Pran Kumar Sharma - 2015
    This applies appropriately to PINKI, the five year old little girl, who is often seen carrying her pet Kut-Kut, the squirrel. This strip was created by cartoonist Pran in 1978. The series became a tremendous hit in short period. Soon the hilarious encounters of PINKI started appearing in Punjab Kesari, JagBani, Hind Samachar, Sandhaya Times, Mayura, Lot Pot and several other newspapers. M/s Diamond Comics Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, have compiled it into book forms in ten languages. Many manufactures have used this character on their children goods to promote the sales. The whole neighbourhood of Pinki is scared of menace of her doings. She wants to help uncle Jhapatji busy painting the furniture. "If you want to help me, go away!" He screms. Other characters in the series are, Champu, Bhiku, Didi, Principal Tasmut, PINKI'S parent and grand parents.

Late to the Wedding

Laura Briggs
    True, it was written four months ago, but could his heart have changed so drastically in so little time? Desperate to know, she packs a bag and plans to bridge the five states between them. But a series of cosmic misadventures leaves her no other choice for her cross country journey than a gypsy cab driver who’s willing to take her the distance for a hefty fee. Sardonic, arrogant Brian Stoker is the last person likely to sympathize with a quest for last chance love. But he may be her only hope as a chain of obstacles and adventures threaten to become a detour from her destiny. Will Evelyn be late to the wedding–or will she have a romantic rendezvous in time for a happy ending?Excerpt from Late to the Wedding:Evelyn closed her eyes as despair washed over her. Turning away from the taxi lane, she walked forlornly towards the automatic doors. Her glance fell on a vehicle parked nearby, a 1970s notchback Sedan she had noticed circling the lot as she spoke to the constantly moving line of cabs. Most likely a hack, or gypsy cab driver as some referred to them. Guys willing to take legal risks for a little extra cash on a busy weekend. The driver lowered his newspaper to glance up at her passing figure, revealing a faded button down shirt with an open collar. Dark, tousled hair and a jaw that sported days old stubble; coal black eyes that flicked in her direction with a hint of challenge. As if daring her to approach, knowing all the while she was too timid and guarded to risk it. Perhaps that’s what made her shoulder her carry-on more firmly and march directly to his driver’s side window.“Excuse me…” she faltered a little, her gaze taking in the car’s shabby interior, with its dusty dashboard and peeling leather upholstery. “By any chance…that is, are you…” “Operating an illegal cab service?” supplied the sardonic voice, the dark eyes studying her beneath raised brows. “Sure.” He tossed the paper into the passenger seat and offered a smile that struck her as arrogant for someone who clearly did most of their grooming with the aid of a rear view mirror. “I–I need a ride,” she stammered, realizing a second later how obvious that must be. “That is, can you take me to Binghamton?” she asked, selecting a city that was relatively near the Pennsylvania state line and roughly two hours into her journey. If he took her there and not a mile further, it would be at least be a start.He seemed to hesitate, no doubt weighing the loss of convention traffic. His gaze taking in her trim figure, expensive attire, and scant luggage with a scrutiny that made her blush. “I usually settle my fee before driving in circumstances like this,” he said, after a moment. “But I guess I can make an exception for you. Although this seems a little far for a cab ride if you ask me.”Evelyn shrugged, pretending to miss the insult behind the provision. “Well, I’m sort of playing this trip by ear, so I can’t really guarantee…” She let her voice trail off, turning her head nonchalantly in the direction of the moving cab line. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, she prayed that this maneuver would call his bluff. Show him she wasn’t the usual sucker tourist in need of a cheap ride.“We’ll work something out,” he said, taking the bait.

