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Cargo of Horses by Monica Edwards


The Prankster Diaries (Book 1): Jokes on the Jokester (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen)

Mark Mulle - 2016
    Ever since he can remember all he has loved doing is pranking other people in their Minecraft Village. There’s just a certain thrill that comes with watching a well-planned prank finally play out. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a water balloon splash on someone’s head, or hearing an adult sit on a whoopee cushion. With all of the fun he’s been having, and with how long his pranking streak has been going, Clyde never expected that one of his pranks would backfire. What Clyde failed to learn before now was--you need to be careful who you try to prank especially if that person happens to be a witch. This small flaw could cause Clyde’s biggest problem. Will Clyde’s joking nature be his biggest downfall, or will he be able to trick his way out of every sticky situation that comes his way? All of these details and more are only included in Clyde’s diary, Jokes on the Jokester. Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

A Berry Good Dream

Michael Yu - 2013
    Then he falls asleep, and, with the help of his magic teddy bear, Berry, is whooshed off to places full of fun, wonder, and ice cream!Follow along on this delightful rhyming story about the imagination.Another quality children picture book from<h2>** Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE! **</h2>

Challenge to Efrafa (Watership Down)

Judy Allen - 1999
    But to do this they need to outwit the evil General Woundwort.

The Thirteenth Horse

Amanda Wills - 2017
    So, when she lands a job at Mill Farm Stables, she hopes she’ll make friends with the children who keep their ponies there. When she’s given the cold shoulder by their ringleader, bossy Norah Bergman, she seeks solace by befriending the mysterious and mighty black Percheron, Cassius. To her surprise, Norah and her friends invite Kristy to join their quadrille team. Fate deals them one disaster after another and Kristy begins to wonder if they are destined to fail. As the day of the quadrille draws near, can Kristy and her new friends overcome adversity and triumph against all odds? And will Kristy lose the one thing she loves more than anything – her beloved horse Cassius? From the Amazon bestselling author of the Riverdale Pony Stories, a new heart-warming tale of friendship, loyalty - and horses.

The Steeplechase Secret

Jeanette Lane - 2018
    She's ready to take it easy and enjoy some downtime with her family, her best friends, and her horse, Raven. But then, Zoe, Becky, and Jade notice some strange things happening at the new steeplechase race track that has the whole town abuzz with excitement. Zoe promised her mom she'd stay out of trouble for once . . . but a little investigating couldn't hurt, right?Includes an 8-page insert packed with photos from the TV show!

The Boxcar Children Collection, Vol. 3 (The Boxcar Children #33, #82 #88-89)

Gertrude Chandler Warner - 2007
    Includes the following four titles: The Mystery of the Mummy's Curse, The Mystery of the Star Ruby, The Pizza Mystery, The Radio Mystery, The Summer Camp Mystery.

A Day in Dogtown

Mark J. Asher - 2014
    Theo, her lovable chocolate Lab, has been her faithful companion since she was born. But now, as a result of the Great Recession, Courtney's world is unraveling. Her father has been unemployed for a long time and the bank is about to foreclose on their home. Soon her family will be moving into an apartment that doesn't allow dogs. Heartbreakingly for Courtney that means Theo won't be able to come along. After unsuccessfully trying to find someone to take the old dog, Courtney's parents decide to take Theo to a no-kill animal shelter as a last resort. But when the day of reckoning arrives something completely unexpected occurs. It ends up leading Courtney on an extraordinary journey, which teaches her important life lessons and makes her understand that a dog's love is forever.

FCBD: Rated Free For Everyone

Joey Weiser - 2011
    And in the Crogan's Adventure, you'll get an epilogue to the story of one of the brothers from Crogan's Loyalty.

Can I Get There by Candlelight?

Jean Slaughter Doty - 1980
    Young Gail Simmons and her pony befriend a girl from another century.

Dark Horse

John Francome - 2007
    Since then they have gone their separate ways and have managed to put the memory of that day to the backs of their minds. But when a hit-and-run sparks off a chain of unstoppable events, and a journalist starts asking questions, these men know that the truth of that day is about to come to light.In the world of flat racing, everything rides on reputation and there are those who would do just about anything to save their own necks and keep a secret buried...

Everyday Horses

Genevieve Mckay - 2021
    She knows the mountains and rivers like the back of her hand, and every day she can spend exploring with her horse, Beatrice, is a great one.But, tragedy strikes and the whole family is forced to move to the sprawling, manicured estate of grandparents they’ve never met. And their Grandfather makes it no secret that he doesn’t want any of them there.The only bright spot is that there are horses everywhere and Fina soon finds herself caught up with the wild, charismatic girls who own the fancy stable next door. But will following her new dreams mean giving up on Beatrice and the family she loves?

Home Again (Kitten Adventure #1)

Tara Star - 2015
    Daisy comes to realize that the warmth of home is much more attractive than the harshness of the outside world; that after the adventures of life-pleasant and unpleasant, it’s good to come to a home where love and care reign supreme…even from those you least expect. The close relationship between human beings and their pets has been around since time immemorial. ‘Home Again’ highlights this special bond and presents it in a way that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

The Horsemasters

Don Stanford - 1957
    She could hear them stamping and pawing restlessly as they awakened. She could smell them, too; and she drew in the deepest breath she could hold, filling her nostrils with the wonderful, exhilarating stable smell of sweet hay and ammonia and warm, strong life... horses!

The Paint Horse (White Cloud Station)

Trudy Nicholson - 2015
    But Paintbox was taken from her by his spiteful former owners and there was nothing Lucy could do. Despite having Hope, Lucy never got over losing Paintbox. The worst part was, she had no idea what became of him until, one day, a mysterious letter arrives…. A White Cloud Station short story.

Joe & the Gladiator

Catherine Cookson - 1971
    Then an unlikely friendship with an old rag-and-bone man, Mr. Prodhurst, leads him into the greatest challenge of his life. For Mr. Prodhurst bequeaths his peculiar-looking horse, The Gladiator, to Joe -- with only enough money for a couple of weeks feed!How can Joe possibly look after the horse properly? He is determined to try. Otherwise, The Gladiator will have to be put down...A tense and absorbing tale of one boy's courage and determination to succeed against all the odds.