My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide To Prayer, Praise and Thanks: Modern Calligraphy and Lettering

Lettering Designs - 2017

Rest and Release: A 4-Week Bible Study

Courtney Joseph - 2017
     Because we do not rest, we miss hearing God’s voice. Psalm 23 comes to mind. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” Are you experiencing the green pastures, the quiet waters, and the restoration of your soul that Psalm 23 speaks of, from resting with your Shepherd? Remember how the crowds pressed in on Jesus everywhere He went? Everywhere He turned, there was a need unmet, and though there was so much to do . . . He withdrew to rest. Luke 5:16 says, “But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” If Jesus needed alone time with God, then certainly we do. Just think of the wisdom He wants to impart to you, the strength and the peace you may be missing out on. Give yourself permission not to have your to-do list all checked off in order for you to rest and get alone with God. Each weekday, I will provide for you a verse of the day, a short devotional, a reflection question and a daily scripture reading. Also, on-line at you will find 4 videos (one per week) that correspond with the scripture we are studying each week. Each week I will provide for you a practical challenge of something I do in my home that helps me rest and live blessed. I hope you will take the challenges. They do make a difference! I pray that your time spent in God’s Word will lead you to rest for your soul and release of your burdens, so you can live a life of peace and freedom in Christ no matter what you are facing. Join me on this journey, as we walk with the King. Courtney

Deeper Waters: Immersed in the Life-Changing Truth of God's Word

Denise J. Hughes - 2017
    Hughes, author of the Word Writers Bible study series, has been there, yet she's found a peace that runs deeper than her circumstances. In Deeper Waters, she invites you to...learn to hear God's voice through the pages of His Worddiscover a joy you never thought possible when reading the Biblemake connections in Scripture that transform your way of thinking and livingYou don't have to be in seminary to be a serious student of the Bible. God's Word is for everyone. Dive in and experience the joy that awaits in deeper waters.

The Gifts and Calling of God

Kenneth E. Hagin - 1986
    Something about the calling or anointed of the teacher, because one of my callings is to be a teacher; the other is to stand in the office of prophet.

Walking With God (Excerpt): 101 Lessons for Life and Ministry

Stephen A. Gammon - 2014
    Dr. Stephen Gammon shares timeless biblical wisdom and treasured personal insights learned through 14 successive chapters of life in Walking With God: 101 Lessons for Life and Ministry. Applying these lessons will... • Heighten your enjoyment of walking with God • Expand your awareness of lessons God is trying to teach you • Reduce your resistance to leaving your comfort zone in obedience to Jesus • Increase your anticipation of fruitful ministry for Christ until your last breath About the Author Dr. Stephen Gammon is a third-generation minister and has walked with God since early childhood. A pastor since age 25, he has served more than 30 years wherever and whenever God has led him, including in two local church pastorates, as a denominational leader of ministers and churches (Conservative Congregational Christian Conference), and as an active duty and Navy Reserves chaplain. Steve and his wife, Helen, reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have three adult children, a son-in-law, and a grandson.

Jezebel Spirit

Francis Frangipane - 1994
    This study booklet consists of selected chapters from Francis Frangipane's book "The Three Battlegrounds."

The Classic Works of A. W. Tozer

A.W. Tozer - 2012
    W. Tozer include two of Tozer most loved books; The Pursuit of God and Man, the Dwelling Place of God. Each has a linked table of contents.

The Andrew Murray Collection: 21 Classic Works

Andrew Murray - 2013
    Waxkeep Publishing's goal is to provide the most complete, and most easy to read collections in the marketplace.The Andrew Murray Collection includes the following:Absolute Surrender Abide in Christ Be Perfect Daily Fellowship with God The Deeper Christian Life Helps to Intercession Humility Money School of Obedience The Lord's Table The Master's Indwelling The Power of Persevering Prayer The Power of the Blood of Jesus The Prayer of Life The Secret of the Cross The Spirit of Christ The Two Covenants Waiting on God Why Do You Not Believe? With Christ in the School of Prayer Waiting for God

Jesus Calling Devotional Bible, NKJV: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

Sarah Young - 2010
    Missionary Sarah Young had been journaling her prayers for years when she began "listening" for what Jesus was saying to her within the words of Scripture. In this Bible, 260 scenarios pose life struggles to which Sarah Young gives answers from her Savior--words that Jesus has lovingly laid on her heart--words that have comforted and inspired Sarah and many others around the world.Features include:260 prayers with devotions by Sarah Young Hundreds of inspiring scriptures highlighted throughout the text New King James Version(R) (NKJV) in paragraph format Index to devotions Two-color text Presentation page Ribbon markerPart of the "Signature Series" line of Thomas Nelson BiblesThe New King James Version--More than 60 million copies sold in 30 years

Dream and You Will Win the World

Cesar Castellanos - 2006
    Your life will not be the same after reading "Dream and You Will Win the World". You will become a person that dreams, a visionary, challenged by the experiences of Pastor Cesar Castellanos.

The Weary World Rejoices: Daily Devotions for Advent

Melissa B. Kruger - 2021
    The evergreen wreath symbolizes eternal life and includes four candles—typically three purple and one pink, with a white candle in the middle that symbolizes the purity of Christ. Various traditions assign different topics to each candle, and the candles are usually given names to remind us of the good news of Christ's birthTo celebrate this season, TGC's editorial team put together 25 devotional readings that use the Advent wreath as a guide to focus hearts and minds on Christ during the month of December. Structured around traditional Advent themes—hope, peace, joy, love, and faith—these reflections will encourage your heart in this season of celebrating Christ's first coming, and longing for his second.

Everyday Blessings: 365 Days of Inspirational Thoughts

Max Lucado - 2004
    Each day includes a Scripture verse and short devotional that reminds you to be grateful for the everyday blessings God provides. Max Lucado will remind and teach you:God is always by your side, in the good and the badTrust God because He has you at the forefrontGod is listening and your voice mattersEveryday Blessings is a great self-purchase for anyone needing daily encouragement, seeking a closer relationship with God, or wanting an inspirational devotional to read. This yearlong devotional also makes a great gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or holiday gift giving.

God Is Holy

R.C. Sproul - 2014
    R.C. Sproul explains who God is and why His unveiled presence is so terrifying. Against God's pure and perfect righteousness, we see the depth of our sin and our inability to stand before His judgement. Yet the holy God is also a God of grace. He has provided a way for us to find peace with Him and boldly approach His throne. But there is only one way. Will you take it?

Faith Takes Back What The Devil's Stolen

Kenneth W. Hagin - 2005
    Believer's can reach out in faith, take back what belongs to them and begin to live in success, happiness, and liberty.

The Seer's Path: An Invitation to Experience Heaven, Angels, and the Invisible Realm of the Spirit

Ana Werner - 2017
    This unseen realm is responsible for many everyday happenings—both good and bad. This is why it’s vital for you to understand how to activate the seer anointing and begin seeing into the spirit realm.Ana Werner is an everyday person with an extraordinary gift: she can see the invisible world. Through an engaging blend of supernatural stories—including encounters with Jesus and revelatory experiences in Heaven—and practical spiritual truths, Ana releases a powerful impartation that will help you to see into the spirit realm!By reading this book, you will gain…Biblical understanding of what defines a “Seer”Practical keys to seeing into the spirit realmUnique insights into the workings of angels and demonsEssential tools for engaging in victorious spiritual warfareInsider glimpses into into the rooms of Heaven and realms of God’s gloryAlthough not all Christians are “seers,” all believers have received the ability to see into the spirit realm.Learn to see into the supernatural world and experience the wonders of Heaven in your life today!