Tryst #1 (A Short Erotic BDSM)

Ella Steele - 2012
    Mom, keep going. If you think sex is icky, keep going. If you want something that will knock your socks (or panties) off, stick around. Ashley's sex life is about to change. After a chance encounter with an old flame, it's clear that passions are still burning bright. The tame girl Michael used to know is gone. Michael is all too excited to step up and dominate, fulfilling all of Ashley's sexy dreams.Excerpt: "Before I could think another thing, Michael's fingers clamp around my nipples. His hips stay pressed flush to mine, his length lost inside of me. My jaw falls open, and I see him watching me, waiting for me to make a noise. My eyes lock on his, while sinful sensations swirl through my body, building tighter and higher. He slowly adds more pressure, teasing and pulling my nipples tighter and longer. The heat in my stomach sears through my body. It makes me shift my hips and try to fuck him, but he stills me."TRYST Vol. 2 & 3 are on sale now.

Hot Line

Alison Grey - 2012
    Christina quickly realizes Linda is not her usual customer. Instead of wanting phone sex, Linda makes an unexpected proposition. Does Christina dare accept the offer that will change both their lives?

Hired Help

Harper Bliss - 2012
    Her best friend recommends some hired help.

Training Mac

Kris Ripper - 2017
    And he’s willing to do anything to get it. Money will make everything else possible: getting off his friend’s couch; smoking an entire cigarette at a time without rationing; and most of all—money will mean he can stop living with a heavy pit of fear and worry in his stomach all the time. When he’s invited to start working at a sex gym, it seems like an easy choice. Make good money having sex with people or make crap money working at a discount store. No contest. But Mac didn’t count on an intensive training program or mysterious bosses. He definitely never thought he’d actually…like some of his coworkers. Let alone the clients. He keeps telling himself he’s only in it for the money, but by the end of his first week in training things are already a lot more complicated than that. And this is just the beginning.

Holding Hannah

Maren Smith - 2013
    She used to be strong, have confidence...then the thing happened, and suddenly Hannah seems to have lost everything… including herself.Freshly-released from her father's hospital, she is banished from home, sent to live with an uncle who puts her to work for the summer, interning under the chief building inspector in a small Ohio town. No one knows her, yet - somehow - everyone seems to know exactly why she's there.It's while on the job that Hannah first discovers The Castle, a massive stone structure set in the wheat fields of Ohio. It's soon-to-be THE vacation destination for the kink-inclined...if the Doms who run it can ever get it properly permitted and licensed, but Hannah's nasty boss is determined that that will never happen. While on an inspection visit, one Dom in particular catches Hannah's eye: Master Sam--strong, dark, wickedly-attractive, every inch of him the very last thing someone like Hannah needs in her life.Sam Cooper sees Hannah coming a mile away, tripping on her high-heels in a poorly-fitted business suit, Girl Friday to the building-inspector who's determined to shut them down before they even open. Sam is experienced in the BDSM world, a partner in a major kink-friendly resort… definitely not his first rodeo. Yet what he sees in Hannah's astonished eyes as he gives her a private tour of The Castle makes him do something he can't believe: he slips her his business card.Will Hannah call? Of course not. Not when she's working so hard to get get back everything she's lost. She's getting better after all…Sometimes what you fight the hardest, is what you need the most."Holding Hannah " is the first book in Maren Smith's new Masters of the Castles series.

Under His Control

Lynn Richards - 2012
    Her first thought was to keep on driving. She couldn't afford the repair bill or the hike in her insurance premiums. But her conscience wouldn't allow her to just walk away. She reported the accident and waited to face the consequences. Why? Because Rebecca always obeyed the rules.Quinton Sanders had a little 'kink' to his personality. He enjoyed teaching a woman what she wanted, and how he wanted her. The trouble was the last woman he'd wanted hadn't learned to obey all the rules.Thankfully fate intervened and he got a second chance with the woman he loved and longed to pleasure.He had her Under His Control.WARNING: This book contains material intended for mature audiences only.This is an erotic novella of approximately 18+ pagesWatch for Pleasuring Tara and Taken by Force two more short novellas by Lynn Richards for your summer time reading pleasure.

Letters to an English Professor

Joely Sue Burkhart - 2009
    I knew I had to be in your class. I knew I had to be… Yours. As an Accounting student, Rae Jackson has never cared much for poetry, but that all changes when she hears Dr. Connagher’s distinctive voice quoting some dead dude in the hallway. One look at his face, and she falls. Hard. Piercing blue eyes. Craggy face she could study for hours. And the forearms of a warrior. She can’t sign up for his infamous class fast enough. At least he doesn’t teach Calculus. But an unknown student can’t hide for long in an upper-graduate English class. He calls her to his office, and all she can think about is that gorgeous cherry desk while his rumbling voice rolls her deeper into her fantasies. Oh yes, Dr. Connagher. I’ve been a very naughty student indeed.

