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Star Struck by Laurelin Paige


A Love Called Simon

Sandi Lynn - 2015
    He desired me and I let him. I was fully aware of his love for women and his hatred for relationships but I decided to play his game. I had a void that needed to be fulfilled and Simon Young was the man who could do it. Entering into a physical relationship only was the plan. No strings and no emotions allowed. But plans are made to be changed and rules are meant to be broken. We grew closer and I was falling in love, but Simon had a secret. A secret that would destroy everything. He was about to lose me and I was willing to walk away.


Lauren Landish - 2018
    But getting under a man like Scott Danger might be more than I can handle.He’s the heir to Danger Enterprises. Possessive, ambitious, and passionate, he'll totally eat me alive. He’s a predator caged in gilded threads, and I want to run just so he’ll chase me . . . catch me . . . take me. Shit. I’m in so much trouble, but I think I like it. This might turn into a disaster. We might crash and burn. And while Mr. Danger thinks I need saving, I’m no damsel in distress.I wasn’t looking for trouble, but trouble seems to have found me.Mr. Danger is a full length Romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Ride Hard

Hazel Parker - 2019
    Your demons always find you. The Savage Saints took everything, leaving me orphaned, my dad bleeding out in my arms. I couldn’t get away fast enough. I took their money— they owed me that much after everything they stole from me— and left to start a new life. Go to med school. Forget the past. But how can I forget everything— everything that happened, everything I lost— when my new life is built on their dirty money? Everything I own is tainted. The only way out is to pay it all back. There’s a hitch in my plans I didn’t take into account, though. Trace, the Savage Saints president. He’s gruff, but betrays a gentle side. At least where I’m concerned. Our attraction is instant, Our chemistry undeniable. But giving in to him means riding straight back into the life that destroyed me once already. Will I survive a second time? Adult content.

The Scotch Series: The Complete Series

Penelope Sky - 2017
    He took my intelligence without paying for it. And thought he could get away with it. Think again. Now I’ll take something from him—something irreplaceable. His sister. Collateral. But even when Joseph doubles the amount of money he owes me, I don’t give her up. Nope. I have an image to maintain. So I keep her. And I’m not giving her up. The Scotch Queen I wasn't sure what changed my mind about giving London to Bones, but something did. Now London is officially mine. She's sassy, feisty, and she still tells me off when I have her under my thumb. I love it. Now I have a deal with the Barsetti brothers, Josephine is still pining for me, and revenge is heavy on my mind. I'm not sure what to do with London now that I'm not gonna kill her. But I'm certainly not going to fall in love with her. The Scotch Royals London is a lot more useful than I anticipated. She gets me what I need like a pro. With her by my side, I feel like I can do anything. My need for revenge is dimmed. My anger is contained. But her brother is still a problem. She wants me to let him go. I'm not sure if I can.

The Reckless Secret, Complete Series

Alexa Wilder - 2015
    She knows he's not into girls like her - he's always surrounded by skinny model types. With her curvy body and a career choice that never made her wealthy family happy, Maggie is sure Declan will never fall for her. Except now that her job is in jeopardy, she has no one else to turn to...Declan Archibald knows he wants no one else but Maggie. He wasn't ready for her before, but now he can't get her out of his mind. He tried wooing her a few months ago, and it didn't work - Maggie just thought he was using her. So how can he convince her that his feelings for her are real? When he discovers she's in trouble, Declan jumps to help. Will her crisis bring them closer together or push them apart?Saving Maggie's job gets complicated, drawing dangerous secrets to the surface that threaten their already shaky bond. Maggie and Declan have plenty of chemistry, but can their growing love withstand so many obstacles?Available exclusively for Amazon and Kindle Unlimited readers. The Reckless Secret is a standalone romance with a happy ending. While it's a part of Alpha Billionaire In Love series, it's not necessary to read the other books to enjoy The Reckless Secret.BOOK ONE EXCERPT:She could feel him behind her, close but not quite touching—feel the warmth of him, the raw need.“Maggie,” he said, and she nearly whimpered. “Maggie. Look at me.”She swallowed and squeezed her fingers around the key card, coiling heat spreading through her pelvis. “I can’t.”His voice, a breathy murmur, ghosted across the soft skin of her neck beneath her ear. “Why?” It wasn’t really a question. It was a challenge.“Because I’ve got no control around you,” she admitted desperately, pleadingly, every ounce of her senses firing up for him.“Tell me to leave,” he murmured to her, and she felt it then—the shadow of a touch on the side of her neck, the very whisper of his tongue. “Tell me to walk away, and I’ll never bother you again.”

