption Carly & Jane apparently always intended to become!)

Old: A Western

J.V. James - 2021
    And an outspoken orphan child needin' protection.I'm the ex-lawman, Lyle Frakes, and this is the story of how I met little Mary, and our trip from Deadwood to Cheyenne. It's filled with gunfights and fistfights, road agents and cut-throats - bad men just begging for the swift hand of Justice.But it's also the story of that bright little orphan, and how she changed my life for the better. And how me and Horse ain't alone any more.So grab your saddle and rifle - and let's hit the trail.It's another action packed Western from the pen of J.V. James - and as usual, more twists and turns than you can shake a Winchester at.

Keep the Receipts: Three Women, Real Talk, No Filter

The Receipts Media Ltd - 2021

The Cabin at Jackson Hole: A Frontier Story

Kari August - 2021

Walking Crooked with Christ

She Nell - 2020
    Jas’Mia thinks she has lost the love of her life, Bobby, to Shelby, the woman he has decided to marry. Jas’Mia seems to have lost everything, but soon blessings appear. Carlos is everything a woman could want in a Godly man. Money falls like rain and washes her struggles away but doing the right thing is not easy to do when wrong feels right. Can Jas’Mia walk with Christ if her steps are crooked?

Persistent Heart: (Novella)

K. Charelle - 2020
    Two strangers... Instant attraction... Nicolette and Lem!

Sin and Seduction: A Mafia Prisoner Romance (Owned by The Don Book 3)

Callie Vincent - 2021

B&Bers Behaving Madly at a Devon Seaside Guesthouse

Sharley Scott - 2019
    Eccentric or challenging guests are the usual order of the day. But when a sinister man moves in across the road, the first ripples of unease appear.Katie has learned the hard way that a seaside idyll is never what it seems. She and Jason have worked hard at their marriage, but now she has other issues to tackle.While her new cleaner has proved to be a godsend, she comes with a complicated love life. Then there’s Katie and Jason’s daughters, Emily and Lucy, whose boomerang visits definitely have an ulterior motive.And what about the threatening man opposite who has taken an intense dislike to Shona, the madcap owner of the adjoining B&B. Shona’s life has always been chaotic, but now it’s verging on disaster.As the season moves on and guests come and go, Katie fears her daughters have been keeping secrets of their own, while Shona’s troubles come to a head.When the B&Bers are behaving madly, anything can happen. Can Katie weather the storm?

The Other Girl

Lucy Walker - 2021


Niki Jilvontae - 2020
    (Dissociative Identity Disorder) can hinder the value of life for all if affects. These disorders know no age, gender or race boundaries so anyone can be affected by them! Bianca Fulton found that out the hard way at a very young age. As she grew older her manic episodes and multiple personalities led to various obstacles in her life. This is her story... her misery, her turmoil, and her pain. This is the story of how what was supposed to be a tragic ending turned into a beautifully, devious beginning for Bianca Fulton. This is a complex story that shows how she felt like a captive in her own mind...trapped until she found the calming chaos she needed.... this is MANIC!

Fanatic: A Standalone Novel

Jade Jones - 2020

Dreams of Power: The Story of Cynethryth, the First Lady of the English

Jayne Stone - 2015
    Over twelve hundred years ago, Cynethryth ruled with Offa to become one of the most powerful couples in English history. And although she's the only Anglo-Saxon queen to have coinage issued in her name, she is remembered today only for her purported murder of a fellow king. Was she an infamous monster, or is this only how she appeared to the (male) chroniclers of her day? Read her story and you decide, but remember: his-story is not always the same as her-story. (Warning: this book deals with adult topics and situations.)

Perfect Love

Suvika - 2014
    Nothing matters to him except the company he and his friends had built from ground up. He works his Lethal Magic on women to get what he wants – be it their warm, eager bodies or corporate secrets. Until Sanjana enters his office and his life. Sanjana Sinha, a girl on the run from her past who is petrified at the word – Love. Her sole focus is not to draw anyone’s attention on herself while she painstakingly is rebuilding her life. Until Gaurav walks into her workspace and her life. What do fates have in store for these two scarred souls? What would happen when they meet? When the past that they are both trying to escape from comes to stand in front of them?