Instructing Adam

Selena Blake - 2010
    When she gets the opportunity to visit the company’s office, she shows up dressed to kill. She didn’t expect to find Adam, the geeky tech support guy, to be quite so cute. Nor did she expect the instant chemistry that blazed between them. She begins to instruct him on giving better customer service; he teaches her a thing or two about pleasure.

Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Doris O'Connor - 2012
    Satisfaction Guaranteed. But can she really go through with a night of no strings attached, paid for sex? Has she become that girl?And can one man really fulfill all her fantasies? Only one way to find out.Be Warned: BDSM, bondage, sex toys.

His Girl, His Rules

Morganna Williams - 2015
    But then she meets Gabriel—Sergeant Gabriel to the men he leads on the local SWAT team, but Master Gabriel to her—and suddenly the scenes in her books don’t seem so far-fetched anymore. Gabriel has just been going through the motions in life since his wife’s death four years ago, but almost from the moment he sets eyes on her, he wants Glory as his own. Despite never having been taken in hand before, she responds beautifully to a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking, and his dominant lovemaking leaves her breathless. But when Glory foolishly puts herself in extreme danger, she soon discovers that naughty girls who take risks with their safety get their bottoms thoroughly punished… inside and out. Publisher’s Note: His Girl, His Rules is an erotic novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Altered Allies: A Short Story

Tara Sue Me - 2015
     Includes a bonus excerpt of Cat Waters new novel, OBSCURED, releasing October 12, 2015! Emma Olson is out of options after being wrongly terminated from her nursing position. As a last ditch effort before starting over as a grocery store bagger, she interviews with William Richardson, a well known computer geek, said to go through nurses like tissue paper. William needs a live in nurse for his terminally ill Grandmother. He doesn’t think spitfire Emma Olson is the one for the job, but unfortunately, she’s the only one applying. When Emma moves in, the combination of her sass and his sarcasm will either keep them apart or show them they might be fighting for the same thing.

Welcome to Serpent's Kiss:

Sherri Hayes - 2014
    She wanted it to be a place where she and her fellow kinksters could play and socialize. Five years after the doors opened, the club is everything she’d hoped it would be. On Friday and Saturday nights, Serpent’s Kiss is filled with men and women who share a similar desire to explore the pleasures BDSM has to offer. The club has continued to grow, and over the years, many of its members have become friends. The one thing Katrina didn’t expect when she’d decided to open a club was the human drama that came with it. Learning to balance her life as the club mistress has taken some getting used to, but she wouldn’t change a thing.

Seducing Sarah

Jinx Jamison - 2011
    She goes to work, she pays her taxes and she always separates the whites from the colors. The most exciting thing in her life is fantasizing about her hunky boss Quinn Sanders, who has no idea how she feels.All she wants is the chance to do something exciting. Anything to prove she's not as sexually inept as her former fiance made her feel.When Quinn Sanders gets a call from an old friend, the last thing he expects to hear is that his paralegal Sarah has signed up for sex school. He left his life as Master Q behind for a reason and once vowed to never set foot in the Madame X School again.But he's lusted after Sarah for years and if sex education is what she needs...Master Q is about to come out of retirement.


Ashton Blackthorne - 2017
    Unstoppable. Sexy. So, so bad. My gorgeous secretary calls me a bad boy in a good suit. I’ve built up quite a reputation over the years. Women have dubbed me "So so bad" and men have called me the biggest, baddest shark on Wall Street. They say I’ve been everywhere, done everything… And it’s all true. I get what I want when I want it. And what I want now is Veronica. Her gorgeous curves beckon to me demanding that I succumb to her irresistible charms. But I can’t. Not yet. You see, I have a secret. A deep dark secret lurking inside me. For years, I’ve been broken, shattered, betrayed by someone who should’ve loved me beyond reason. Now that secret is threatening to be exposed. And I can’t have that. No matter what. Not even if it costs me what I treasure the most. Her.

Tangled Vows

Anna Stone - 2020
    Five million dollars. A proposal she can't refuse. Escort Ruby Scott is used to waking up in the bed of a wealthy woman. What she isn’t expecting is to wake up with a ring on her finger and married to Yvonne Maxwell, one of the executives behind the Mistress Media empire, a woman as alluring as she is cold. For ten years, Yvonne has been sitting on an inheritance she can't touch until she’s married. An encounter with an escort in a red dress presents the perfect solution—a marriage of convenience. In exchange for a year playing the role of her wife, Yvonne offers Ruby a life of glamour, decadence, and more money than Ruby ever dreamed of. Yvonne is adamant that they keep their arrangement strictly business. But as Ruby's submissive side awakens, Yvonne can't resist the temptation to make Ruby hers, and Ruby is intoxicated by the commanding woman and the release Yvonne grants her. As Ruby falls deeper into Yvonne’s seductive world of luxury and power games, both women struggle to keep their hearts from getting caught up in the passion between them. When their inner demons emerge and their fake marriage plot is threatened, Ruby and Yvonne find they have far more to lose than just the inheritance. Don’t miss the first book in this brand new series of sizzling standalone lesbian romances from the bestselling author of Being Hers.