If I'd Known

Paige P. Horne - 2018
    Our story.To everyone else Travis Cole was just the bad boy, but to me he was the keeper of my heart and even as time aged us and miles kept us apart, my heart stayed his. Forever his.*Based on actual events, takes place past and present.

All the Right Places

Jenna Sutton - 2015
    So when she gets a gig designing accessories for denim empire Riley O’Brien & Co., it’s a dream come true. Amelia can handle the demanding job, but she isn’t quite prepared for sexy CEO Quinn O’Brien. She’s doing her best to keep things professional, but the attraction sparking between them makes it personal. And so does the secret project she's working on behind his back... Quinn’s not interested in the new accessories, but he is interested in the woman designing them. Amelia is smart, sexy, and talented, and he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since they met. Mixing business and pleasure isn’t wise, but that doesn’t stop him from coming up with excuses to spend time with her. He thinks he understands the risk he’s taking when he gets involved with Amelia. But he doesn’t know he’s risking a lot more than his heart.

The Tantric Principle

Jennifer Probst - 2011
    Desperate for balance, she enrolls in a yoga school to teach her certain lessons. Breathe. Stay calm. Be in the moment. And ignore her sexy yoga teacher who is becoming a major distraction… Grant Madison runs a yoga school and lives by one code: don’t get involved with the students. But when Arianna walks into his studio, his resolve begins to crumble. He offers her a deal: a secret affair while in the studio, and the practice of tantric sex in the bedroom… But when lust turns into love, Arianna and Grant are forced to make a difficult choice. Can Arianna reject the career opportunity of a lifetime for the possibility of love? Can Grant ignore his past and take a chance on the future?

The Edge of Temptation

J. Saman - 2019
    I know it’s a mistake. My head and heart are just not into the game. Especially when I have a terrible knack for picking the wrong men. Then I see him.The gorgeous man in the dark suit, drowning his sorrows in a glass of scotch is only supposed to be one night of fun. No strings. Zero expectations. No one gets hurts. And when I wake up alone the next morning, it appears I’ve gotten everything I was after. That is until I find the shiny gold cufflinks he left behind. Oh, and discover that he's my new boss.With our ugly pasts still heavy on our shoulders, it should be easy to stay away from each other. To be one hundred percent professional. To ignore the way his heated glances set my skin ablaze, even from across the room. Yep. Impervious is my new middle name. Even if tempting is his...

Falling for the Fling

Lili Valente
    Being both the event caterer and a bridesmaid is crazy, I know. But, I’m a pro. This is my seventh wedding after all—as bridesmaid, that is. Pretty sure that’s some kind of town record.Still, no amount of my trademark meticulous planning could’ve possibly prepared me to see him again. The prodigal Doctor Dreamy himself, Mason Stewart. My first (and only) love who disappeared without a word literally the day after proposing to me.What the heck is he doing back in Bliss River? And how is it at all fair that he looks this good? Also, holy crap, why is he coming this way?* * * * *There she is. Somehow even more beautiful than I remember. This overdue apology is one I’ve rehearsed since the day I left, pulverized by my own family, positive I'd never be good enough for the only girl I've ever loved. Took a lot of both time and therapy, but I finally managed to fix what they broke. And now I’m here to repair what I broke.I know Lark. She’ll see this second chance I’m hoping for as a no-strings fling so we can each get closure and move on. Right. Like it’s just that easy. You don’t move on from a woman like Lark. And I’m pretty sure a clothing-optional arrangement will make that feat infinitely more impossible.Still, it’s a start—a way for Lark to see the man I’ve become. A man who isn’t looking for a fling, but rather, matching rings, kids, the whole nine yards.Previously titled Dating Dr. Dreamy. Same swoony, feel-good story, just with a fresh title and cover makeover.* * * * *The Bliss River Series- Falling for the Fling- Falling for the Ex- Falling for the Bad Boy

