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Trouble With Swords by Richard Hardie


Dragon Chameleon: Episodes 9-12

Sarah K.L. Wilson - 2019
    Surprising Twists. Friendships that will save the world. From USA Today bestselling author, Sarah K. L. Wilson, comes an epic tale of a cynical teen and the dragon who teaches him how to be a hero. Dragon Chameleon is the epic dragon rider series you don’t want to miss. Combining dramatic dragon battles, breath-taking adventures, magical creations, and heart-pounding suspense, this tale will warm your heart and keep you flipping pages. This omnibus edition contains Episodes 9-12 of the popular novella series: Dragon Chameleon: Creeping Darkness Are all dragons this surprising? Dragon Chameleon: Golem Siege Can it get any worse than this? Dragon Chameleon: Memory of Mountains Apparently, it can get worse. Who would have thought? Dragon Chameleon: Color of Victory Can Tor bring final peace to the Dominion? Binge-read the series reviewers are calling " just as fun, exciting and special as Dragon School" when you one-click today!

Worldlines: A "Many Worlds" Novel

Adam Guest - 2020

The Chosen (Guardians of Rima #1)

K.J. Nessly - 2015
    Some lessons are hard learned and this is one that Kathryn has mastered. Abused at a young age, her subsequent rescue and acceptance into a reclusive magical community should have given her story a happy ending. But there are dark secrets hiding within the kingdom threatening to come to light. While fighting to protect the throne from the dangers working to unbalance the stable peace, Kathryn is confronting the prison of her past. A physical battle she can win. But she faces a demon army with none at her back. How does one overcome a legion alone? Especially when that legion finds allies…

Chosen Boxed Set: The Brindle Dragon, Books 1-3

Jada Fisher - 2019
     An epic dragon riding adventure from Jada Fisher, author of the popular Dragon Oracle series. Eist was born to be a dragon rider; she just knows it. When fate conspires to take her parents and leave her orphaned and injured, her future appears bleak. Unwilling to back down, she must overcome a system stacked against her. Even if she passes all the tests, there's no guarantee she will ever fly on a dragon. Can she beat the odds and find her destiny, or will she be stranded on the ground? The Chosen Boxed Set contains the first three stories in the Brindle Dragon series, which follows the story of a young girl and her most unusual dragon as they set out to defeat an evil they don't even know exists yet.Stories Included: Chosen Awakened Taken Download the Chosen Boxed Set and get started on your next epic adventure today! Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Mythical Creatures and Magical Beasts: An Illustrated Book of Monsters from Timeless Folktales, Folklore and Mythology: Volume 2

Zayden Stone - 2021
    Whether it is Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson playing an oversized scorpion man in The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King, or the character of Anansi in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods; these magical creatures have a deep connection to the mythologies and folktales of ancient cultures.Where did they come from? What relevance do they serve in mythology? Why are some so obscure, while others become pop-culture enigmas? Get the answer to these questions, and learn about beasts from different world cultures.Folklorist Zayden Stone dives deep into the stories of these magical beasts and providesa fictional anecdote,a retelling of the original myths,an analysis of the symbolism and relevance of the creatures,and then pairs it with some beautiful black and white illustrations reimagined by artist Herdhian.In the second volume of the Mythical Creatures and Mythological Beasts book, the illustrated guide takes you through six themes that have been specifically chosen since they are consistent across cultures. The categories include:arthropods for insects, crustaceans, and arachnids;avian for birds;canines for wolves and dogs;serpents for snakes and dragons;ungulates for hooved animals like horses and cows; andaquatic for water dwelling beasts.Presenting the creatures in categories makes it easier to see what the beasts have in common. You will find some overlapping themes across ancient cultures that point to universal ideas in how humans perceive the world.If you have a love for the myths and want to learn about the unique beasts that dwell within them, this book is a great way to do it. Not only will you learn about ones you may have never heard of, but you will also be able to draw parallels between cultures and see how they interpreted their surroundings through stories of mythical creatures and magical beasts.If you haven’t already, then don’t forget to check out the first volume of Mythical Creatures and Mythological Beasts by Zayden Stone.

