Strike Fast

Alivia Grayson - 2018
    He'll kill me if he knows I've even thought about her. However, from the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I'd never be the same. There's just something about Coral that makes me want to break the rules and taste the forbidden. But I can't, so I'll do as my president ordered and I'll stay away from the beautiful blonde who has my insides tied up in knots... I'll fake it anyway. There are some things worth defying the people you call family for. I've never asked for anything in this life, never needed anything, but I have to have her, no matter what it costs me. My place with the club, the family that took me in when I was a punk street kid, even my very life. Some things are worth dying for. Coral I spent my life being protected from people like Stryker. Bad men. Motorcycle riders. Bad things happened to me thanks to men like that. Very bad things. So why then do I feel my heart beat wildly the second my eyes land on him? I've never wanted a man as badly as I want Stryker, but he has been warned to stay away from me. Every member of the Snakes Henchmen MC has been warned what will happen to them if they even touch my hand. Who warned them? The man who is like a second father to me. Shepard, President of the MC. He means what he says, and he says what he means, and when he says he'll kill his own men if they touch me, he means it. I know if I push what I feel and make it known, it could get Stryker killed. However, I can't stop this feeling inside of me for him, even when he ignores me like I'm not even there. But I am Coral Harmon, and if the horrors of my past have taught me anything, it's to never walk away from the things you want most in life. What I want is Stryker, and I won't stop until he's mine, no matter what it costs me. Some things are worth fighting for.

Next Door Daddy

Jagger Cole - 2020
    Giving in to temptation could destroy my billion-dollar empire. There’s danger closing in that could sweep us both into it. But the more off-limits I tell myself she is, the more I want her, and crave her.Lacey wants to break the rules. She wants to push me. But I’m not a man to be defied. And Lacey’s going to find out what happens to bad girls who push it too far.She’s out of control. I am the control. She needs some firm, hard...rules.This is a novella length standalone contemporary romance. Obsessed OTT alpha hero, inta-love, no cliffhanger and a perfect happy ever after.

Wild Abandon

Joi Messier - 2012
    When he retires after a decade serving in the Marines, he is sure he’ll be able to control himself around her. However, Janica has loved James for years, and she’s tired of waiting for him to make the first move. James swears he’ll never risk his heart on a woman after his own mother abandoned him with an abusive father. Janica’s family gave him a home when he felt he had none, so he is reluctant to get mixed up with her. When she agrees to a no-strings-attached affair, James finds that he can’t resist her any longer. He thinks Janica is naïve, but there are things he doesn’t know about her. Can James let go of his past and find happiness with Janica? Can Janica convince James that she's in it for the long haul?This book is 37,000 words long, and contains adult language and graphic sex scenes.

Green With Envy (It's Just Sex Volume 1)

Sable Hunter - 2013
    But it's no secret how they feel about one another, sparks fly when they're together. Andrew has no intention of ever committing himself to one woman, he just can't take the risk. So, he has a policy of no strings, no commitments, and no expectations. It's Just Sex. Rosemary is about to launch a campaign to change his mind. Oh, she's not going to tell him that she is determined to win his love, but she's going to do everything in her power to show him that he can't possibly live without her. GREEN WITH ENVY is the story of their first date. They head out on a scavenger hunt, but what they find is much more precious than anything they could have imagined. The sex is hot, the hero is a hunk, and Rosemary spreads love and magic wherever she goes.**Warning: Contains Sexual and Adult Content, 18+ **

The Wolf

Jade Marshall - 2020
    She's survived on her own for as long as she can remember, and no one will dictate the way she lives her life. With loss and pain dominating her memories, how can she put her faith in someone again?Having no one to depend on besides his club has hardened Brandon to the outside world—and it's exactly how he prefers it. The moment he lets people get close they always find a way to backstab him. There's no room for love in his world.Hadley and Brandon need a reason to let their walls down and let love in. Can two broken souls find a way to save each other?

The Pleasure Chest Box Set

Penny Wylder - 2017
     Lip Service: She never imagined she’d be taking a class on how to perform better in bed. Luckily her teacher is hot as heck and crazy obsessed with her. Expert Service: When he sees her kneeling at his feet, he knows JUST how she can help him relax. Full Service: Just when she's sure he’s gone far enough… he asks her to try out a product while he watches. These are standalone novellas with HEA's and NO cheating! Penny Wylder writes just that-- wild romances. Happily Ever Afters are always better when they're a little dirty, so if you're looking for a page turner that will make you feel naughty in all the right places, jump right in and leave your panties at the door!

Going Deep

Kylie Parker - 2018
    Too sexy. Too…skilled.And with men like that?Everyone knows it never works out.It wouldn't work out.Right?