Biker's Law

Jordan Silver - 2016
    From a very young age he’d heard the stories of his dad. A man of vision who’d helped start the first MC in town, and how his partner at the time Clyde Drexel had double-crossed and murdered him. There was never enough proof, but the locals were convinced. Now thirty years later, Stone, who has thwarted Drexel at every turn, is the president of his own club. The two men never see eye to eye on anything so it’s a bit of a shock when Drexel turns up dead and his only daughter finds herself on the enemy’s doorstep seeking protection. Chloe Drexel is away at school when she gets the news that her dad is dead. In the days leading up to his death she’d been receiving cryptic texts and phone calls, but none surprised her more than the one ordering her to seek out his sworn enemy for protection on the event that something should happen to him.

CEO's Pregnant Lover

Leslie North - 2014
    He was the most arrogant, impatient and rude man Brianna had ever met. Yet she finds herself madly attracted to him. At first Trent didn't give Brianna a second look. The young woman who wore her hair like a fifty year old, clothing that didn’t fit her body, or compliment her natural coloring, and honestly had no idea of just how attractive she could be. But that all changes when Brianna fills in for Trent's personal assistant. With a little help from a popped button, Trent soon finds himself intensely attracted to her. She is nothing like the platinum blondes he usually has draped on his arm. She didn't just want his money or fame. She wanted him. But as his employee she couldn't let it go any further - she needed this job too much. Despite her reluctance, the attraction between them is unstoppable and after an unprotected night of passion they' are both left with many unanswered questions. Trent's unborn child reveals a side of him he never knew he had. But when an old business rival returns seeking revenge, Trent, Brianna and their child find themselves in extreme danger.. CEO's Pregnant Lover Release Dates ============================= CEO's Pregnant Lover 1: February CEO's Pregnant Lover 2: March CEO's Pregnant Lover 3: April

All I Need

Jennifer Van Wyk - 2018
    I thought my luck with men had finally turned around until I walked in on my new fiancé with my maid-of-honor.I’m done with men entirely. I’m definitely old enough to know better than to let that happen to me again. Trust isn’t something I have in me to give… to anyone. At least, not anymore.Besides, even if I wanted to give someone my everything, I have nothing left to give. Now, if Walker could be just a tad less handsome, his relationship with his nephew not quite as sexy and his body… well, let’s not get crazy. His body is just a gift to womankind.The moment I laid eyes on Ellie, I knew she’d be full of spit and vinegar. And why wouldn’t she be? She’d just caught her fiancé with her maid of honor – and they weren’t chatting about the upcoming nuptials. I can’t help but push her buttons, she’s sexy as hell when she’s fired up. Or cooking dinner with Miss Polly, or… well, any time, really. Maybe having her work for me in my vet clinic wasn’t the smartest move I’ve ever made considering I can’t stop my body from aching for her.She said she was done with men entirely, that she’s broken. Still, I can’t help but hope that she realizes she’s All I Need.

Cross Me

Geneva Lee - 2019
    We kissed. We fought for our happily ever after, but true love stories never end...I promised her protection. I promised to keep her safe. I thought I could until an attack reminds me that our lives will never be simple. But while I try to shield her, Clara refuses to be intimidated by me or anyone else. She thinks hosting the Sovereign Games will bring us all together—as a nation and a family—but someone is working against us. Someone who wants to see my secrets exposed to the world—and to her.Because the only thing my family has ever buried is its secrets and when she discovers the truth, I might lose everything.Scandal, betrayal, romance—welcome to the Royal World.Geneva Lee, the New York Times bestselling author of The Royals Saga returns with Cross Me a new tale of seduction, secrets, and the world’s most watched family.(formerly Wild King)

Baby Bump

Miley Maine - 2020
    It backfired. But let me back up a little… She asked me to be her fake fiancé. Me… the most powerful man in the city. I should’ve said no. I shouldn’t have cared about what she wanted. But her sweet curves didn’t let me be that indifferent. Making her ex jealous was one thing. Showing her off to my own family was another. My snooty folks hated her. And that brought us closer. It made this fake arrangement a little more real. Very real. And it also made working with her awkward. Very awkward. But the worst part was when she disappeared, and then showed up with a baby bump. I was about to be a father. And I was determined to make my former fake fiancée…my wife.