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The Body in the Boat by Ami Diane


The Missing Pom Mystery

Donna Doyle - 2021
    She’s ready for a change, and when she finds an opening at the Curly Bay Pet Hotel and Rescue, it seems like the perfect fit. Until a prize winning Pom disappears on the very first day and Courtney is in the firing line!The finger is pointed at her, and she has to get to the bottom of the case before her life is turned upside down once again.Join Courtney Cain in her very first Curly Bay Animal Rescue Cozy Mystery and meet a host of quirky, lovable characters, both furry and otherwise!

Sweet Southern Sleuths Box Set II

Hope Callaghan - 2016
     While still in Vegas, Loretta Sweet and (Uncle) Ichabod McCoy decide to do a little sightseeing and pay a visit to the Hoover Dam via a guided bus tour. The trip is wrought with mishaps, starting with the bus breaking down. The bus driver is able to fix the bus and the passengers climb aboard for the final leg of the trip. Uncle Ichabod and Loretta, who are the last to board, discover they are unable to sit together and Loretta ends up sitting next to a passenger who is quiet, and for good reason...he's dead. Loretta, once again, finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Will her final destination be the local jail? Book 6: Pups in Peril After returning from their harrowing trip to Las Vegas, the Sweet twins, Loretta and Lacy, along with Uncle Ichabod, are excited to celebrate Thanksgiving, but the celebration turns to sadness when they discover that their "adopted" Chihuahua, Barkley, has gone missing. The trio, along with Barkley's owner, Savannah Dogwood, set out to find their beloved pup and soon discover that several other small pedigree dogs have disappeared from Misery and the nearby town of Glimmer. Are the missing pets an eerie coincidence...or has someone targeted the furry friends for something much more sinister? Book 7: Dying to Get Married The Thanksgiving holiday is over and Loretta Sweet, vowing to work off some post-holiday pounds, heads out for an evening stroll along with her twin sister, Lacy, and the neighbor’s dog, Barkley. Barkley breaks loose from his leash and races across Mossy Manor Bed and Breakfast property. When the girls finally catch up with him, they find him in an empty building, standing guard over a young woman's body. Lacy and Loretta quickly discover that the poor victim had more enemies than friends, including Savannah Dogwood, their neighbor. The girls start digging around and the list of suspects quickly grows with Savannah as the prime suspect. Can Loretta and Lacy clear Savannah's name, or is she, as all the evidence seems to indicate, capable of murder? Bonus Book: Deadly Drive-In Spring is in the air and Loretta Sweet is looking forward to a fun-filled Sunday, participating in Misery’s annual Spring Splash events. She's especially excited because Pastor Alex Jessup has asked her to be his date for the evening's Spring Serenade dance. Loretta's twin sister, Lacy, who is desperate to win the mystery scavenger hunt's grand prize, a shopping spree, talks her sister into joining the hunt. The Sweet sisters, along with Uncle Ichabod and their friend and neighbor, Savannah, find much more than the items listed on the scavenger hunt when the clues lead them to the town’s abandoned drive-in movie theater. Will they survive the hunt or will they become the next mystery in Misery? ~~ Click the “Buy now with 1 click” button at the top of the page OR Read it for FREE with Kindle Unlim