Blaze's Second Chance

Sam Crescent - 2012
    He’s strong and sexy as hell and craves the plump receptionist working in his office building. On the night of the Christmas party his life is turned upside down, but he’s determined to have the woman he wants.Cassie Walker has fallen in love with her boss. She spends every day at work craving his attention. One night her life is changed forever. Broken and used, Cassie must learn to move on and forget about the man who owns her heart.Five years pass. With a divorce and a son under his belt, Blaze comes face to face with the only woman he’s ever wanted.Can she forgive Blaze and give him a second chance, or will it be too late for her to realize the best things in life are worth fighting for?


Dark Angel - 2017
    By the time we’re done, you won’t want to wake up. We knew from the moment you walked in that you were perfect. You’re so pure. With a wild side that’s just waiting to come play. The three of us can make any woman crazy. It’s helped us become the top consulting firm in the country. Made us wealthier than you can ever imagine. But now we’re going to shower only you with that wealth. And when we’re done wining and dining you we won’t stop. We’ll shower you in other things as well. With three massive alpha males, you can guess what it’s going to be. You may be worried at first. But you know deep down that the three of us will love you. Protect you. Treat you more than just an office asset. Because this isn’t just an office where you clock in and clock out. This is going to become a home away from home. You will need to please all of us. And it’ll call for lots of overtime.

Secret Desire

Jordan Silver - 2020
    The disloyalty I feel is no match for the hungering need he awakens inside of me, besides, she is the one who'd walked away leaving me to pick up the pieces. Now I'd do anything to stay in his life, in his bed, to be the only woman at his side.

Man Seeking Woman

Leah Holt - 2019
    Man seeking woman; the job description was vague, but money was all I really needed. On the verge of losing everything, I decided to take a chance and respond to the ad. Turned out the man on the other end of the phone was August Burke, New York City's hottest bachelor. Tall, muscular, dripping in sex appeal, his voice made your thighs tremble and your heart race. Most women would kill for one night with this man. Except, what he wanted from me was way more than any man should ever ask for, and I'm not that desperate. But, he won't take no for an answer. He decided he wanted something, and that something was me. His offer could fix all my problems, it could erase the weight I'm carrying on my shoulders. Only, I'm not the type of girl who will do anything for money... Am I? See how far this billionaire heartthrob will go to keep what's his. A girl struggling to make ends meet, a man who has the power to change it all, and the one request that brings these two opposites together. This is a full length novel, with a guaranteed HEA.

One Lucky Bastard

Abby Wood - 2010
    She wanted someone older, wiser, and more sophisticated to love. Mick Reed spotted her right away. The woman at the bar was confident, beautiful, and young... everything he wanted. She was the woman who would commit to him fully, and in return, he'd give her anything she wanted. Was he fooling himself to think that age didn't matter? Warning: A May-December romance. An erotic journey about an older controlling man and a woman who knows exactly what she wants.


Sienna Valentine - 2016
    and dangerously bored. Bennett I've got more money than I know what to do with, and all the time in the world to spend it, so who can judge me for having a little fun? A prank here and there, just to keep me sharp. So when disgraced starlet Ava Cassidy poured her heart out to me over shots in a Vegas lounge, I knew we were in for one wild night. But when she woke up with no memory of what we did the night before, well, who could blame me for wanting to just mess with her a little? I never thought she'd actually believe me when I told her we got married. Now we're headed on our "honeymoon" and I'm in way over my head. If I tell her the truth, there's no way she'll stay with me. And I want her to stay. But how long can I sustain the biggest prank of my life? Ava In Hollywood, everyone is fake. Everyone is acting, all the time. Acting cool. Acting smart. Acting beautiful. Acting sweet. Acting however they think they need in order to win them the part or the deal or the headline. I should know. I’m an actress. Which means I should have known better than to fall for Bennett. Pranked is a fun and sexy stand-alone novel of 50k words and an HEA,

Rise of Memphis - January Chronicles

Kitty Kendall - 2016
    So one crazy New Year's Eve she takes matters into her own hands by slipping on a sexy disguise and naming herself Memphis. Life suddenly becomes interesting.Not everything goes to plan though, and her secret adventures in her sexy costume prove to be as hilarious as they are hot. Living out her fantasy has her heart pounding as much as her new sexual journey and she quickly learns that a man who appears to be Mr. Average can prove to be Mr. Holy Hotness on a Stick.But how long can she hide behind her naughty little secret?Follow her quest to find love in this steamy, laugh out loud series.

Disheveled (#UCC Saga 1)

Eva LeNoir - 2014
    A great job in her downtown DC art gallery, a group of girlfriends who will always have her back and Cole; her friend-zoned roommate.Yet, there is something missing. A man she can truly call her own. When online flirting with a complete stranger awakens Dia's sexual curiosity, how far will she go in order to find her happily ever after?