Along Came Baby

J.S. Cooper - 2018
    It all started when I moved into my new apartment in Brooklyn and met my neighbor, Olivia. We became fast friends and so when she had to go out of town on an emergency work trip, I agreed to give her brother her keys so he could look after her dog. And then I met him. Her brother was Carter Stevens and he was sex on legs. He was a banker by day and a musician by night; arrogant, handsome, with the most tantalizing smile I’d ever seen. When he invited me to his show, I couldn’t say no. He wasn’t looking for a relationship... The night of the show we stumbled back to my place and had fun I can only blush thinking about. I’d never had a one-night stand before, but one night soon led to two, which led to three. Carter was exciting and mysterious, but he was a total playboy. He made it clear that this was some no strings attached fun. But fate had other plans for us... I thought we’d been careful, but I guess there was that one time that we weren’t. And now, I’m pregnant and Carter Stevens and I have to figure out what to do next because one thing we both know for sure is that the baby is coming in nine months and we have no idea what to do next.

Discovering Home

Debbie Macomber - 2020
     Father’s DaySingle mom Robin Masterson’s ten-year-old son, Jeff, thinks he needs a dog more than anything in the world. And there just happens to be one right next door! But the friendly black Lab belongs to Cole Camden, the unfriendliest man in the neighborhood. Robin can understand why Cole’s solitary life has made him cold—her own much-loved husband died when Jeff was just a baby. Still, Jeff persists…and soon his mom and Cole are looking at each other in a whole new way.Lone Star BabyWade McMillen might be a minister, but he’s also a man. An unmarried and very attractive one. Is it as a man that he responds to the lovely young woman who shows up in Promise, pregnant and alone? Or as a man of God? Maybe it’s both. Amy Thornton hopes to make a new life for herself and her baby, and to do that, she needs Reverend McMillen’s help, his compassion. What she wants is the love of a man named Wade…Father's Day originally published, June 1, 1991 by Harlequin.Lone Star Baby originally published, June 1, 1998 by Harlequin.

The Rock Star's Fake Fiancée (A Second Chance at Love Romantic Comedy) (Fake It Till You Make It Book 3)

Kenzie Reed - 2020

Abandon All Hope

M.J. Schiller - 2013
    But why does her big break have to involve him? She grew up with rock star, Chase Hatton. Then they dated and fell in love. But it all came crashing down the night of her senior prom. Sure, her boyfriend Phillip may not be the love of her life, but the good looking reporter is fun, steady, dependable…predictable. In this case predictability is good. She’s Chase’s heartache. What starts out for Chase as an average publicity trip to Chicago suddenly becomes complicated when his manager tells him Hope Creswell will be interviewing him in the morning. He spent eight years trying to forget Hope, and now she would be in his penthouse in a matter of hours? Some things are too painful to forget.When Chase opens the door to his penthouse and finds Hope on the opposite side, his heart beats a rhythm the rocker has never captured in any of his music. Their mere proximity fans the smoldering embers of their former romance. But should he abandon hope, or chase the love that once rocked his world?More ROCKIN' ROMANCE "Trapped Under Ice" "Between Rock and a Hard Place" "Rock Me, Gently" "Midnight Melody" ____________________________________

Lucky at Love: Some Guys Just Never Give Up...

Cynthia Hamilton - 2006
    Despite his seven divorces, Jake considers himself uncommonly lucky at love. Baffled by his sanguine attitude—and his offhand suggestion that she could be the next Mrs. Sorenson—Allison talks her editor into letting her explore the compulsion some people have when it comes to saying “I do”. As soon as she arrives at Jake’s 1,500-acre ranch in rural Oregon, Allison realizes she has misjudged him, underestimating his appeal to the opposite sex and his worldliness in general. Despite his multiple divorces—and his current dubious relationships—Jake maintains his marriages weren’t failures even though they ended. During muleback rides and impromptu tango dances, Jake shares with level-headed Allison his unique philosophy on life and love, leaving her confused for the first time about her own marriage, her ideals, and her feelings for the roguish mule breeder.