The Unmarriageable Series Collection

Mary Lancaster - 2019
    Perhaps it’s her natural curiosity or maybe, she likes excitement, especially where the notorious Lord Verne is concerned. When she’s mistaken for a hussy at the Hart Inn—by every fault of her own—staring at the handsome lord through a partially opened door in a private parlor and watching him out of her chamber window in the middle of the night—is it any surprise he abducts her? Of course, she foolishly imagines her rank and her identity are enough to protect her. Book 3 - The Vulgar Heart - When convention clashes with love… Eager to outshine her older sisters, Henrietta Maybury is disappointed to discover the first man to make her heart race is the scion of a banking family, and therefore quite ineligible as a husband to a viscount’s daughter. No cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily ever after!

The Tracker

B.A. Monaghan - 2017
    Roland grew up halfway to nowhere. His father is human and his mother is elf. Being Half-Elf would always bring difficulties and it also brought about innate magic. He heads off for adventure joining the Adventures Guild. The world is tough and Roland is an innocent. He discovers he is unique in more than one way. Danger is everywhere especially for those who adventure. He makes a decision that will affect him for the rest of his life. The he realizes he has made a rash decision. It might turn out good or it might turn out bad. He just doesn't know enough but he is committed. His unique gifts are needed and he heeds the call for help.

Wings Over Malta

Ron Powell - 2016
    Their task is simple, regain control of the air. But when not sheltering from incessant bombing by Luftwaffe forces based only minutes to the north on Sicily, Jack and his fellow pilots are hunted from take off to landing by tens of Messerschmitt 109Fs. Can they, and the Island, survive? The novel is dedicated to the people of Malta and the pilots from all over the world who fought to protect them. The cover design by Martin Butler is based on the image, Spitfire Flypast, by Paolo Camera. Reviewers found the flying scenes in Ron’s Battle of Britain novel, Wings Over Summer, especially vivid and those in Wings Over Malta are no less dynamic. This is because Ron spent much of his 32 years in the RAF as a flying instructor, teaching young men and women to turn upside down, jink and spin in light aircraft. He also picked the brains of several Battle of Britain veterans and current Spitfire pilots.

Galactic Gladiators Set: Books 7-9

Anna Hackett - 2020
    But someone else also needs her help—the untamed blue-skinned alien who’s saved her twice. Rescued from vicious fight rings he’s fought in since he was a child, Vek is prone to losing control in aggressive fits of rage…and Mia discovers that she is the only who can calm himRogue: Rogue contains two action-packed novellas in the Galactic Gladiators series. In Information Rogue, arrogant information merchant Zhim doesn’t know what hits him when he collides with feisty human hacker Ryan. In Desert Rogue, prickly, independent human Neve doesn’t want or need any help…but a certain cocky desert rogue -- Corsair of the Corsair Desert Caravan -- isn’t taking no for an answer.Guardian: Former cop Dayna Caplan wakes to discover she’s host to a powerful alien symbiont, and the only man who can help her is the mysterious and dangerous casino owner, Rillian. Now that she’s no longer a captive at the desert arena of Zaabha, she desperately wants to help find the last of the other human women who were abducted by the Thraxians. But she has to deal with the intense hunger and powerful new abilities the alien living inside grants her…and the person forcing her to confront her new reality is the cool, enigmatic, and far-too-attractive Rillian.

The Royal Games: (A Game of Crowns and Lies #1)

Jamie Sanders - 2021
    In the aftermath of the Great War, huge swaths of what was once the United States of America are uninhabitable. Every day is a struggle to survive.But Kaia doesn’t want to leave her family or her best friend Finn behind—not even for a chance at winning Crown Prince Dominic’s hand in marriage. Life in her home territory of Hilora is hard, but at least it’s hers.Her life. Her choice.Until, suddenly, it’s not anymore.Branded a criminal and sentenced to a punishment that amounts to death, Kaia is given only one way out.She must compete in the Royal Games… as a spy for the Queen of Palias herself.Perfect for fans of The Selection and The Hunger Games. Dive into this story of intrigue, danger, romance, and deception!

