Never Too Late #1 - #5

Aiden Bates - 2018
    This series will take you through the many ups and downs of five couples as they find their happily ever after through courtroom trials, cop life tribulations and many detective darksides. Here, you'll find young men who just haven't quite managed to make it work with anybody else. You'll discover their loves and losses, and their secret fantasies.

Love by the Lake: Bundle

Preston Walker - 2018
    A Wolf Shifter Mpreg Bundle This Bundle Includes: Against All Odds Beautifully Damaged A Place To Exist

The Alpha's Call

Wolf Specter - 2015
     As alpha of his pack, Liam strives to exercise complete control in all things. When a human is unwittingly turned into a werewolf without Liam’s knowledge, all hell breaks loose. Liam must track the new shifter down and convince him to bond to the pack or risk insanity as a lone wolf. Liam meets Ash, a scorching hot flirt who is more interested in charming Liam than joining the pack. Oh, and Ash doesn’t even know he’s a werewolf. To make matters worse, a betrayal in the pack puts Ash’s life in danger. Liam must set aside his instant attraction to Ash in order to save his life. That is, if he can find him first. The Alpha’s Call is a hot and steamy standalone romance story.


Gabrielle Evans - 2014
    Beyond those responsibilities, however, no one has ever depended on him until Moon came along. Captivated by the pint-size werewolf with the tragic past, he finds being someone’s hero isn’t quite the burden he expected it to be.No one ever cared about Moon, not his parents and certainly not the staff at the lab who held him captive for years. Spending the majority of his life just trying to survive, he has never really learned how to live, but all of that changes when Rion sweeps into his life.Moon knows the path to forever won’t be easy. When an unknown danger comes knocking at their door, however, threatening to end his happily-ever-after, he’s prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect his mate—and a future he didn’t even realize he wanted.

Papa Bear's Pup

Stormy Glenn - 2015
    He answered to no one, going where he wanted when he wanted. When being on the road so much takes its toll on him, Papa Bear heads to the woods to let his bear roam free. Finding a man beaten and covered in blood was never part of that plan but turning his back on the wounded man just wasn’t possible, especially since he suspects the little wolf might be his mate.Bartholomew ‘Bug’ Matthews was on the run. Finding himself rescued by a burly tattooed biker was not where he expected to be but he wasn’t complaining. Papa Bear was the sexiest man Bug had ever seen. When the handsome man claims him, Bug couldn’t be happier. But his joy is short lived when Papa Bear disappears, leaving Bug alone and in more danger than ever.When a vicious attack leaves Papa Bear with no memory of his mate, will he lose his one chance to find happiness or will Bug be able to protect himself and the secret he holds?Note: This book was previously published at 20,000 words as part of Siren's anthology Ride a Cowboy. It has been extensively revised and expanded an additional 16,000+ words.

The Assassin Shifters Books 11-14

Sandrine Gasq-Dion - 2015
    When a college football team’s bus flips on the interstate and it’s no accident, Detective Stevens is put on the case to find out who is threatening gay football players. A routine interview with the gay quarterback yields one major lead: Sebastian Price is his mate. After years of watching a childhood friend harassed by the police, Sebastian Price hates cops with a passion. But there’s something about Detective Nicholas Stevens that piques his interest – and it isn’t just the man’s stunning good looks. When Sebastian's life is threatened, can he trust the one man who swears he’ll protect him? Surprises await both men as Sebastian holds a secret even he didn't know he was keepingIRISH WISHES: Super werewolf Wayne Maccon has been fighting his growing feelings for a certain blond man for years. Previously mated to a woman, Wayne just can't seem to take that final step and be with the man who is his new mate. But how long will Conner O’Rourke wait for him to make up his mind? Conner O'Rourke has waited so many years for the alpha of the created wolves to claim him as his new mate. Even as his love grows, anger fuels him as he is turned away again and again by a man he can't seem to stop loving. While Conner and Wayne sort out their feelings, there’s a third party who wants very bad things to happen to them both. When a business trip to Ireland goes horribly wrong, Conner realizes he may never get Wayne. What's worse - he may not survive. PLEADING THE FIFTH:A simple trip to the airport brings Scott Delange just about everything except the passenger he was planning to pick up. Texting back and forth with a raunchy, unknown man leads to a case of mistaken identity and one hell of a huge surprise. Who knew a trip to Seattle would land Tristan Miles in the arms of his mate? Certainly not Tristan, who stopped looking for love a long time ago. When he meets Scott Delange, Tristan realizes the man is his. For life. There’s just one little issue. The two men can’t stand each other. Tristan is used to being the alpha male and that’s bad news when his mate is wired the same way. Clawing and fighting to be top wolf causes more friction between the two men who sure do kiss a lot for people who can’t stand each other. Can Tristan back down? Can Scott? Are both men guilty of too much pride? Maybe both should plead the Fifth.BETRAYED: Kind, beautiful warlock Chance Christianson has spent a year trying to heal from the pain of losing his boyfriend to a random attack of violence. He has found a home with firefighters Locke Renfro and Logan MacLeod and has slowly put his life back together. Even more wondrous, he has fallen in love again - this time with gorgeous werewolf Logan. If only Logan would look at him that way.... Logan MacLeod has spent several years with his pack and others fighting deadly rogue werewolves across the country. He knows that they are vicious killers whose sole purpose on Earth is to cause others pain and heartache. The bright spot in his life is sweet, trusting Chance Christianson, the incredibly handsome warlock whose heart has been broken. When they discover mutual feelings for each other, it would seem that life is finally getting better. But Logan is guarding a secret that is guaranteed to drive Chance away. While his intentions may have been good, how can he hurt the best thing in his life by revealing it? And how will he survive without Chance's love?

