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War Games by Mikaela Miller


The Spires of Dasny: Dragon Riders School

Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait - 2020
    I scrambled up the Spires of Dasny, even though I knew it once was a haven for dragons and the old Dragon Riders School. The ground thundered. I trembled in the small niche tucked into the mountain. Had the knights returned? I caught my breath as an enormous green eye peered in. A dragon!I awoke in a deep, dark cavern. Staring at me through one opened eye lay a huge black dragon. I had been taught the stories of the dragons, of the days long ago when they ruled the sky and searched for their riders, but this wasn’t at all what I had been taught. Why was I there? Suddenly, pressure built up in my head. My eyes sprung wide in fear and... I heard him.What happens when three dragon riders come together as told in the prophecy? The Blind, the Healer and the Magician…There are secrets to be uncovered, but only if Seyra is brave enough. Discover the intriguing lives of the brash young Seyra and Dreyth, the one who rescues her--or is it she who rescues him?*I loved this story. It had shades of Anne McCaffery to it - and I loved her books.**This was amazing. I loved this line because it says so much. “One dragon eye slowly opened. It is possible. Sleep now. Sleep heals all things. We will talk later.” This has the beginnings of something grand. So good.**I thought of Anne McCaffrey while reading, so you must be doing something right. I liked the way you gave us all the information we needed without it feeling like an information dump. The section on the dragon riders felt natural.*

The Chronicles of Engella Rhys

Paul Ian Cross - 2018
    The first few chapters are available as 'The Chronicles of Engella Rhys (Preview).' Would you sacrifice your future to save your past? Engella Rhys is alone, adrift and on the run. Pursued by a secret agency, known only as the Hunters, she must stay ahead to stay alive. As she travels through space-time using dangerously experimental technology, she only has one wish: to be reunited with her lost parents. After a close shave with a Hunter on the streets of New Shanghai, Engella escapes to find herself on a deserted beach. When she meets a kind stranger, who offers her food and shelter, Engella feels safe and protected for the first time in years. But who is this woman? And why did their paths cross at the most convenient of times? Engella soon discovers their lives are intertwined in more ways than she could ever imagine.

The Hidden Price: Ethan Price Book Two

Malcolm Murdock - 2020

Abraham's Men (Birch Harbor, #2)

Kristen Selleck - 2012
    College sophomore Chloe Adams returns to Birch Harbor determined to find the remnants of the secret society known as Abraham's Men.Yet, the only clues she has are the words 'find Ian Rose' and a strange coded journal that once belonged to her father.No longer able to hear the voices that have plagued her for most of her life, and finally having the loving home she has always dreamed of, Chloe struggles to define what she wants--Until fate and her mentor conspire to offer her the chance to discover the truth.Unfortunately, the truth might kill her.

The Dragon and Her Boy

Nolan Crabgrass - 2014
     After struggling with the death of her lifemate of over a century, Tara spends what the leaders of her clan considers an unreasonable amount of time in finding another. The clan needs offspring, they insist. While soaring over a meadow, Tara sees a dragon intruder attack a shepherd. Outraged, she intervenes and saves the young man from certain death. Breaking a two hundred year old pact between man and dragon forbidding any contact between the two, a powerful yet dangerous bond slowly grows between the dragon and her boy. This is a fun short story, at 5300 words. Stories two and three are already written. They continue the series and will be available shortly! I hope you enjoy them all.

Luna Freed: Beyond the Wall

Margaret McHeyzer - 2019
     After my first escape, I realized that everything I'd believed, everything the Elders told us, and everything I thought I knew were all calculated lies. Now I know the truth will set me free.

The Complete Opposite of Everything

Nour Abou Fayad
    He just doesn’t. He doesn’t overthink, he doesn’t second-guess himself, and he most certainly does not cry.YetThat’s all he’s been doing lately.He’s a mess and he just can’t seem to get it together.His friend, Rami, is no help.Nobody is.UntilYasmin comes along to reconnect with her homeland. She’s been away for too long. She needs to know her roots.And she’s the one person who understands what Adam’s going through, even when he doesn’t.But can two people, both with minds that can’t fully be trusted, help each other navigate the other’s journey towards self-discovery?

Ashes, Ashes #4: The Road

Karyn Folan - 2016
    When a tragedy forces the kids to leave the Mountain Place, no one needs to reach safe haven more than Amy.

