Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 6 [sample]

Earithen - 2015
    This is a collection of free-previews of Harlequin Comics!The vol.006 is featuring OlymposThis bundle offers The Darkest Night 1, The Darkest Night 2, The Darkest Kiss 1, The Darkest Kiss 2, The Darkest Pleasure 1,and The Darkest Pleasure 2.Please check [Bundle] Harlequin Comics Best Selection vol.6 to read the whole story!

Kiss Of Fire (Illustration Book Of Youka Nitta)

Youka Nitta - 2004
    by Youka Nitta The first art book dedicated to Yaoi in America! From the creator of Embracing Love, Kiss of Fire contains colorful illustrations and paintings that Yaoi fans will truly love.

Kiss Kiss, Vol. 1

Chitose Yagami - 2004
    Nao, a first year in Middle School, decided to enter Seisei School in order to follow the person she fell in love with at first sight! Upon arrival, she discovered that her beloved, Wada Yoshikuni, is part of K.I.S.S....but what is K.I.S.S?元気いっぱいの中学1年生・奈緒(なお)が星鈴(せいれい)学園に入学したのは、あこがれの「お兄チャン」こと和田先輩に会うため!! ところが、彼は生徒会長で、しかも全員がスゴイ特技をもった『KISS』のメンバーだったの! 奈緒はその中の一人、モデルの拓夢(たくむ)に出会い…!?

The Girl and The Geek

DAGAB, HurYunhwa - 2015
    Can a man who's only ever seen a girl in games and a woman who only fawns over stars on TV* actually fall in love?Associated Names덕후의 여자90 Chapters + 5 Extras (Complete)Official English Translationhttps://www.tappytoon.com/series/girl...Official Translation of Manhwahttps://page.kakao.com/home/47598147Original PublisherHaksan Publishing Kakao

The Fishes

Ben . - 2005
    Cool lives his life moderately as a delivery boy. One day, he meets Ann accidentally. Only after a relationship begins to take shape, Mr. Cool realises that Ann is actually the sister of his ex-lover, Angel, who went missing without a trace. Situation starts to get cockle when Elvin, a friend of Ann begin showing his affection towards her. With all histories start to come up, their loves surely would end with more than just unhappy.

Kanjou Spectrum

Kou Yoneda - 2012
    Even if you're in a crowd of people wearing identical uniforms...Even if I can only see your back from far away...You are the only one...That I'll never fail to recognize.My gaze is always yearning for you.I had already fallen for your before I realized it.Teenage love doesn't need a reason.

Sale or Return Bride

Kazuko Fujita - 2009
    Then, for the first time in 15 years, Alesia is summoned by her grandfather only to be told he has chosen a man to whom she must marry. He demands she marry Sebastien Fiorukis, the eldest son of another wealthy Greek family. The two families have been feuding for two generations, so what could her grandfather be scheming? But if she accepts this proposal, her ill mother will be saved. Alesia reluctantly agrees, but she didn't know how her new fiancee would treat her...

This Boy Is A Bottom (Yaoi Manga)

Sachi Murakami - 2018
    Anri dislikes gays since his male boss had continuously harassed him. Meanwhile, Anri is a proud gay bottom! One night, Toru was in heat, and he felt calm being touched by Anri. Since then, the relationship between them changed dramatically! It seems like Toru always has something in his mind that he is afraid to tell... If you are a fan of reversible BL, "The Boy is A Bottom" should be included to your bookshelf! This volume includes two extra chapter from "Rule No.1" series. Etsu and Rio started living together. Will their new life affect their relationship?

Banana Scandal (Banana Scandal, #1)

Dolsha - 2019
    New schools, new people, new roommates. However, of all the surprises, Dojin never expected to catch his roommate’s handsome younger brother, Taehee, jerking off to him in his sleep?! That’s when the scandal began…

The Millionaire's Pregnant Mistress

Hitomi Tsukise - 2008
    She knows he is only after a one-night stand, and quietly leaves him in the morning, never to see him again... Until she discovers she is pregnant! The mysterious man is, in fact, a famous movie producer, and after much deliberation Tess decides to tell him about the baby. At his home she receives a cold reception and even harsher words. But what can she do but accept the conditions he imposes upon her?


Mika Sakurano
    But why is this successful, hardworking boss of mine so preverted?! The new sensational work love story!!

Kind of Confidential

Vivian Darlin

The King's Beast, Vol. 1

Rei Toma - 2019
    The Ajin boys who show signs of special abilities are conscripted to serve in the imperial palace as beast servants—status symbols and shields for their royal masters, to be kept or discarded on a whim. When Rangetsu’s twin brother Sogetsu showed signs of such abilities, he was ripped from her arms and given to Prince Tenyou as a beast servant, where he quickly fell victim to bloody royal intrigues. Now in a world that promises only bitterness, Rangetsu’s one hope is to disguise herself as a man and find a way into the palace to avenge her brother!But Prince Tenyou is not what Rangetsu expected, and the political currents in the palace run deep and strange. Does Rangetsu have any chance of finding justice for her brother, or will she become just another Ajin casualty in the game of kings?


Shoko Hidaka - 2006
    What he does land is Aki, also a male model and an up-and-coming youngster who views Tadashi with an almost hero-like worship. But Tadashi begins to grow insecure as Aki's star begins to rise. Clearly, it’s not all glitz and glamour in the tumultuous world of modeling.

Room to Room

Lee Aru - 2018
    Until one night, Chamin comes into Dowan's room and wants... to have sex? The problem is, Chamin doesn't remember a thing each morning after. Turns out he has something called sexsomnia?! What is Dowan supposed to do now?