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Something Wanton by Jacqueline Meadows


Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 5 & 6

Tasha Black - 2014
    In Episode 5, Ainsley makes a powerful enemy. Mysteries are solved and secrets are uncovered. How will the pack react when the new alpha is drawn?In Episode 6, Ainsley must master her true nature to bring balance to the pack. Will she be able to harness her powers in time to defend the ones she loves? ˃˃˃ A continuing story... Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 5 & 6 are the final two novellas in Curse of the Alpha, a serial in six episodes, much like a TV show. It tells the story of Ainsley Connor, a female werewolf, and her struggle to come to terms with her past, and accept her true nature and her role in the future of the pack. It contains strong sexual elements, and is NOT intended for readers under the age of 18.

Save Me (Shifting Allegiance, #1)

Imani L. Hawkins - 2020
    . . from my family. That’s what happens when your father is a murderous asshole. My mother was a mobster's daughter until he killed her and my grandfather, before pinning their deaths on me. Alone in a small town away from everyone I've ever known, I don’t exactly have many friends. Until I met them. Three devastatingly sexy werewolves caught me stealing from their store And instead of killing me, took me in. Now my brother’s caught in my father’s crosshairs, and he’s the only family I care about. I have to go back. Take down the club.Take down my father. And save my brother. But I’m not doing it alone.

Her Alpha

K.S. Martin - 2013
    She is told that she is to carry on the family bloodline of werewolf alpha, choose a mate and change into a werewolf all in one day. Rae is worried that she is losing her mind with all of the sudden weirdness but her father, the current alpha is not giving her any choice. Rae only hopes that she comes out of it sane and alive.

Crescent Bound

Karli Rush - 2012
    Her childhood has been spent in the mundane human world learning to blend in and hide who she truly is, and it is here, during her last year that she meets a striking ex-high school quarterback from a small town in Montana who will turn her world upside down. Alyssa holds the element of fire, unlike her best friends Lisa and Megan, who are both air elementals. It is the elemental powers that reside inside which require positive thoughts and positive actions in order to maintain this magickal connection. What would happen to a witch that let this get out of control? How can evil become the driving force behind revenge and death?Dark secrets, dark magick and a desperate desire for revenge will bring Alyssa to the brink of destruction. She is being chased, but this pursuit is a silent one and her chaser has but one goal, Alyssa’s complete and total destruction. Will she overcome this dark threat and begin to live out her destiny? Will she survive and if so, will she lose herself as part of the price for being alive? Or, will her destiny rest on being crescent bound?

From Scotland, With Sass

A.K. Michaels - 2017
    It’s gotten her into hot water one time too many and she knows she’s treading a thin line with her Alpha. So what does she do when she’s forced to pick up a sexy-as-sin Scotsman and return him to the Pack? Heck, as soon as the Alpha’s mate goes near him, she growls at her! She’s lucky to make it out of there in one piece, and she’s sure it’s the hot Highlander who saved her. What was supposed to be a pick him up, drop him off, and make her getaway kinda day, turns into a scorching hot encounter that takes her breath away, at the same time as her sanity. Mr. Sex-on-Legs Scotsman has her heart racing every time he glances her way, her Wolf acting like a love-sick pup, his beast calling to hers as only a soul-mate can. With rogue Wolves in the area, willing to take what they want, and what they want is Belle, can the lovers find each other and seal their bond before it’s too late? Read New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels addition to the Sassy Ever After world which is also book seven in her Highland Wolf Clan series, packed full of hot Shifters, sassy females, intrigue, passion, and thrills.

