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The Screenwriting Life by Rich Whiteside


Teach Yourself Screenwriting

Raymond G. Frensham - 1997
    For those readers wanting the "how-tos" of Hollywood, "Teach Yourself Screenwriting "is an easy-to-comprehend yet thorough introduction to this art. Here they will get the basics and advice on how to get their work onto celluloid.. . This book covers the techniques and specialized skills used in writing for this visual medium and answers the practical questions often asked by budding screenwriters..

Somewhere in Seattle: A Romance

Brooke St. James - 2022
    He played a sold-out show, and I had front row tickets. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before.Micah said some things to the audience near the end of the performance—some personal things about his own life. I wasn't normally the type of person to follow clues, but Micah's songs and his life before stardom seemed interesting.I was curious about the mysteries of his past. I thought I might try to find out more. I had no idea that the search and events that followed would change my life forever.


Lurea C. McFadden - 2005
    Estranged from her husband because of her infidelities she is losing her husband Edwin to another woman, who happens to be his best friend. Grace Trufant learns she is pregnant and not sure of the paternity of the child. The threat of single motherhood is not a situation she will entertain. Grace plots and schemes to keep ties with her former lover Brian and her estranged husband intact until the arrival of her baby. Once again she is back to her old tricks but fate plays a greater part in the plan. Tragedy, death and unexpected meetings throw salt in the game as Grace maneuvers to take advantage of all situations. Grace is not the only woman with FeMALE TRAITS in this one. Felicia Hubert, wife of successful accountant Stacey Hubert, has plans of her own. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side as she goes through a mid-life crisis proves to be too much for her to bear. Check out the moves in FeMALE TRAITS II.

Challenges of a Scribe: A LitRPG Duology: Book Two

Michael Deyhim - 2021
    On their travels, Edward works to overcome the challenge of reintegrating with his siblings and parents. They try to work together in search of a brighter future, all feel the strain of losing their home and livelihood. Edward is not the same boy as when he left home and must balance his hard-fought independence with his role as brother and son.Despite optimism for the future and escaping the destruction of Azalon, a dark threat looms over the family’s hope of rebuilding. Edward’s skills continue to progress, but will it be enough to protect the family’s fragile beginnings? Overcoming his own fears and personal demons is the biggest challenge Edward must face as he chooses a future with his family, or one of an adventurer.

Breakfast with Sharks: A Screenwriter's Guide to Getting the Meeting, Nailing the Pitch, Signing the Deal, and Navigating the Murky Waters of Hollywood

Michael Lent - 2004
    This is a book about the business of managing your screenwriting career, from advice on choosing an agent to tips on juggling three deal-making breakfasts a day. Prescriptive and useful, Breakfast with Sharks is a real guide to navigating the murky waters of the Hollywood system.Unlike most of the screenwriting books available, here’s one that tells you what to do after you’ve finished your surefire-hit screenplay. Written from the perspective of Michael Lent, an in-the-trenches working screenwriter in Hollywood, this is a real-world look into the script-to-screen business as it is practiced today.Breakfast with Sharks is filled with useful advice on everything from the ins and outs of moving to Los Angeles to understanding terms like “spec,” “option,” and “assignment.” Here you’ll learn what to expect from agents and managers and who does what in the studio hierarchy. And most important, Breakfast with Sharks will help you nail your pitch so the studio exec can’t say no.Rounded out with a Q&A section and resource lists of script competitions, film festivals, trade associations, industry publications, and more, Breakfast with Sharks is chock-full of “take this and use it right now” information for screenwriters at any stage of their careers.

Dirty Queen (Covington High #3)

Amelia Winters - 2021

The Deputy's Christmas Bride (The Brides of Wicklow Book 2)

Maddie Walker - 2019
    Suggesting that Sandy seek adventure as a mail order bride, neither of the sisters imagined that Sandy would soon find herself heading west and into the arms of a handsome deputy. In the small town of Wicklow, Montana, Deputy Jim Miller has just mended his own broken heart after his wife, Ella, abandoned him and his twin daughters three years ago. Knowing that the twins need a mother, and missing the company of a woman, he takes the advice of his housekeeper and places an advert in The Matrimonial Times. But as Jim and Sandy grow ever closer, a knock on the door brings a surprise and unwanted guest from the past. With their happiness threatened, can Jim and Sandy overcome the odds to find their happy ever after, just in time for Christmas? The Deputy's Christmas Bride is book 2 in the Brides of Wicklow Series. All Maddie Walker Mail Order Bride books are stand-alone stories and can be read independently of one another.

