Shifter Squad Six: Complete Series

Anya Nowlan - 2017
     Looking for shapeshifters who are hard, ready for anything for their fated and impossible to stop when they go for what they want? Then Shifter Squad Six is exactly the team of seasoned Navy Seal shapeshifters you are looking for. With plenty of danger, unexpected pregnancies and steamy drama to look forward to, this is a bundle you can't miss! This anthology includes four full novels from the bestselling Shifter Squad Six series. Each book has a happily ever after ending, no cheating and can and should be read as a standalone! The boxed set includes: Bear My Baby Brought together by fate once more, Connor has to save his woman, maybe the world, and most heartwrenchingly, his cub he knew nothing about. Can Cassie and Connor overcome the lies between them and have a future together, or are they doomed to fail? Twin Wolf Trouble Risking their loyalty, their future and their friendships, the brothers will do anything that they have to in order to keep their mate and their sons safe. Yet sheer force of will means nothing when they're pitted against the most dangerous terrorists in the world. And they want blood. Will Madeline, Tex and Thatch find their happiness or are the sharp claws of destiny too brutal to pass through? Bad Cat Baby Blues Facing deceit, death, crazed terrorists and an innocent child in the middle of it, Dutch and Ari need to realize whether they can be a team and trust each other or if fate never had that in store for them. One thing's for certain though - neither one of them is going down without a fight! Cats Got Your Tongue The men know it's now or never. Save Ari and their heirs or regret it for the rest of their lives. The Arctics are the key to their salvation and possible destruction. Will they fail or have Grant and Grim finally met the one woman who could make them work as a team?

Accidentally Met Him Box Set

Lauren Wood - 2019
    Marriage. Then I met Candy, a beautiful redhead with a svelte body. I woke up to an empty bed, her wedding ring in the sheets. Our marriage wasn’t real. And Candy belonged to someone else. But I don’t lose. And I’m not giving her up without a fight. Book #2: Accidentally Love Her “She came for a short vacation, and came back hitched.” This was supposed to be a fun vacation. The next thing I know, I’m putting a ring on her finger, and said, ‘I do’. But the marriage was more than I bargained for. Book #3: Accidentally Fiancé ‘Till death do us part’… sounds like a really long time. “I do.” Never have two words been so powerful. I never wanted a wife and the complications that go with it. But then I looked over at the woman standing beside me. Deirdre was someone that I could promise forever to. I won’t let her go. I can’t. She’s my wife and I’m willing to fight for her. Book #4: Accidentally Married “The ring signified a wedding; I didn’t even know I had.” One final bash, before I was no longer a bachelor. Then I woke up in her bed. The morning of my wedding and there was now something on my finger. A ring. A wedding ring and Anna next to me. What did the hell happen? It may be the best thing that ever happened to me. Come meet these four sexy alphas and sassy heroines who will give you roller coaster ride of emotions, possessiveness, intensely hot love and happily ever after.

Clashing Colors - The Complete Box-Set

Elin Peer - 2020
    BLACK #1VIOLET #2GREEN #3BLUE #4YELLOW #5You can read the full book descriptions under each book and if you want a taste visit the author's website and get the first book Black as a welcome gift. Elin Peer's Clashing Colors series has readers raving about the unpredictable plots and intriguing stories. Elin has a unique talent of tackling taboos and sensitive subjects with humor and insight and this box-set is guaranteed to keep you highly entertained with five very different stories of what happens when opposites attract.Buy it and let the “clash” begin today!

Cowboy Roomie Complete Series Box Set

Claire Adams - 2017
     Cash Ogden was perfectly happy on his ranch outside of Jackson, Wyoming where he always knew what to expect and was able to keep things neat and tidy. But then Hailey Young showed up on his doorstep, throwing his entire life into disarray. An author from New York City, she wants to study Cash’s life so she can write a realistic cowboy novel, and though Cash isn’t excited by the prospect of opening up his home and life, he can’t turn down the money she’s offering. Cash can’t deny an immediate physical attraction to the beautiful and smart Hailey, but they are complete opposites who also happen to live three thousand miles apart. He vows to keep things professional between them, but will he really be able to keep that promise to himself during the three months Hailey plans to stay, closely watching his every move as the attraction builds?

