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Necessaries by Abi G. Douglas


Krikos: The Vertical Horizon

Rishabh Dubey - 2017
    and the Earth doesn't exist anymore. Humans reside in a celestial space station that is larger than the average star and is powered by the stars themselves. It is informally called a 'Star-Eater', but it's official name is Krikos.While exploring the eternity of space, humans find a possibly habitable solar system. Krikos sends out a mission under the leadership of the famed warrior, Captain Krawn Xanethius, to examine the ideal planet. Krawn soon realises that they are not alone in the Universe. But, his real ambiguity lies in the mysterious existence of a human colony in the system prior to their arrival.A new war would engulf the Galaxy and plethora of lies shall be made known; making the anthropocentric yet existential human being question it all. The truth, though, lies in a small journal, written a thousand years before the birth of Krawn, by the creator of the Krikos and the smartest being to have ever lived - Dr. Flex D'Dustener.Is the purpose of the Krikos to merely save humankind... Or is it much more? Embark on this journey of unknowns and get the answer to the greatest question of all - 'Why?'.

Dragons of Telera: Complete 8 Book Collection

Lisa Daniels - 2017
     Opening a book of Letera is like watching a week in the life of someone else, but where the stakes couldn’t be higher. In a world where every kind of creature exists, survival seems impossible. Each standalone book shows two sides of romance in a world where anything could kill. Book 1- Annora’s Dragon Book 2- Bree’s Dragon Book 3- Kerensa’s Dragon Book 4- Noely’s Dragon Book 5- Ailey’s Dragon Book 6- Zandra’s Dragon Book 7- Ivy’s Dragon Book 8- Summer’s Dragon These books are full of the romance and fiery passion that you have been looking for! Grab them now to jump into these addicting stories. WARNING: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Falling For Wolfe: A Paranormal Romance

Mya Denise - 2017
    He's more than a wealthy businessman that people know him to be. In fact life as he knows it depends on one thing: discretion. There are a lot of things that could fall if his secret was revealed. So to keep it safe he keeps almost everyone at arms length even if it means being lonely. After ten years away, Sage Johnson doesn’t mind moving back to town to help out her grandmother. Needing both a fresh start and a new dating pool, she puts her best foot forward. However what she wasn’t expecting to have a job working for Mr. Wolfe. It’s the one rule her grandmother has for living under her roof. Jonah has a reputation that exceeds him but it doesn’t take Sage long to figure out that there is more to him than people say. By doing so she forms a bond that she never expected to with her extremely serious boss. Even still, her guard is up having been hurt before. That doesn’t stop Jonah from finding a place in her heart. As her and Jonah’s relationship blossoms past the professional realm, Sage inches closer to finding exactly what Jonah is hiding. Will Jonah come clean on his own or will his world have to come crashing down first?

Apocalypse Coming- (Revised Edition) A Novel of Tribulation and Survival (The Tears of Ephraim: Book One)

Cindy Dunaway - 2018
    Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."After a political protest is hijacked by anarchists, mob mentality takes over and violent riots start breaking out in many of our major cities.At the same time, part of the west coast is trying to recover from a series of devastating earthquakes, severe drought, and widespread wildfires.These, nearly simultaneous events, cause a record drop in our modern-day stock market, and due to a national debt of over $28 trillion, the value of the dollar is on the edge of collapsing causing massive layoffs to start taking place across the country. Our enemies see our weakness and know it's time to try and take their place as world leaders, but they know they must find a way to neutralize our military strength. Two countries have come up with a way to do just that and have set everything into motion. Vince and Kim Johnson live on a farm 40 miles to the southeast of Kansas City, Missouri.After serving 17 years in the Army, due to an injury, Vince had to take early medical retirement. Now, the most he thinks he must fight is his ongoing pain. Little does he know that a chain of events is about to take place that will test all his training and leadership skills.They are reunited with family, inexperienced friends, plus four of the men Vince served with while in the Army, to prepare and try to survive what might be the start of the actual apocalypse.*ADVISORY: Our three-book series isn't for everyone as it's intentionally written to be a bit provocative, and contains some adult language.

