Life as an Independent Space Hauler

Jason Hill - 2021
    Everything was taken from him and he was pressed into military service as a fighter pilot. A few years later, Jace has gotten out of military service and worked on a corporate freighter. He has grown to love space and plans to never return to earth. Dissatisfied with the corporate life, Jace finds the necessary backing to go independent. Thus, he begins the life of an independent freight hauler. This story is inspired by Nathan Lowell's Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series, Firefly, and some anime.

The Imprisoned Earth

Vaughn Heppner - 2019
    Calidore alive on the Allan Corporation Voyager Manhattan. The spaceship was run like a pirate vessel, part of a multi-corporation fleet racing to claim an alien asteroid vessel that had just appeared beyond the moon. None of us knew the Chin Corporation Voyager had nuclear-tipped torpedoes and planned to murder the lot of us. Well, no one knew but Calidore, and the little genius decided to skip out on a shuttle and take over the alien asteroid for himself. He screwed up bad, so bad you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what happened. The point is, I have to fix the problem, me, Jason Bain the bodyguard, or the Earth can kiss its tush goodbye.

This Alien Earth: The Complete Series: A Dystopian Sci-fi Box Set

Paul Antony Jones - 2021

The Martian: A Novel by Andy Weir | Summary & Analysis

aBookaDay - 2015
    If you have not yet bought the original copy, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial summary from aBookaDay. SPECIAL OFFER $2.99 (Regularly priced: $3.99) Mark Watney is a dead man walking. As a member of the Ares 3 Mars mission, he landed with five crewmates for an assignment meant to be a month long. Then the storm came, and the crew was forced to evacuate. Watney, presumed dead by the rest of his team, was left behind. Watney made it through the storm, but with communications wiped out, he has no way of telling Earth that he’s alive. Even if he did, outfitting a mission to collect him would take years. He’s run the numbers, and the odds are literally impossible. On Earth, and on the ship Hermes, friends and strangers alike grieve for a fallen hero, while alone on an alien planet where even the smallest mistake means certain death, the man they mourn struggles to survive. Read more.... Download your copy today! for a limited time discount of only $2.99! Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Flight of the Javelin: The Complete Series: A Space Opera Box Set

Rachel Aukes - 2021

Mike's War: Sequel to Jesse's Starship

Saxon Andrew - 2014
    Humans have been forced by Aliens to live in peace for fifteen years and things are not going well on the planet. Conditions have not improved and the Elected Leaders are doing little more than lining their own pockets with exorbitant taxes. The crazies are killing people, who no longer have a way to defend themselves and technology has stagnated. Now the Aliens have asked the unthinkable and Mike Sanders is faced with a decision that will divide Earth. Humans are going back to war against an enemy that the Aliens are unable to defeat. Will Earth decide to do their bidding or continue in peace? If they decide for war, it will be Mike’s war to win or lose. Excerpt from; Mike’s War Derek arrived with the three companies at the Gracken Barracks. The Gracken were rushing out of the barracks when he arrived and the companies were firing a barrage of slivers into the building. He shook his head at the speed of the huge Gracken. The ones still in the building were firing their blasters through the openings but slivers would be fired at the source of the beams and they would immediately stop. The large number of Gracken that had escaped before they formed up began attacking from the rear of their formation and from above as they jumped off the buildings on each side of the street. The leapers appeared to have no fear of dying as they dove on the human lines outside their barracks. Derek assigned fire zones to the officers and he watched the buildings. The Gracken actually fell slower than they could run. Derek kept his rifle aimed above the three companies and shot more than twenty huge Gracken who jumped at human formations. The giants would jerk as the slivers punched into their bodies and in a number of instances their dead body would hit one of the soldiers in ranks. The soldier’s personal force field would absorb the energy of the fall and push the huge body to the side but the soldier hit would be staggered by the impact. A Gracken came running at high speed, zig zagging as it approached; it accelerated and hit Lieutenant Patel standing behind Derek. Derek turned, drew his handgun and looked into the contorted face of the Gracken as it ripped Patel’s heart out his chest. The Gracken saw Derek’s face as he pulled the trigger and it knew there was no time to escape. Its head was blown off its shoulders and the Gracken collapsed. Ten Gracken had fallen into the companies while Derek was dealing with the Gracken and he ordered over the main frequency, “Move a platoon back here to hold off the Gracken coming from the rear.” Derek turned back and shot two Gracken falling in on their ranks. Crap, they were fast. “Sir, we’re seeing large numbers of Gracken moving over the roofs. Do we have permission to fire into the buildings?” Derek knew there were civilians in the buildings but the die was cast and hard decisions had to be made. “Take them out.” Derek saw bright flashes start appearing over the tops of the buildings on each side of the streets. Thank God he had taken the time to train a company to use the force fields to keep them in the air. The foils would flex and generate lift keeping the warrior flying. The Flyers were keeping the casualty rate down. Without them, losses would be incredible. This review is from: Jesse's Starship (Kindle Edition) From the beginning, I was glued to this story. I was intrigued by Jesse's tenacity and determination to see to the end the return of whoever or whatever took his family. This story only gets better as you continue to read it. Ten stars to Saxon Andrew for a wonderful story. If only we could live like this.... Visit us at on face book at www.facebook.