Home to Turtle Bay

Marion Lennox - 2018
    Dr Jennifer Kelly has reached the pinnacle of her career as a successful Manhattan obstetrician, complete with ambitious, blue-blooded fianc�. After a desolate childhood with a distant grandmother, life seems everything she's ever wanted.When a grandfather she's never heard of leaves her a dairy farm on an isolated Australian island - plus one depressed dog, thirty geriatric cows and a bunch of ancient surfboards - she plans a quick trip to put the farm up for sale. Her aloof, socialite grandmother Muriel is appalled, yet insists on accompanying her.Once there, Jenny finds herself caught, by cows, by turtles - and by Jack McLachlan, the overworked island doctor who desperately needs her help. Muriel's caught too, with ghosts of her wartime past threatening to crack the shell she's built with such dedication and care.But isn't Manhattan their home? How can two women give up the perfect world they've worked so hard for by taking a chance'Joyous and breathtaking, a story to touch your heart, make you smile and see the world as a better place.' - Barbara Hannay

Writing Our Song: A Billionaire Romance

Emma South - 2014
    However, after losing her parents while still in high school, she is left crushed, alone, and harboring a bitter resentment towards the wealthier members of society, whom she partially blames for the destruction of her hopes and dreams. After years of lonely struggle, she can hardly remember the last time she felt happy.That's when she literally stumbles into billionaire Jeremy Holt and things take another turn for the unexpected. Seeking only a temporary escape from the cold and grey confines of her life, Beatrice agrees to go with Jeremy on a short trip to New Zealand. On the surface Jeremy is the exact kind of man she promised herself she would never fall for but, after spending some time with him, she realises that maybe there's a lot more to the successful young entrepreneur than his money. Maybe he's the one person that can make her feel alive again.Beatrice can't deny the spark, the chemistry, between the two of them but her past still haunts her. To be with Jeremy she must face the stresses of life in the public eye and the guilt of broken promises to herself and her parents. To be without him is almost too painful to bear. Will Beatrice and Jeremy get the chance to write the song of their love, or will they each be left with the memory of a beautiful but all too brief time when their lives intertwined?Excerpt: "...When we entered the house and kicked our shoes off, I led Jeremy by the hand straight up the stairs and paused by the entrance to my bedroom. This was my last chance. If I wanted to stop right here, I could. I could just say goodnight and go to my room alone. If not, then I was lost to the most basic and animalistic needs of my body.I turned and looked up into his eyes, seeing the barely restrained lust I felt reflected in their depths too. My right hand reached up and felt his chest through his shirt, running downwards until I could feel his clearly defined abs through the light material.Each muscular bump of his body under my palm was like another nail in the coffin for my resistance and when Jeremy moved against me, pressing my back against the wall next to my bedroom door, I felt another hard bulge against my stomach that sent my hunger for him into overdrive.Jeremy’s hand buried itself into my hair, gripping lightly but firmly, and pulled me into another kiss, the tip of his tongue reaching out to lightly brush against my own before we parted again and he rested his forehead against mine. Our eyes were only inches apart. If they truly are the window to the soul then it felt like Jeremy had front row seats to mine, like he could see everything and wasn’t running away..."

Blue Heron Complete Collection: The Best Man\The Perfect Match\Waiting On You\In Your Dreams\Anything for You

Kristan Higgins - 2018
    A fan-favorite series from New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins, all five books in the Blue Heron series are collected here. From the deep blue lakes to the lush, rolling hills to the to-die-for nachos they serve at the only bar in town, the residents of Manningsport, New York, know there’s something pretty darn special about their little community tucked away in wine country. It’s a place where romance is always in the air, full of first loves and second chances…and there’s always a good vintage handy to help get over a broken heart.The Best Man originally published 2013 The Perfect Match originally published 2013Waiting on You originally published 2014In Your Dreams originally published 2014Anything for You originally published 2015

Mayor of Macon's Point

Inglath Cooper - 2013
    Ever since she took over her ex-husband's political term, she's worked tirelessly for the people she has grown to care about. Now the town's main employer, Corbin Manufacturing, is on the chopping block, and Annie must convince Jack Corbin to keep the company in business.It's clear to Annie that Jack is just here to wrap things up and move on. After years of making concessions to her ex, Annie is not about to let another man walk all over her - especially with the future of Macon's Point at stake. But Jack is not the heartless, hard-nosed businessman she expected. He makes her laugh. He cares about her small son the way her ex never did. Can Annie make Jack see the true value of his hometown…and its mayor?