Eye of Ra

Kipjo K. Ewers - 2016
    Laurence Danjuma was a young man on the straight and narrow with hopes and dreams of making a better life for himself and the father who raised him. Fate and circumstance had a different idea in mind, breaking not just his body, but his will. Now on the brink of death, an ancient power within his family's legacy awakens to both save his life and place him on the path to his destiny. As Laurence unlocks secrets about his true bloodline, he will stumble upon a dark one that will not only put his life on the line again, but also that of the entire human race. Will Laurence find the strength to take up the mantle handed down to him in order to stand against the looming threat that could bring about the extinction of every single human on the planet Earth? Can he be the hero he never expected to be? From the mind of Kipjo Ewers, author of The First and EVO Uprising, comes another chapter in the EVO Universe lore. Prepare for action and adventure that is not only out of this world, but on a god-like level. The anticipated wait is over ... Here comes ... the Eye of Ra.


Brian Declan - 2017
     Frederick Lockland has been one of the most powerful empath for the better part of a century. In service to the King he has ended bloody wars, hunted rogue empaths and defended the realm from most horrifying beasts in existence. Nothing seems impossible for the legendary hero but when an eight-year-old boy becomes his ward he may have found a challenge he cannot handle. Before he was able to walk Falcon learned the bitter taste of pain and loss but pain comes in many flavors and there is always more to lose. In a world where strong emotions can give someone unbelievable power or destroy them from the inside out, Falcon must master his pain before it tears him apart.

Refuge: The Arrival: Book 1

Doug Dandridge - 2012
    The dimensional gates open to another world, a world of magic, where our dreams of fantasy are real. The evil Emperor of the Ellala sees the millions of transplanted humans as soul energy to forward his scheme for immortality. He orders his armies to capture the newcomers, to place them in concentration camps where they can be harvested. But the Germans, French, Polish and other peoples or Earth have other ideas. With the help of their American allies and the modern weapons of war they will fight back against the magic of the evil elves, while gathering their own allies in the fight for survival. For they are seen by the native peoples as the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. And they have brought immortals with them to this world. men and women of great power on Earth, who become true demigods on the new world. So it is tank against mage, attack helicopter against dragon, and nuclear warheads against impregnable fortress, as the humans must use their technology while they still have it, and gain a foothold on a world beyond their understanding.The first book of a series about the establishment of a human Empire on a world of magic, led by their immortal king, Book 2 is also out, book 3 in the winter of 2013.

The First Face of Janus: Secret Society of Nostradamus

Phil Valentine - 2017
    A sci-fi writer finds a set of quatrains that foretell a horrible catastrophe, a mass murder that will change the course of history. He races against time to decipher the quatrains and stop the slaughter. The next prophecy has begun, and there’s only one man who can stop The First Face of Janus.

The Queen's Vow (The Legend of Hooper's Dragons Book 2)

Gary J. Darby - 2016
    Though Vay, the Evil One tastes defeat, her rage and wrath only increases. She thirsts for revenge and vows to find Hooper, the Gem Guardian and Golden Wind to reclaim the golden dragon, and deal death to Hooper for daring to challenge her. The quest continues in book two, Queen’s Vow, as the company seeks a safe haven from Vay’s wrath. But there is no sanctuary. They are the hunted, the pursued. Outcast from all they know, they feel the heavy weight of the condemned just waiting for Death to write the last sentence in their book of life. As the company flees from Vay’s tempest, even Hooper has to question whether one dragon is worth the pain and suffering. Indeed, is a dragon worth dying for, or for that matter, is there ever any one thing worth the ultimate price? For Hooper, it may well be the question that decides his ultimate fate.

If You Don't Like The Weather

Jerry D. Young - 2012
    YOUNG Brian Lanigan, the owner of a TV news station, gets a bad feeling when his meteorologists shows him the satellite image of a growing storm. The feeling only gets worse when no one wants to talk about the meteorological freight train heading toward the US and he's threatened to keep the information out of the weather reports. Brian acts on his instincts and quickly prepares to stock up and bug out. ABOUT AUTHOR JERRY D. YOUNG Author Jerry D. Young has been a fixture in the survival and prepping communities for more than twenty years. The author of more than 100 novels and short stories, Jerry’s writing has been a staple for men and women of all ages and from all walks of life that are interested in prepping, survival, and all-around self-sufficiency. Jerry’s books are written with the goal of educating as well as entertaining and generally enjoyed by all who seek to expand their knowledge of prepping and survival topics while enjoying a good book or short story. As daunting as the end of the world, nuclear fallout, World War III, Civil unrest, economic collapse, solar flares, EMP attacks, and other apocalyptic scenarios may be, society has always been interested in the “What If?” of a Post-Apocalyptic World. Jerry’s stories provide interesting and practical perspectives of heroes and villains navigating Post-Apocalyptic scenarios including everything from Mad Max type of events to more relevant plot lines that seem as if they could have come from the headlines of the modern world. Find more about Jerry D. Young at

No Such Thing as Dragons : Complete Series Box Set (Books 1 - 5)

Lauren Lively - 2017
    All 5 books contain curvy females who come into their own and alpha dragonborn shifters with a hunger for passion and insatiable desires. Book 1 – Saved by a Dragon Book 2 – Healed by a Dragon Book 3 – Loved by a Dragon Book 4 – Married to a Dragon Book 5 – Baby for a Dragon Warning: Explicit love scenes, epic battles, and piles of sexy shifters. Intended for mature readers only.