Castle Coven; Box Set

Hazel Hunter - 2015
    Tucked against the remote Alps of northern Italy, the Angioli coven is ill at ease with their newest member. Whispers and fearful glances follow her everywhere! But the arrival of a Magus Corps major ends all that. Kieran McCallen isn't afraid of her singular ability. Instead he's been sent to nurture and test it. Though Hailey's waif-like and delicate beauty are charming, her power is the stuff of legend... Each loners in their own way, Kieran glimpses Hailey's fiercely protective spirit when it comes to friends. For her part, Hailey dares to hope that she's found the person and place meant for her. But their bond is put to the test by danger and by duty, forcing each of them to impossible choices... Abandoned (Castle Coven #2) On the verge of starting a new life with the man she loves, novice witch Hailey Deveraux’s world is yanked from underneath her. Without explanation, Major Kieran McCallen has abandoned her at the doorstep of a new coven. Though her heart and soul tell Hailey that he loved her too, it doesn’t change the shattered spirit he leaves behind... Though Hailey must restart her life yet again, the remote Castle coven of Wyoming is different. From the smallest child to the most experienced Wiccan, they seem to embrace the strange gift that she brings, especially the enigmatic coven master, Piers Dayton... >Though Piers already knew that Hailey would fit into his future plans for the coven, he had no idea how perfectly she would fill the jagged hole in his life. Though he begins slowly with the elfin and fragile Hailey, his need to dominate her unleashes desire in them both. But before she can truly learn the extent of her power, a vile evil breaches the coven’s border... Healed (Castle Coven #3) As coven master Piers Dayton sits vigil, novice witch Hailey Deveraux lies still as death. Lost to him after being tainted with demon’s blood, her spirit wanders in a nether world she can’t escape. To Hailey her existence has become a solitary wander through an empty Castle coven. Memories tease her but never return. Doors open but lead nowhere... Though Piers refuses to give up hope and tries in vain to bring Major Kieran McCallen to Hailey’s side, a different aid arrives. Stepping out of legend and time, Liona di Orsini appears at the Castle. With an elegant beauty and distant gaze that Piers has only seen in the oldest of Wiccans, Liona has come to witness the turning of history.Her prophetic visions have led her to the Castle, and now to Hailey’s bed... As Liona weaves the telling of her tale with Hailey’s own, she finds that she and the guileless, young beauty may share more than just great power. Brought together at a nexus beyond which Liona can’t see, the pair forge a bond drawn from love, passion, and pleasure... Claimed (Castle Coven #4) With the return of Major Kieran McCallen of the Magus Corps, life becomes complicated for novice witch Hailey Deveraux. Though she’s still in love with the dark and brooding man, she’s also in love with Piers Dayton, who couldn’t be more different. As the coven master of the Castle coven, Piers has given her the protection, space, and love to become her own person... To her shock and dismay, Hailey learns that Kieran’s return isn’t just about her. He’s on a mission, a dangerous one, for which her talents would be ideal. Though she can’t deny him her help, his closed emotions and gruff manner hurt her more deeply than she can admit! But as the mission unfolds, her love for both Piers and Kieran can’t be denied. Though coven master and Corps officer may not like one another, the one thing on which they can agree is Hailey. Emboldened by her time with Liona di Orsini, Hailey makes a request of her two lovers that takes even her breath away! Imprisoned (Castle Coven #5) In the hellish world of the Shadow Walk Prison, novice witch Hailey Deveraux is running out of time. As her body languishes in the real world, her spirit searches a bizarre and changing landscape. Though she’d dearly like to leave, she won’t without her two lovers... The dark and brooding Kieran McCallen and coven master Piers Dayton are missing. Cursed by a demon, they have been banished to endlessly wander the horrible realm. Using only her feelings to guide her, Hailey navigates the Shadow Walk Prison to find them. But what she discovers are two men caught up in terrors of the past! As Hailey is swept into their nightmares, her only fixed point is the love she feels for them. But as fears and demons assault them, the trio comes together and fractures apart. As time slips away, Hailey must ask herself one question: Is her love strong enough to bring them home? Sacrificed (Castle Coven, #6) Though Hailey, Kieran, and Piers have survived the Shadow Walk Prison, the news they bring with them is dire. Templars have allied with demons to eradicate all Wiccans. The horrifying and deadly combination has the covens and the Magus Corps scrambling, with no clear means to survive! Nor has Hailey come through unscathed. Even Liona, the most ancient witch of them all, can’t tell Hailey the meaning of her changed eyes. Though Hailey may have left the Shadow Walk Prison, it seems not to have left her... Even in the midst of the turmoil, as the final battle draws nigh, she and her lovers forge a new relationship. For the first time in her life, Hailey knows love and true happiness. But as she struggles to fulfill her destiny and protect the people she loves, the Shadow Walk Prison beckons with an opportunity she can’t refuse...


Lindsay J. Pryor - 2017
    Pryor or these novels then you need to read them, experience them first hand." Keeper Bookshelf A spin-off from the bestselling Blackthorn series by Lindsay J. Pryor, set in Lowtown, the neighbouring district to Blackthorn. The product of a brutal class system, the dark, gritty world of Lowtown will grip you and never let you go. Every few days the handsome stranger comes into the café in Lowtown for an hour a time. Most of the time he keeps himself to himself - one drink and he leaves. Sometimes people meet with him but about what remains elusive, the edge of mystery and danger adding to his allure. Not that Ember is allowed to think about him. She's finally on the cusp of gaining her citizenship and escaping Lowtown for good, so she can't be seen to be involved with a vampire - evidence of one single bite would be the end of her prospects. But when those prospects are rocked by her links to the district's dark underbelly, the stranger she must avoid could be her absolution - and she could be his . . . "An incredible voice for paranormal." Rhyannon Byrd "Dark, disturbing, enthralling, breath taking ." Passionate About Books