Enigma (The Belt, #4)

Gerald M. Kilby - 2020

Oblivion Box Set: Books 1-4: Lost Mission, First Contact, Final Invasion, Star Fallen

Joshua James - 2020
    Captain Lee Saito's massive new starship is sent to seal the uneasy truce. But a series of terrorist attacks on Earth and the mysterious acts of a strange cult threaten to derail the fragile peace. When the mission goes awry, Saito must try to salvage what he can in deep space while his estranged son must navigate a conspiracy back on Earth that could implicate the highest levels of government. As it all spirals out of control, the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Includes the first 4 books in the Oblivion series: Lost Mission First Contact Final Invasion Star Fallen Five star reviews for Lost Mission, book 1 in the series: "Plenty of high octane action sequences ... Readers should expect a twisting and curving wild ride." "This is a fast moving book that you won’t want to put down." "A rip roaring tale that does a fine job of world building and character development."

A Heart of Ice (The Great War Book 4)

Ralph Kern - 2020

Destiny: Union Station

E.M. Foner - 2021
    Joe McAllister is a reluctant mercenary who's looking for a way out and family-friendly place to start a business and raise an orphaned boy. Will the choices they make in the next few months shape the rest of their lives, or is free will just an illusion in a galaxy managed by ancient artificial intelligence? Destiny: Union Station takes place two years before the start of the nineteen book EarthCent Ambassador series.

Works of E. E. "Doc" Smith (8 books)

E.E. "Doc" Smith - 2009
    To find each work in the anthology, you must go to the "Go To" section of your Nook, and then select "Chapter." It might get a blank screen--if it does, then hit the page forward button and the work will appear. Eight works by classic sci-fi author E.E. Smith collected in one book with an active table of contents.Works include:The Galaxy PrimesMasters of SpaceThe Skylark of SpaceSkylark ThreeSpacehounds of IPCSubspace SurvivorsTriplanetaryThe Vortex Blaster

Aliens Robots and The Apocalypse

Jasper T. Scott - 2020
     Rogue Star: Frozen Earth and Rogue Star New Worlds A DEAD STAR IS HEADED FOR EARTH... THE SHIFT IN EARTH'S ORBIT WILL UNLEASH A NEW ICE AGE... AND THIS SUMMER WILL BE OUR LAST Logan’s life is falling apart: he lost his job and found out that his wife is cheating on him all in the same day. Thinking that his world has ended, he checks into a hotel and turns on the TV to see that he's not far wrong—something big is headed for Earth at over 500 miles per second. Under Darkness (A Standalone Sci-Fi Thriller) THE SUN VANISHED AND DARKNESS FELL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY A dark shadow falls over the island of Kauai. Then the meteors begin to fall. Live news coverage shows a local anchorman fleeing from his hillside vantage point. His muffled screams are the last thing anyone hears before the signal is lost... Into the Unknown (A Standalone Sci-Fi Mystery) THEIR CRUISE SHIP JUMPED TO THE WRONG STAR SYSTEM... Liam Price and his family are traveling on the Starlit Dream to the exotic world of Aquaria. Soon after the voyage starts, they learn that they’ve somehow jumped to the wrong star system. Then the ship plunges into darkness, and they realize that something is on board hunting the passengers... In Time for Revenge (A Standalone Sci-Fi Murder Mystery) HE INVENTED A MACHINE TO TAKE PEOPLE TO THE FUTURE THEN HE WAS ACCUSED OF MURDER, BUT HE CAN'T REMEMBER KILLING ANYONE Billionaire genius Byron Gaines is accused of murdering his wife and her lover, but he swears he didn't do it. This couldn't have come at a worse moment: he is so close to a breakthrough in his research. He's about to invent a device that will change the world forever. The irony is, if only he had a little more time, he'd be able to make his legal problems disappear—along with himself.


Richard F. Weyand - 2021
    A single planetary cataclysm could wipe out the human race. As long as humanity only occupies one planet, the danger exists.Computer genius Bernd Decker understands it, too. Together, Burke and Decker come up with a daring plan to send human colonies out to multiple other planets. Not least among their problems is that no one yet has solved the problem of interstellar travel.Bernd Decker’s computer project offers to help. But Decker doesn't realize that the Joint Artificial Neural Intelligence Computation Engine - JANICE - has crossed the Singularity."Janice Quant" decides to carry out their project, and absolutely nothing is going to get in her way.

... and they are us

Patrick McClafferty - 2014
    Voracious and relentlessly, the Creednax consume everything in their path, including people, planets and themselves if necessary. Only the Rose of the Dawn has the smallest chance of stopping them — if the abducted captain and shanghaied crew can figure out how to run the alien ship in time. Unfortunately, time is the one thing they don’t have.

The Mystic Saga

Scott McElhaney - 2012
    Here you’ll find Indentured, Legacy, and Violation in a single affordable edition. Indentured introduces you to the crew of the USS Pioneer – the world’s first superluminal spacecraft. It eventually leaves you with a question as to what happened to the majority of the crew of that ship when it became stranded in the Beta Hydri system.Legacy brings you the tale of those descendants of the original Pioneer colony in the Beta Hydri System, introducing for the first time, the Mystics. When Legacy is invaded by a fleet of spacecraft, the primitive colony, nine-hundred years in the making, reacts in the only way it knows how. When it comes to the Mystics, this reaction could be quite deadly.Violation finishes up the overall “introduction” to the true Mystic Saga, bringing you the tale of about a dozen USSC assassins sent to a 1940’s Earth. Their sole purpose is to slip in, kill their list of targets, and slip out as quietly as possible. Unfortunately, a disgruntled soldier and a vengeful Mystic raise a significant amount of ruckus along the way.