Quiet Soldier: On Selection With 21 SAS

Adam Ballinger - 2016
    So what made him risk it all for the gruelling, year-long SAS Selection course, with a better than ninety per cent chance of failing to win the toughest badge in the British Army at the end of it? Over the months of combat patrols, press-ups, punishing runs and Gas! Gas! Gas!, the ordeals of Long Drag and hostile interrogation, Ballinger learnt that who you think you are and what the Army wants you to be are very different things, and the end product of Selection bears little relation to either. This vivid, often funny account of the varied characters who commit so much to training for the 'misfits regiment' is remarkable both for its unromantic authenticity, and for its objective attempt to find out why. A question, Ballinger discovered, that few, if any, in the SAS could answer.

Sophie Mays' Magnolia Harbor series

Sophie Mays - 2020
    Enjoy all these sweet romance books in one collection for the first time!"If you love Hallmark Movies, breezy beach reads, or heartwarming series' like Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove, you will love these books!"Ready? Let's take a trip to Magnolia Harbor! The quaint seaside town on the Eastern seaboard, full of residents with real lives, big hearts, and arms wide open waiting to welcome you!These stories will have you laughing, crying, and overcoming the odds page-after-page!Included in this set are all the popular titles:• Hope's Bakery• When Hearts Collide• From New York, With Love• Unexpected Events• The Vacation Cottages

Cerberus Series: Books 1-3: (A Military Space Opera Box Set)

Andy Peloquin - 2021
    A government assassin, tasked with fixing the galaxy's darkest, ugliest problems.3 thrilling novels. 1,000+ pages of fearless heroes, non-stop futuristic action, and neck-breaking plot twists.Armed with cutting-edge weapons and an AI-run cybernetic suit that controls his paralyzed legs, he is the fist in the shadows, the dagger to the heart of the Nyzarian Empire’s enemies.Then he found Bex on his doorstep…A junkie, high on the drug he’d fought for years to avoid, and a former elite soldier like him. So he takes her in to help her get clean—Silverguards never leave their own behind.If only he’d known his actions would put him in the crosshairs of the most powerful cartel in New Avalon.Facing an army of gangbangers, drug pushers, and thugs, Nolan must fight to not only carry out his mission, but to prevent the escalating violence from destroying everything he loves. This Special Edition Omnibus contains the first three books in the thrilling Cerberus military space opera series. It's perfect for fans of JN Chaney, Jay Allan, and Rick Partlow. Grab your copy today! Books included in the set:Book 1: Assassination ProtocolBook 2: Terminal SecretsBook 3: Cyber Strike

Friendly Fire

Dustin Stevens - 2021
    They aren’t a match between two men both lowered into crouches, each jabbing tentatively at the other.In an actual confrontation, people get cut. There was no way to avoid it. A war of attrition predicated on trading shots. Calculated real-time risk assessment.A maxim I learned many times over the years, bearing more than a few scars to prove as much. One I was all too happy to embrace again now.For the past year, Hawk Tate lived in a perpetual state of dread over when the phone might ring. A call stemming from his actions just north of the border many months before, resulting in a marker owed to a certain government agency. An organization that will not be refused, and always comes to collect their debts.A message from an unknown sender arrives on his work answering machine one Sunday morning. An individual with shared history needing help of a vastly different nature, and Hawk can’t say no.Not to Lake Pawlak, someone he first met when he was tasked with protecting her from an international cartel three years prior. Certainly not to Savanah Vinson, Lake’s friend and neighbor, and the reason Lake comes to seek Hawk’s help. Savanah, while fighting to provide for her and her young sister after the death of their parents, went missing two nights prior with nothing but a fraudulent text message to explain her sudden disappearance.Despite a litany of concerns, Hawk agrees to return to Los Angeles with his friend, embarking on a hunt that plunges him into a world he barely knew existed. Full immersion into social media influencing and launch parties. Southern California nightlife, online message boards, and international politics.A growing web far surpassing anything he understands, forcing him to rely on contacts and acquaintances new and old—including the very people he fought to avoid for so long...