Me Before You: By Jojo Moyes -- Sidekick

BookBuddy - 2014
    While it will greatly enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the book, it is not intended to stand in its place.* "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes is a New York Times bestselling novel that chronicles the utterly boring life of Louisa Clark. She has a close-knit family, a steady boyfriend, and a desire to stretch beyond the boundaries of her sleepy little village. This sidekick breaks down each chapter into easy-to-digest nuggets of analysis, as you watch Lou fall for the wheelchair-bound Will Traynor. He lived large and played hard: traveling, enjoying extreme sports, and doing anything else that got his motor running. Now he sits idle, certain that there is no more point to living. In this sidekick to "Me Before You," you'll read about the novel's conflicting themes of the right to die and the courage to start over. Will chooses to exercise his right to die. Will his budding love with Lou change his mind? Can she give him the courage to start over? They have so little in common, yet each would do anything just to see the other happy. How far would you go to make the one you love happy? What if it meant breaking that person's heart? This expert sidekick discusses each side of the equation in "Me Before You" a love story for a generation.

Legacy: Legacy of the Mist Clans Box Set

Kathryn Loch - 2014
    But hurry this special price won't last long. Featured are Mist Warrior, Demon Laird, Shadowed Hawk, and the brand new Highlander's Hope. Everything has been reformatted and updated especially for this boxed set. Get yours today! Mist Warrior Branan has one chance to reclaim what was stolen from him, his title, inheritance and his legacy. But he is not prepared for what greets him when he returns to England. The home of Branan's foster family has been burned to the ground. Demon Laird Captured and tortured by the English during Longshanks's war against the Scots, Ronan MacGrigor finds the strength to escape, only to suffer the fear and rejection of his own clan. Forced to stalk the shadows at night, Ronan becomes a prisoner of illness, fear, and memories. The villagers whisper of a curse—the Demon Laird made a deal with the devil—now the devil demands his due. Shadowed Hawk Aidan MacGrigor is the Hawk. In the midst of Longshanks's war against the Bruce, intrigue is Aidan's currency - and he is a wealthy man. His birds softly sing their songs of information, and Aidan uses them to strengthen Clan MacGrigor. Though his life is one of solitude, he has come to savor the freedom it affords him, even if it means sacrificing the joy of having a wife and family of his own. He is resigned to his lot in life . . . until fate sends a bruised and battered sparrow his way and his instinct to love and protect takes over . . . Highlander's Hope Connell and Mairi have left the safety of MacGrigor Castle, hoping to reach Edinburgh, vanish into the busy city, and elude the Scottish and English mercenaries hunting them and their infant ward, the bastard son of the newly crowned King Edward II, and a pawn in the war for control of Scotland’s future. With his family dead, Connell has nothing left to lose. He willingly puts his life on the line for Mairi and wee Adam, but he cannot give Mairi what she wants more than anything: his heart. Holding himself apart from everyone, his grief and guilt threaten to defeat him faster than any mercenary blade, for at his side is a constant reminder of everything he has lost.

A Spinster for a Spy: Book 1: Lily - Clean Regency Romance (A Duke's Daughters: The Elbury Bouquet)

