Benji & Brooklyn: She Fell For a Chi-Town Boss

Miss Candice - 2019
    She had been around drug dealers and hood rich guys all of her life so when the fly and flashy Dayton Bennet pulls up at her cousins welcome home party she is unmoved by the materialist things attached to him. It is his strikingly good looks and his charismatic demeanor that instantly draws her to him. Despite everything they go through over the past three years together, Brooklyn ends up accepting his hand in marriage. Unbeknownst to her, Dayton is having a secret affair with someone really close to her. Tragedy quickly brings his dirt to surface, showing Brooklyn that Dayton isn't the right man for her afterall. Devastation and sorrow creates a thin sheet of ice over her broken heart, so when the infamous, fine and rich Benji tries to woo his way into her life she isn't interested. Benjamin 'Benji' White is a boss in every sense of the word. Growing up with no father in the home, Benji had to step up. He refused to let his single mother struggle by raising four kids on her own. From the moment he touched his first bag of dope his grind had been unmatched. Benji's rise to the top was a quick and relentless one, piquing him the most notorious drug distributor in Chicago. In addition to running a multi-million dollar drug empire, Benji has a five year old daughter to raise on his own so he has no time for a serious relationship, not that that's something he'd be interested in anyway. The women coming in and out of Benji's life wanted one thing and one thing only — sex and conversation from the hood legend. He'd always been cool with that, up until the feisty and independent Brooklyn waltz into his life. Neither of the two are looking for a relationship, but fate has its own agenda. Benji and Brooklyn is a tale of two souls finding solace in one another when they don't realize they need it most.

Knocked Up by the Mob

Rebecca Dupree - 2020
    What he doesn’t know is that she’s pregnant with their baby. Benito She doesn’t belong in my world. Hell, my life is as dark and twisty as hers is shiny clean. Except I can’t stay away from her. And I know just how to keep her close. The last thing I expected was to fall for her. Which is exactly why I’m broken by her sudden disappearance. She might be in mortal danger because of me. And I know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do, no one I wouldn’t kill to keep the woman I love safe. But even I was not ready for the shocking secret she’s been hiding from me. CiaraThe last thing I expected was to fall for mafioso Benito Armando. Sucked into his world, I allowed myself one night of passion with one of the most notorious men in the country. I fell prey to his charms and now my heart’s on the line. Until I discovered I was pregnant with his baby. And that’s something he must never know. Not with enemies closing in from all sides. I’ll keep my baby safe at no cost. Even if it means running away from the dangerous man that I happen to love. ***All books in the Armando Brothers series are standalone, full-length steamy romance novels.They can be read in any order and do not contain cliffhangers.HEA is always guaranteed.***

Destined: Giovanni and Zada (True Love Series Book 1)

Vivian Rose Lee - 2018
    The sexy, sassy and feisty FBI Agent meets the suave, cultured and fine Mob Boss who is captivated by her – and she by him. Zada is accustomed to taking care of herself and others; however, when danger surrounds her personally from unknown sources, her life takes unexpected turns. Giovanni is accustomed to having to look over his shoulders, but when his underworld alerts him to threats against his Silver Eyes, his beautiful thighs, hell hath no fury like a Mob Boss. No one messes with his empire, and no one messes with the lady he cherishes from afar - the only woman to make him yearn for a normal life.

Wrath (Part II): A Mafia Romance (Esposito Series Book 2)

Fariah Zaidi - 2020
    With his rage and her insecurities, vulnerabilities start rising to the surface until it threatens to break their budding relationship apart. And above everything, looms the threat of Valentin. He is dead set on having Zara for himself, and he has put his destructive plans into motion.Loved ones are hurt. Loyalties are questioned. Secrets are revealed. The war has begun.

A Secret She Carried: (A Wattpad Novel)

Sparsha Kadri - 2020
    He is your typical cold hearted and ruthless businessman Who didn't care about anything or anyone and always got what he wanted. Except for one thing he wanted the most, the love of his life. One phone call turned his entire world upside down for good or at least that's what he believed. Sapnaa had got her heart crushed by the last person she had ever expected. Leaving her with nothing but a broken heart and two beautiful twin boys. Now five years after leaving her past behind she had finally moved on and was living a perfect life with her kids. But everything changes when her past comes knocking at her door.

Black Diamond Rattlers MC: The Complete Collection

Noah Maddix - 2021

Married To The Mafia: The Fallen Son

Tya Marie - 2021

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Rebelle Fleur
    Despite her harsh and abusive upbringing, she worked hard and studied harder. With an IQ of 252. she's a certified genius and is working towards her Masters's Degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University.When tough times hit and she's desperate for money, she steals $5 Million from an offshore bank account. Little did she know she was stealing from the most ruthless Mafia Boss in the world: Dante Vino.