The Savant Lands: The Lost Class

Lucas Dunn - 2017
    He has always taken comfort in being a loner and especially in action and adventure books that contain endless magic and action. When Vivid Corporations releases a new virtual reality game(The Savant Lands) unexpectedly early, Lucian can't help but be pulled to the game as it promises any gamer the ability to become a mighty king, a wealthy merchant, a powerful wizard and much much more! There may be dark rumors about the release of the game and the fact that it seems a little too real, but Lucian is determined to not let this opportunity pass him up. Follow Lucian as he gets pulled into The Savant Lands because who knows... it could happen to anyone. Edit: Went through book and made a few edits per requests of readers. Reach me at for any errors you find or if you just have something to say.

Every Fifteen Minutes: by Lisa Scottoline | Summary & Analysis

Book*Sense - 2015
    Lisa Scottoline’s Every Fifteen Minutes is a psychological thriller that explores the eccentricities of sociopaths by getting in the mind of one who is determined to ruin the life of a psychiatrist Dr. Eric Parrish is the respected Chief of Psychiatry at the Philadelphia-area hospital where he works. His unit has just received national recognition and Eric is largely credited for the positive accolades. His personal life, however, has recently taken a hit as he is locked in the middle of an increasingly nasty divorce and possible custody battle. Eric is advised by his lawyer to walk the straight and narrow, which would ordinarily not be a challenge for the faithful rule follower. That is, until he meets Max, a seventeen-year-old patient with OCD characteristics and a severe self-esteem problem. Eric fears Max is a suicide threat after he turns up missing following the death of his beloved grandmother. His concerns only escalate when he learns Max’s romantic interest has been found murdered. This companion to Every Fifteen Minutes also includes the following: • Book Review • Story Setting Analysis of Every Fifteen Minutes • Story elements you may have missed as we decipher the novel • Details of Characters & Key Character Analysis • Summary of the text, with some analytical comments interspersed • Thought Provoking /or Discussion Questions for Readers & Book Clubs • Discussion & Analysis of Themes, Symbols… • And Much More! This Analysis of Every Fifteen Minutes fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience.

Cloud Dungeon: Winter Wonderland (Volume 2)

Nathan Valerio - 2018
    The most common interference is the summoning of heroes and reincarnation. This story is no different except that in the process of calling the desired people, the efforts of three goddesses were messed with causing the summoned to not be the older brother or the father. Instead a four year old child was summoned.Backed by her love of fairy tales and folklore, we shall see how this young child with the help of her lazy best friend and pet cat will change the very face of the world starting from a tiny cloud and becoming a dungeon filled with any and all fairy tales she had heard of and watched.Following her adventures, what will the coming of her next floor bring


L.E. Miranda - 2021
    In order to save himself and others, Liam must reach his full potential as the last hope.He must become the last shining star that guides his people.This is the story of a man's desperate attempts to save humanity from certain extinction, as well as find out who's behind it all. He dreams of creating a fairer, more just reality and through the System, finds a ray of hope. Follow his journey as he struggles to build up his power while withstanding the trials of Fate.

Grimoire Bound

Jeff Sproul - 2017
    His memories are clouded, except for images of glass and metal. He quickly finds that he’s not alone in this new realm. There are others who all arrived just as he did. In this strange world, people are driven by survival against forces that have little interest in continued human existence. But through the use of special tomes known as 'grimoires,' people are able to enhance themselves to increase their abilities and 'life properties,' giving them a fighting chance against the monsters that surround them. Without a chance to acclimate himself, Chaxin is thrown into a bloody confrontation with monsters born of nightmares. He soon realizes that one false step could mean his death. But death isn’t the worst that the Graymos has to offer. Can he survive in such an unforgiving world? If not, more than just his life could be at stake. Grimoire Bound is a LitRPG-Lite novel, inspired by Dark Souls, Lovecraft and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.

Your Husband, My Man 3 (YOUR HUSBAND MY MAN)

K.C. Blaze - 2014
    Lauren isn't done with married men and will go all out in one extreme attempt to save face. Though her one real love may be standing in her face the entire time. Will The Carter's find closure and finally have the complete family they always wanted? Will Lauren realize a man of her own is just a stones throw away?

