Catch You If I Can

Marian Tee - 2014
    Her biggest regret: not being able to stop Alex Rockford, her best friend and the hottest cover model for National Geographic, from leaving her for another girl. But now that Alex and his girlfriend have broken up, Ianne is determined not to let her cowardice get the better of her again. She’s going to make Alex fall in love with her, by hook or by crook. If she has to seduce her silent, brooding Texan, so be it. Surely, love would make up for the fact that she has no experience whatsoever…right?

Secrets Behind Closed Doors

Lady Lissa - 2015
    Living in a lavish mansion you would think that Pastor Donovan has it all but what goes on behind the four walls of their mansion will rock the world and could destroy his pristine reputation.Craig has secrets from his past that could destroy everything he has been working so hard for should it be made public. First Lady Donovan has an image to protect and she will stop at nothing to ensure that they keep their good name regardless of what is happening to her marriage or her relationship with her daughter. She doesn’t care who she has to run over or walk on to get what she wants.Armani Donovan is stuck between two parents who want different things which cause her to be confused at times. She finds comfort in the arms of her boyfriend but when tragedy strikes will the couple be able to keep their relationship in tact? What will happen if the congregation discovers all the secrets that are being kept from them? Will Craig maintain control of his megachurch or will he lose everything?


Alexis Angel - 2017
    Or how my ripped body with my 8 pack abs will press up against you. How I'll f*ck you with my foot long lust muscle till you pass out from the pleasure. So when my enemies send a temptress my way to sabotage my business, they gotta know how it's gonna end. How after one night with me I'm gonna own her - body and soul. They think I'll go easy on her and let her win because she's my stepdaughter? If anything, that just makes me harder to beat. And trust me darlin', the only thing better than a a DILF that can get as hard as me.**Come join Alexis Angel in this full-length standalone romance but please note she's not responsible for the laundry bill if you soak your panties! No cliffhanger but it's going to be a scorcher with scenes of MF and MFMM. HEA? You know it, babe**

Oh So He Cheated, Cheated: An Urban Romance: A Complete Novel

Genesis - 2019
    And it's well worth reading. In this unputdownable book you’ll take an unforgettable ride with Genesis that's signed under Na'Kia Presents. Her writing is very clever, and this story is great. **Warning** This is not your typical Urban romance, dope boy, thug love, or kingpin savage book. Heart pounding. Drama filled. Love story Women's fiction. “To my surprise, the wedding I naively attended turned out to be the most heartbreaking reality check I’ve ever had. Ironically, my boyfriend was the groom, but I wasn’t the bride. Not only had he been playing me, but he took infidelity to a whole new level by marrying my cousin and it crushed my soul. Oh yes, he cheated, cheated.” Dr. Koi Montgomery was played by a cold-hearted man she had given her all to. She was a fool in love and had gotten used in the worst way. Adair was her everything, but in the end he wasn’t worth the heartache he’d put her through. Ultimately, the love she gave was filled with hopes and dreams that would be crushed by the two people she trusted the most. Adair was the epitome of a faithless, unadulterated, cocky man that didn’t deserve none of Koi’s time or affection. He abused her love, and she gullably let him. He took advantage of their relationship without a care in the world. Once a person shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Koi’s mistake was not walking away before it was too late. What doesn’t break Koi makes her stronger and once the pain subsides, love may still be in the horizon of someone she never expected it to come from. What happens when she finally moves on, and goes after everything she deserves? Will love be kind to her this time around, or will she find herself caught up once again in a loveless relationship?

Shattered Promises

Sage Young - 2019
     Ethan is sure he has found his true soul mate. The moment he laid eyes on Chloe he felt an instant connection. They have been together for almost a year and he is ready to take their relationship to the next level and nothing or no one will prevent him from making her his wife. Chloe never imagined she could fall madly in love with a man, then Ethan walked into her life and she fell, head over heels. She wants to be his wife but their situations are complicated and now she’s pregnant. Haley has the perfect husband, the perfect job and the perfect life. The only thing missing are children, but she is hoping to convince her husband that the time is right for them to have a baby. Her perfect life comes to a screeching halt with one life-changing phone call. Gabriel is home after being deployed for seven months. His marriage of fifteen years was unstable when he left. Now he’s back, determined to try and repair his marriage, but prepared to walk away if he is unable to salvage what’s left of it.

The Duke's Obsession

Sandra Owens - 2015
    A Regency novella. Christian Fallon, the Duke of Aubrey, has never forgotten the woman he fell in love with six years earlier. Forced by his father to marry another, he endured a miserable marriage. Now a widower, he arrives in London with the intention of vanquishing his enemy, a man who is set on destroying Christian’s family. When he finds that his enemy is courting the woman Christian tried for years to forget, he conceives of a plan to take everything away from the man, including Katherine, the widowed Duchess of Westervly. Katherine has intentionally caught the eye of the Viscount of DeWynter, a man she can barely tolerate, but her stepmother is missing, and clues lead to the viscount as having a hand in her disappearance. When Christian appears on the scene, she is torn between the two men; Christian, who has held her heart all these years, and DeWynter, whom she believes can lead her to her stepmother.

