Little Red Buckets: A Story of Family and Giving

Lynda M. Nelson - 1997
    and Mrs. Nie. As a token of gratitude, Mrs. Nie gives Jenny a crystal angel -- her most prized possession. But the greatest gift comes after Jenny's family is struck by tragedy, and Mrs. Nie provides a miraculous Christmas Eve gift -- on the wings of an angel -- that heals their hearts...

The Legend of the Christmas Tree: The Inspirational Story of a Treasured Tradition

Rick Osborne - 2001
    A mysterious silver gift-wrapped box is under one of the trees. The old lot owner notices their intrigue and what he tells them, not only marks the beginning of a new family tradition, but also brings meaning and understanding into their Christmas celebration. In The Legend of the Christmas Tree, children ages 4 to 8 will discover the wonderful story of how the evergreen tree first became a symbol of Christmas and a way to tell people about God. The beautiful illustrations by Bill Dodge add a wonderful richness to the story and help bring meaning to one of our best-loved traditions---decorating the Christmas tree.

All the Colors of Christmas

Matthew Paul Turner - 2020
    In his trademark style, Matthew Paul Turner celebrates the Christmas season, particularly the colors that infuse the holiday and all the memorable sensations and experiences--including a festive market, sledding, and nativity scene--connected to those bright hues. Matthew draws his readers into a whirling ribbon of the familiar reds and greens of Christmas, as well as other festive hues, including white, gold, blue, and brown.Christmas is RED.It's a bright shiny sled.It's candy canes, and toy store lanes.It's sprinkles on sweet bread. Christmas is BROWN It's pinecones scattered round... It's a cradle soft with hay And a donkey's gentle bray. It's God within a baby's skin on that very first Christmas Day.All the colors come together when readers are reminded that Christmas is YOU--you're a part of the story, the joy and the glory! Matthew shows us again and again that the holidays are nothing without being with the people we love, celebrating treasured traditions, and making new memories--all in vivid color.

Oliver Elephant

Lou Peacock - 2017
    They play peekaboo and hide in a dolls' house, and Noah even dances Oliver across the displays. But just as Mom has checked off the last thing on her list, disaster strikes: Oliver is nowhere to be found! And the department store is VERY big. Will retracing their steps be enough to reunite Noah and his beloved toy elephant?

Guess Who's Coming to Santa's for Dinner?

Tomie dePaola - 2004
    Claus are having their entire family over for Christmas dinner. There's Uncle Alfred the inventor from Bermuda; Sister Olga the opera singer; eight young children, including Baby Willie; even a polar bear named Oscar. With a family like this, mayhem is bound to follow, and from a snowball fight to the Christmas pageant to the meal itself, it's a wild affair. But in the spirit of the season, everyone has a wonderful time--even the frazzled hosts! With its brightly colored illustrations, a playful speech-bubble narrative, and a story bursting with humor and seasonal cheer, Guess Who's Coming to Santa's for Dinner is sure to be a holiday favorite for the whole family

Terry Treetop and the Christmas Star (The Terry Treetop Series #6)

Tali Carmi - 2017
    It features Terry Treetop, a red-headed, freckled young boy who loves to climb trees. Christmas is in the air, and Terry is busy getting his family’s Christmas tree ready with his Dad when he notices a small, helpless creature in danger. Terry runs out into the deep snow and puts his famous tree-climbing talents into play. Will he be able to save little Sammy and then enjoy Christmas with a furry new friend? Scroll up now and get your copy of Terry Treetop and the Christmas Star!

The Spirit of Christmas

Nancy Tillman - 2009
    But the best gift of all-the most magical gift of the season-is when we spend Christmas with those we love.Once again, this New York Times-bestselling author and artist has created a special, beautiful book that families will want to share year after year. (And readers will want to look for the Spirit of Christmas image that Nancy Tillman has hidden on every page!)

Hurry! Hurry! Have You Heard?

Laura Krauss Melmed - 2008
    Out over the countryside she flies, carrying the glad tidings. Bunny and fox, mole and mouse, hummingbird and tortoise, spider and ladybug all hurry to the stable to welcome the new baby. And what a noisy greeting they give! In lilting, lyric verse and magical watercolor paintings, Laura Krauss Melmed and Jane Dyer give us a Christmas treasure sure to be a family favorite year after year after year.