The Queen's Vow (The Legend of Hooper's Dragons Book 2)

Gary J. Darby - 2016
    Though Vay, the Evil One tastes defeat, her rage and wrath only increases. She thirsts for revenge and vows to find Hooper, the Gem Guardian and Golden Wind to reclaim the golden dragon, and deal death to Hooper for daring to challenge her. The quest continues in book two, Queen’s Vow, as the company seeks a safe haven from Vay’s wrath. But there is no sanctuary. They are the hunted, the pursued. Outcast from all they know, they feel the heavy weight of the condemned just waiting for Death to write the last sentence in their book of life. As the company flees from Vay’s tempest, even Hooper has to question whether one dragon is worth the pain and suffering. Indeed, is a dragon worth dying for, or for that matter, is there ever any one thing worth the ultimate price? For Hooper, it may well be the question that decides his ultimate fate.

Soldiers and Marines (The complete trilogy)

Martin Archer - 2015
    War in the East and Israel's Next War are the fourth and fifth books in the series.

Arcanist Fables

Shami Stovall - 2021
    New arcanists. The rise of the Second Ascension.Volke Savan has proven himself time and time again, but now the others of the Frith Guild want their opportunity. Illia wants to recover a lost runestone, Master Zelfree hopes to learn the magics of the Mother of Shapeshifters, and Adelgis surprises himself with the new depths of his dreamweaving abilities.But while the Frith Guild prepares for the coming war, the Second Ascension has grand plans for the world. When two more god-creatures are born, dastardly arcanists try their hands at braving the godly lairs. With the Dread Pirate Calisto as a ferry, men like Theasin Venrover will have to outsmart puzzles and traps that put the world serpent’s to shame.Witness stories from the viewpoints of friend and foe alike, all while the world races to find and bond with the remaining god-creatures.

Stealing the Egg

LeRoy Clary - 2015
    He is warned by night whispers to flee from his tiny mountain village of Dun Mare. The stolen egg of a dragon will pay his way, if he manages to live long enough to sell it. However there are forces against him far beyond his understanding. All he believes he knows about his life and home is false, but the egg of the black dragon is the key. Many believe black dragons do not exist or have gone extinct. Gareth finds himself alone in a strange world of tempest seas, flying dragons, and powerful foes vying for the mental powers he may possess, and for control of the egg. Telepathic teachers a secret sisterhood, and the king's armies willing to kill for a black dragon are only the beginning of Gareth's story. The second book of the series is expected to be published by October of 2015.

Samurai's Apprentice

David Walters - 2011
    All this seems far removed from Kami, a boy who quietly goes about his everyday life in his farm village until one day he trips over the unconsious body of a warrior hidden in the long grass.That discovery will lead him on an adventure across the warring kingdoms, facing assassins and enemy soldiers as he journeys to the capital to face the new Shogun. Through his travels he aspires to become a samurai, and in his many challenges he eventually comes to understand what it means to be one.

The White Hart Series: Complete Boxed Set

Sarah Dalton - 2015
    Born a lowly peasant girl, Mae has to come to terms with being the only person left in the world with the ability to use magic. Can Mae face her destiny, and rid the kingdom of Aegunlund from its oppressors? Book One - White Hart Mae never asked to be craft-born. She never wanted that burden. The realm needs magic again, and the the King of Aegunlund has been waiting for the first craft-born girl to marry his son, Prince Casimir. In Mae's town of Halts-Walden, the ambitious miller claims his daughter Ellen is craft-born. Mae knows this is a load of hogwash, but she's glad Ellen will have the unfortunate pleasure of becoming queen instead of her. All she has to do is sit back and wait until Casimir and Ellen are married, then she will finally be free of the threat of her fate. But on that day an event so shocking and terrible occurs that Mae finds herself entering the neighbouring cursed forest on a quest she never thought she'd have to follow. Join Mae as she rides her white stag through the Waerg Woods with a pampered prince at her heels. She's out for revenge and nothing, no one, will get in her way. Book Two - Red Palace I am here when you run from me, You cannot touch me, but I make you cold. I am there in the faint of heart, But rarely with the daring, and bold. One by one the members of court fall, cursed into a deep sleep. Silence spreads through the castle, and only Mae Waylander stands. To break the curse, Mae must face a formidable opponent. She is the only one with a chance to restore order to the Red Palace, but she is unprepared for the trials that await her. She is brave at heart, but is her bravery enough? In this thrilling follow up to White Hart, Mae faces her toughest challenge yet. With temptation, fear, and evil in her path, can she complete her task? And what will she lose in doing so? Book Three - Black Crown I will survive. I will become stronger. I will reach my destiny. Weakened, but not broken, Mae must face her destiny in this thrilling conclusion to the White Hart trilogy. Heroic Mae Waylander travels across the desert in search of a way to defeat the tyrannical king and stop him finding immortality. With dangerous beasts and a war in her way, can Mae achieve her goal and set the kingdom of Aegunlund free?