Agents of the Planetary Republic Books 1-10

Jaxon Reed - 2021
    Treaties are signed, trade is restored. But spies and diplomatic turmoil lead to a high-tech cold war of epic proportions. Ex Space Marine Gina Wilcox finds herself in a law enforcement career after the war, but life can be just as dangerous on the streets as the battlefield. Sleeper cells activate, assassinating government officials. Crime syndicates flourish. And a certain high-tech android has been stolen by the League, spirited off world for unknown purposes. Into this milieu a band of Marine outcasts join the fight. They spent more time in the brig than on the battlefield, yet racked up admirable wartime kill ratios. These renegades are quietly recruited by Republican Naval Intelligence to lead black ops against the League. Gina Wilcox will join their leader Commander Hamilton Wolf in a risky interstellar quest to retrieve an android who doesn’t even realize she’s not human. The fate of two civilizations hangs in the balance . . .

Operation: Hot Spot books 1-4

Trish McCallan - 2021
    The only man Demi Barnes will take to bed—or on the kitchen table or up against the wall—is him. And it sure as hell won’t be a short term arrangement.This Book was previously published as Bound by Seduction. Trust Under Fire Ask Navy SEAL Lucas Trammel to take out an al-Shabaab enclave full of terrorists and he’s your guy. But love? Yeah, clearing a minefield is less dangerous. From day one, Emma Janssen was an unwelcome temptation. Those soft curves, her thousand-watt smile…Did he regret that weekend? Hell no. But black ops and civilians don’t mix. He walked away for her own good. Now her life is in danger and she needs him. And this time—after the bad guys are down—he’s not walking away.This book was previously published as Bound by Temptation. Loyalty Under Fire Former Navy SEAL Dante (Rio) Addario has an Achilles heel. A big one. Rebecca Blaine. An old flame he’d left firmly in the past. Becca didn’t look like trouble, but beneath that perfect packaging was sweet chaos – a drama queen in six-inch heels. The kind of woman even Navy SEALS ran from. Now she’s back, with a killer on her heels, and Rio is thrust into a chilling game of cat and mouse where one misstep will get them killed.This book was previously published as Bound by Deception. Future Under Fire Navy SEAL Brett (Tag) Taggart went wheels up with a ring in his pocket and a proposal on his mind. He returns to find Sarah Gillespie—the woman he loves—engaged to another man…a fellow SEAL. When Sarah is kidnapped hours before her wedding, Tag’s protective instincts roar to life. He will find her. He will rescue her…he will protect her…whether she’s his or not. But the fallout from Sarah’s rescue exposes all her secrets—secrets Tag can’t forgive or forget.If you love dominant Navy SEALs, gripping stories, and STEAM that will melt your Kindle, grab this box set and BINGE!

Haunted Mcmansion: "a true ghost story"

Violet Exe - 2014
    After working hard and achieving the American dream we had set out to build our dream home. We built our "Mcmansion", on what we thought was a prime piece of land in a rural town. Something in the earth was disturbed, and our beautiful home became a haunted dwelling, inhabited by an frightening ghost that infiltrated our lives and kept us terrified.

All In Series Eight Book Box Set

Lane Hart - 2015
     Get ready to dive into hours of entertainment, including: Love triangles A cocky police officer A Vegas wedding Secret babies A millionaire in love with his best friend’s sister Hot threesomes An arrogant, larger than life quarterback Sexy attorneys, and so much more! Not only will you get six sizzling romances at more than 400,000 words, but you’ll also save $9.95 on the cost of purchasing each book separately!