Arietta Richmond - 2019
     ***** FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED ***** Lady Lily Gardenbrook, eldest daughter of the Duke of Elbury, is perilously close to being a spinster. After three Seasons, she still hasn’t accepted a suitor – but not for lack of candidates. Lady Lily has a secret – a secret which would lead to scandal, should it ever be revealed. A secret which relates to the thing which matters most in her life. She hopes for love, yet a husband would never want her, if that secret was known – to marry would mean losing everything. Trent Weatherton, Marquess of Canterford, serves the Crown as a gentleman spy, always monitoring those of the ton for anything untoward. He has never been one to socialise much, but his role requires it of him. Convinced that marriage and spying could never make a good mix, he is unprepared for his reaction to Lady Lily Gardenbrook, which makes him question every assumption. But when Trent’s men discover that secret correspondence travels in and out of Lady Lily’s family residence, he must investigate – for what if the woman he is coming to care for is a threat to the Crown? Can Trent discover what is really happening, before he loses his chance at love? Can Lily overcome her fears, and allow the possibility that love might not steal what is most important to her? Will they each discover that the other is not at all what they seemed, in the best possible way? Or will the chance for love be lost, and Lily be doomed to life as a spinster? Read the whole series ! A Spinster for a Spy (Lily) A Vixen for a Viscount (Hyacinth) (coming soon) A Bluestocking for a Baron (Rose) (coming soon) A Diamond for a Duke (Camellia) (coming soon) A Minx for a Merchant (Primrose) (coming soon) An Enchantress for an Earl (Violet) (coming soon) A Maiden for a Marquess (Iris) (coming soon) A Heart for an Heir (Thorne) (coming soon) If you love great Regency romance, you'll love these !

Savannah Martin Mystery: Books 7-9

Jenna Bennett - 2015
    But when her perfect husband turns out to be a lying, cheating slimeball—and bad in bed to boot—Savannah kicks the jerk to the curb and embarks on life on her own terms. With a new apartment, a new career, and a brand new outlook on life, she’s all set to take the world by storm. If only the world would stop throwing her curveballs... KICKOUT CLAUSE - #7 When Shelby Ferguson, Savannah’s ex-husband’s new wife, begs Savannah’s help in figuring out what’s going on with Bradley, Savannah can’t in good conscience say no. Shelby has no one else to turn to, no one to whom she can admit that her marriage is on the rocks and that Bradley may be straying. But helping Shelby turns out to be just the tip of the iceberg. With two different sets of buyers vying to purchase Mrs. Jenkins’s house, and an escaped prisoner targeting Savannah, she has more than enough to deal with. And that’s before TBI rookie Manny Ortega is shot down in cold blood. With Savannah’s boyfriend Rafe Collier, and their friend, homicide detective Tamara Grimaldi, busy looking for Manny’s murderer, it’s up to Savannah to juggle buyers and adulterers and vandals and lawyers, and come out on top... without losing her Southern Belle poise or her life in the process. PAST DUE - #8 The sins of the past are coming due, and someone has to pay... Savannah Martin’s high school reunion is supposed to be a fun weekend of catching up with old friends and parading her boyfriend—Sweetwater bad boy Rafael Collier—in front of everyone who used to sneer at him back in the day. Not even the daily battle she’s waging with morning sickness can douse Savannah’s anticipation. But when Rafe won’t come to Sweetwater, Savannah has to face her old schoolmates without his support. And her best friend Charlotte isn’t as happy for Savannah’s new relationship as Savannah had hoped. And when a dead body turns up in the Colliers’ old mobile home in the Bog, Savannah is thankful to be on her own. The sheriff is always looking for a reason to shove Rafe back behind bars, and a fresh homicide is just the excuse he needs. But when another murder takes place at the reunion, even the threat of jail can’t keep Rafe away. Soon old classmates are dropping like bowling pins, and Rafe and Savannah are scrambling to catch up with a killer hell bent on making sure old enemies pay for old sins... all while trying to stay one step ahead of Sheriff Satterfield and the Columbia PD. DIRTY DEEDS - #9 With hotels in downtown filled to capacity months in advance, real estate agent Savannah Martin decides to pick up some extra money renting out her empty East Nashville apartment. She’s living with her boyfriend, and the place is just sitting there, begging to be put to use. But when her latest tenant ends up dead—strangled in Savannah’s bed by what might have been a paying customer—the promise of easy money quickly turns sour. As the hunt for the killer leads to their shared hometown of Sweetwater, Tennessee, Savannah’s boyfriend, TBI agent Rafe Collier, is tapped to help with the investigation.