Sealed With Honor

Caitlin Ricci - 2016
    He has no choice in the matter and is resigned to the worst-case scenario of a mate he’ll end up hating for the rest of his life. His biggest worry is that he’ll no longer be able to keep his best friend in his life. If his mate says he can’t have friends, that will be the end of it and he won’t be able to say a thing against that decision. It’s his worst fear, and he can’t keep his tears at bay even during his own mating ceremony as he feels like he’s losing the only real friend he’s ever had.Jenner isn’t entirely sure why his new mate looks like he’s going to his death. He wants to be friends with Cam, and his traditions make it hard to get close to him. His father wanted to make sure he fell in love before he was thirty and thought mating him to someone would be the best way to get that accomplished. Jenner is looking forward to getting to know his new mate, if only Cam will let that happen. The little glimpses he’s had of the real Cam tell him he’s been mated to a feisty man who won’t back down, and Jenner wants more time with that side of him and a lot less with the one who only wants to do what’s expected of them and looks absolutely miserable all the time.Having an arranged mating isn’t ideal, but for Cam and Jenner it might be the best thing for them both.

Honey Creek Den Volume One

Taylor Rylan - 2018
    When he realizes it’s the Alpha Mate’s older brother, will his Alpha accept him as a member of the family? Will the young warlock’s centuries-old terrifying parents be welcoming? Even polar bears know not to piss them off.Ryker’s Enchantment: Honey Creek Den Book 3When Ryker scents Arin, he and his bear know immediately that he’s their fated mate. But trying to get the stubborn warlock to agree is another battle altogether. What’s holding him back? Doesn’t he feel the pull as well? That’s how it’s supposed to work.Each book contains a fated mate pair, Mpreg, lots and lots of knotting during growly sexy times and babies, lots of babies. These bears will do anything their mates ask, just read and see. The Honey Creek Den Series is meant to be read in order even though each book focuses on a different couple. This book is intended for adults only as these shifters tend to get growly and don’t watch their language.

Marry Me, Daddy

L. Michael - 2020
    If Darrell and Josh’s brains didn’t get in the way of their hearts, it would be that simple.Doctor Darrell Warren has been living with his Little Boy/boyfriend, Josh Mitchel, for years. They have a wonderful relationship and have been exclusive, but they have never discussed the future or getting married. Darrell wants to take the next step and make Little Josh his husband. But what if he says no? After all, Josh said no the first time Darrell asked Josh out. How can Darrell get Josh to say “Yes” and make it a night that Josh will never forget?Paramedic, Josh Mitchel, loves his Daddy, Darrell, and wants to be with him forever. But tiny doubts have burrowed into his brain. Does Darrell wish to spend the rest of his life with Josh? Can Josh be a good husband? Can Josh get past his doubts and be brave enough to propose marriage to his Daddy?PLEASE NOTE:This book is about two men who live their lives in an AGEPLAY relationship (A Daddy Dom and his Little Boy). If that kind of relationship bothers you, do not read this book.

