Planetoid Vol. 1 TP

Ken Garing - 2013
    As he explores the long-abandoned industrial ruins of the planet's surface, he will have to fend off roving cyborg militias and a hostile alien military with a bounty on his head. Ultimately, Silas will have to build a coalition amongst the planetoid's nomadic tribes in order to make a final stand against the larger tyrannical forces that rule over them. Collects PLANETOID #1-5.

Aliens vs. Predator: War

Randy Stradley - 1996
    Predator: War! The Predators converge on the seed planet Bunda for the biggest bug hunt yet, each taking position to draw first blood. Machiko, a human who has been inducted into the Predator clan, is forced into a duel in order to claim her rightful place in the upcoming hunt. But when a new group of humans shows up, what began as sport becomes serious business.


Jean Wei - 2018
    As 'Red' adjusts to life on the farm herding hens, collecting fruit, weeding plants, and running errands, many questions remain: Exactly why is Red here? What's eating at Auntie Ann? And, most pressingly, can a fire-demon cook an egg simply by holding it?

Halo: Tales from Slipspace

Frank O'Connor - 2016
    Suit up and deploy into the electrifying universe of Halo® with this original comics anthology from Dark Horse!Praise for Halo: Escalation (previous Dark Horse comics series): “This series has been a must-read for all Halo fans.”—Gaming Canon“This comic is a successful comic book adaptation, not just a comic inspired by the games.”—Adventures In Poor Taste“Writer Duffy Boudreau seems to have a knack for writing stories that are fast paced and entertaining.”—We The Nerdy

Tokyo Ghost: Complete Edition

Rick Remender - 2017
    Getting a virtual buzz is the only thing left to live for, and gangsters run it all. And who do these gangsters turn to when they need their rule enforced? Constables Led Dent and Debbie Decay are about to be given a job that will force them out of the familiar squalor of LA and into the last tech-less country on Earth: The Garden Nation of Tokyo.Presenting the full run of the smash hit Tokyo Ghost by Rick Remender and Sean Murphy in this oversized hardcover, packed with extra content, variants, designs, sketches and bonus materials!Collecting: Tokyo Ghost 1-10

We3 #1

Grant Morrison - 2004
    The government has spent millions to fuse the firepower of a battalion with the nervous systems of a dognamed Bandit, a cat named Tinker, and a rabbit named Pirate. As part of a program to replace human soldiers with expendable animals, the U.S. government has transformed three ordinary pets into the ultimate killing machines. But now, those threeanimals have seized the chance to make a last, desperate run for 'Home.' A run that will turn into a breathless hunt to the death against the might of the entire military/industrial complex. Prepare for adrenaline rushes and flowing tears as theworld's deadliest, most misunderstood animals make a spectacular, unforgettable bid for freedom!

Chrononauts, Vol. 2: Futureshock

Mark Millar - 2020
    Time-traveling physicists and best friends Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly attempt to conquer the future in their latest adventure. Butwhen their own mission goes awry, a face from the past calls upon them to fulfill a unique, and sinister, assignment.A little bit older but none the wiser, Corbin and Danny return with a BANG in the second volume of this MARK MILLAR classic.

Ultimate Hulk vs. Iron Man: Ultimate Human

Warren Ellis - 2008
    And you know what happens next: man and monster collide! Be there as writer Warren Ellis (Ultimate Galactus) begins his next Ultimate epic - and is joined by amazing artist Cary Nord (Conan)!Collecting: Ultimate Human 1-4

Motor Girl Omnibus

Terry Moore - 2018
    But E.T. is smitten with the Marine veteran and now an industrial giant wants to buy the land to install their anti-UFO weapon. With the help of her buddy Mike, a 600lb. gorilla, Sam is always prepared to defend those who can't defend themselves, but who will save Sam from the PTSD and shrapnel that threaten her life? To survive, Sam must ultimately face the greatest battle of her life - reality.

George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead

Steve Niles - 2004
    Four mismatched survivors take refuge from a zombie plague inside a shopping mall, and absolute terror ensues. This companion film to George A. Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead now takes on new life in a graphic novel adaptation by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Wake the Dead) and new art star Chee (Wake The Dead).

The Amory Wars: The Second Stage Turbine Blade Ultimate Edition

Claudio Sánchez - 2010
    The story that has captured the attention of millions of fans worldwide is found here in one volume, overflowing with images of terror and wonder. Featuring never-before-seen bonus material.

Rogue Planet

Cullen Bunn - 2021
    Somewhere on this hostile rock is a payload fit for a king. To attain it, though, the crew of the Cortes must brave razor rock, poisonous vapors, treacherous footing, and… the most mind-numbing horrors imaginable. Struggling to stay alive, they are beset at every turn by horrors from their own nightmares. Now, they have discovered that they are not alone on the planet, and the other inhabitants welcome them… as sacrifices to an elder god. Stranded on a vicious, murderous, seemingly intelligent planet, the crew of the Cortes must reevaluate what it truly means to survive, and what they are willing to do in order to spare their own lives.

Crawl to Me

Alan Robert - 2012
    It is only after a series of violent events occur that Ryan realizes he must set aside all he believes to be true in order to face his shocking and inevitable reality.

Halo: Fall of Reach - Invasion

Brian Reed - 2012
    but WHEN. Brian Reed and Felix Ruiz begin the final chapter of the Halo: Fall of Reach comic series! COLLECTING: HALO: FALL OF REACH - INVASION 1-4


Brian Wood - 2006
    Pella Suzuki, a 16-year old, finds herself in the middle of it all, but hitmen on both sides aren't taking any chances.