All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell Summary & Study Guide

BookRags - 2010
    59 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more – everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of All That Remains. This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell.

The Women of Merryton Boxed Set

Jennifer Peel - 2016
    This is a boxed set of three full-length contemporary romance novels: Jessie Belle, Taylor Lynne, and Rachel Laine. Come journey with the Women of Merryton as they discover love, hope, second chances, forgiveness, and most importantly, how much women need women.Jessie Belle - Book One: Jessica and Blake Summers know a thing or two about what it's like to be the latest and greatest news on the Merryton grapevine. Their thirteen year marriage has had more than its fair share of heartache and loss. Then the past comes knocking, in the form of a teenage girl, a daughter Blake never knew existed. The news sets the Merryton grapevine on fire.In the wake of this revelation and firestorm, Blake and Jessica are forced to reevaluate their own relationship and priorities, all while learning that raising a teenage girl is not for the faint of heart. But in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty, they discover that Madeline may be just what the doctor ordered to heal their broken hearts and mend their own tattered relationship.Will they have the courage to look forward and find a greater love than they could ever imagine? Or will past hurts and the town grapevine tear them apart?Taylor Lynne - Book Two: Determined not to repeat the same mistakes as her mother, Taylor Cole left her husband with their toddler in tow fourteen years ago and vowed never to return to Merryton. Now she is finally ready to face her demons and put the past and her ex-husband behind her, but to do that, she and her daughter must return to the place that haunts her memories. A place where she lost not only the love of her life, but her childhood hopes and dreams.When they move back, Taylor can't seem to remain apathetic toward her ex-husband or his nine-year-old daughter. She discovers that maybe all wasn't as it seemed so many years ago. And maybe--just maybe--she and her ex-husband need each other now more than they ever have before. But can the exes put the past behind them and find a way to forgive each other? Or will they let past mistakes and misunderstandings keep them from future happiness?Rachel Laine - Book Three: Rachel Whitney's life changed forever when Drew, the son of her twin sister, Sydney, was placed in her arms--and there he stayed. At twenty-two, she had no idea what she was doing, but in that moment, she knew that raising Drew was what she was meant to do with her life.Fiercely independent, Rachel makes her own way managing her family's insurance agency. Decidedly against introducing any men into her life, or Drew's, she protects her heart against all romantic entanglements. But what she didn't count on was a letter from her sister that leads a famous secret to her door eight years after her sister's death. A secret with the same eyes as her son's.Desperate not to get the courts involved, Rachel allows Drew's previously unknown father, Andrew Turner, into their lives, and to her surprise, little by little, into her heart. But for Rachel, taking that step could open her family to a firestorm of media attention that not even Merryton can protect them from. Is love worth the risk? Or will Andrew's fame and ambition ruin their chances?

Sex, Murder and a Double Latte Collection: Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights\Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate\Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss

Kyra Davis - 2014
    And when a filmmaker friend is brutally murdered in the manner of a death scene from one of his movies, she's convinced that a copycat killer is on the loose�and that she's the next target. The man who swoops in to save her is the mysterious new love interest Anatoly Darinsky. Of course, if this were fiction, Anatoly would be her prime suspect.… Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights When her brother-in-law turns up dead and her sister is accused of the crime, Sophie's priority is finding the real killer. With or without Anatoly's help. Her brother-in-law's secret life yields plenty of suspects, but the San Francisco police aren't taking any of them seriously. So Sophie does what comes naturally to her: she stirs up trouble (to lure the killer out, of course). Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate Sophie's relationship with the irresistible and occasionally insufferable Anatoly is on the rocks when a friend recruits Sophie to decode her allegedly two-timing husband's strange behavior. Suddenly plunged into a crazy world of campaign mudslinging, dirt-digging and cover-ups, Sophie begins to uncover some pretty dirty secrets indeed. Way in over her head as usual, Sophie reluctantly�or not-so-reluctantly�enlists the help of her two-time sidekick and ex, Anatoly. Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss Sophie is head over heels in love�with a three-bedroom San Francisco Victorian. She's just got to have it, despite a few drawbacks. Her slimy ex is the realtor, and her first tour of the house reveals, well, a lifeless body clutching a cameo with a disturbing history of its own. There's no way Sophie is going to give up the ghost on her dreams of stained glass and original woodwork, though�especially since Sophie is 99 percent sure her problems are caused by someone six feet tall instead of six feet under….