The Obvious Suspect

Kian Rhodes - 2016
     Omega freelance writer Christian Tessaro has spent his life determined to prove that not every Omega needs an Alpha. After all, they are equals in the eye of the law now. When Christian finds his ex-boyfriend unconscious in a pool of blood, he doesn't think twice before calling 911. Unfortunately, sometimes a witness can look a lot like a suspect and things only go from bad to worse. When the real murderer begins methodically framing Christian for his crimes, the only person Christian can rely on is the Alpha he can't keep from responding to... Alpha in pursuit... Enter veteran police detective, Viktor Trask. Shifters like himself are rare in this day and age, and Omegas are rarer still. Only seconds after meeting Christian, Vic’s dragon was itching to claim him for his own. Problematic as the Omega was the obvious suspect in an attempted murder that Trask was investigating. Viktor is determined to clear Christian's name and claim his Omega but can he do it before Christian is added to the mounting body count? Not So Different is a new series which focuses on Paranormal creatures living among humans in the "normal" human world. Stories feature homosexual relationships including explicit sexual situations. 5% of royalties received from the sale of all NDP Publications are donated to The Trevor Project; the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.

Cameron and Keaton

Bellann Summer - 2017
    Two families could find their true ones, if one family would stop trying to kill the other.Keaton Johnston found scrolls that told of great love, but great danger with Kodiak grizzly shifters. After meeting Cameron Kodiak, he decided to take the chance anyway. The moment Keaton walked into Cameron’s bar, he gained the shifter’s attention. Never before had the unbending, arrogant Kodiak felt this need.Acting on instincts, Cameron took Keaton to his bed, ready to claim. That is, until he saw the mark of the jackal. Somehow, Keaton managed to survive meeting and mating Cameron. Now, surviving pregnancy hormones and living with a dominating Kodiak shifter are iffy on a good day.But that is nothing compared to the threat of the Kodiak family’s terrifying alpha. Silver, makes big, bad, Cameron look like a pussy cat. And Silver is coming. What will happen when he sees the hated birthmark?


Lynn Lorenz - 2013
    Finally ready to start his own business he takes the money he's saved, buys a license to train, and goes to the slave auction house to buy his first fighter.Ashland's owner has lost him for failure of back taxes and he's up on the auction block. His former master abused him, underfed him, didn't put him in fights or keep up with his training, and he's not in the best shape.When Dan sets his sites elsewhere, Murphy insists Ash is the better choice, and so, against his better judgment, Dan purchases Ash. Ash might not look like much at first, but as they work together, Ash looks better than better. Now it seems Dan might get a better return on his investment than he could have expected, because he discovers that he burns with desire for his slave and Ash might just feel the same.

The Protector

Cooper West - 2014
    The Protector can shift into a weredog, and the human partner is his Handler. They are incredibly rare and highly valued, but people also fear them for their mystical abilities. No Protector in living memory has outlived his Handler—until Alex Taylor. Now a widower, Alex lives a lonely half-life and faces day after day of grief with no hope for happiness in the future. When he unexpectedly bonds with the young and vibrant Handler Marcus Stephanek, Alex is angry and unwilling to leave the memory of his former Handler behind. He pushes Marcus away and tries to distance himself from their bond. But then a mysterious villain who has been secretly shadowing Alex for years sets his plan in motion. Alex and Marcus must learn to trust their bond and love each other, or risk not only their own lives but the lives of those closest to them.

THIRDS Beyond the Books: Volume 1

Charlie Cochet - 2016
    Sometimes we want to know more about our favorite characters. Where they came from, how they became who they are, their families, friendships, and past heartaches. These snippets of moments in time offer an inside look at the lives of our favorite THIRDS characters. Whether it’s first shifts, the forging of unbreakable bonds, or a night full of shenanigans, these stories are sure to enrich your THIRDS reading experience.** All royalties earned from THIRDS Beyond the Books are being donated to Big Cat Rescue.

Touch of a Wolf

Jez Morrow - 2010
    When Matt’s stranger from the alley lets himself into Matt’s apartment through the window, Matt learns that the man has a badge to go with that gun. Detective John Channing of the Philly PD has been passing as a dirty cop.Channing needs a safe place to get himself clean and sober so he can be a credible witness in court against a murderer. And he wants sex. The anonymous encounter was not enough for either of them. As Channing goes into withdrawal the hallucinations start, but it’s Matt who wakes up in bed with a wolf. Matt doesn’t believe in werewolves. But then, he doesn’t believe in love at first sight either...