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Time Jump by Timothy J. Bradley


The Time Takers

Saxon Andrew - 2014
    Throughout history, humans have been saved a moment before they died. Those that are taken, awake to find themselves in a strange new world different from anything they had ever seen. They discover that some agency has taken them out of the time they lived and dropped them into the early Cretaceous Age. They are now faced with surviving in a world that was called the Golden Age of the Dinosaurs. Not only must they learn how to survive the giant carnivores but also survive other humans. They are challenged to build a civilization ninety million years before the first Homo sapiens appeared on Earth. The humans struggling to survive wonder if the Time Takers are a larger danger than any they face in the prehistoric world they now inhabit. One of them is determined to find out why they were taken and his quest could endanger everyone. Excerpt from: The Time Takers Suddenly, the cave was filled with a deafening roar. Everyone in the cave turned, grabbed their ears and looked to the left, where they saw an opening in the cave wall at the end of a short corridor. Something was filling the opening. Andy was stunned at what he saw. This was a nightmare that could only come from an overdose of bad drugs. Everyone fled across the cave to the wall furthest from the opening. The Romans broke formation and ran with the others. The Roman Leader held his ground and Andy saw he was shocked and frightened out of his wits. It was easy to see why. Andy sprinted across the cave and moved into the short corridor leading to the opening where a giant head with rows of sharp teeth was being pushed further into the cave. He stopped twenty feet from the head, raised the bow and fired an arrow directly into the open mouth of the huge Allosaurus. The giant reptile screamed and jerked its head back out of the opening but not before Andy had notched another arrow and hit it between the eyes with an arrow that buried itself to the fletching. The giant’s roar was silenced as it straightened up and then fell backwards. Andy put the bow over his shoulder and ran toward the entrance. He saw a large stone wheel on the right side of the opening designed to block the entrance and he ran behind it and tried to push it forward. The roars from outside the cave were getting louder…and numerous; everyone inside could hear that there were more of the nightmares that had stuck its head in the cave outside the opening. He pushed as hard as he could but the wheel was just too heavy to move. There was a channel cut into the floor for it to roll in; but it was just too massive to budge. The Roman Leader sprinted over and started pushing with Andy. They looked out of the opening as they struggled to move the stone wheel and saw ten of the giant carnivores were just outside the entrance surrounding the dead Allosaurus,. They appeared to be trying to determine what killed it. One of them looked at the cave opening and started moving toward it. Ten Samurai and five Vikings arrived at that moment and began pushing with Andy and the Roman. The wheel started moving and then rolled over the entrance just before the dinosaur arrived. The men gathered at the wheel felt it lean into the cave for a moment…and then fall back against the opening. This book is dedicated to my brother, Wayne. I wish you could have read this one. Thanks for reading Science Fiction to me when I was five years old. You started me on the path that led me to all the stories that spring from my imagination, I miss you and love you. Visit us on face book at or our website at You may contact me directly at

In the Jungle: Short Story, Games, Jokes, and More!

Uncle Amon - 2015
    They decide to go on a vacation together to the Amazon Jungle to meet new friends. What happens on their adventure? This is an excellent read for beginning and early readers. Each story is easy to read and exciting. Cute and bright illustrations for younger readers and a free coloring book. KINDLE UNLIMITED & AMAZON PRIME members can read this book for FREE! This book is especially great for traveling, waiting rooms, and read aloud at home. Fun games and puzzles included Excellent for beginning and early readers Cute short stories that are great for a quick bedtime story Funny and hilarious jokes & illustrations for kids FREE coloring book downloads included This story is great for a quick bedtime story and to be read aloud with friends and family. WHAT A GREAT DEAL! => 5 FUN STORIES, JOKES, GAMES, ACTIVITIES, AND A COLORING BOOK! Your child will be entertained for hours!Story List & Activities: FREE GIFT! In the Jungle Funny Jokes for Kids Games and Puzzles Game and Puzzle Solutions Free Coloring Book Downloads *** FREE GIFT with your purchase! *** Free children's book download included!(see inside for link) Scroll up and click 'buy' and spend some quality time with your child! 100% Money Back Guaranteetags: jungle, jungle animals, adventure books, books for kids, kids books, children's books bedtime stories for kids, bedtime storybook collection, bedtime storybook, kids stories, bedtime stories for children, bedtime reading, free childrens books, Children's books, short stories, kids stories, stories for kids, stories for children, kids ebooks, short stories, bedtime stories, kids stories, stories for kids, short stories for kids, short stories, stories for kids, jokes, kids stories, childrens stories, kids books, childrens books, books for kids, bedtime stories, kids books, ebooks, books for kids, jokes, kids, hilarious, children, kid, kids books, childrens books, childrens book, kids book about animals, elementary, kids book, books for kids, childrens book, book, kindle book, kindle ebook, comedy, kindle unlimited, kindle unlimited books for kids, kindle unlimited books for children, humor, early reader, beginning reader, kids comedy, bedtime stories, free ebooks, ebooks free, stories for kids, preschool, ages 3-5, ages 6-8, ages 9-12, preteen, beginning readers, beginner reading, kids stories, children stories

Life as an Independent Space Hauler

Jason Hill - 2021
    Everything was taken from him and he was pressed into military service as a fighter pilot. A few years later, Jace has gotten out of military service and worked on a corporate freighter. He has grown to love space and plans to never return to earth. Dissatisfied with the corporate life, Jace finds the necessary backing to go independent. Thus, he begins the life of an independent freight hauler. This story is inspired by Nathan Lowell's Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series, Firefly, and some anime.

