THIS is Africa

Mat Dry - 2012
    THIS is Africa is a compilation of stories that defines the maxim "Truth is sometimes stranger, and more wondrous than fiction." From a place known for its continent-wide diversity, notorious for its dramatic turbulence, and beloved for its animals and untamed wildness, Mat Dry, brings his incredible true tales of living and working in Africa as a Safari Guide.

Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories

Jay Withgott - 2011
    Jay Withgott and new co-author Matt Laposata present the latest coverage of environmental science and introduce new FAQ sections to address common student misconceptions. Note: This is the standalone book if you want the book/access card order the ISBN below: 0321752546 / 9780321752543 Essential Environment: The Science behind the Stories Plus MasteringEnvironmentalScience with eText -- Access Card Package Package consists of: 0321752902 / 9780321752901 Essential Environment: The Science behind the Stories 0321754077 / 9780321754073 MasteringEnvironmentalScience with Pearson eText -- Valuepack Access Card -- Essential Environment: The Science behind the Stories (ME component) "

A Column of Fire by Ken Folletts | Conversation Starters

Daily Books - 2017
    Returning once again to Kingsbridge, England, A Column of Fire is the story of a country torn apart by religious intolerance. In 1558 England, Mary, Queen of Scots, who is better known as Bloody Mary is on the throne. She has ordered that all Protestants be murdered because of their religious beliefs. After her execution, her half sister, Elizabeth takes over the throne and promises to bring religious tolerance. Elizabeth is a Protestant, which turns all of Europe against England. Meanwhile, Ned Willard desperately wants to marry Margery Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, Ned is a Protestant while Margery is a Catholic, dooming their relationship.A Column of Fire by Ken Follett has become an international bestseller, as well as a number one bestseller for The New York Times. It has been called “absorbing” by The Washington Post.A Brief Look Inside:EVERY GOOD BOOK CONTAINS A WORLD FAR DEEPER than the surface of its pages. The characters and their world come alive, and the characters and its world still live on. Conversation Starters is peppered with questions designed to bring us beneath the surface of the page and invite us into the world that lives on.These questions can be used to...Create Hours of Conversation:• Promote an atmosphere of discussion for groups• Foster a deeper understanding of the book• Assist in the study of the book, either individually or corporately• Explore unseen realms of the book as never seen beforeDisclaimer: This book you are about to enjoy is an independent resource meant to supplement the original book. If you have not yet read the original book, we encourage doing before purchasing this unofficial Conversation Starters.

They Called Him Kinardley - The Best Dog I Ever Had

Gerald Hartenhoff - 2013
    (Short story)"Everybody in the little town of Emery knew who Kinardley was. The few times they would unchain him from the tree for a little exercise; he would take off and be gone for days. During the time he was gone he would get into fights, flirt with the girl dogs and get into people's garbage."

My Dog Too (Lilac Creek Dog Story Series Book 2)

Dana Landers - 2013
    They have moved into the house where Jasper first lived and are happy to have room for their growing family. But little did they know that there would be so much more to gain from this move than just a new house!This is a short story perfect for dog lovers of all ages!

Tabby Cat Tales

Becky Corwin-Adams - 2013
    Tabby was a real cat, born in 1965 to an animal loving family in a small northwest Ohio town. The family owned at least 14 cats over the years. Three of the most memorable cats were three generations of felines: mother, daughter, and granddaughter. Tabby was the daughter of Shadow, one of the earlier cats. Tabby was given the honor of writing her story. She remembers the details of her life as if it just happened yesterday. Tabby tells about all of the author's childhood cats: Chester, born with only three legs; Fluffy, who loved to walk on the neighbor's car; and Mitzi, the meanest cat that ever lived. Also included in the book are the tales of some other family pets besides cats: chickens, a guinea pig, a white mouse, a hamster, and a gerbil. This short autobiography includes 14 photos of Tabby and her family and friends. From the author: My cat loving friends encouraged me to write a book about my felines after I included a few cat tales in my book, "Cherished Cats and Childhood Capers". All of the stories in this book are true. Although the memories of my beloved felines have faded a bit with the passage of time, this cat memoir was written to the best of my recollection.