Hell is Empty

Charles Tabb - 2019
    Her mother tries to hold the family together, but her father buries himself in his work while her older brother and sister deal with the loss in their own self-destructive ways.Meanwhile, Pantera, whose last kidnapping case ended with a dead girl and no suspect, does everything possible to find Samantha before her case becomes just another cold case—or worse. “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.” Shakespeare, The Tempest

Anxiety Girl Breaks Free: The gripping finale in the enthralling Anxiety Girl series (Anxiety Girl - Book 3)

Lacey London - 2018
    He is standing right here in front of me. This could be the start of something special. It should be the start of something special. Only life isn’t always that simple, is it? With Aidan back in Cheshire and work on Blossom View well under way, it would appear that things are finally falling into place for Sadie Valentine. Her career with the charity is keeping her busy, Aldo is enjoying being off the market and her relationship with her mother is starting to heal, but it’s not long before the cracks start to show. Not wanting to succumb to the anxiety that is slowly casting a shadow over her newly-found happiness, Sadie attempts to press on with her life regardless. As Sadie tries to paper over the cracks, blasts from the past return to tip her world upside down in ways she could never have imagined. With her limits being tested once again, can Sadie use her experience and strength to break free from her anxiety once and for all? They say that the past should stay buried, but what if some ghosts simply refuse to lie low? Slip into Sadie’s world as she tries to adjust to a potentially life-changing discovery and change the perception of mental health forever. The other books in the ANXIETY GIRL series are available worldwide from Amazon. Praise for the ANXIETY GIRL series – “An excellent book combining a very meaningful story with a significant, yet sympathetic, account of mental health challenges faced by many in the modern world.” “This book allowed the reader to understand how much mental health can affect anyone at any time, no matter who you are or where you come from.” “Just reading this book has helped immensely with my anxiety and given me ideas on coping strategies.” “I am a sufferer of anxiety and depression and could relate throughout the whole book.” “This is a powerful story that anyone who has suffered from anxiety can relate to.” “Anxiety Girl has inspired me to learn more about anxiety. Brilliant book that everyone with or without the condition should read.”

The Maid, a Family Secret, and the Billionaire

Erica Penrod - 2020
    Then she might have been able to steel herself against the flood of emotions seeing Rio released. No matter how hard she wishes, she couldn’t go back to a time when they’d planned to spend their lives together; a time before a secret tore them apart. Now, she’s the maid and he’s her billionaire boss. For Rio, The Cove and Seattle were new distractions from his old heartache. Forced to face the past and the desire he still carries for Selene in his heart, Rio wants nothing more than to turn her away. Then he meets her daughter... He can’t deny a single mom and her child a place to stay. The secret haunts Selene and she’s not sure Rio will want her in his home once he knows the truth. She’ll risk everything to find out.

The Billionaire's Gift (The Billionaire Club #5)

Johanna Evelyn - 2020
    Can they both put their trust in God’s timing? Joshua Banks has never been on a second date in his life. The examples he grew up with caused him to close his heart to anything resembling a relationship. But when his meddling friend invites a woman from her church to accompany him to a ball, he finds himself wanting more from the forced upon him blind date. All his plans go out the window when she unexpectedly kisses him. But when she tells him her reasons, she leaves him with more questions than answers. He throws caution to the wind in order to untangle her secrets only to find she’s what he needed to rebuild his faith in humanity. Kara Bell only agreed to go out with a stranger as one last act of service. She doesn’t expect the undeniable connection. Knowing a relationship between them isn’t possible, she does something out of her character. But the stolen kiss leads to hope that died long ago. Now she’s racing the clock to mend his broken spirit. But she’s afraid her attempt to bring him happiness will do the opposite. She pushes past her doubt in order to do the impossible. But can she accomplish her goals before God calls her home? Author’s Note: This story is close to my heart. The heroine in the story suffers from the same disease that has taken up residence in my own body. Kara’s story is emotional, and I hope impactful. I tried to handle the issue delicately. This is my story and although the journey might be rough, it ends happily.