The Christmas Promise

Alison Mitchell - 2014
    Superb illustrations by Catalina Echeverri and faithful, Bible-centred story-telling by Alison Mitchell combine to make this a book that both parents and children will love. A long, long time ago - so long that it's hard to imagine - God promised a new King. He wasn't any ordinary king, like the ones we see on tv or in books. He would be different. He would be a new King; a rescuing King; a forever King!This book helps pre-school children discover exactly how God kept His Christmas Promise.

Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas Present

John Burningham - 1993
    One Christmas Eve after the reindeer are asleep, Santa sees a present still in the sack -- Harvey Slumfenburger's present. And so he starts a very long journey on foot . . . by plane . . . on skis . . . and so on until he reaches Harvey's hut, slides down the chimney, and delivers the last Christmas present, safe and sound.

The Donkey's Christmas Song

Nancy Tafuri - 2002
    The donkey wants to be the first to welcome the baby, but he is too shy. So the doves welcome him with their "Coo-coo," the cow with her "Moo-moo," and all the other animals in turn. Then, the baby welcomes the shy donkey with his own sweet smile. The donkey brays - "Hee-aw!" - and the baby laughs with joy! Then all snuggle around the baby and settle into sleep. This warm presentation of the first Christmas celebrates the wonder of a baby's birth and welcomes all into the spirit of holiday joy.

Christmas Angel Joy

Morris Fenris - 2019
    You will love this awesome holiday romance read because the story is written by a bestselling author with you in mind.An inspiring sweet romance Kindle Unlimited novel that will warm your heart and your soul. You will not want to put this book down as you read beautifully written compelling paragraphs full of love and kindness and engaging characters. This story is bound to delight. Christmas Angel Joy (Three Christmas Angels Series Book 1) Joy, Hope and Charity are attending the Guardian Angel School in Heaven. Joy is in her second year of training as a guardian angel. Last year was a failure, but she’s been given a second chance to help her charge—an eight-year-old boy named Sam. Her task is to help Sam have the best Christmas ever. But when she discovers his only wish is for his mother to find happiness and not be lonely anymore, Joy realizes she has her work cut out for her.Melissa and Sam have been alone for the last five years. As the organizer of a big city Christmas festival, Melissa has dedicated her time and energy to making Christmas special for others. While the attendees of the festival appreciate her efforts, the wheels of local government only see the money it costs and have been looking for a way to cancel the annual event.One disaster after another seems to be an indication to Melissa that the festival is doomed to failure, but then she meets Jarod. He appears to be the answer to missing Christmas trees, but that’s not the only impact he will have on her and her son’s lives.Melissa has convinced herself that being alone is what is best for both her and Sam. With Jarod’s arrival, she’s shown a vivid dose of reality that Sam needs more than she can provide. He needs an adult male role model. She’s also shown that she needs more than Sam in her life, but fear of rejection and heartache make her cautious. Can she take the risk of having her heart broke again to find true love?Jarod wants her to take that leap. With him. He’s watched his siblings find their happily ever after, but he’s been in no hurry. Until now. He doesn’t want to lose Melissa or Sam and, although things are moving fast, he does his best to convince Melissa that their futures are together.Will Melissa be able to conquer her fear of the unknown and take what Jarod is offering her? A place to belong. A family and a love like no other.Joy is tasked with helping Sam with his Christmas wish, but she has to abide by the angel code of ethics. She wants to help Melissa and Jarod find true love, but can true love be forced, or does it just happen? “What a wonderful way to start the Christmas Season......” Kindle Customer“This was a great read! It had suspense, clean romance and Christmas miracles, who could ask for anything more!” Kindle Customer ***Scroll up and grab your copy now for FREE with Kindle Unlimited***

The Christmas Baby

Marion Dane Bauer - 2009
    The angels sang, and kings journeyed to bring gifts. When you came into the world, there was a celebration too - because every new baby is a small miracle.

Peter Spier's Christmas!

Peter Spier - 1983
    "Peter Spier proves that a picture can be worth a thousand words".--School Library Journal. Full color.

The Snow Family

Daniel Kirk - 1999
    But when he realizes that the snow children don't have any snow parents to take care of them, he devises a way to make their snow family complete. Daniel Kirk's lush illustrations and tender verses will have children building their own snow friends to play with.