Best Kept Secrets: The Complete Series

Kandi Steiner - 2020
    She's perfectly content to go down in the flames, until her first love shows back up and reminds her the other way love can burn. On the northeast side of town, there is a house . . .The house was once magical, filled with love, and joy, and plans for the future.Inside its walls are many things that belong to me — my books, the china from my mother on my wedding day, the beautiful cage once home to two birds, now empty, just like me.And a man.A man who also belongs to me.A man I no longer wish to keep. A man who, no doubt, has not slept, though the sun is rising. Because the house where he waits is where I laid my head to rest every night for eight years. Until last night. No one who knows me would believe Charlie Pierce, the quiet, bookish girl who never made waves is pulling out of the driveway of a man who isn’t her husband. But they don’t know me at all. I don’t even know me. Not anymore. They say there are two sides to every story, and I suppose in most cases, that’s true. But the one I live inside of? It has three. On the northeast side of town, there is a house.But there is no longer a home . . .

Sleight of Hand

Lauren Dane - 2006
    Between the two there-s enough chemistry to melt plastic. But there-s trouble in the form of Graciella Stryker, Xander-s mother. She-s mad as hell after finding out what a faithless jerk Xander-s father was and she will stop Xander-s half brother from entering into their tribe at all costs, including murder. Trouble is, the boy has come to stay with Lissie and all hell has broken loose. Lissie has had it with Xander-s mother-s murderous impulses and Xander-s soft hearted stance toward her. There-s a new queen in town and she-s taking no prisoners.

When the Vows Break

Lakisha Johnson - 2019
    Happily married, wedded bliss and with these rings, we do take; But what happens to happily ever after, when the vows break? Shelby, Raylan, Chloe, Lynesha, Kerri and Camille have been friends since freshmen year of high school. They’ve been together through college, failed relationships, deaths and sickness. They've watched each other grow and become business leaders and owners, wives and mothers. They've survived when most people say, women can't be friends. Then, all hell breaks loose in each of their marriages. Secrets, lying, cheating, drugs, alcohol, and temptations prove that not everything is what it seems. Will the chaos of it all be more than they can take? Find out in part 1 of When the Vows Break

The Last Fight

Mel Dau - 2021

Before, There Was You

Kit Harlow - 2019
    But when her husband takes a year-long teaching position out of state, she throws herself into a new job in a new city. What she doesn’t expect is to have to work alongside her first love, Kate Masterson. When their paths cross, Liz is forced to relive the choices she made and starts to wonder if her life really is as perfect as it seems. Can Liz figure out who she is while working in close proximity with the one who got away?

You Broke My Heart for the Last Time

Shelli Marie - 2020
    While she becomes fed up and ready to leave, Karisma isn’t. This forces Katori to stay in the relationship for the sake of saving her family.That is until Riso's ultimate betrayal is revealed. This unforgivable treachery truly breaks Katori's heart for the last time, but will she find the strength to finally leave?

Mrs. Fix It Mysteries Books 1-5

Belle Knudson - 2016
    Kate Flaherty is Rock Ridge’s handywoman. A mom struggling to put her twin boys through college, Kate takes every job she is offered…even the one that comes from Scott. SCREWED DOWN MURDER Against the warning of police Chief Scott York to stay uninvolved, Kate cannot help but search for the murderer at the request of a suspect she believes is innocent. A VENEER OF MURDER Another life has been unjustly taken. Her hometown has been threatened by anarchists. Kate’s husband is still missing. Mrs. Fixit is back and more determined than ever to solve Rock Ridge’s many mysteries. DRILLED IN MURDER Kate's skills range from laying tiles to painting houses and everything in-between, but can she crack a burgeoning conspiracy that threatens to destroy RockRidge? CHISELED When resident handywoman, Kate Flaherty shows up at a house to attach a doorknob, she finds one of Rock Ridge's finest dead on the floor.

Where the Heart Is 2

Cristina Grenier - 2015
    Despite his promises to find another job in another hospital so they could move, Simon is still working long hours in the same place, leaving Jamie to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to raising their daughter. As if that weren't hard enough, their relationship has become somewhat long distance, and Jamie spends time driving back and forth between the house in their hometown and Simon’s apartment in the city with their screaming baby girl in tow after spending time with her sick mother every week. They both find themselves tired and irritable, more often than not, and their lack of communication just makes misunderstandings and fights happen more often than either of them have the time or energy to deal with properly. When Jamie finds out that none of Simon's friends know anything about her or their baby despite how long it’s been, she has to ask herself once again if trying to make something work with Simon is the right thing to do or if she’d be better off following in her mother’s footsteps and going it alone.

Naughty Neighbors

Amanda Martinez - 2018
    Not only was she young and beautiful, but she liked to have a lot of fun. Ken watched Donna from afar until the day that they finally had more than a few passing words for each other. It was his chance and Ken knew that he wanted to take full advantage of it. Donna needed satisfaction and Ken had just what she needed. All he had to do was convince her that he wasn’t like the rest.