The Real Deal

Alexandra Warren - 2016
    She has a wonderful, fulfilling job working at the local community center. She has her own place and a comfortable lifestyle. The only thing she’s missing is someone to share it all with. Unfortunately, the second she thought she may have found the one was only a few short months before she found his fiancé. And now, the only way she can prove that she has really moved on from him is by showing off her new man. But there’s only one problem. The new man doesn’t actually exist. Insert Gavin. An innocent bystander and up-and-coming rapper caught in the chess match of Reagan’s game on his first day of community service. When she desperately needs him to fulfill the role as her boyfriend to save face, Gavin quickly finds ways to also benefit from their arrangement. But what happens when the line between fulfilling a role and real companionship begins to blend? Can something that starts off as a deal between two strangers actually turn into something real?

The Break-Up Album

Lauren Blakely - 2018

Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon

Alexa Bloom - 2016
    But when he finds himself facing the imminent bankruptcy of his father’s proud legacy, no one feels the crushing weight of defeat more. Now, a gorgeous new stable-hand with a truck-load of attitude and troubling secrets of her own, could push Blake to breaking point…

Mountain Ash

Margareta Osborn - 2014
    What she craves now is security for herself and her beloved daughter Milly. And marriage to widower Alex McGregor, the owner of the prosperous Glenevelyn cattle station in East Gippsland, will certainly offer that. If only he wasn't so much old er and so controlling.Needing space to decide her future, Jodie reluctantly agrees to a girls-only weekend at the Riverton rodeo …Meanwhile, cowboy Nate McGregor vows off women, after his latest one-night stand costs him his job in the Northern Territory. Perhaps it's time to head back to his family home, Glenevelyn, to check out for himself the ‘gold-digger' his father seems determined to marry.But first, on his way through Riverton, he plans to stop off at a rodeo.Two lives are about to collide in one passionate moment - with devastating results...

The Lake House

Mickey Miller - 2019
    You never kissed each other after that third glass of wine. You didn't swoon when he played you a song on his guitar. Never ran your hands over those rippled abs. And you definitely didn't have the hottest - most toe curling - wild night of your life with him. Never happened. This summer was for getting over my divorce, not under a musician. There's one little problem though. You don't choose who you fall in love with. Maddox Brewer is a rockstar and too young for me. But when it comes to love, nothing is ever simple. Bestselling Author Mickey Miller brings you a steamy romance about what happens when sparks fly between an older woman and a younger man.

Loving Jenny

Theresa Weir - 1989
    He was carrying a can of beer and a bag of potato chips."There's more beer in the refrigerator," he said almost absentmindedly, popping the tab on the beer. His gaze went from the can in his hand to her face. For a fraction of a second it seemed as if a spark of something flashed in his eyes, then he was edging past her.Jenny watched in stunned amazement as he continued into the living room. He switched on the TV, then plopped his large muscular frame down in the overstuffed chair, nudging the footstool closer with the toe of one boot.The sound and picture came on. "Green Acres," he commented, stretching his long, Jean-clad legs to the stool, crossing his feet at the ankles. "I love Arnold." He tilted his head back and took a long drink of beer, then opened the bag of chips. "One smart pig."All Jenny could do was stand in the doorway and try to keep her mouth from going slack. This was Twilight Zone material. She remembered seeing an episode where a person could simply walk through walls and become a part of total strangers' lives."What's for supper?" The words were casually tossed over the man's broad shoulder, as if he took her presence for granted, as if this were routine for them both.She stared at the back of his head. Wavy, dusty hair fell almost to the neckband of a blue T-shirt. His hair color would probably be called medium brown, except for the long sun-bleached strands running through it.Jenny finally found her voice. "What are you doing here?""Great." He pointed his beer toward the TV. "This is the episode where Arnold gets amnesia,"Enough was enough.Jenny strode into the room, flicked off the television and turned to glare at him, arms crossed at her waist, one hip out, a small bare foot tapping the floor in front of her. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" she demanded. Her voice came out loud and angry, but slightly shaky.The man looked up, eyes bland. "You mean my grandmother didn't explain it to you?""What are you talking about?""I'm Lucas Tate. Stella's grandson."The bad feeling she'd had ever since she'd heard his footsteps in the house intensified tenfold. "And?""I guess you could say I come with the house." He paused. "I live here."She let out a strangled gasp.He popped another potato chip into his mouth, regarding her as he chewed, assessing her reaction.