Gambino: The Rise: A Novel Based on the True Story

James Pierre - 2015
    The Department of Justice’s endeavors to capture him on video surveillance likewise came up empty, because he rarely left his modest row house at 2230 Ocean Pkwy., in Brooklyn, New York. He was silent and reclusive to a fault. And by the time the public got their first look at him in 1970 (following an arrest on a trumped-up charge that was never prosecuted) he was already the most powerful mafia boss in the country, controlling a crew of 800 mafiosi, who oversaw nearly 50 criminal and legitimate businesses, which netted his crime family over $1 billion in annual revenue. Yet few even knew his name, let alone his story. Now, for the first time ever, the true story of Carlo Gambino is told in full, gory detail. Gambino: The Rise, A Novel Based on a True Story, unveils the intricate machinations of Gambino’s ascent, from poor, immigrant stowaway, to billionaire boss of America’s most deadly and elite crime family. On this journey, we meet such celebrity hoods as Charlie “Lucky” Luciano, Al “Scarface” Capone, Meyer Lansky, Vito Genovese, and Albert “The Mad Hatter” Anastasia… all of whom became pawns on Gambino’s Machiavellian chess set. Gambino’s story is a rags to riches tail of the bloodiest kind, which explores the dichotomies of family, wealth, and power within the mafia environment. With its careful scrutiny of mob business and brutality, Gambino: The Rise will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Mario Puzo’s timeless classic, The Godfather. But this is to be expected, especially when Puzo’s fictional crime patriarch, Vito Corleone, was based on none other than Carlo Gambino. Gambino: The Rise is a historical novel for the ages that will leave readers shell-shocked with every flip of the page, until its earth-shattering and climactic end.

We Could Never Be 3: The Finale

Charae Lewis - 2021

Mob Boss' Ever After: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance (Broken Throne Book 5)

Lisa Lovell - 2021

Heartless Mafia Prince Book 2: Rocco & Ryah: A Dark Mafia Romance (Heartless Mafia Bosses)

Posey Parks - 2021
    The war threatens the future of the next line of mafia bosses. The streets of Philly will bleed until we end our enemy.Ruling this city with Ryah by my side is still the plan.Luciano will do anything to keep his daughter safe. Even kill me in the process.Trying to keep us apart won’t work in his favor. His actions will only push Ryah deeper into my arms.After the chaos subsided, my woman picked up a pet project and brought it into our circle. I don’t play well with others when it comes to Ryah. Just ask my friend Bosco. Ryah’s mine. End of f*cking discussion.

Promised to the Mobster 2

Jessi Talbot - 2015
     For reasons unknown to her, Sofia was promised to Alessio Drago, the son of a powerful Mafia don. Initially expecting to despise the man, she’s shocked to find herself falling for his dark, possessive passions. He has introduced her to the thrill of The Hunt, and now she looks forward to this spicy game as much as he does. While Sofia herself has grown comfortable with her parents’ promise to the mobster, not everyone is happy with her new relationship, and they’ll do whatever it takes to ‘rescue’ her, whether she wants to be saved or not. Now a new hunt is taking place, and if Sofia loses this game, she’ll get something much worse than a spanking. Reader Advisory: This 9k bdsm romance about the Italian Mafia contains explicit scenes of dominance, submission, and spankings. For adults only.

SINS: 5-7

Emma Slate
    Naked. Vulnerable.A lamb among wolves.My life is no longer enchanted. My life is no longer a dream.My life is a nightmare, and my only hope is a man who's determined to fight my demons like they're his own.Only, in the quiet of the night, I worry he isn't my savior.He is my destruction.Burn (Book 6)Quinn O’Malley—a pigeon among hawks.I believed his quiet lies.His golden promises.His vows of devotion.But now I’m in his clutches. The more I struggle, the tighter his grip.He will not let me go.He claims I belong to him.I never will.I belong to one man—the man who still torments my dreams—Sasha Petrovich.Our love is wildfire and we will burn it all to ashes.Ashes (Book 7)Quinn O’Malley—a queen among warriors.I’m safe in the arms of the man I love.We have the chance at a future, but first we have to make it through our present.Another man has come between us; another man’s memory lingers in our bed.He wants one thing: to see Sasha die.Sacrifice for a sacrifice.My life for his.Fairy tales are for little girls.

Savage Heart

Monica Walters - 2019
    She tries to distance herself from the game by getting a degree and trying to do something positive with her life. When the system takes her older brother prisoner and death’s knock takes her daddy and her other brother away from her, those beliefs are more evident than ever. Never knowing her mother, since she died during her delivery of Fawn, Fawn feels all alone in this world aside from having her best friend, Amiko. Still reeling from the loss of her father, she is confronted by his right-hand man to learn she controls her daddy’s empire. Although she wants no part of the street-life, he’s able to convince her to attend a meeting that will change her life forever. Meeting Lark ‘Law’ Gutierrez makes Fawn want to reevaluate all her life choices. The only problem is that he is kingpin in the streets of Laredo. It’s like she can’t escape the streets that have taken her family, because something about Law is pulling her to him like a fish on a hook. He shares her sentiments. This meeting forces her to take some sort of control of her father’s empire, and she soon learns that the hate that took her family from her isn’t over. As she and Lark become close, she realizes that he has her back in more ways than one, and will protect her, whatever the cost of that may be. Can she withstand the grit of the street-life and hang on to what she’s built with Lark? Or will it overtake her and swallow her whole?