The Full Circle

Namrata Gupta - 2018
    What she knew as the truth turned into a fiction to beguile her, the person she had been living with for so many years turned into someone she never knew until then” Being a traveler, Aditya always took something from the places he visited and this somehow helped him give something to his next destination, which is now Darjeeling. His life revolves around meeting locals, exploring the world and helping people in any way possible. Aditya meets his contrast in Zinnia, who prefers stability in life, while staying as a tenant in her mother’s house. With his empathy and understanding nature, he wins the hearts of the locals. His adventurous way of living life is challenged when he develops strong feelings for Zinnia, who considers his way of life as a prolonged hobby. While helping Jacqueline, an emotionally distraught girl, into shaping her life in a new way, he realizes he feels lost, for the first time in his life, without Zinnia. He stumbles upon a devastating secret about Zinnia’s past that will change her life completely, something he can’t let go of.Genre: Romance; Contemporary; Indian Writing; Love Saga; Literature & Fiction; Adventure; ThrillerAuther info Namrata Gupta has a masters degree in management from LBSIM, Delhi. A literature graduate from Hans Raj College, her debut novel, A Silent Promise (2015), won many hearts. She writes content for websites and blogs regularly and wants to make an immutable influence on the minds of the readers through her writing. She loves travelling and exploring new things.

A Tangled Affair

P.G. Van - 2020
    She has learned to forget her past and live her life with her friends. She trusts no one and doesn’t let her guard down, but when Samraat shows up, he gets too close, and she cannot deny wanting to be closer. He is headed to Las Vegas to bring the runaway girl back home as a favor for his mentor. He injects himself into her life, and when she starts to get close to him, he is conflicted. His mission was to bring his mentor’s daughter back home, not fall for her. When hearts get entwined amidst a charade, it turns into A Tangled Affair.

Invasion (The War of 1812 Epics #3)

A.J. MacKenzie - 2019
    May 1813. Under covering fire from their navy on Lake Ontario, U.S. troops storm ashore at Niagara. Captain John MacLea and his reformed company of militia fight desperately but they and the other defenders are overwhelmed and forced to retreat.The American force is mightier than it has ever been, spearheaded by Colonel Peter Beauregard, a ruthless spy-master, and James Boydell, a Canadian captain, former friend of MacLea's, and traitor to his country.As the invading army closes in, and with no time left, the hope of an entire army, and all of its men, rests on the shoulders of the most unexpected of people. Failure is not an option. They must succeed, or face total defeat. A brutal, moving action-adventure thriller, steeped in intricate historical research, perfect for fans of Adrian Goldsworthy, Bernard Cornwell and Simon Scarrow.

The Sheikh’s New Baby

Holly Rayner - 2021
    But when she’s hired by a distractingly handsome single dad, who just so happens to be royal, she can’t believe her good fortune.On the surface, Bakr Al-Shalabi is a man who has everything – looks, money, a royal title, and an adorable baby daughter to boot. But it doesn’t take long for Liza to realize that life in the sheikh’s palace isn’t the fairy-tale she first thought it to be.There’s a divide between the sheikh and his daughter, and the mystery of what happened to Amia’s mother looms large.Even as they grow closer than no boss and employee ever should, Bakr continues to shut Liza out. Until one night in London, when everything changes…Soon, the nanny who never dreamed of having a family of her own realizes she’s in over her head. Because she’s pregnant, with the sheikh’s baby. And he’s perhaps the most reluctant father she ever met!

Curves All The Way Down: Instalove Romance Box Set (Sara's Dreams)

Sara Hazel - 2020

Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance Boxed Set - The Quasar Lineage Complete Series Books 1 to 12

Pearl Tate - 2020

French Dreams, Dogs and a Dodgy Motor: Discovering our little home in Haute Provence and all that came next.

Jane Smyth - 2020
    Hard work, study and a determination to fulfil a long-held dream eventually became a reality when a computer search led to the discovery and purchase of their much loved mountain property. Follow Jane and Rob on their journey through a mosaic of early memories, anecdotes, observations and funny stories. As they travelled back and forth from their home in the UK to the Alpes de Haute Provence, their journeys over the years have provided a rich source of material, from a weird encounter with strangers on a ferry to the trouble dogs can get you into. Jane brings to life these and other experiences, introduces residents and neighbours and peppers her tale with facts and vivid descriptions of the area, making you want to pack your bags and see it for yourself!