Stealing The Borders

Elliot Rais - 2011
    Great cinematic appeal. Hollywood should grab it fast."-- Ivor Davis / New York Times Syndicate An intimate, Humorous Tale of a Thrilling Escape From childhood. He wanted a party, they threw him a circumcision. He wanted sour cream, he got bugs. Stealing the Borders is a witty survivor story about a boy who grew up experiencing German bombs, chills of Siberia, and life in a refugee camp. - Then came the real test - the chaotic streets of New York. As he had no schooling till the age of 16, Rais developed an extraordinary instinct for survival and an uncanny perspective that allows him to see the wry side of every situation. Laugh with him, as you read the inspiring story of his escape from war-torn Europe and eventual success in the United States. Don't try to tell him he had a deprived childhood he's convinced it was a privilege! Follow his hilarious antics in his warm and touching autobiography. - He stole the border, he'll steal your heart.


Lupine King - 2018
    Wealthy, talented and gifted with prodigious abilities, there is is little doubt that he is blessed. However, recent events appear to suggest otherwise. Verre is a vast place with daemons and cultivators aplenty. Their schemes and secrets are legion. Valerian finds himself skirting the fringes of some of the greatest his land has to offer and unfortunately for him, he is being inexorably drawn in. There is only one way to keep afloat; grow, train, survive!

Sweating Blood: My Life in Squash: The Official Autobiography of Nick Matthew

Nick Matthew - 2013
    That’s not physically possible, but if you could Nick Matthew would have done it by the bucket-load. Throughout his 15-year career, Matthew has fought his way to the top of the PSA World Rankings in his gladiatorial sport, winning 25 World Tour titles, including being crowned world champion on two occasions and British Open champion three times. Nick holds the record of five British National titles in addition to being crowned Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles Gold Medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth Games making him England’s most successful player. Sweating Blood: My Life In Squash is much more than the tale of a squash player. In this brutally honest story: Nick psychoanalyses his own obsessive-compulsive personality and explains how it helps him win; He remembers how, as a late developer, he was constantly told he lacked the talent to succeed yet went on to become the most successful English player of all time; He gives an amazing behind-the-scenes access to the sport: the prize money, the anti-doping, the gruesome training, the post-match celebrations, the crazy players on the PSA World Tour and the far-flung corners of the globe where he competes; He remembers the career-threatening shoulder operation that eventually put him on the road to World Championship and Commonwealth Games glory; He tries to understand how his relationship with another top British player went so horribly wrong; He digs back into his Yorkshire upbringing and remembers the colourful characters who turned him into the champion he is today; And he pinpoints the most crucial moments in his career – the moments when he really felt like he was sweating blood.

Not Quite a Billionaire Complete Set (Books 1-3)

Rosalind James - 2017
    . . Now complete in one volume! I never asked Hemi Te Mana to rescue me. It was true that I had a lousy job. Not to mention a lousy apartment and too much responsibility, although it was a responsibility I wouldn’t have given up for the world. That still didn’t mean I needed rescuing, if that was what you’d call the situation I ended up in. And anyway, I knew that a multimillionaire Maori CEO with too many muscles, a tribal tattoo, and a take-no-prisoners attitude was way, way out of my league. So, no, I didn’t ask him to, but he rescued me anyway. Because Hemi was fierce. But you know what I found out? So was I. Note: This started as the “book within a book” that Faith is writing in Just in Time: Escape to New Zealand. And, yes, it has more steam than the "Escape" books. Because Faith had a lot of sexual frustration to work through. If you don't like strong, determined alpha men and very spicy (but fully consensual) sex, DON'T buy this book. Maybe head for New Zealand instead.