Forgotten Visions

Lia Davis - 2012
    Born to an elite witch bloodline with a rare genetic mutation, she’s a Divinity on a mission. Her investigation into the deaths of her parents sends her straight into the middle of an ancient war between witches and demons. After a near-fatal accident, a childhood friend, Ayden Daniels, comes to her aid and triggers visions of a past she doesn’t remember, sparking an old flame and new desires. With their history slowly becoming clearer, Kalissa eagerly sets her sights on mending Ayden’s heart and gaining his trust—until a ghost from her past returns to claim her as his demonic mate. While investigating a series of Divinity murders, Ayden, the new sheriff of Maxville and grandson of the oldest living Divinity, comes face-to-face with the one woman he hopes to have little to no contact with. Old pain rises instantly and is quickly followed by anger and resentment. Through his rare power of adaptability, however, he learns that things from his past may not be what they seem. Hope fills his broken heart, and determination pushes him to do whatever it takes to win Kalissa once more before he loses her forever. Together, they must find the strength to mend their tattered souls and learn to love again, while fighting an evil out to destroy the world.

Defending Kyra

Susan Hayes - 2012
    Hunting isn’t his job, it’s his calling, one that doesn’t leave a lot of time for a normal life. He’s got a mission instead of a mortgage, and the only woman in his life is the nameless beauty who haunts his dreams. Kyra Robinson is too pragmatic to believe in magic, monsters, or things that go bump in the night. She’s forced to change her attitude when a random encounter at her Vancouver nightclub puts her in the sights of a vampire who wants her for his own. Kyra is desired by two men, the hunter, and the killer. After a lifetime of protecting herself, she’ll have to put her heart, and her life, in the hands of a man just as dangerous as the creature hunting her. **Publisher’s Note – This book was previously released as Whispers in the Dark. It has been revised and updated.

Grizzly Bear's Bride

Viola Rivard - 2015
     Nestled in the rocky hills of the Dakota Territory lies Greystone, a hidden town where shifters of all breeds can live in peace. The only bear in Greystone, Grissom's sheer size and strength is enough to keep the shifters in line. Though he works as the town's enforcer, he spends his days wandering the forests, hunting and foraging for food. Everything changes the night Grissom meets Ruby: a beautiful, curvaceous, and utterly irresistible human. Though being with her could jeopardize everything, the grizzly bear shifter is determined to claim her as his mate. This is a standalone story, no cliffhangers. It is a short novel, approximately 32,000 words. It is a historical paranormal romance and contains mature content, unsuitable for readers under 18.

First Instinct

Tamsin Ley - 2019
    Her mother was, as her mother before, but her stutter botches every spell she tries. Convinced that an eloquence potion will solve her problem, she heads to Devil's Crown to gather ingredients. But a rugged park ranger with golden eyes shows up and awakens something wild inside of her. A need so strong, it scares her. A desire she's helpless to resist.Adrian's inner animal demands seclusion, a place away from humans and shifters alike. His job patrolling the mountain wilderness is all he needs to be happy—until he rescues a curvy human from a rogue shifter. Darcy smells of catnip and makes his mountain lion growl for a mate.He’s going to claim her even if she’s a witch. Content Warning: A reclusive shifter, a wanna-be witch, and a whole lot of steamy explicit purring. ~✫~✯~✫~Welcome to Diablo Falls, where the world of the supernatural is out in the open, and where fangs, fur, and magic are the norm. Join the authors of Bite Club and meet those who are experiencing paranormal firsts in our growly, filthy collection of thirteen steamy “First Time” short stories.Because we all know… you never forget your first.

Immortal Ops: Collection I

Mandy M. Roth - 2011
    Something about her has left him staring at her picture and wondering what it would be like to touch her soft skin. When the time comes for the team to strike, Lukian senses danger and aborts the mission. He makes an attempt at meeting Peren and is set in his place by an independent young woman who knows what she is, and isn't, looking for in a man.Lukian is having trouble telling Peren that he's what she fears most, a werewolf. Can they make the passion that burns between them last, or will Lukian's condition be too much for Peren?Critical IntelligenceBook TwoWhen loyalties are questioned and bonds forged, the I-Ops find themselves fighting a war to guard not only their secrets but their lives as well.Missy Carter leads a rather boring, overworked life as a system analyst for the State Department or rather, that's what she lets everyone believe. No, in reality her life is anything but boring. As an agent with the Paranormal Security and Intelligence, she's seen and done it all. Intelligence is her specialty, assassination is her hobby. The only problem is that the things she spies on don't die easily. In fact, some of them were dead to begin with. She's learned to handle anything life can throw at her. That is until the biggest paramilitary pain her ass shows up again. Lucky for him, he's sexy.Roi Majors, second in command of the I-Ops, is having a hard time believing that Intel can only get half the information needed to bring down an underground ring of vampires with big spending backers who are hell bent on creating a race of supernaturals with multiple strands of DNA in them. As the team searches for answers, Roi searches for sexual release. When he finds himself paired with the one woman in the world who seems immune to his self-proclaimed charms, he can't wait to see her to safety and then bid her good riddance. He never counted on falling in love with her. And he sure in the hell never counted on her claiming to be an agent with a branch of the government no human should know about.