River of Spears

Kade Derricks - 2015
    The rarest of gems, one capable of turning any mage into an unstoppable force of destruction. A gem found only in the empty lands surrounding the Tyber River. And now war has come. Endless war between Esteria and the native Tyberons, a savage and mysterious people who prowl the grass-covered land with spearpoints ready. Unable to end the conflict the Esterians rely on mercenaries to bolster their military, desperate men like Dain Gladstone, a disgraced Paladin. Dain dreams of a peaceful life, a quiet home of his own, and he’s willing to fight for it. The Esterians have a new plan to conquer their enemies. A bold expedition to strike into the heart of the Tyberons and Dain finds himself caught at its center. Can his dream survive the River of Spears?

The Panther's Arranged Mate

Bonnie Burrows - 2016
    When Clara revealed it was by being the surrogate mother to a shapeshifter's baby she was a little bit more than shocked. Clara then told Shanya that she could bring her in on the deal and make her rich beyond her wildest dreams. Something that Shanya was very, very interested in. And this was how she met muscle-bound WerePanther Storm. Drop-dead gorgeous and from a wealthy family with ancient origins. Now, Shanya must leave her normal life to go and be the arranged mate of a Panther. However, she currently has no idea that Storm's deal has an additional hidden clause and when she finds out it could change EVERYTHING.... This is a paranormal pregnancy romance with lots of action and adventure included. Be prepared to be thrilled! Warning: Includes scenes of a sexual nature

The Devil Drives A Jaguar

Suzanne Downes - 2014
    His latest case is intriguing and he gets perhaps a little too involved. Libby Richmond doesn’t believe in ghosts, messages from beyond the grave or any other superstitious nonsense – but when she returns to the old Derbyshire farmhouse to nurse her Great Aunt Lillian through the last stages of terminal illness, she finds all her beliefs turned upside down. Lil wants to discover the truth behind a long-ago family scandal before she dies – and Libby finds herself being drawn in until she too is obsessed with the outcome. Decima Watkins was hanged in 1859 for poisoning three of her older sisters. Now it seems she wants revenge! Libby realizes that there can be no happy ending to this story. Either Decima was a pathetic victim of her father’s fury and a gross miscarriage of justice, or she was the cold-blooded murderess of her own siblings. Whatever the truth, she appears to be taking out her anger on Libby, even managing to inflict physical harm on her hapless descendant. But what is really happening at Hill Farm? Libby has upset quite a few people by supporting Lil when the general opinion is that she should go quietly to a hospice and die there. Is the culprit one of those angry with Libby’s interference? Is it Brendan, the boyfriend she dumped to run off to Derbyshire to be with Lil? Or is Libby simply losing her grip on reality? DI Piper is the one who has to discover the truth when he arrests her and listens to her incredible tale.

Birthday Witch

Billie Dale
    This is how I planned to spend my fortieth birthday. A mercurial milestone page turning where life should be getting easier. I will not let today get me down even with being tossed back into the cesspool of dating by a cheating ex-husband.“Tra-la-la, forty will be my new twenty-five,” or so I thought until the hottest man on the planet appears through a portal door in my kitchen. Introducing a sultry vampire, a stunningly beautiful Goddess and a pointy-eared alien into the delusional delirium spewing from his luscious lips.“Shayden Reigh, you’re the next contestant on This is Your Life. You’re our new queen and you must save the land of Erigate.”The land of what with the who? These people are speaking but I’m not comprehending what they’re selling.I, Shayden Reigh, armed with nothing more than a smart mouth, sassy wit, a cocky cat who hates me have no clue what in h-e-double hockey sticks I’m doing. But they say I must prepare to fight.The Gods have chosen, armed me with new magic and assigned an ego-driven hot guardian named Luke, who insists only I can tip the scale to victory and save his precious world.No pressure there, right?Magic is real, different realms exist and I’m the most powerful witch in the universe.The Gods set me, a newly single mom, on the path to the throne but I must figure out how to save it first.