The Return of Raven

Martha Carr - 2021
    The young witch and the fierce red dragon, Leander are heading out into the wide open world.Raven is taking on the responsibilities of a WarMage – just like her mother - and has joined the corps.Time to get ready for whatever the world throws at her and the kingdom of Lomberdoon.Something is affecting the dragons, wild and tame. A few have turned up crazed, spitting fire and ice, right before they die. Did the creepy crawly monsters of her childhood leave one last poisonous gift behind?Can Dr. Welby find out what’s causing it and create a cure before it’s too late?And Raven’s grandfather, Connor, is still missing. Can the frenemy, Bella and her private company track him down for Raven – in exchange for a favor, of course.Things are changing in the land of Lomberdoon and battles may be on the horizon. Who will stand with Raven and Leander?

TO FORGE A KING: The Chronicles Of Ellorhim

Thomas Adams - 2019
    This is an exciting new coming of age story with detailed world building and gritty action and fight scenes. The backstory has Norse or Scandinavian cultural and spiritual influences and overtones. His past was lost, only faded dreams and echoes of happier times remained. Sometimes he had a flash, a quick fleeting glimpse of a better place with friends, warmth and cheer below a silver sun in a twilight land. Those were rare though. Now, there is only the harsh brutal present, sweat stinging the eye and blood flowing from cracked bruised knuckles, a sword in his filthy callused hand and the hoarse shouts of the Sword Masters ringing in his ears. Exhaustion paints his partner's face like cheap mask. No doubt his own face looks just as bad. It is a never ending struggle, up before the sun, running, jumping, lifting and fighting, each day full of pain and injury. Training, always training, His country, Vesfalruk, needs warriors to defend their land and homes. And, this place makes the best warriors. There are none better with sword or ax in all the world. But there is a power and a sense of belonging in this place, this ancient Guild Hall and fortress lying in the shadow of the Eastern White Mountains. Being here comforts him in ways he does not understand and the cold winter winds are somehow less chill. His sword calls and he takes it up and trots out into the yard. Vesfalruk is a besieged place, an isolated mountainous land that has struggled against numerous foes and invaders, the Erhand. It is a land with a violent and bloody history and a kingdom without a king. There has been no king for over two-hundred years and relative peace, if it can be called that, has been the norm for most of that time. So trade flourishes, peace reigns and ancient traditions are openly questioned and sometimes mocked. Vesfalruk warriors are still renowned throughout Ellorhim and the Guild Halls continue to train them, against a rising popular opinion. Old enemies are stirring again, their armies gather, swelling and massing for another round of invasion and conquest. And, that is fine with him and it if the same for those he has grown up with in this Guild Hall. Let them come again. We will be ready. He vows this, to himself and to others.

The Children of the Gods #38-40

I.T. Lucas - 2021

Necro Mage

Robyn Wideman - 2019
    Lady Avera tasks Kiana Clairmont with a quest to see if Quinton can be brought back to life by harnessing the powers of a necromance. The problem is there are no necromancers in Solotine. Kiana must embark on a dangerous journey to take Quinton's body to find a necromance, but new enemies will stop at nothing to prevent her from bringing Quinton back to life. STONEBLOOD SAGA Book 6.5 This is a 30,000 word sword and sorcery Novella filled with action, adventure, and magic.