Mr. Tickle and the Dragon

Roger Hargreaves - 2005
    Tickle has returned home from a day full of tickling to discover that his house has burned down! After some detective work, he discovers that a dragon is to blame. But can he stop the dragon from burning down everything else?

Grover and the Everything in the Whole Wide World Museum

Norman Stiles - 1974
    in color. The fuzzy Sesame Street puppet tours The Small Hall, The Carrot Room, and other unusual exhibits in a unique museum.

That's Disgusting!

Francesco Pittau - 2001
    Adorable artwork on every spread accompanies simple text. Swallowing a worm, smelling a sock, playing in the cat litter . . . That's Disgusting! Not for the faint of heart, this kid approved book focuses on a love of all things icky and gross. Firmly focused on fun, That's Disgusting! is the perfect distraction to help your young gross out expert learn to read.

The Man Who Didn't Wash His Dishes

Phyllis Krasilovsky - 1950
    What happened when a gentleman put off washing his dishes after supper.

Paddington Sets Sail

Michael Bond - 2016
    Paddington is thrilled to go to the beach with the Browns. He’s never splashed in the ocean or built a sand castle. Outfitted with a new set of beach toys, Paddington seems ready for whatever comes his way. But the biggest surprise of all sweeps Paddington off on a new adventure.Paddington Sets Sail is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it’s perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences.

Dr. Seuss's Gertrude McFuzz: Vocal Score

Robert Kapilow - 2000
    The classic Dr. Seuss story of the girl-bird who learns to like herself just as she is, presented in a delightfully lively musical style combining jazz, pop and classical influences. Perfect for young and family audiences, and a great companion piece to Kapilow's previously published Green Eggs and Ham . Also available: Green Eggs and Ham 50482453 Vocal Score $14.95

P G Wodehouse Collection - 10 Books - Jeeves in the Offing, Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves, Mating Season, Code of the Woosters, Carry on Jeeves, Much Obliged Jeeves, Aunts Aren't Gentlemen, Right Ho, Jeeves, Thank You Jeeves, Inimitable Jeeves

P.G. Wodehouse
    Titles in This Set The Inimitable Jeeves Much Obliged, Jeeves Ring for Jeeves Thank You, Jeeves Jeeves in the offing Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit Aunts Aren't Gentlemen Joy in the morning carry on, Jeeves Very Good, Jeeves

The Horse in Harry's Room

Syd Hoff - 1970
    But then Harry visits the country, where he sees horses running free, and he wonders if his own horse would be happier there. The answer to Harry's question is wonderful and unexpected and is sure to please beginning readers as much as it does Harry. Syd Hoff has created a warm and satisfying story containing few words and much wisdom.

Noddy Goes To Toyland

Enid Blyton - 1949
    Running away from the wood carver, Noddy the woodman makes a new life for himself in Toyland.

Where's Waldo: Ultimate Fun Book

Martin Handford - 1990
    Stickers, Press-Outs, Games Puzzles,endless Pleasures and Delights

We Play

Pearson Scott Foresman - 2004
    Jane can play. Spot can play, too! Have fun with Dick and Jane as you read along with this sweet and simple story.

The Berenstain Bears Get Stage Fright

Stan Berenstain - 1986
    When Sister Bear is given an important role in the school play, she's terrified that she might forget her lines.


Stella Gibbons - 1934
    It is run by the unlikely partnership of balmy Miss Padsoe and young, cockney Miss Baker - divided by class and age, they are determined to dislike each other. Through their tale and the interwoven tribulations of two young lovers, Gibbons' sparkling novel explores the heart of friendship and what unites us.

The Complete Peter Rabbit Library

Beatrix Potter - 2012
    This beautiful boxed set contains all your favourite Beatrix Potter's stories.The Tale of Peter RabbitThe Tale of Squirrel NutkinThe Tailor of GloucesterThe Tale of Benjamin BunnyThe Tale of Two Bad MiceThe Tale of Mrs Tiggy-WinkleThe Tale of Mr Jeremy FisherThe Tale of Tom kittenThe Tale of Jemima Puddle-DuckThe Tale of The Flopsy BunniesThe Tale of Mrs TittlemouseThe Tale of Timmy TiptoesThe Tale of Johnny Town-MouseThe Tale of Mr TodThe Tale of Pigling BlandThe Tale of Samuel WhiskersThe Tale of The Pie and The Patty-PanThe Tale of Ginger and PicklesThe Tale of Little Pig RobinsonThe Story of A Fierce Bad RabbbitThe Story of Miss MoppetAppley Dapply's Nursery RhymesCecily Parsley's Nursery RhymesThis collection of classic tales will be treasured forever.

The Happy Man and His Dump Truck

Miryam - 1949
    This book is a true classic illustrated by the inimitable Tibor Gergely.