Sam Crescent - 2012
    Fear for herself and her friend has her running to the vampire council in search of protection.And she is bonded to a vampire.Robert Valentine knows Sophie is hiding something, but what? She tempts him as no little human ever has in his whole life. He is the eldest son of the most powerful family in the world.Forces they cannot control are fighting against them. Time is running out. Sophie’s secret is about to be exposed. Is there time to save the ones they love? Can Robert and Sophie move on and survive the war that is about to begin?

Feral Instincts

Erin Ashley - 2013
    Re-release in 2017. See author profile for more information.A young woman robbed of her very life and everything she holds dear... A rather gentle and soft hearted soul, Ava is content in her quiet little life. She has a good job and two friends that she loves dearly. She never suspected that it could all be taken from her in one fluttering heartbeat. Victim of a devious plot, Ava finds herself in the middle of a living nightmare. Taken captive by a monster, she awakes forever changed. Her life will never be the same again. Afraid of becoming a monster herself, she will have to learn to adapt to this brutal new world she has been thrust into. She will have to find the strength to embrace what she has become and to face her fears if she hopes to save herself and the beast who once saved her.A man who's path has been chosen by fate... Sent by his pack to help the vampires with a rogue uprising, Teagan agrees to help them track the rogue leader. As the future alpha of his Lykan pack, his responsibilities are clear... that is until he rescues a fallen angel from a rogue vampire out for power and revenge. He knows he can never have her, but her unmistakable pull is hard to resist, as is the beast that resides within him. They will have to put their fears aside if they hope to survive what lies ahead. What would you sacrifice to save the person you love? Will the beast ultimately destroy the woman he would give his very life to protect? Sometimes we are forced to find strength we never knew we had in order to survive. ~ “What are you?” the angel asked him in wonder.Teagan hesitated a moment before responding. “I am Lykan.” He answered her with a voice gone rough from the beast within. It was always hard to speak in his beast form. He was shocked that this little slip of a girl had dared to touch him. He had expected her to scream and run in terror from him when she opened her eyes. Instead, she had boldly moved closer and seemed to be savoring the heat of his skin. The muscles on his chest flexed in response to her gentle touch, and he resisted the urge to lean into her wandering hand. Looking down at the small hand on his chest, he growled, “What are you?” He breathed deeply of her scent, trying to figure it out. She smelled like a vampire but also of human and soft female and something else… Teagan tensed. She also had a male vampire’s scent all over her. Could it be Salvatore’s scent? Was she some sort of new rogue hybrid? Gods, he hoped not. He didn’t want to destroy her. The look of wonder on her face disappeared as a look of utter despair filled her eyes. She struggled to find the words to answer his question. “I… I… don’t know what I am.” Tears began to slide down her cheeks. She leaned her forehead into his chest, softly crying. Looking down at her in confusion, he instinctively wrapped his arm around her, holding her to his chest. Clenching his fist, he resisted moving his hand to rub the soft skin of her back in comfort. “I… I’m a monster.” Her soft voice came to him in a quiet, shame-filled whisper. “Like him… he… he did this to me. He infected me. Please… I can’t be a monster. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I think… you have to kill me.” Teagan held his breath and froze, his beast growling in protest at her words. His instincts were telling him to protect, not destroy. He didn’t know what she was, but he sensed an innocence about her. He knew she was no monster. “Please. I don’t think I can take any more. He’s coming back for me. There’s no time. You have to do it now.” The little female lifted her tear-streaked face to look into his eyes. “Please, I would rather die than be a monster like Salvatore or, worse, a slave to him for eternity. This is why you came here, isn’t it? Please… end this… kill me.”

The Lion's Love Child

Jade White - 2015
     A hot one night stand with a handsome man named Dylan got extremely complicated when Grace discovered she was somehow pregnant. Little did she know, Dylan was actually a WereLion and she was now carrying the Lion's love child. With no way to contact him, Grace was resigned to raising the baby by herself however it soon became very apparent that this was no ordinary pregnancy and this would be no ordinary baby... If you love a thrilling paranormal romance featuring action and adventure alongside scenes of hot romantic mating then scroll up and start reading this now!