The Cure For Love

De-ann Black - 2011
    Daisy is broken-hearted when her boyfriend, Sebastian, announces his engagement to Celeste. Sebastian works for a publishing company in London. Celeste's father, Franklin, owns the company. Daisy is a freelance botanical illustrator who often works for Franklin, illustrating books.Angry and betrayed, Daisy leaves London and heads for a break in Cornwall. Franklin has given her the keys to his holiday cottage in a small Cornish town. The seclusion she seeks is soon disturbed when she meets Jake Wolfe. Jake is a successful businessman who owns and runs a health food shop in the town. He is also the author of herbal books. His latest book is his finest project, to find a cure for lovesickness. He believes he has found the cure for love. All he requires is someone broken-hearted to test out the latest version of his remedy.Daisy and Jake are immediately at odds. Daisy doesn't want to be anyone's guinea pig. Finally, Daisy agrees to test Jake's cure for love. Will it cure her of being in love with Sebastian? Or has she fallen for Jake? Perhaps castle owner Roman Penhaligan has stolen her heart? Will she take it? Or will everyone stop her drinking the remedy before it's too late?This book is filled with entertaining characters like the local gossip Mrs Lemon, whimsical uncle Woolley, incorrigible Sharky the baker, and others.The Cure for Love is a light-hearted romance set in Cornwall and London during the summer.About the Author:De-ann Black is a bestselling author, traditionally published for over 15 years, with more than 50 books published. She's also a scriptwriter and former newspaper journalist.New releases for 2013 & 2012 include:CHRISTMAS ROMANCE IN PARISTHE CHOCOLATE CAKE SHOP IN NEW YORK AT CHRISTMASTHE CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATIERTHE CHRISTMAS TEA SHOP & BAKERYTHE VINTAGE TEA DRESS SHOP IN SUMMERTHE FAIRYTALE TEA DRESS SHOP IN EDINBURGHTHE TEA DRESS SHOP AT CHRISTMASCHRISTMAS ROMANCE IN SCOTLANDDUBLIN GIRL - HOT SUMMER IN THE CITYTHE BITCH-PROOF BRIDETHE BITCH-PROOF ROMANCESHOPPING FOR MENSHOPPING FOR MEN AT CHRISTMASOOPS! I'M UP TO MISCHIEFOOPS! I'M A SECRET AGENTOOPS! I'M A HOLLYWOOD AGENTI'M HOLDING OUT FOR A VAMPIRE BOYFRIENDWHY ARE ALL THE GOOD GUYS TOTAL MONSTERS?SHADOWS OF MURDERAnd the international thriller ELECTRIC SHADOWSPlus two new box sets:THE BITCH-PROOF BOX SETOOPS! IT'S CHRISTMAS BOX SET

The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls Free Preview

Anton DiSclafani - 2013
     It is 1930, the midst of the Great Depression. After her mysterious role in a family tragedy, passionate, strong-willed Thea Atwell, age fifteen, has been cast out of her Florida home, exiled to an equestrienne boarding school for Southern debutantes. High in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with its complex social strata ordered by money, beauty, and girls’ friendships, the Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls is a far remove from the free-roaming, dreamlike childhood Thea shared with her twin brother on their family’s citrus farm—a world now partially shattered. As Thea grapples with her responsibility for the events of the past year that led her here, she finds herself enmeshed in a new order, one that will change her sense of what is possible for herself, her family, her country. Weaving provocatively between home and school, the narrative powerfully unfurls the true story behind Thea’s expulsion from her family, but it isn’t long before the mystery of her past is rivaled by the question of how it will shape her future. Part scandalous love story, part heartbreaking family drama, The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls is an immersive, transporting page-turner—a vivid, propulsive novel about sex, love, family, money, class, home, and horses, all set against the ominous threat of the Depression—and the major debut of an important new writer.