Booker Brothers Detective Agency #1-3

Maisie Dean - 2019
    She's trying to break into Hollywood, but it isn't easy. She was the prettiest girl in her hometown, but in LA she's a dime a dozen.   When a friend offers Kacey a job working at a detective agency, the young actress jumps at the opportunity. Maybe this is the role she's been looking for.   The detective agency is unlike any she's ever seen in the movies. It's run by three handsome, single brothers and their sassy grandmother. Her first day at the agency is anything but boring. She's put on the case right away, infiltrating the world of LA's rich elites. Soon Kacey is finding clues for her new bosses, and having the time of her life.   But the agency is in trouble. The financial kind. If this case goes wrong, and they lose their biggest client, the Booker Brothers Detective Agency could be shutting down for good.   It's up to Kacey to solve the mystery of the State of the Art Heist, save the agency, and keep her new job, which really is the role of a lifetime. BOOK 2 – STUNT DOUBLE TROUBLE Kacey Chance is a former actress turned detective. Luckily for her, acting skills come in handy during investigations. The LA detective agency she works for is unlike any she's ever seen in the movies. It's run by three handsome, single brothers and their sassy grandmother. Kacey loves her new job. Working as a detective is the role of a lifetime. Kacey's latest assignment is to investigate a suspicious workplace accident. The victim, who worked at local hangout Rockburger, is seeking a large cash settlement. A stakeout at the victim's residence reveals nosy neighbors and colorful roommates who drop hints that nothing about this accident is quite as it appears. Plus there's a mysterious stranger calling in anonymous tips. It's up to Kacey to solve the mystery of the Stunt Double Trouble, even though it may cost her dearly. BOOK 3 – READY ON SET DRAMA Kacey Chance said goodbye to her actress dreams to become a private investigator, but now her work is sending her straight into the heart of Hollywood. Her new assignment takes her undercover, working as a personal assistant to a handsome actor. Someone is trying to destroy his career, and it's up to Kacey to find out who, and why. Being on set is every bit as fun as Kacey imagined. The case seems easy enough, until she hits a moral dilemma. Exactly how far should an investigator go to discover the truth? Kacey doesn't want to ruin anyone's life, and yet, she finds herself holding secrets that could destroy careers. Back at the office, the Booker brothers have their own unique approaches to handling delicate secrets. Of course. And then there's Tippy Booker, the supposedly "retired" matriarch of the family, who's always around to drink coffee, look glamorous, and dispense her cynical advice. Kacey and the Booker family race against time to unravel the twisted mystery of the Ready On Set Drama. Get all 3 books in this exclusive series box set. Then cuddle up and get cozy with Kacey and the Booker brothers as they solve cases and have plenty of laughs along the way!

The French Fraud: Cozy Mystery

Myrtle Morse - 2021

Camp Pain

Wendy Meadows - 2019
    Her feet hop from place to place; her exotic experiences are filling the pages faster than stamps on her passport. Someday, she aspires to land a big-time publishing deal.At a stopover in Atlanta, she is shocked to discover the body of a local businessman, Peter, dumped in a camp in the outskirts of the city. For the first time, her wings are clipped as the lead detective; Brian Johnston launches an investigation into Peter’s death – firmly suspecting that cause of death was murder.Patricia and Brian band together in his murder investigation, slowly uncovering leads to a shady underbelly behind Peter’s flashy ‘successful’ exterior, and the illicit dealings he was determined to keep from prying eyes. As the details begin to piece together, someone intends to step in and silence them. By any means necessary.

A Case of Death in Disguise : Texas General Cozy Mystery, Book 2 (Texas General Cozy Cases of Mystery)

Becki Willis - 2020

Friends and Foes: A Read Wine Bookstore Cozy Mystery Book 1

L.C. Turner - 2020

Killer Bait

Martina Dalton - 2019
     Much to the chagrin of her brother, Zen, a homicide detective, Clarity throws caution to the wind and jumps into the investigation with both feet. Zen’s ultra-handsome detective partner, Hunter, encourages Clarity to learn self-defense—especially since she’s getting closer to discovering who the killer is. Using her social media sleuthing skills, she sets out to bait the murderer. Is she clever enough to entrap the killer? Or will she end up as the catch of the day?