What is Your Rank in a Wolf Pack ?: Let's find are you the Alpha, Omega or some other member of the Pack (Quiz Yourself Book 3)

Marie Max House - 2020

Minecraft: Steve Potter and the Endermen's Stone (A Minecraft Parody Of Harry Potter): (An Unofficial Minecraft Book) (Minecraft Books, Minecraft Books ... Potter Parody) (Steve Potter Series Book 1)

Herobrine Books - 2015
    But on his 11th birthday he soon discovers that he has wizardry in his blood. Join Steve as he and his new friends embark on a magical journey to a new land, and how Steve learns how to become the powerful wizard that he was always meant to be. Jump Into this Epic Minecraft Adventure Today! Get Your Copy Now!

The Wizard of Oz

Subhojit Sanyal
    Dorothylearns that there is only one person who can help her get backhome — the Wizard of Oz, the mysterious magician who rules overthe fabled Emerald City.Join Dorothy, as she travels through the Yellow Brick Road andmeets new friends — the Scarecrow, who wanted brains for himself,the rusty Tinman, who was looking for a heart and the cowardlyLion, who was in search of courage. Together, the friends face manyadventures, Wicked Witches, Flying Monkeys and of course, thenever-to-be-seen Wizard of Oz. Will Dorothy ever find her wayback home?

The Black Panther of Sivanipalli and Other Stories of the Indian Jungle

Kenneth Anderson - 1964

Have You Ever Seen?

Sarah Mazor - 2018

Living with Tigers

Valmik Thapar - 2016
    He was a city boy, unsure of what lay ahead. When he entered the forest, which would go on to become one of the last strongholds of wild tigers, it had a profound effect on him, changing his life forever.For the next forty years, he studied nearly 200 Ranthambhore tigers, spending every waking moment in close proximity to these magnificent animals. Of the various tigers he observed a handful became extra special, and it is these which come to glorious life in this book. They include Padmini, the Queen Mother, the first tiger the author got to know well; Genghis, the master predator, who invented a way of killing prey in water, the first time this had been observed anywhere in the world; Noon, one of his all-time favourites, who received her name because she was most active in the middle of the day; Broken Tooth, an exceptionally gentle male; Laxmi, a devoted mother, whose methods of raising her cubs revolutionized tiger studies; Machli, the most famous tigress in Ranthambhore, and several more.

Azarão: The Dark Horse (Austin Family Farm Book 1)

David Foster - 2019
    Follow as the rescue of a horse in trouble attracts many who would like to help him. Feel the energy in their attempt and the family that is created by the endeavor. I think Haley says it best: “No Heather it’s not like that. It’s just the opposite. I realized that I was no longer just a project. I’m a member of a team and a proud member of this family. We came together to rescue a horse and ended up helping each other. Every one of us has suffered a tragedy that crippled us for a time. We all know what happened to you. Cole lost his wife, Abbi her mother, although she’s still alive. God only knows what happened to Scott in Afghanistan. Bobby is an orphan being supported by his tribal council. Shattered people coming together to help a horse return to the land of the living. It’s like a piece of mosaic art. All broken pieces of glass put together to make a beautiful tapestry held together by a common dream. Azarão, may be the grout that glues us together, but the frame is made of love. Love for a horse. Love for all horses and for this business. Most of all love for each other. We may think that we rescued Azarão, but the truth is … he rescued us.”

Bite Me: Tell-All Tales of an Emergency Veterinarian

Laura C. Lefkowitz - 2015
    Follow one veterinarian's story through the course of her career and experience the dramas, the traumas and the comedies that regularly take place in a veterinary emergency room. Become privy to some of the authors most humorous, shocking and hackle-raising encounters with animals and overhear some of the more memorable conversations that she has had with owners throughout her years of practice. Follow her through her foreign travels and learn how modern veterinary medicine far exceeds the medical care that is available in these third world countries.Bite Me gives a rare insider's view of the frustrations, the joys and the heartbreak that veterinarians experience on a daily basis and exposes the reasons why the veterinary profession is currently facing some dire and frightening challenges. From page to page you will find yourself laughing, crying, angry, shocked, laughing again, and then eager to know more.Bite Me is a must-read for any pet owner, any person aspiring to be a veterinarian, any veterinary student, and any person who has an interest in the welfare of both animals and people.

Home Again (Kitten Adventure #1)

Tara Star - 2015
    Daisy comes to realize that the warmth of home is much more attractive than the harshness of the outside world; that after the adventures of life-pleasant and unpleasant, it’s good to come to a home where love and care reign supreme…even from those you least expect. The close relationship between human beings and their pets has been around since time immemorial. ‘Home Again’ highlights this special bond and presents it in a way that can be enjoyed by the entire family.