Michael's Room (Storycuts)

John Grisham - 2011
    A practising lawyer, Wade is forced to confront truths that challenge his most basic notions of justice and good.Part of the Storycuts series, this short story was previously published in the collection Ford County.

Cold Hearted

Wendy Corsi Staub - 2014
    Abandoned by her teenaged birth mother and raised by callous grandparents, Johanna is determined to escape her bleak Midwest existence at any cost. But that blind ambition comes back to haunt her years later, after she’s reinvented herself as glamorous golden girl Jenna Coeur. Now her secret past has caught up with her, embodied in a calculating young woman who will stop at nothing to destroy her—a woman with a strangely familiar face...

A Light Last Seen: When Jaynie Was...

Grace Greene - 2020
    Can she give up searching for the one and reclaim the other? Or is she fated to repeat the mistakes her mother made?Jaynie Highsmith grows up in Cub Creek on Hope Road acutely aware of the irony of its name, Hope, because she wants nothing more than to escape from it and the chaos of her childhood.Desperate to leave her past behind and make a new life, she is determined to become the best version of herself she can create. But when she does take off, she also leaves ~ and forgets ~ important parts of her past and herself.The new life is everything she wants, or so she thinks until she finds herself repeating the same mistakes her mother made. Is Jaynie destined for unhappiness? Is it like mother, like daughter? Did running away only delay the unhappiness she fears she is destined for?Seventeen years after leaving home, Jaynie needs a new fresh start and returning to Cub Creek is critical, but she is determined that the visit will be as short as possible and then she'll be out and free again. However, a longer stay may be vital to her future because if she has any hope of changing her destiny, Jaynie must reconcile the past she turned her back on with her present.

The Legacy series (Volume 2): A Love series, Wrapped series, and Burning Souls series continuation

M.J. Fields - 2017
    The price will go up to 7.99. Love You Anyways When Lucas Links finds out his wife has been cheating on him his world is rocked. Ashley, his wife, blames him for her nearly five-year affair with Senator Robert Robertson. Ashley says she has lived for twenty years knowing her husband is in love with his high school sweetheart Tessa Ross. Tessa Ross Abrahams , husband Collin, was murdered in an attempt to save their daughters life. She grieved silently. She wanted to show her grown children that she was alright and that even after a devastating loss life can go on. Secretly it was something she doubted. When Lucas, who is still very much a part of her life lends his support will she take it? Will the passion they shared so many years resurface? Will the sins of his past be forgiven? Will she take a chance at the boy who shattered her heart? Will they be able to ignore the intense sexual desires they once had for one another or will they seek comfort in each other’s bodies and beds. This novel starts in Lucas's voice. We also hear from Tessa towards the end Love Notes A continuation of Lucas and Tessa's story, in Lucas Links POV. In Love Notes, Lucas and Tessa's rekindled love has never been stronger. Although she has never wanted to revisit the past it weighs on Lucas's heart. Lucas wants Tessa to know everything, yet burdening her further is not an option. Love notes is a short story, or Novella, that answers readers’ questions and gives us a more in-depth look at the man Lucas, was, and the man he has become. Loves Reminder (Never Published) Growing older with the woman he loves, is a dream come true for Lucas Links. However, growing old isn’t something he wants either of them to settle for. When everyday life gets monotonous, Lucas decides to push Tessa to embrace spontaneity.