The Imprisoned Earth

Vaughn Heppner - 2019
    Calidore alive on the Allan Corporation Voyager Manhattan. The spaceship was run like a pirate vessel, part of a multi-corporation fleet racing to claim an alien asteroid vessel that had just appeared beyond the moon. None of us knew the Chin Corporation Voyager had nuclear-tipped torpedoes and planned to murder the lot of us. Well, no one knew but Calidore, and the little genius decided to skip out on a shuttle and take over the alien asteroid for himself. He screwed up bad, so bad you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what happened. The point is, I have to fix the problem, me, Jason Bain the bodyguard, or the Earth can kiss its tush goodbye.

This Alien Earth: The Complete Series: A Dystopian Sci-fi Box Set

Paul Antony Jones - 2021

Virginian (Matt Miller in the Colonies, #3)

Mark J. Rose - 2019
    He’s become a wealthy businessman and politician, with a beautiful wife and family, but the American Revolution looms on the horizon. When a prominent British leader mysteriously disappears, Ben Franklin summons Matt to London to help investigate the involvement of Patrick Ferguson, a man whose ambitions are to change the future. Unknown to them all, another time traveler, with separate motivations, will join them in a struggle across two continents to change the destiny of Western Civilization.

Please, Be Quiet! (Sammy the Bird Book)

V. Moua - 2018
    But there's one're causing too much noise for this little bird. Sammy needs to find a quiet study space but will he be successful? Read the book to find out! About Sammy the Bird books: This is an illustrated children's book series about Sammy, a little bird who has a BIG personality. As you read the books, you will discover that this little red bird is constantly curious, always looking for new adventures and he is very creative with his imagination. Did I forget to mention he is also quite the character! There are over 70+ books in this series and counting. I created Sammy based on the personalities and characteristics of my own children. That may explain why many kids can relate to this little bird and why Sammy is quite popular among children and early readers. As an author, I have enjoyed reading all the positive reviews and comments coming from children, parents, grandparents and teachers about how this red bird has impacted their life and helped children to enjoy reading. As a reader, you can look forward to many more adventures with this silly and fun-loving red bird! -V. Moua About the book: Please, Be Quiet! This is a read aloud kids book. The target age range audience is for toddlers, preschool and young children. This is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime. It is suitable for parents to read to their children. Grandparents will definitely enjoy reading this book to their grandchildren. Read this children's book FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership!


M.L. Maki - 2021

Flight of the Javelin: The Complete Series: A Space Opera Box Set

Rachel Aukes - 2021

Minecraft Galaxy Wars Book 1: Rise of the Star Defenders (An Unofficial Minecraft Book)

Herobrine Books - 2015
    They have gained control of many planets across the solar system and developed vehicles and deadly weapons – none more devastating than the Death Cube that has the ability to destroy anything in its path. The only hope for the universe lies with the Star Defenders – an elite group of kids who plan to restore peace to the galaxy…no matter the cost! Will they be able to save the Minecraft universe from the clutches of the evil that surrounds it? Jump Into The Adventure and Find Out! Get Your Copy Today!

Ripples of the Past (The Pages of Time, #2)

Damian Knight - 2018
    Although Sam and his friends are now safe, he has lost the girl he loves and remains no closer to reversing the plane crash that has torn his family apart. As he struggles to make sense of this new reality, Sam sets out to obtain a supply of Tetradyamide, the drug that enhances his ability, and finds himself pursued by forces of both good and evil as he is sucked into a conspiracy that runs far deeper than he could ever have imagined.

A Heart of Ice (The Great War Book 4)

Ralph Kern - 2020

Oblivion Box Set: Books 1-4: Lost Mission, First Contact, Final Invasion, Star Fallen

Joshua James - 2020
    Captain Lee Saito's massive new starship is sent to seal the uneasy truce. But a series of terrorist attacks on Earth and the mysterious acts of a strange cult threaten to derail the fragile peace. When the mission goes awry, Saito must try to salvage what he can in deep space while his estranged son must navigate a conspiracy back on Earth that could implicate the highest levels of government. As it all spirals out of control, the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Includes the first 4 books in the Oblivion series: Lost Mission First Contact Final Invasion Star Fallen Five star reviews for Lost Mission, book 1 in the series: "Plenty of high octane action sequences ... Readers should expect a twisting and curving wild ride." "This is a fast moving book that you won’t want to put down." "A rip roaring tale that does a fine job of world building and character development."

51 Accidental Inventions that Changed the World

Kimte Guite - 2019
    The wonderful inventions we now cannot live without—fromhigh-heels to tea-bags, pencils to x-rays, each story is an amazing mix of luck and a whole lot ofperseverance and hard work.Imagine what our hot summers would be without ice-lolly? The horrors of never tasting potatochips!What would we do without our quick-fix Superglue? We hardly give a thought to the manylittle things we use every day. Don’t you think it’s time we learnt about a few stories of origin?Where do they come from? Who invented them and how?Learn about 51 fascinating stories of inventions in a book blending adorable, simple illustrationswith lively text bursting with facts. Who knows, you might accidentally come up with an inventionone day too

Minecraft Traps for Fellow Players and Monsters

Lee Green - 2014
    In this Minecraft Traps book you will find - 1) TRAPS FOR KILLING MONSTERS AND PLAYERS 2) Home Defense 3) Fun with TNT 4) TRAPPING FELLOW PLAYERS 5) Curiosity Killed the Cat 6) Killer Greed 7) MISCELLANEOUS MEANNESS 8) TECHNOLOGICAL TRAPS 9) PvP Aggression