The Dragon Kings: Boxset 2

Kimberly Loth - 2021
    It’s been 22 years since the dragon king shifters defeated the White Witch.A new threat has emerged in Europe.An evil queen rules the hidden dragons with an iron fist and few have escaped.The escapees visit Obsidian and ask for his help overthrowing her.Obsidian isn’t ready to fight another war, but when his seventeen-year-old son lands right in the middle of the evil queen's kingdom, he has no choice.The next generation of Dragon Kings is emerging, but first they have to survive…

Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance: Collection Books 6-10

Katrina Cope - 2020
    With this power, she has a better chance to protect her friends and allies. Except, her magic has captured the dark elves' attention, and when they attack Asgard, they make the fight personal endangering her friends' lives.Desperate for help and answers, Kara discovers the elusive Loki proves harder to track down than expected. He has promised aid but fails to intervene.Enemies turn allies, and allies become enemies. Kara must decipher who is on her side before it's too late. No one is safe, not even the dragons.The dragon rider, twisted Norse tale you won't want to miss, continues. In this collection, the intensity increases. Hang onto your seat for nail-biting suspense, exhilarating adventures, entertaining dragons, and epic battles. The mischievous Loki will never cease to amaze, and with the help of her dragon, the beloved wingless Valkyrie, Kara, must rise from underdog to champion to save Asgard from Ragnarok.The omnibus edition of Valkyrie Academy Dragon Alliance contains books 6-10:AmbushedWarnedAbductedBesiegedDeceived

The Alternate Ending

M.J. Thompson - 2014
    I swear if he is cheating, I'll chop it off myself." After Nate leaves for college together with his twin and Hope’s brother, the couple struggles to uplift their relationship. They try to survive through phone calls and skype video chats, but it wasn’t enough to quench her longing for him. To remedy this, Hope plans a trip with Heather and Dean to surprise her boyfriend and their brothers. But as it turns out, they were the ones in for a surprise…

Horses Of The Rain (The Outback Riders Book 4)

Leanne Owens - 2019
    The peace is fractured by the brewing storms, and hot days end with lightning in the distance as the monsoonal band heads their way, bringing record floods. There are personal storms, as well, with Dane struggling with depression as his family and friends seek to help, and Amy desperate to discover if her father is still alive. When the record rains arrive, their part of the outback becomes an inland sea, and a neighbor's horses and cattle are doomed to drown unless the outback riders saddle up and risk their lives to save them. Horses of the Rain is the fourth in The Outback Riders series, and the teens are a bit older and facing problems that many teens need to overcome. They are falling in love, making plans for the future, and finding their way through life. Polo, the rock star, returns to ride with them, and the Min Min lights continue to watch over them. Leanne Owens lived in the outback for many years and saw the Min Min lights, she teaches high school students, and has won dozens of national titles with her horses - so The Outback Riders is the perfect 'write what you know' series as she knows the outback, teenagers, and horses. This version has U.S. spelling.

The Ultimate Guide: An Unofficial ROBLOX Game Guide

Anthony Wright - 2017
    This guide starts with the basics and will teach you everything you need to know including how to make an account and how to customize your avatar. The guide quickly moves into more advanced topics such as how to earn robux, reduce lag, make your own games and even make create paintings! So what is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It

For What It's Worth

Lynda Page - 2006
    His main concern is for his widowed mother, Iris, and, by working hard at Black’s Taxis, he does all he can to provide for her. But Iris just wishes he’d concentrate on finding a nice girl who’d appreciate his worth. If only he had the courage to ask someone out... Meanwhile, in a local firm of solicitors in Leicester, a striking young secretary is realising that her fiancé – a handsome junior solicitor - is not the man for her and, sadly, Harrie knows it’s time to rethink her life. When she takes a temporary position in the office of Black's Taxis, she soon discovers that there are some people who have little respect for the law nor care who they use to carry out their devious plans...

The Shattergrave Knights

David M. Haendler - 2011
    The Merriwether family traditions are dark magic, devil worship and insurrection. Jack and Olive Merriwether thought they were two ordinary teenagers until they learned they were descended from the murderous sorcerer Gorgyaz. Now that the truth about their ancestry is out, the government wants to take their freedom, a witchfinder wants to take their lives and the shadowy leader of the Thirteenth Division wants to take their souls. Jack and Olive didn't intend on following in their infamous forefather's footsteps, but they'll have to learn the family traditions to survive.