The Comfort Cakes Cozy Mystery Box Set: Books 1-4, Culinary Cozy Mysteries

Nancy McGovern - 2018
    So, ready for change and up for a challenge, she has decided to relocate to the beautiful coastal town of Swaddle, California to pursue her lifelong dream of opening her very own bakery! And, as a self-professed “Queen of Cakes”, she can’t wait to show the world what she can do! Sadly, not everyone shares her enthusiasm. While the majority of the locals are thrilled with her new Comfort Cakes Bake Shop, Rachel soon learns that the owner of a local café is determined to ruin her. Of course, business is business, and a bit of competition may even make things interesting. But when Rachel finds a dead body in her kitchen just before the Grand Opening and she is accused of the murder, she quickly realizes that this is more than a little friendly rivalry! From Book 2, Guilt & Galaxy Cake: Rachel’s newest assignment is to create an enticing galaxy cake to celebrate the latest release from popular science fiction author, Stan Stickman. But when the legendary scribe is killed in a manner eerily reminiscent of a murder found in his own book, Rachel finds herself sucked into a vortex of mystery & deceit from which she seems unable to escape. Now, if she hopes to get out with her own life intact, she must figure out who is to blame for the deadly deed. And with a cast of suspects including an astronaut-turned-senator, an obsessed fan and even her own ex-boyfriend, she is in for a wild ride! From Book 3, Strangulation & Strawberry Cake: When Rachel is hired to bake a special strawberry cake for Sheriff Scott’s grandmother’s 90th birthday, she works extra hard to make it as perfect as possible. After all, the sharp-eyed millionaire is known to have a hot temper & a short fuse. But, despite all of her hard work, there’s no way Rachel could have prevented this party from going awry. Not when someone is murdered right before dinner! Grandma Mallory’s accountant is the victim. It seems he’d learned something that someone wished to keep secret and, with nobody at the party other than members of the family, one of them must be the killer. Unless, that is, it’s the ghost in the attic… From Book 4, Bodies & Bundt Cake: How exciting! Rachel is off to spend a weekend serving as a judge for a baking contest! She&rsquo

Act it Out (A Hailey Webb Mystery, Volume 2)

Deany Ray - 2021

The Calla Lily Mysteries

Anna Celeste Burke - 2020

Holly and the Framed Friend

Dianne Harman - 2019
     Family secrets. A murdered mother. An estranged aunt. A diary. A vandalized high school. Holly knows nothing about her biological family living in Missouri. When her aunt invites her to stay with them for two weeks after her mother’s murder, she has mixed feeling but decides to accept the invitation. Once she’s there, she’s determined to find out why her mother chose to live alone and at a distance from her family. What happened, and why won’t her aunt talk about it? Does the diary she finds hold the key? And who’s been vandalizing the high school? Her cousin’s friend has been accused, but is she guilty? Holly has to use her skills solving mysteries both at the high school and in her family.

Undercover On The Calypso: Book One: The Cozy Cruise Mysteries

Lizzie Josephson - 2020

Exposed in Edinburgh: The House Sitters Cozy Mysteries

Scarlett Moss - 2020
    Alen and Joan Arny happily left law enforcement behind in exchange for traveling and new adventures. They never expected their new job as house and pet sitters to lead them back to crime and intrigue.Ian Bennett has a secret. He’s in big trouble if it’s exposed and someone is threatening to do just that. The American couple house sitting next door might be the answer to his prayers.Alen and Joan question if it’s possible to solve a mystery and capture a criminal with no police department, authority, jurisdiction, crime scene analysis, forensics, or modern crime-solving technology.Will Alen be able to trust his intuition through his self-doubt, will Joan consider crime-solving a bucket list-worthy adventure, and can a canine named Sherlock Holmes help at all?Read it today, because we love a cozy mystery where the good guys prevail and dogs help save the day. Exposed in Edinburgh is the first book in the series. A clean cozy mystery. No graphic violence, sex, or strong language. Available in Large Print. The House Sitters Cozy Mysteries will take you on adventures and land you in the middle of crimes in different international cities in each book. Enjoy travel photos and recipes from each destination along with charming dogs in each country. Look for corresponding journals. Each book can be read as a standalone and you can read them in any order.

Massage & Murder

Jenn Cowan - 2018
    A professional. A healer. Not a killer. When a client ends up dead on my massage table, I become the number one suspect. I have Means. Motive. Opportunity. But I didn't kill her. The clock is ticking, someone is stalking me, I have to find out who before I end up in jail or worse...dead.